Soulcalibur: The Spirit Lineage chronicles the events of Alexander Tadeas's life after the events of Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light.

The Spirit Lineage
Developer(s) Project Soul, Sakuras
Publisher(s) Namco, All Petals Fall
Platform(s) Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer, Online
Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light


While Alexander was away, Tira found out that his adoptive sister was the Daughter of Nightmare. Already succumbing to Soul Edge's influence, Nirvana was easy for Tira to manipulate. Nirvana manages to malfest everyone in town. Alexander rushes to find a way into the city and help save his sister from Tira...but at what costs?


Returning Characters

Alexander Tadeas(Sword and Shield)- One of the main protagonists of the game, he is just returning from a journey to find his Guardian Angel and shield. Unfortunately, he finds out that his home city is not in good sorts and that Nirvana has been corrupted by Tira.

Klymene Cassaventes(Alternate Sword and Shield)- A close friend of Alexander's

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine(Snake Sword)

Siegfried(2-handed Sword)


Tira(RingBlade)- She finds about the malfestations happening in Britain and finds Nirvana. She then procedes to help Nirvana find more shards of Soul Edge and Soul Edge itself. She can sense Soul Edge from within Nirvana, and her loyalty stands with Soul Edge.


Cervantes(Short Sword and Long Sword)


Mitsurugi(Samurai Blade)

Sophitia(3rd Sword and Shield)

Kamikirimusi(Giant Club)


Nightmare(Alternate 2-handed)

Astaroth(Giant Axe)

Hilde(Dagger and Spear)


Taki(Dual Kodachi)


New Characters

Nirvana(Projectile Magic)- Nirvana broke into the Tadeas family's forbidden library and read all of the books on the legendary Spirit Sword, Soul Calibur and the Cursed Sword, Soul Edge. After a while she began to have visions of Soul Edge talking to her and became obsessed with finding Soul Edge. She soon discovers she is the child of Soul Edge and has the ability to malfest people.

Michael(4th Sword and Shield style)- The Guardian Angel and Sword of Alexander

Raphael(Sword and Magic)- The Guardian Angel and Shield of Alexander

Cassiel(Lai Blade)- An enigmatic wandering swordsman who occasionally crosses paths with the main group and helps him fight off attackers. No one knows of his intentions or true identity...well, almost no one...

Snow(Alternate Ring Blade)- Snow, as she likes to be called, is a dark girl who befriends Alexander after Nirvana brings Alexander to the an old, abandoned part of the city and finds a Soul Edge shard. Despite her appearance, she is a genuinely good person and is basically Alexander's mentor.

Evangelus(Fist fighting+magic)- A so-called "Angel", worshipped by the people of the city. His ability to conjure Doves from nowhere and his "angelic" glamour have the people kissing the ground he walks on. He is dubbed "The White Knight" and was the main protector of the City. He is harboring a dark secret, though. He is the first person to discover Nirvana's connection to Soul Edge, even before Tira does.

Lily Sigmare(Crossbow)- Loyal to Hilde and a member of Schwarzwind.

Cyril(Double Daggers)- A young man raised by The Cult that kidnapped Alexander.

Spyridon Calibur(Siegfried Mimic)- the Spirit that resides in Soul Calibur

Non-Playable Characters

Malik- A former slave, who is granted a rank in the army after he saves Alexander from being kidnapped when the boy was a child. His only loyalty lies to Alexander, and he has a deep hatred for the city-people themselves. He is the Leading General of the City's army. He notices corruption among the ranks and begins to investigate. When he is not leading the Army, he works as Alex's personal servant... (Story Mode Playable only)

Kisandra- Klymene's mother

Millicent- Klymene's cousin

Kilina Ω- Klymene's Aunt

Charles- Alexander's childhood friend.

Riva- A woman obsessed with destroying Soul Edge and anything Soul Edge related. Her family was killed by malfested and she carries a shard of Soul Calibur with her as a necklace. Unbeknowst to her, she is the sister of Lucinda.

Lucinde- A beautiful woman introduced later in the story.  (Story Mode Playable only)

Rosie- One of the best assassins in the Harlequins

Aaron- The best assassin in the Harlequins

Ryo- The leader of the Harlequins

Game Modes

Offline Play


Quick Battle

VS Battle- Player vs Player, Player vs Computer, Computer vs Player, Computer vs Computer



(PlayStation Network/Xbox Live)



Create-A-Soul- Create your own character or customize an existing one

Museum- View character galleries, profiles, cutscenes, endings, and view the Chain of Souls. Listen to the soundtrack of the game.

Options - Change the settings of this game (langauge, volume) and change the music defaults for each stage.


Features included are the Soul Gauge and Critical Edge. Impacting and Just Impacting have returned along with Brave Edges.

Story Mode Episodes


Soul Edge's eye fades into the screen surrounded by darkness and begins to zoom out. Its eye swivels around looking for something. As it continues to zoom out, on the handle, there is a malfested hand wrapped around it. A faded figure is beginning to show in the darkness, but there's no way to distinguish who it is. Glowing red eyes become visible along with the outline of a face and a frown, but there is still no way to tell who it is. Lightning strikes in the darkness and there is thunder. The person holding Soul Edge begins to breathe heavily, showing their malfested voice. Suddenly, the person whips around and Soul Edge leaves a dark red trail on the screen as a scream echoes and everything fades to black once more.

Chapter 1-Reunion

Alexander walks through a forests, brushing off his Shield. "Alexander!" Alex looks up to see Snow drop down from a tree. Her ringblade glints in the light. "There you are! I've been searching for you everywhere. You found Raphael, yes? Good, because we need to hurry back now."

"What? Why? What has happened?" Alex demands as Snow drags him by the arm. Snow frowns.

"Nirvana has malfested nearly everyone in the city, and she has groups out searching for any trace of Soul Edge," explains Snow.

"Everyone?" gasps Alexander. He pulls himself from her grasp. "What about Malik?"

"He's waiting for us at a Campsite we have set up, but we have to go now. We need to find a way into the city." Snow gestures for him to follow.

(Scene changes to show passage of time)

Alexander follows Snow into an open area only to find Malik and a few soldiers under attack from Malfested. "We need to help them," Alex exclaims, taking out his sword. Snow raises an eyebrow at his newfound confidence but does not object.

Playable Character(s): Alexander and Snow (Tag Team Battle)

Opponent(s): 1/3 Malfested Soldier, 2/3 Malfested Soldier, 3/3 Malfested Soldier

Alexander walks over and hugs Malik. "Are you okay?" Malik nods and ruffles Alexander's hair.

"I still think you should cut it," the older man comments.

"Well, I like it," Alexander huffs.

"What happened?" Snow demands. "I made sure our escape was untraceable." Malik shrugs and looks around.

"They kind of came from nowhere but that doesn't matter now. Alexander, you need to get into the city." Malik begins to lead Alex up a path. "I doubt Nirvana would attack her brother who she loves so much." Snow nods in agreement. Alex swallows as they approach the abandoned road that leads underground and directly into his mansion's basement. Time to see what his sister has gotten up to.

Chapter 2-Mischevious Whispers

Malik explains to Alex that its best if he goes to confront Nirvana alone. "What if she does attack me? Then what?" Alex asks.

"Don't worry, we'll still have troops filling in the mansion, just not directly with you," Malik replies. Alexander nods and goes to walk up the stairs. The mansion is eerily quiet as he creeps through the hallway. He walks through the kitchen when suddenly a disturbingly dressed, bald man leaps across the room and attempts to tackle Alex. Alexander dodges and draws his Sword.

Playable Character(s): Alexander

Opponent(s): Voldo (3 out 5 battles)

"Stand down," a voice, undeniably Nirvana's, calls out. Voldo backs away from Alexander and he turns to look where Nirvana now stands. She smiles at him. Her skin appears paler and her eyes more orange than the golden hazel they were before. "You've returned! How was your travels?" Alexander scoffs.

"Nirvana, what have you done? Soul Edge is evil and you've let it corrupt the people!" Alexander exclaims angrily. "I did not think your research would lead to this..."

"You don't understand, I now know who I am now, I know my purpose!" Nirvana argues. "I am the daughter of the Cursed Sword, and I will see him revived. He is my legacy and I am his lineage." Alexander stares at her in shock. He shakes his head.

"Nirvana, do you know how crazy you sound?"

"It doesn't matter what you think, Alex. I'm going to Astral Chaos with our without you and I shall recover Soul Edge and destroy Soul Calibur!" Nirvana yells. The force of her anger seems to shake the house. "If you cannot hang, then find the door!"

"You tell him, Nirvana!" a cheery voice calls out. A woman with dark brown hair and a circular blade like Snow's steps up behind Nirvana. "You kick that mean older brother of yours right out! We don't need 'em!"

"This is Tira, she helped me find my way," Nirvana says. She eyes Alexander for a moment. "I'm afraid you must leave Alex, I have matters to attend to. I'd hate to have to hurt you..." Nirvana smirks. Alexander looks between Tira and Nirvana before turning away and walking out of the destroyed kitchen. He needed a way to figure out how to help Nirvana indirectly, as right now, she was too out of her mind to see reason.

Chapter 3-Risky

Alex walked down the steps back into the basement, much to the surprise of Malik, Snow, and the few soldiers inside. "What are you doing?" Malik questions. Alexander walks over to him, expression grave.

"Do you know what Astral Chaos is?" Alexander asks lowly as he grabs Malik by the arm and begins to lead him out of the basement. "Because we need to find a way in..."

"Are you kidding me? Why? Do you know how hard it is to get in there without one of the Soul Swords?" Snow stops Alexander from walking by placing a hand on his chest.

"Nirvana is beyond reason! She wants to go into Astral Chaos to recover it and destroy Soul Calibur," Alexander explains.

"And why do we need to go there?" Snow asks suspiciously, raising an eyebrow. Alexander licks his lips.

"I was thinking...what if we get to Soul Edge before her?" Alexander says slowly.

"And then what?" Snow asks in a low voice. "We just take Soul Edge? Alexander, really?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead, alright!" Alex replies irritably.

"We can't stand around here arguing, in case you've forgotten, there are Malfested soldiers around and about," Malik interrupts them and leads them outside. Just as he said, there were malfested town soldiers waiting for them.

Playable Character(s): Malik

Opponent(s): Malfested 1/2, Malfested 2/2

"As I was saying, we need to find a way into Astral Chaos..." Alex continues. Snow rolls her eyes.

"Have you been in Astral Chaos-

"Yes, actually," Alexander interrupts her with a half-smile. "And we need to go now. So let's get a move on!"

Chapter 4-Revelations

"Before we go, I'm thinking we should get a close friend of mine," Alexander suggests as they walk through the woods. He looks over his shoulder to adress Snow and Malik. "She's been in and out of Astral Chaos..." Alexander frowned. "Also, her aunt is trapped inside."

"That's all nice and everything, but how are we actually going to get into the realm?" Snow demands.

"There's a woman, Ivy, she must know how we can," says Alexander.

"Where can we find her?" Malik asks. Alexander stops walking for a moment and begins to answer when suddenly a knife flies in front of his face and lodges into a tree. A young man with light blonde hair drops down from the leaves in front of Alexander and pushes him back.

"You can't go to Astral Chaos!" the man yells.

Playable Character(s): Alexander

Opponents: Cyril (3 of 5 battles)

"I'm just trying to protect you!" the man insists as he takes Alexander by the arm.

"By hurting me?!" Alexander exclaims angrily. From behind the blonde young man, Malik presses the tip his sword to his neck.

"Let him go," Malik commands.

"You don't understand," the man continues. "This is exactly what the cult wants!" Alexander falters.

"The Cult?" he says quietly. The man nods.

"The one that kidnapped you 5 years ago; that cult."

"Who are you and how do you know about that," demands Alex.

"My name is Cyril and, well this is going to make me sound like a stalker, but I've been watching you," Cyril explains. Alexander yanked his arm from Cyril.

"You've been watching me? Why!"

"I was there when you were kidnapped by The Cult! You don't remember, but I saw what they did to you! They enfused multiple Soul Edge shards into you, they even put one in your heart! If you get Soul Edge..." Cyril trails off.

"....what?" Alexander stumbles backwards and places a hand on his chest.

"You're lying!" Snow snarls and grabs Cyril by his scarf. "He'd be a malfested if that was the case!"

"I'm not lying, and I think Alexander knows it..." Cyril looks at Alexander, who is still in shock.

"I....I can't believe it...."

Chapter 5- Pierce The Veil

Alexander looks at his sword and shield and just stares at them. Did Michael and Raphael know? Why hadn't they told him? He swallows and runs a hand through his hair. "This doesn't change anything..." he says quietly. He looks at Cyril who is watching him intently. "I need to save my little sister, and I will do what I have to do..."

"If Alexander has so many shards in him, why isn't he malfested?" Malik asks. Cyril shrugs and grins fondly.

"He's too much a good person, he resists Soul Edge's pull," he answers. Alexander feels a rush of anxiety pass through him.

"We need to keep moving," he says abruptly. "Cyril... you can come with us, I suppose. Let's go find Klymene. And by the way, Cyril, I've already been in Astral Chaos."


"Let's go," Alex calls to him as he begins to walk away.

(scene change to show passage of time)

Alex gestures for his companions to stay where they are as he approaches a wooden door. He knocks a couple times and waits. The door opens. "Alex!" Kisandra exclaims and leans forward to hug him. "What brings you here?" Alex hugs her back and lets out a long breath.

"It's a long story, can I come in?"

"Yeah! Klymene will be happy to see you again! Milicent is here as well." Alex follows Kisandra into the home.

"Hey Klymene!" Alex greets the brunette girl when he sees her.

"Alexander, you've returned to us!" Klymene nearly tackles him in a hug. "What's the news? Why have you come?"

"Unfortunately it's not good news," Alex sighs. "My sister has fallen to Soul Edge's influence; she thinks she's the sword's daughter!"

"What? Why?" Milicent asks, walking into the room.

"Tira has been telling her these things... She wants to get Soul Edge," explains Alex.

"But it's in Astral Chaos," Says Klyeme. Alex nods slowly.

"Yeah...about that. I was thinking...We need to find a way into Astral Chaos before Nirvana does and I wanted your help..." he states.

"That's too dangerous! The last time we were there, we lost Kilina!" Kisandra protests.

"I want to help Alex, I'll go! He helped us, I have to help him!" Klymene disagrees. "Besides, we'll stick together, won't we, Alex?"

"I promise I won't let Klymene out of my sight," Alex assures Kisandra. Kisandra looks between them with a distressed expression before sighing.

"Alright," she relents. "Alex, please look after her! I can't lose another family member." Alexander nods and goes to hug her.

"On my honor, I promise," he says. He turns to Klymene. "You ready to go?"

"Let me grab my sword and shield, and we can be off," says Klymene.

(scene changes)

Nirvana takes a deep breath before lifting her hand. A red aura appears around it. "That's it, keep it going!" Tira cheers excitedly. Nirvana smiles before seemingly gripping the air. She tears at the "air" and a crack bursts open between dimensions.

"Enough!" a woman in red kicks at Nirvana's hand and the young girl stumbles back into Tira. "I cannot allow you to go any further!"

"Hey, that was mean!" Tira mock-pouts before grinning. "You should try out your new power, Nirvana! Show her what you got!" Nirvana smiles and nods, her hands glowing and eyes glowing red.

Playable Character(s): Nirvana

Opponent(s): Riva

Nirvana knocks the woman into Astral Chaos before taking Tira's hand and walking into the veil.

Chapter 6- No time for Tears

Nirvana tentively looks around at the dark realm. They are surrounded by some type of debris. "Soul Edge should be nearby," she says.

"We aren't going to get to him standing around here, now are we?" Tira replies. She smirks as Nirvana walks further into Astral Chaos. She trails behind the young girl as she leads the way.

"I can sense Soul Edge, but I don't know where it-- ah!" Nirvana dodges out of the way as an angry woman, wielding Soul Edge.

"I won't let you take it!" the woman screams. Nirvana backs away but Tira takes her by the hand.

"She's a lot weaker than she seems," Tira whispers to her. She smiles sweetly at Nirvana and points at the woman. "Don't you want your father? He's yours..."

Playable Character(s): Nirvana and Tira (Tag Team)

Opponent(s): Kilina Ω, 200% Health

(while this is happening)

Alexander stumbles with a gasp and presses a hand to his chest. "Are you okay?" Cyril and Klymene ask simultaneously. Klymene gives Cyril a curious look.

"I don't know, I felt this..surge." Alexander takes a deep breath.

"Our scouts are reporting sightings of a tear near in the City," Malik says as he and Snow come walking towards them. Alexander perks up.

"That's a way into Astral Chaos!" Alexander says excitedly.

"But we don't have nearly enough man power to get through the malfested in there," Snow sighs and shakes her head.

"Hey!" a girl with brown hair and a crossbow was walking up to the group. Behind her, a group of men and women with weapons was following her. "I'm Lily Sigmare. I can help you get into the city. Consider it a handshake from Schwarzwind!"

"Well, what are we waiting for then?" Klymene looks around at everyone. "We have a means to an end, so let's go." Alexander nods and they begin the trek back to the city. Once they are there, the fight through the city and head towards the torn veil.

As Alexander is getting close, a familiar figure steps in front of his path. Alexander's eyes widen. "Charles, no..." Charles does not respond but instead attacks Alexander

Playable Character(s): Alexander

Opponent(s): Charles

"Charles, please stop, I don't want to fight you!" Alexander exclaims. Charles, growls and continues to attack Alex.

"Ah!' Alexander yelps as Charles trips him. Charles lunges at him, sword raised. "No!" Alexander brings his sword up, impaling Charles through the abdomen.

"Oh my god," Alexander breathes and pulls his sword. A dark pulse courses through him and he falls to his knees. Charles falls over, dead. "Oh my god...I..." Alex swallows. "I... I need to find Klymene..." Alexander looks blankly around the battlefield and spots the girl. He gets up shakily to his feet and runs over to her.

"Oh, there you are, I thought you'd gotten lost or something!" she says upon seeing him. Alexander half-smiles and looks over at the veil. Cyril is already standing in front of it.

"We should go to the Veil," Alexander says to her. Klymene nods and they head over.

"I still don't think you should go in!" Cyril yells over the sounds of fighting.

"Come with us then," Klymene suggests. "Since it seems to bother you so much..."

"Snow, Malik, stay here and hold the area for me?!" Alexander calls to them. Snow dodges an attack and gives Alexander a thumbs up. Klymene gives Alexander a reasurring look.

"Are you ready?" she asks him. Alexander takes a deep breath.

"As I'll ever be," he replies. Cyril walks to him.

"Don't worry," the blonde man says. "I'm here, I'll protect you." Alexander flushes but says nothing and they step into Astral Chaos.

Chapter 7- Summertime Sadness

Immediately upon entering, they spot Nirvana and Tira. Nirvana was holding Soul Edge in front of her with a huge grin. Alexander gasps and takes a step forward. "Wait, don't do anything rash," Cyril says quietly. Alexander starts to nod but Soul Edge begins to glow. Without a word, he dashes across the field.

"Wait, Alexander!" Klymene calls out.

"Nirvana, you can't!" Alexander tosses Michael and Raphael to the ground, reaches out and grabs Soul Edge's hilt.

"Don't interfere, you stupid boy!" Tira suddenly yells and goes to strike him. Klymene blocks the attack and pushes Tira away.

"I won't let you hurt him!" Klymene says.

Playable Character(s): Klymene or Cyril

Opponent(s): Tira

A huge shockwave knocks everyone but Nirvana and Alexander off their feet. "What's happening?" Klymene looks to Alex and Nirvana. Cyril frowns and rises to his feet.

"Soul Edge is reacting to Alexander, just like they want," he grimly says, his expression serious. Klymene's eyes widen.

"What do you mean by that?" Klymene asks as she stands.

Alexander digs his heels into the ground and wrenches Soul Edge away from Nirvana. The young girl stumbles forward and falls. Tira, who'd been watching, grabs Nirvana by the hand and they both slip into the darkness and vanish.

"No, what are you doing?" Klymene rushes over to Alexander, but Alex backs away from her.

"No! Stay back!" Alexander groans as Soul Edge glows brightly and a dark strings of energy begin to pour out of it. Cyril pulls Klymene back as heavy winds begins to blow around the area.

"Alex, you have to fight it!" Cyril yells to him. Alexander falls to his knees and ear-shattering shriek leaves his lips.

"IT'S AGONY!" he screams and stabs the sword into the ground as he hunches over. The ground splits around him and Cyril and Klymene both stumble as the ground shakes. Alex screams again and bangs his fist into the ground. His right sleeve begins to rip and tear as his skin turns an ashy grey. He looks up at Klymene, eyes red. "Leave..." he whispers.

"We can't leave you here!" Klymene she cries out. Alexander raises Soul Edge, his other arm limp at his side as it mutates and tears through his shirt. He takes a single step toward Klymene and Cyril before lunging and swinging the cursed sword at them. Klymene moves brings her shield up to block it. "Alexander, stop, please!"

"You have to leave!" Alexander insists in a low voice as he glares at her.

"No, Alex, there has to be a way..." Klymene begs. Alexander walks up to her wraps his arms around her in a hug.

"It's going to be okay," he mutters. He leans back and takes her by the shoulders and looks her in the eyes. "It will be alright." He then promptly pushes both her and Cyril back through the veil into the human realm.

Chapter 8- 

Cyril and Klymene fall in a heap on top of each other. Klymene frantically scrambles to her feet and lunges at the portal to Astral Chaos. Almost as soon as she reaches it, the portal disappears and she falls to her knees in the spot it had been. Behind her, Cyril stares in shock. "I failed," he whispers. Klymene turns to face him.

"What do you mean?" she asks. Cyril sighs.

"Alexander has Soul Edge..." he trails off at Klymene's expression.

"We can still save him, and that's what we're going to do," she says confidently. She looks around. "Where are we?" Cyril takes a glance around as well.

"I'm not sure..." They were surrounded by tall tress. Birds and other animals scurried around. Both of the young adults were startled when a woman walked from behind the tree, an angry glare on her face.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded. Her hair was sunny blonde, and her skin pale. Dark, purple energy surrounded her. She waved her hands around, and the energy formed itself into a small ball. "You don't belong here..."

Playable Character(s): Klymene (or Cyril)

Opponent(s): Lucinde

"What type of power is that?" Klymene exclaims as she is thrown back from the force of the dark energy. Cyril is blown back as well, and he loses hold of his blades. The  woman laughs and shakes her head.

"Silly children," she chuckles.

"That's Soul Edge's power!" Cyril exclaims. He drags himself to his knees and reaches for his knife, Robin Hood. "Time to fight fire with fire." He grips the blade and stabs it down into the earth and a giant pillar of sinister power rises from its spot and sails at the woman.


"Where are they?" Malik yells over to Snow. The Malfested were gone and the city was pretty much empty. Everyone had hidden in their homes. "And where is Evangelus? He's supposed to protect this place!" Snow shakes her head as the so-called Angel makes his appearance. He floats down from atop a nearby building.

"I have been here the entire time," he says calmly. "There were malfested inside the homes, you know..." Malik scoffs and points one of his swords at him.

"How very convienient that you allowed them to even get in the village in the first place!"

"What was I supposed to do? Read the little girl's mind and know she was going to malfest anyone in sight. No one got in; these were all townspeople. Anyway, the matter is, you need to find Nirvana and Alexander. I suggest you go now before more trouble befalls them..." he says onimously and flies back into the sky and over a house, out of sight. Malik narrows his eyes.

"What a pretentious asshole..."

Chapter 9-

The woman seemed shocked and barely avoided the attack from Cyril. Klymene gave him a wary look. "Look, let's just talk!" he exclaims. "We fell out of Astral Chaos to here! We don't even know where we are!" The woman eyes them for a moment.

"What do you mean you fell out of Astral Chaos? How did you even get there in the first place?" she asks.

"Look, this boy we know...Alexander, his adoptive sister thinks she's the child of Soul Edge-

"Wait, what?" the woman interrupts. Cyril and Klymene exchange looks. "A girl who thinks she's the child of Soul Edge?"

Klymene nods. "Yes, her name is Nirvana-

"How old is she?" the woman demands.

"Ah, well she is 14, I guess?" Klymene answers. The woman's eyes widen in shock.

"That's my daughter...."

(scene change)

A malfested man with a glowing shard in his hand runs wildly through the darkened streets. He is obviously panicking, looking for some type of escape route. He glances over his shoulder and sees no one behind him, so he stops. He looks around cautiously, and pulls his hood down farther on his face. He slowly makes his way down the street when a sickle flies through the air and impales itself in his skull. The man doesn't even get a chance to scream. The sickle is attatched to a chain and is yanked out of the head. Short, black boots and white stockings are seen stepping towards the body and then stopping. For a few seconds there is no movement until a white-gloved hand reaches down and takes the glowing shard from the deceased man's hand. The scene fades to black as the person walks away, and another person joins them.

(scene change)

"We cannot stay here," the woman says to Klymene and Cyril. "We need to leave. You two are not whom I thought you were." The woman turns away and begins to leave.

"Where are you going?" Klymene asks.

"Follow me, and you will see," the woman replies. Cyril shakes his head.

"We don't even know who you are and you attacked us!" he says angrily. The woman looks over her shoulder.

"I am Lucinde. Now, follow me."

"Not so fast!" A girl with brown hair and dressed in bright, colourful clothes runs out from behind a tree. There is mask covering the bottom of her face. She has a sword in one hand, and another shorter sword in the other. "We've been looking for you Lucinde. Now, it's time to die! You and you're little buddies!" Two more colourfully dressed people appear from the trees.

"Hey! What?" Klymene protests. "We just got here!"

Playable Character(s): Klymene and Cyril interchangeably OR Just Lucinde

Opponent(s): Harlequin (1/3), Harlequin (2/3), Harlequin (3/3)

"Who in the hell were they?" Cyril questions as Lucinde kills the last one. She sighs.

"Those were the Harlequins. They've been after me for years now...and now they know about Nirvana." Lucinde angrily summons her magical orb and it dispenses around her in an aura. "Let's go. I know who to take you to."

(scene change)

Snow and Malik searched around the forest, looking for any sign of Alexander, Klymene or Cyril. "Do you have any idea why the veil closed?" Snow asks Malik. He shrugs.

"Do I look like an expert to you?" he retorts. "We need to find someone who is. What if they're trapped in there?"

"I believe I can help?" came a wary voice. Malik spun around, immediately on the defensive. A rather short girl with bright red hair and a strange looking weapon, stood a few feet away. She was in a torn, one-sleeved kimono.

"Who are you?" Snow asks.

"I am a friend of Alexander's. My name is Kamikirimusi," she explains. "I know someone who can get you into Astral Chaos."

"You're a demon," Malik points out. Kami points to Snow.

"And she's a Malfested."

"Fair point."

"She lives in Spain. We have a long journey ahead of us," Kami says.

"I believe I can help with that," Evangelus says, flying over to them. He doesn't land on the ground, instead he foats a few inches. "I can teleport us near there. My reach isn't that far enough to go exactly there." He smiles at Malik's disgruntled expression.

"I'm watching you," he says. "Pretentious asshole..." Kami gives Malik a strange look. "That not what he says he is...."

Chapter 10-

"Her name is Ivy," Lucinde says as they walk into a city. "Her family is very wealthy. Her mansion is nearby. I am...acquainted with her. I would not go so far as to call us friends."

"I know her!" Klymene says. "If we are talking about the same person. She's had many dealings with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur."

Lucinde nods. "Precisely."

(scene change)

Alexander screamed out in rage, the sound a borderline growl. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" he yelled angrily. Michael and Raphael froze where they stood. They had no choice but to obey him. Alex snarled and turned away from them. His head ached and Soul Edge screamed at him to cause bloodshed, to take souls. But there was nothing here. He screamed again, the surrounding area seemingly shaking with the force of it. He spun around and ran at Michael and Raphael.

"FIGHT ME!" he commands, his steps cracking the ground. Michael and Raphael both sigh, but they have no choice but to listen.

Playable Character(s): Alexander

Opponent(s): Michael and Raphael

"ENOUGH!" he yells at them both. "THIS ISN'T WORKING" He falls to his knees and screams again, facing the dark sky.

"Alexander... Are you in pain?" a sweet voice asks. It's Tira. She swaggers over to where Alexander sits. He glares at her; Michael and Raphael tense. "Why don't we get you out of here? I know how we can make the pain go away."

"Back away, witch," Michael commands and is at Alexander's side in an instant. By now, the young man is trembling violently, his fingers tight around Soul Edge. He looks away and stares hard at the ground.

"You're nothing but a puppet..." he hisses. Without looking up he, he rages, "HOW ABOUT I CUT YOUR STRINGS?" He jumps to his feet and lunges at her, Soul Edge's eye gleaming. Michael and Raphael grab him by the arms and drag him back.

"Alex, no! You must resist the want to kill!" Raphael urges. Tira smiles and Michael growls at her.

"Don't resist it, Alex. It's what you need, isn't it? You need to spill blood...To taste a Soul..."

Alexander freezes in Michael and Raphael's grasp, his hair wild and covering half his face. He takes several deep breaths, a dark red aura beginning to surround him. His eyes begin to glow a dark orange. Tira becomes almost giddy.

"C'mon Alex! Show me you mean business!" she encourages. Alex stomps his foot into the ground and giant pulse of energy blows Michael and Raphael away. The red aura still around him, and eyes still glowing orange, Alexander walks over to Tira. Slowly, a crazed grin spreads across his face.

"Hope you're ready to die, bitch," he laughs.

Playable character(s): Alexander

Opponent(s): Tira

Tira laughs and barely misses getting stabbed in the abdomen. She jumps away from Alex and says teasingly, "You can't catch me!" Alex frowns childishly and lunges at her. She dodges again, and begins to full out run away. "C'mon! Catch me!" Alexander chases after her, a manic grin on his face.

He runs after her....

....right out of Astral Chaos.....

Chapter 11-

A girl with bright, blonde, twin ponytails and big blue eyes watched Snow, Malik, Evangelus and Kami as they talk. She nods to an equally blonde boy beside her and he grins, tying a mask on his face and jumping down from the tree they were sitting in. Pulling one of his blades out, the young man spoke, "Alright, The Black-haired malfested is hereby sentenced to death." The blonde girl appeared from behind Snow and attempted to decapitate her, but Malik blocked the chained sickle.

"Soul Edge and all it's minions WILL die!" The girl yelled.

Playable Characters: Snow and Kami

Opponents: Rosie and Aaron

"Rose!" Aaron grabbed Rosie by the arm and pulled her back from the fight. "Time to regroup!" He pulled her into the trees and they were gone.

"There's no way they don't know about Alexander," Malik says harshly.

"We need to Hurry and find the woman you were speaking of," Evangelus muttered. Kami nodded.

"Take us there. Now."

(scene change)

Ivy handed a silvery shard over to Lucinde. "It is a crystal shard of Soul Calibur," said Ivy. "A spirit created by the blade resides within it. Summon the Spirit, and she will open a way into Astral Chaos for you. They way will only be open for a limited time, so only open it when you are ready." Lucinde, Cyril and Klymene all nod.

They are making their way through the forest when Cyril stops them. "I sense someone."

"You sense me," Nirvana announced as she came into view. Her skin was almost deathly pale, and her once gold eyes were dark orange. "I should tell you now that Alex is no longer in Astral Chaos. Tira has set him free upon the world." There is silence as Lucinde looked to Klymene and Klymene nods. Lucinde took a step toward Nirvana.

"Nirvana," she whispered. Nirvana stared at her.

"How do you know my name?" Nirvana demanded.

"This is Lucinde, Nirvana. Your mother," Klymene explained. Nirvana's eyes widened and she stared at Lucinde as the woman wrapped her slender arms aroound the shorter girl.

"I've finally found you again!"

Nirvana wrenched herself away from Lucinde. "I don't believe you!" Suddenly, the shard in Lucinde's hand began to glow, and a womanly figure materialized. The woman, silver and grey coloured, stared down at Nirvana, a sword appearing in her hand.

"Child of SOUL EDGE. You must Die."

Playable Character(s): Nirvana

Opponents: Spyridon Calibur

Nirvana screamed in rage. "You tried to have me killed!" Lucinde shook her head and raised her hand, a dark aura emitting from her hand, and Nirvana froze. "Your the same as mine."

(scene change)

"Mistress Ryo..." Aaron muttered. "We could not kill the Malfested woman, and Levi, Mei and Ren have not returned." Ryo, a black haired woman with tan skin and brown eyes frowned.

"I see... it appears we must go straight for Soul Edge itself. We will deal with his lackies after...."

(scene change)

The town was silent. Alex stood amongst the dead bodies surrounding him, his eyes closed, Soul Edge hanging limply at his side. He swayed a little bit from side to side, humming. He heard small footsteps and paused.

Alexander tilted his head and turned to face whomever was behind him. He stared blankly at the dirty blonde woman who's necklace glowed a painful blue. "Hmph, a child," the woman said disgustedly. "Soul Edge will pay for having taken someone so young. Don't worry boy, I will put you out of your misery." Alexander raised an eyebrow, looking vaguely amused.

"You can certainly try," he replied cheerfully, although his expression had shifted into a scowl.

Playable Character(s): Riva

Opponent(s): Unstable Alexander

Alex looked bored as he blocked Riva's blade, and plunged his sword into her abdomen. She gasped and as she did, Alex grabbed her necklace. "That's a pretty gem there," he said, voice flat. It glowed in his hand and his eye twitched as he yanked it from Riva's neck and stepped on her chest. A strange cooling sensation washed over him, and the redness in his eyes faded a bit. He looked down at Riva, confused, and then at Soul Edge. What am I doing?

Abruptly, Alex threw the crystal to the Ground and stomped on it, his eyes crimson once more.

Chapter 12-

"This warm family reunion is great and all, but we need to save Alexander!" Cyril exclaimed. Klymene gave him an exasperated look.

"As rude as he was, he's right. As long as he has Soul Edge, Alex is in danger. Nirvana, he's your brother; won't you help us?" Klymene asked. Nirvana sighed and nodded.

"I..I guess so. This is pretty much my fault," she replied. "And Soul Edge should be in my hands." Cyril scoffed.

"Sure thing little girl. We'll see."

"Actually, you won't see." The black haired woman from the previous episode stepped into view. Her outfit was mostly white, and accented with bright blue, purple and reds. "I am Ryo; the Leader of the Harlequins." Lucinde glared at her.

"What do you want?" demanded Lucinde. Klymene and Cyril stepped forward, ready for a fight.

"You are Malfested, as well as the blonde." Ryo responded. "And the little girl was born of Soul Edge's power. It is my duty to destroy all of Soul Edge's creations. Now tell me where the boy, Alexander, is. I know he has the cursed blade."

"But that isn't fair!" Klymene retorted. "All because they're malfested, doesn't mean they're evil!" Ryo shook her head.

"All things that come from Soul Edge are sinister. I feel sorry for anyone who is malfested, which is why I give them quick deaths before they become another pawn of the cursed blade." Ryo sighed and shook her head. "If you will not tell me where Alexander is, then you are of no use. Young woman, I suggest you leave. You are untouched by Soul Edge's taint." Klymene raised her sword.

"No. We can help Alexander, and these other people, without killing them!" she yelled. Ryo shook her.

"Fine. You shall die with them."

Playable Character(s): Klymene and Cyril or Lucinde and Nirvana

Opponent(s): Ryo, 200% Health, 3 battles

Ryo tripped Klymene at the same time, she elbowed Cyril before kicking Lucinde away. She grabbed Nirvana and went to strike her with her blade, but it was knocked from her hand by a sword. She looked over to see a masked man, his sheath in one hand, sword in the other.

"Your intentions are good," he said quietly. "But this is not the right way."

Playable Character(s): Cassiel

Opponent(s): Ryo, 200% Health

Ryo staggered away from the masked man, breathing heavily. "I see... this is not over." Ryo jumped up into the trees, disappearing from sight.

Klymene walked over to man, cautiously. "Thank you. Who are you?" The man sheathed his blade and turned to face Klymene. In the background, Cyril helped Lucinde to her feet.

"I am no one in particular. You can call me Cassiel." With that, the man turned to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?" Cyril asked.

"That is none of your concern. Do you not have someone you need to save?" Cassiel looked over his shoulder as he said that, and then continued on his way.

(scene change)

Aaron watched Alexander walk aimlessly around the city. Everyone who had lived there, was dead. Aaron laughed quietly to himself. "Very interesting swordsmanship; just: STAB STAB STAB! Very nice..." Aaron looked to Rosie. "Can I kill him now?" Rosie raised her eyebrows.

"He killed Riva. I'm surprised you aren't already down there. Want me to come with you?" Rosie offered. Aaron grinned.

"Of course."

When they slid down from the roof of the house they were at Alexander immediately faced them. "Well it's about time," he said blankly. He looked confused for a moment before his face was blank once more. "Let's get it over with then."

Playable Character(s): Rosie and Aaron

Opponent(s): Unstable Alexander, 200% Health

"OW!" Alexander stumbled backwards and looked at his shield arm. Aaron had managed to cut his arm. He looked up at the blonde twins, and the whites of his eyes began to turn black as his expression turned extremely angered. "Big...mistake..."

Chapter 13-

Alex bashed his shield against Rosie's head and kicked her in the head before dodging one of Aaron's blades. He hit the other one away with Soul Edge. He jabbed his shield into Aaron's side and Aaron cried out in pain. Grabbing Aaron by the shoulders, Alexander repeatedly kneed him in the stomach before tossing him to ground. He attempted to stab through Aaron's chest, but ends up getting the blonde's leg instead.

"Rosie!" Aaron cried out, attempting tp crawl to her. She struggled to her knees and then her feet. Alexander dragged Aaron back to him and straddled the blonde, raising Soul Edge in his hand.

"NO!" Rosie screamed.

(scene change)

Alexander blinked. The sun was beaming in his eyes. Where was he? He rolled over onto his back and sat up, looking around. There seemed to be no one in sight. His head ached. "Hello there," Alexander heard his own voice say. His eyes widened and he looked up at...himself....

But it wasn't right. His skin was ashen, eyes dark red, Soul Edge in his hands. Alexander stood and raised Michael. "You can't control my mind! I Can resist you!" Alex stared at Alexander before grinning.

"You can't resist yourself, you silly boy," he laughed. His malfested arm twitched and he licked his lips. "I am you, and you are me. I'll prove it."

Playable Character(s): Unstable Alexander

Opponent(s): Alexander, 200% Health

Alexander fell to the ground, suddenly feeling extremely weak. Alex kneeled beside him and put his hand in his hair. "Don't worry, Alexander." Soul Edge's eye swirled and looked at Alexander on the ground. "I'll always be here with you."

(scene change)

Alexander grinned and plunged Soul Edge into Aaron's chest. Aaron gasped, his back arching off the ground before he went completely limp. Rosie fell to her knees, chained sickle dropping from her hands.

"AAAAARRRROOOON!!! NOO!!!" Rosie screamed. Alexander looked up at her and smiled sympathetically.

"I know. I know. But you'll be with him soon."

Chapter 14-

Alexander lunged at Rosie, but the blonde girl scrambled away from him, grabbing her weapon as she did so. She ran away and Alexander watched her go. He shrugged and sighed. "No one wants to be my friend..." he fake pouts and lifts Soul Edge to look it in the eye. "You're my friend though." He walks over to a house and climbs up the side. Jumping down from the roof, he rips open a rift, the sky turning a reddish orange above him. He grins and the dead around him begin to rise, their bodies possessed by essence of Soul Edge.

(scene change)

Rosie took a deep breath. Alexander....would regret this.

(scene change)

Cyril, Klymene and Lucinde and Nirvana had made it back to England. On their way back, they had crossed paths with Snow and Malik and the rest of the group. Klymene explained the situation, and they headed back to the city. However, there were malfested roaming the area outside the city. "Look at the sky..." Cyril said grimly. Over the city it was dark red. Alexander had opened a rift.

"How are we going to get into the city?" Snow asked.

"Evangelus and I will head in first, and I will send Evangelus back to lead you guys through the area we cleared," Kamikirirmusi said suddenly. Evangelus raised an eyebrow but followed her. Kami and Evangelus snuck through the woods, nearing the gates outside the city. "Alright, you go in first-

Evangelus stabbed Kami in the side and huffed a laugh. She cried out but Evangelus covered her mouth. "We can't have a demon getting any credit for saving the city," he laughed quietly. He dropped Kami and ran a hand through his hair. "I am the saviour of this town. I am their Angel. No need to give them the wrong impression." Evangelus eyed the malfested nearest him and shot a fireball at it. He paused for a moment, sensing someone behind him.

"I see you have not changed," Cassiel said as he approached Evangelus from behind. Evangelus spun around and stared at Cassiel in shock.

"Who the hell are you?" he demanded, eyes flashing red. Cassiel shook his head.

"I am your end."

Playable Character(s): Cassiel

Opponent(s): Evangelus

Cassiel's blade went straight through Evangelus's abdomen. The darker skinned man stared down in shock and took a step back from Cassiel. Evangelus looked back up at Cassiel, a strange expression on his face. "'s you..." he muttered before crumpling to the ground. Cassiel stood there for a moment before sheathing his sword. He kneeled and checked Kami for a pulse before cursing. She was gone.

(Scene change)

"Why haven't they come back yet?" Malik demanded. He paced back and forth. Lucinde watched the sky as it twisted about, lightning coming from the rift Alexander had created. "We need to go after them!" Klymene nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I agree. Let's go."

"You're not getting into that city," Ryo said, dropping down from a tree, Rosie with her as well. Cyril rolled his eyes.

"You freaking Ninjas..."

"What do you mean you're not getting in?" Snow demanded, raising an eyebrow.

"You don't need to go in anyway," Cassiel added, as he approached as well. "Your friend is heading out here." Klymene gasped.

"But what about Kami and Evangelus?" she questioned. Cassiel shook his head.

"Evangelus, as you call him, killed her, and I killed him," he responded plainly. Malik shook his head and turned away.

"How long do we have until Alexander gets here?" Cyrl asked, watching Cassiel carefully. The masked man shrugs. Cyril frowned and looked to the city before taking off in a run towards the place. Klymene chased after him.

"Wait, Cyril!"

Chapter 15-

Cyril did not slow down, expertly cutting any malfested that got near him before they could strike. His eyes were turning a strange shade of purple, and a purple aura was forming around him. Klymene grabbed his arm and spun him around to face her. "Getting yourself killed isn't going to save Alex!" she exclaimed. Cyril frowned at her before throwing a knife over her shoulder at a malfested.

"I've got your back," he muttered as she turned and they stood back to back against the men coming at them.

Playable character(s): Klymene and Cyril

Opponent(s): Malfested Man 1/4, Malfested Man 2/4, Malfested Woman 3/4, Malfested Woman 4/4

"Alright, let's move. Together." Klymene stressed. Cyril nodded, eyes returning to their blue.

"Klymene, Cyril! What a surprise!" Alexander laughed. Cyril and Klymene both stared at Alexander in shock. Alexander raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Alex..." Cyril breathed out. "You need to get rid of Soul Edge." Alexander put his shield hand on his hip and sucked in a breath, supposedly thinking.

"Let me think about that..." Alexander's eyes flashed. "NO!" He lunged at Cyril, attempting to cleave through the blonde's head. Cyril brought up both of his daggers to block it.

"Alexander, no!" Klymene yelled, pushing Alexander away from Cyril. Alexander nearly tripped as he stumbled backwards. He growled and swung at Klymene, managing to slice part of her face. Klymene cried out as blood ran down her face. Alexander laughed, a crazed expression on his face. Cyril jumped on him from behind, attempting to put Alex in a headlock.

"Do As I Tell You," Alexander growled out, his eyes flashing again, and Cyril released Alex and brought a hand up to his chest, a pained expression on his face. Alex chuckled and stared at Cyril. "That's right... You're mine..." Cyril's eyes faded into violet, and a strange seal glowed on his chest. He coughed, blood coming up. Alexander pointed at Klymene.

"Kill her," he commanded. Cyril's hands shook as he turned to face Klymene.

"I can't...control...myself...." he managed to force out, still looking pained. Klymene wiped some blood from her face and raised her shield.

Playable Character(s): Klymene

Opponent(s): Cyril

Alexander had left during the fight and Cyril collapsed to the ground, coughing. Klymene sat next to him, attempting to stop some of the blood from pouring down her face. Cyril's coughs were starting to sound like sobs. "Klymene..." he whispered. "What do we do?"

Chapter 16-

"Where did they go?" Snow called over to Malik as they fought through malfested. Beside her was Cassiel, and farther ahead was Rosie, Ryo, Lucinde and Nirvana.

"I don't know, they got too far too fast, AUGH!" Malik screamed and took a few steps forward. Behind him, Alexander grabbed his arm, turning him around to face him. He smiled.

"Malik...forever loyal to me, right? Now you really will be." Alexander watched as Malik fell down on one knee in front of him. Snow swung her ring blade at Alexander before the boy could strike Malik down. Alexander backed away and wagged his finger at Snow. "Now, now. You need to wait your turn!"

Playable Character(s): Snow

Opponent(s): Unstable Alexander, 200% health

Alexander laughed; it seemed he was having a pleasant time fighting Snow. From behind him, Cassiel attempted to stab him. Alexander dodged out of the way and Snow yelled at Cassiel. "We're not trying to kill him, you fool!"

"You may not have a choice," Cassiel responded. He helped Malik to his feet while Snow engaged Alexander once more. He lunged at her in whatshe thought was an attempt at a jab, but instead Soul Edge went flying from his hand and past her. Snow turned her head to see where it went, which was a mistake. Alexander smacked her in the head with his shield and she fell unconscious. Soul Edge had landed in Malik's side. The black-haired male pulled the sword from his side as Cassiel went to engage with Alexander. He looked up at Alexander, seeing the boy he didn't seem to recognize anymore.

"Please come back to us Alex," Malik murmured as he keeled over.

Alexander froze. His heart was racing. This wasn't right. This wasn't right at all. He swung his shield into Cassiel's abdomen and ran over to Malik. He stared at the man who had saved his life, who had been his best friend for a long time; the man who had kept Alexander's secrets, and helped train him, helped raise him.

And he picked up Soul Edge.

(scene change)

Ryo and Rosie approached Klymene and Alexander. "What happened?" Ryo asked. Klymene sighed.

"Alexander..." she replied in soft tone. Rosie perked up a bit, her eyes turning into glares.

"And where did he go?" she demanded. Klymene shook her head and Cyril spat out some blood.

"Wouldn't tell you even if we knew," he hissed at her. Rosie stomped over to him.

"Do you really want to talk to me like that?" she yelled. "I'll kill you! You're still on our hit list!"

"THEN TRY ME!" Cyril screamed, standing up, his daggers out.

Playable Character(s): Cyril

Opponent(s): Rosie

"That is enough!" Ryo pulled Rosie away from Cyril. Cyril laughed and spat out more blood. Klymene watched them and sighed.

"We need to get to Alex," she said firmly. "I know we can save him." Ryo looked to her.

"Saving him will probably mean killing him," she said to the younger woman. Klymene stared at her but did not answer. She swore in her heart it would not come to that.

Chapter 17-

Lucinde and Nirvana watched as Alexander lifted Soul Edge from the ground. Nirvana frowned. Her brother had lost his mind. This is why she needed to be the one with Soul Edge. "Mother," Nirvana said. "Watch my back." Lucinde stopped Nirvana from going to Alex.

"No," Lucinde said. "I'll take him down. You get Soul Edge afterwards." Nirvana wanted to argue with her mother but instead nodded reluctantly. Lucinde called over to Alexander.

"Come here, boy!" Lucinde called. "Face me!" Alexander looked at Lucinde for a moment before chuckling.

"Everyone is just lining up for me today!" he laughed. He twirled Soul Edge around a bit, before running at Lucinde full speed.

Playable Character(s): Lucinde

Opponent(s): Unstable Alexander, 200% Health

Lucinde flipped Alexander onto his back and slammed her foot onto his arm. She heard a cracking sound and let a grin slip as he screamed in rage. Alexander attempted to roll away from Lucinde, his eyes glowing, but she wouldn't budge. Rosie and Ryo were making their way closer in the distance. Nirvana approached Alexander and wrenched Soul Edge from his hands. "NO!" he screamed. Nirvana grinned.

"Sorry, big brother. But he belongs with me." Lucinde saw the sickle coming but couldn't react fast enough. The mini-scythe lodged itself into Nirvana's small chest. Nirvana let out a small screech. Lucinde caught her as she fell, consequently releasing Alexander. Alexander stared at his sister in Lucinde's arms, clarity in his eyes.

"Nirvana..." he muttered. Not his baby sister. He pushed Lucinde away and latched onto Nirvana. "Nirvana, Nirvana, no, please..." Alexander looked up at Rosie, who was attempting to kill Lucinde now. He grabbed Soul Edge, sword and shield, and gently laid Nirvana down. Nirvana was breathing quickly, pain in her eyes.

"Alex..." she wheezed. "Please..." Alexander put her out of her misery. Soul Edge glowed.

"Rosie! I did not say engage!" Ryo exclaimed at Rosie. The blonde girl laughed.

Playable Character(s): Ryo

Opponent(s): Rosie

"You cannot go off protocol like that! It's how innocent people get hurt!" Ryo scolded Rosie. Rosie laughed again, and pushed Ryo away.


Alexander watched them as Cyril got in Rosie's face as well, but Klymene was walking closer to Alex. Alexander stood, face blank.

"Alex, I'm so sorry-

Klymene balked as Rosie's sickle flew through the air once more and landed near Alexander's collarbone.

Chapter 18-

Before Rosie could do anything else, Lucinde used her magic to send the girl flying. The sickle ripped from Alexander's body and he groaned, bringing his flesh hand up to the wound. Any amount of clarity that had been in his eyes was gone, and  was replaced with a strange blankness, and he wasn't moving.

Cyril launched himself at Rosie only to be stopped by Ryo. "Get out of my way! That bitch has ruined enough!" he yelled. Ryo pushed him away and Lucinde came to his side.

"Rosie is doing what she knows is right while being clouded with grief," Ryo said. "You all refuse to see that Alexander is beyond any help. He is Soul Edge's puppet, as was your daughter, Lucinde." Lucinde laughed, though it was without humor.

"That girl is going to die," she said, voice filled with hate. "I don't care what you have to say."

Playable Character(s): Lucinde and Cyril

Opponent(s): Ryo and Rosie

Cyril stabbed Ryo through the neck at the same time Rosie impaled Lucinde through the cest. Cyril snarled and kicked Ryo away from him, lunging at Rosie.

Klymene took Alexander's hands in hers, looking him in the eyes. "Alexander," she said quietly, stepping a bit closer to him. He still hand't moved. "I know you're in there. I know you're hurting. Please, come back. I will help you through this. Cyril will help you. There are people who love you. Please." Alexander stared at her before looking over her shoulder and pushing her away. Rosie flew at Alexander, sickle swinging rapidly. Alexander's eyes glowed red once more and he laughed.

Cyril limped over to Klymene and helped her to her feet. "Were you getting through to him at all?" he asked. Klymene nodded.

"He saw Rosie coming and pushed me out of the way. We need to appeal to his emotions!" Klymene explained. Cyril watched Alexander avoid more and more of Rosie's attack and realization dawned on his face. He nodded his head.

"Appeal to his emotions, huh?" Cyril turned back to Klymene. "I have an idea. Can you handle Rosie?" Klymene nodded.

"Yes, what's your idea?" she asked. Cyril sucked in a breath.

"You'll see," he muttered.

Chapter 19-

Alexander kicked Rosie in the gut and was about to strike her down, when Cyril grabbed him by the arm and pulled him away from Rosie. Klymene pushed Rosie with her shield, initiating a fight, while Cyril took Alex's hands in his own. Alexander growled but Cyril held his hands tighter. "Hey, Alexander, let's calm down, alright?" Cyril soothed. He pulled the ravenette closer to him. "Calm down." Alexander snarled at him and tore himself away from Cyril. Cyril sighed and took his daggers out.

"Looks like I gotta make you calm down."

Playable Character(s): Cyril

Opponent(s): Unstable Alexander, 200% Health

Rosie shook her head. "I can't believe you're trying to protect Soul Edge!' Klymene blocked Rosie's sickle.

"I'm not. I'm saving my friend," she retorted. Rosie stared at Klymene before scoffing.

"You're so naive. He can't be saved. He was doomed from the start. The only way to 'save' him, is to kill him." Rosie cracked her neck. "He's killed so many people, with no remorse-

"No remorse?" Klymene interrupted. "No remorse? YOU have killed many people, and have gone after people who weren't even guilty of anything besides being tainted by Soul Edge! They were living peacefully, and you KILLED them!" Rosie scowled at Klymene.

"Everyone and everything Soul Edge touches becomes tainted!" Rosie spat. "They all eventually succumb. We kill them before they can. That is the goal of the Harlequins!" Klymene shook her head, feeling sorry for the girl.

"You've become tainted yourself."

Playable Character(s): Klymene

Opponent(s): Rosie

"C'mon Alexander! Is that all you got?" Cyril taunted. Alexander seemed angered by this, which to Cyril was an improvement from the fake laughter. Alexander caught his foot though, and Cyril tripped right into Alexander's hands. Alex growled and began to knee Cyril in the abdomen.

Cyril coughed as Alexander's knee impacted his stomach and then screamed when Alexander stabbed him. God, he wasn't going to die like this. He grit his teeth and grabbed Alexander before punching him in the jaw. Alexander's tongue was bleeding now, but he didn't seem to care. Cyril stabbed Alexander in the arm and yanked the boy forward. Alexander fell forward, his arm limp at his side. Cyril kicked him in the chest and Alexander feel backwards. Cyril took a deep breath. He needed to save Alex. He needed to.

Chapter 20-

Rosie dodged past Klymene, who wasn't expecting it. Klymene spun around and chased after her. Cyril looked over his shoulder just as Rosie kicked him in the stomach, right at his stab wound. Seeing Alexander on the ground, Rosie raised her sickle only to be tackled by Klymene.

"No!" Klymene yelled, smashing her shield against the side of Rosie's head, effectively knocking the girl unocsious. She stood up and and went to help Cyril to his feet. "Are you alright?" Cyril was looking paler every second. He looked at her with tired eyes.

"Are any of us okay?" he sighed. His eyes widened. "Look out!" Klymene looked and saw Alexander lunge at her. She pushed Cyril away as Alexander tackled her to the ground and attempted to stab her in the chest.

"Alex!' she tried to reason. "Alex, snap out it!" She flipped Alexander off of her and rolled to her feet, blocking his attempts at hitting her.

"I will kill you!" Alexander yelled angrily, not even attempting to make a calculated strike. He was swinging wildly, Soul Edge glowing in his hands. Klymene struggled under the attack before she parried, causing Alex to stumblr forward, and they switched sides.

"I know you can hear me, Alex!" Klymene insisted. She blocked and dodged more of his attacks. "I know you're sad, and you're angry!"

"Shut the hell up!" Alex growled at her.

"I won't!" she snapped. "This isn't you, Alexander!"

Playable Character(s): Klymene

Opponent(s): Unstable Alexander, 200% Health

Klymene hit Alexander with her shield, staggering him. She shook her head. "Please, Alexander. Please." Alexander looked up atr her, glaring. Klymene felt her eyes watering and Alex took a step forward.

Cyril slid in front of Klymene and placed one hand on Alex's hip, the other went to his hair. He pulled the shorter boy forward and firmly pressed their lips together, forcefully pulling Alexander's head back for a better angle. Alexander's arms were limp at his sides, and Klymene stared in shock. This had not been what she expected from Cyril's plan.

Cyril's hand slid up from Alexander's hip to cup the side of his face and he pulled away to look Alexander in the eyes. "Alexander Tadeas," he breathed. "I love you. I love you so much. I need you to come back to me. Please. Drop Soul Edge." Alexander's eyes were wide and Soul Edge fell from his hands. Cyril hugged Alexander close to him and he felt Alex go limp. Cyril let out a short breath as he held Alex.

"Can you help me out here?" he said to Klymene. He handed Alexander to Klymene and she sat down, suddenly feeling extremely tired. Cyril picked up Soul Edge and stared at it. He took a deep breath and limped away from Klymene.

"Where are you going?" Klymene inquired, worried. Cyril sucked in another breath.

"Take care of Alex while I'm gone," he said as he sliced Soul Edge through the air, opening a rift.

"Cyril, no! Just stay!" Klymene exclaimed. Cyril shook his head.

"Don't worry, I'll be back," he said before hopping into Astral Chaos, the rift closing behind him.


Klymene stared up at the sky. Alexander still had not woken up. A few moments after Cyril had left, a small tear had appeared again, and Michael and Rafael had dropped out. Klymene had dragged the sword and shield closer before watching the now blue sky. It was starting to get cloudy. Klymene looked around. She needed to get Alexander to safety, but...

"Alexander..." she leaned down. "Why won't you wake up...?" She stood and positioned Alexander on her back. He wasn't that heavy, or taller than her. She walked towards Snow and nudged the pale girl with her foot. Snow twitched but did not awaken. Klymene sighed and walked over to Malik. She was surprised to see that the man was still breathing. However, his skin was pale, as though he had died.

"Malik!" she called. The black-haired male opened his eyes immediately and sat up, looking confused. He looked up at Klymene and then at Alexander.

"Is he okay?" he asked, rising to his feet. Klymene stared at him.

"I thought you were dead," she muttered. "He's fine, I suppose. He hasn't woken up for hours." Malik brushed some of Alexander's hair from his face.

"Here, I'll carry him," he said, moving Alexander from Klymene into his arms, bridal style. He eyed Alexander before sighing. "Where are his sword and shield?" Rafael and Michael materialzed next to Klymene, their expressions grim.

"Right here," Michael said. Rafael put his hand against Alex's heart and closed his eyes.

"What's wrong with him, why won't he wake up?" Klymene asked. Rafael responded without looking at her.

"He is...lost too much...He feels too much....he just....isn't ready to be awake," he said quietly. Rafael covered his face with his hands. "We are his Guardian Angels, and we could not protect him..." Michael rested his hand on Rafael's shoulder.

"When we will he be okay?" Klymene asked.

"I do not know. He may never be okay..."




This is the second fangame that LightningSakura has created.

The original concept for The Spirit Lineage was a FanVerse, but this was scrapped.

The game plans to have at least 20 episodes.

The character Klymene was created by JaseyJasee and so were Millicent and Kisandra.



Cervantes was born. 


Voldo was born. 


Rock was born. 


Aeon Calcos was born. 


Raphael was born. 


Hwang was born.

Ivy was born. 


Li Long was born. 


Taki was born. 


Mitsurugi was born. 


Maxi was born. 


Sophitia was born. 



Siegfried was born. 


Cassandra was born. 

Autumn was born


Xianghua was born. 

Kisandra was born.

Snow was born


Hilde was born.

Kilina was born.


Tira was born. 


Talim was born.


Ken was born


Malik was born


Sabine was born.


Snow meets Donato, steals the swords and the crew is murdered by the Captain


Evangelus was supposedly born

The events of Soul Blade take place.

Astaroth was created. 

Zwei was perhaps born...



The events of Soulcalibur take place. 


Pyrrha was born.

Snow meets and lives with Erich.


Millicent was born.

Malik is kidnapped by slavers

Patroklos was born.


The events of Soulcalibur II take place..

Klymene was born

Alexander was born 

The events of Soulcalibur III take place.

Tira Kidnaps Pyrrha.

The events of Soulcalibur IV take place.

Snow meets and later kills Autumn

Nightmare is destroyed

Cassandra goes missing.


Natsu was born. 


Xiba was born. 


Leixia was born.


Nirvana was born


Alexander's Parents adopt 7-year-old Nirvana




The events of The Spirit Lineage take place...


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