SoulCalibur: Bounds of The SoulSwords
Developer(s) Created by SoulGauger
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Soulcalibur IV
Soulcalibur: Rise of Legends

SoulCalibur: Bounds of The SoulSwords: is a game in the Genre of the Soul series, The events of this game are taking place after the events of Soulcalibur IV, The game will also have most Characters who where also playable in Soulcalibur IV, 5 Guest Characters, 3 Bonus Characters and 1 Special Character.


The Soul swords Soul Edge and Soul Calibur are created by the Great King Algol where finally put to rest in an ancient Chamber inside the Tower of Remembrance, No-one was able to enter the chamber without crossing Booby-traps and other traps the Great King Algol has called the Chamber *The Chamber of the Ancient Souls* but serval warriors and thugs try'd to break into the Chamber to steal one of the two Soulswords but no-one ever succeeded to get Soul Edge and Soul Calibur from the Chamber.

Years Passed since the Soulswords where put to rest and nothing happened in or around the Tower of Remembrance until a Portal opened near the Tower of Remembrance and a dark energyball came out of it and took form of the escaped Pirate Cervantes he escaped the Realm of Lost Souls where he was prisoned by the gods for Betrayal and spreading Evil around the world *Finally i've been free at last* he said when he was looking around *Times have changed while i was imprisoned* Cervantes Said, The time has come to Re-claim what belongs to my once again the SoulSword called Soul Edge the i will take over this Tower and i will rule the world again when i will unleash the powers that lies within this Blade.

Cervantes Succeeded to enter the Chamber of the Ancient Souls and took away Soul Edge but left Soul Calibur behind *I don't need the Spirit Sword i only came for this Cursed Sword* Cervantes Said now i will become the one who will take over everything and the ones who will stand in my way will be destroyed Cervantes has took over in a short time the Tower of Remembrance and defeated Algol by sending him into the Dimension of Lost Souls *You will be of great use there* Cervantes Said, he also transformed the Tower into a dark place with Evil Souls and has created an army of Evil Soldiers that will only listen to Cervantes, NOW WHO WILL BE THE ONE THAT WILL BECOME ONE OF MY SLAVES... he said when sitting on his throne.....

With Soul Edge Stolen and Soul Calibur still inside the Chamber of the Ancient Souls Only one person can defeat Cervantes that will be You, by going on a journey to find Soul Calibur and defeat Cervantes with it

Main Characters

The Main Characters in this game: Some Characters can only be seen in the Story Mode or only in the Versus Mode (Playable)

Guest Characters

The Guest Characters are:

Bonus Characters

The Bonus Characters are:

Special Character


In the middle of the story mode you will meet a mid-boss with a (various) partner,

Game modes Offline


The Player will be taken into the story mode when Cervantes took Soul Edge and have to travel across a map with the destiny to find Soul Calibur and reach the final stage: the Tower of Remembrance. The story mode contains 12 Levels where another fighter has to be defeated to advance to the next stage. The final level will be fought against Cervantes with Soul Edge in his hands but before battling him the player must defeat 3 of his army soldiers (who have different fighting styles).

Mid-Boss battles

As the story mode continues the player will meet a mid-boss halfway through the story mode. The two battles will take place on the Phantom Pavilion (Seesaw) stage; there, the player will meet one Mid-boss that must be defeated to continue the story mode. The player will encounter Leandra Scott. or Xander Alondite. as the mid-boss (with a partner) they both must be defeated. Once you have defeated the Mid-boss battle you will be awarded with gold or Creation stuff.

Side Story Mode

For those who have downloaded Shinecalibur (from the marketplace) will automatically unlock the side story mode, This mode is almost equal to the original story but instead of fighting Cervantes the player will encounter Dark Leandra in the last fight.


In the Challenge mode the player must advance through 10 stages (including defeating the Final boss), at the end of which your best time will be recorded and will be set on the Leaderboards.


The Training Mode is here to help you master your techniques when going into battle.


The Versus mode is almost equal to Soulcalibur IV but only there is one mode extra added to it. This new mode is called: The Path of Victory - The Player must choose one fighter once the fighter is chosen the player will battling the same kind of fighting style that his or her character has, The main goal of the Path to Victory is when the player has defeated all of the opponents he will be rewarded with skill points to buy clothing and weapons in the Creation-Mode.

Online Modes


The Versus mode online can be played the same way as in the offline mode


View the Leaderboards for standings and more



Costumize one of the regulair characters or Create one of you're own. With the improved Creation Mode you can choose from allot of stuff to put on you're character(s),Stuff like changing the weapon colors or Create a weapon that exists from 2 different weapons give it a name and learn its style, Also allot of clothing and more to explore. (Awarded stuff will be added to the Creation mode (and Stage Creation Mode)


This Mode is where you can watch endings and openings in the story mode and more.


Change various options for the game.

Special Character

In Soulcalibur: Bounds of the Soulswords: an old Non-Playable Character from Soulcalibur IV Dark Leandra returns who will be now a playable character in the Story mode and Versus mode and she will be the Last Boss in the Challenge Mode

Soul Blaze & Critical Crush

Soul Blaze and Critical Crush is a newly added action to the game, when in battle the character will have 2 energymeters on each side of the screen (on left is the Soul Blaze meter) and (on the right is the Critical Crush meter) when you preforming a powerful attack you're Blaze meter will become full of energy and when you're Blaze meter is full the player has to press a button to unleash the power of the Soul Blaze: When this happens the player will unleash a powerful blast of energy to the opponent that will parelyze the opponent sow you're character will preform some powerful moves what will de-crease the lifegauge of you're opponent rapidly (and if you're opponent has a bit of little life left Then Critical Crush will be activated automatically what will be bring you Victory.

Critical Crush can also be done as one Finishing move, This move can also be called a 1-hit KO move when fighting you're opponent the Critical Crush can be activated when both Blaze and Crush meters are both full at the same time (you can fill both meters when u are preforming Unblockable attacks) when you have done this and both meters are full you can unleash you're Critical Crush when doing this you must enter a serval buttons that are displayed on the screen by doing this good the character will preform some powerful moves and when done good at the end a heavy devastating attack will be unleashed what will finish the battle

Endings & Input Endings

Some characters will have normal endings but some will have input endings, These input endings have a good side or a bad side that depends on what the player will choose to follow the good ending or the bad ending


One of the Endings will be Nightmare When he defeats Cervantes he will have the choice to kill Cervantes or to let him live (when choose the good ending Nightmare will take Soul Edge back and he will drain Cervantes's his soul into Soul Edge and make him the new Mindless slave of Nightmare (after the ending a text will appears what says: Now Cervantes will obey a new King of evil. By chosing the Evil ending Cervantes will raise up again and takes down Nightmare and Cervantes will Drain the powers of Nightmare from his body, When a text on the screen apprears that will say *The time has come for my new puppet to do my biddings*


In Soulcalibur: Bounds of The Soulswords There is the option for the player to create own stages where the characters can hold their battles, alongside the normal stages the created stages can also be used in the online modes and in the versus modes, Parts for creating stages can be won by accomplishing serval trials in the Story mode and the Challenge mode, The player will be awarded with stuff for the Stage Creator of the Character Creation mode.

The normal stages in Soulcalibur: Bounds of The Soulswords are

Replay & Record Mode

In Soulcalibur: Bounds of The Soulswords you will have the chance to go into Record-mode This mode will record you're battle, Once recorded you will have the chance to save the replay and share it on Xbox Live or PSN Network.

If you have a saved replay from one of you're battles you can watch it in the Replay-Theatre how you did you're fights, you can save up to 10 Replay's

Downloadable Content

Here a short list of Downloadable stuff (such as characters - Weapons and Clothing)


Heavy Weapon Set 1 (Swords) (This set contains the Strongest Swords for Sword wielding Characters)

Heavy Weapon Set 2 (Staffs) (This set contains the Strongest Staffs for the Staff wielding Characters)

Heavy Weapon Set 3 (Axes) (This set contains the Strongest Axes for Astaroth and Lizardman)

Heavy Weapon Set 4 (Various) (This set contains the Strongest Weapons for Characters like Talim or Cassandra)


Armor of The knights (This Clothing set contains 2 Knight Armors as for Male as for Female Characters)

Armor of Darkness (This is an Armor for use with Nightmare only)

Armor of The Shining Moon (This is an Armor for use with Hilde and Siegfried)

Armor of The Flaming Gods (This an Armor for use with Kratos only)

Armor of Light (This is an Armor for use with Shinecalibur only)


Fields of Raging Thunder (A stage with lightning storms)

Heaven of The Whispering Voices (A stage with Ghosts around you)

The Seas of High Waves (A stage with water everywhere)

Burning Grounds (A Stage that has been build on an active Volcano)


(Special Character) Morrigan Aensland (From Darkstalkers, Uses her own Unique Style) (Xbox Only)

(Special Character) Kasumi (From Dead or Alive, Uses her own Unique Style) (PS3 Only)

Rock (a Character from Soulcalibur IV)

Night Terror (a Character from Soulcalibur III that Uses Nightmare's style)

Shinecalibur (a Female-Character that has been made from Soul Calibur's Good energy, She is the only Character that wields Soul Calibur Final Form from the start of the game)


In Game Pictures


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