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Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega
Game Logo
Developer(s) Created by SoulGauger Project Soul
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released August 2 2014 (Japan)
August 15 2014 (US)
August 21 2014 (Europe)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL, Digital download
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur V
The Soulcalibur Chronicles

Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega (ソウルキャリバー:オメガの台頭 Sourukyaribā: Omega no taitō) is a game in the Soul series. The events of this game take place during and after the events of Soulcalibur V.


The game tells the story of Leandra Scott how she became Leandra Ω, her other side that she gained when she saw her son Luke get possessed by Nightmare's soul and became the new Nightmare and couldn't see see that her son got possessed by evil again and, in a reaction, she screamed it out, and her Dual Swords attracted Soul Edge from the New Nightmare's hands and made a copy of  Soul Edge called Soul Edge *Necro*  source of  Leandra's Omega Soul

In this game, the player will take control of Leandra Scott and then must fight his way to reach the last battles against Omega Necro and Necro-Edge.

Sometimes Leandra's son Luke shows up to help the Player with some quests and also other characters will appear that are in Leandra's life

While the game continues the Player will switch Leandra Scott and Leandra Ω and even will become Omega Necro the lines also Necro Wolf will appear a form that can only with Leandra's second style once the second fighting style has been unlocked and can be used by the Player


Main/Playable in storymode

  • Leandra Scott  (リーンドラー・スコット, Rindora Sukotto) is the main protagonist of Soul Calibur :Rise of Omega and she fights with two fighting styles, she is also having two children Alexandra and Luke)
  • Leandra Ω (リーンドラー・オメガ, Rindora Omega) is Leandra's other side her Omega Soul was created when in battle against the new nightmare)
  • Luke Scott  (ルーク・スコット, Rūku Sukotto) is Leandra's son wich almost had to become the new nightmare but his mother prevented that) he is also knowned as Alpha Luke wielder of Soul Calibur,
  • Sakura (桜, Sakura) a long time friend of Leandra when she trained her to become a more skilled fighter and a closer friend.
  • Omega Necro (オメガネクロ, Omeganekuro) the fully awakened form of Leandra's Omega Soul and the strongest of all forms and the (first) final boss in the game.
  • Alexandra (アレクサンドラ, Arekusandora) Leandra missing daughter she was kidnapped by Nightmare and was brainwashed to wield Soul Edge and became Shindra)
  • Hitoschi Ariga  (有 賀, Hitoschi Ariga) brother of Hanako and son of Sakura and a friend of Leandra that helped her son defeat Nightmare once before.
  • Owen  (オーウェン, Ōu~en) son of Xie Tian , he wields a staff wich he got from a mermaid called Leucothea after a long search.

Canon/Non playable in storymode

  • Nightmare (ナイトメア, Naitomea) he is out to destroy Leandra along with her family)
  • Hanako Ariga (花子有賀, Hanako Ariga) sister of Hitoschi and daughter of Sakura she tasted the power of Soul Edge once before what turned her into Azure Chaos)
  • Xie Tian (謝·ティエン, Sha· Tien) a warrior that fought side by side with Leandra in a war he also told Leandra that she had a daughter named Alexandra)
  • Helen (ヘレンフランダース, Heren furandāsu) wife of Xie Tian and also teacher of Leandra's daughter Alexandra she also fought side by side with Leandra in a war)
  • Cervantes (セルバンテス, Serubantesu) Leandra's adoption father he adopted Leandra as a human named Thomas later she discovered that he was responseable for the deaths of her parents Evelyn and Eric Scott, he appears in Dream battle 1)
  • Kinata (キナタ, Kinata) a ninja warrior that was helped by Leandra to overcome some problems and choices)
  • Astaroth (アスタロス, Asutarosu) this guy battled Leandra when she became Necro-Wolf)
  • Siegfried (ジークフリート, Jīkufurīto) an old friend and rival of Leandra he learned her to fight with a Zweihander, he appears in Dream battle 2)
  • Necro-Edge (ネクロエッジ, Nekuroejji) the final Soul to beat in the game
  • Zane (ゼーン, Zēn) he appeared on the ship where Leandra was fighting Cervantes and he helped her out also he was on a search for a family and has become a sworn brother to Luke Leandra's son)
  • Yuner (she is an angel who asked Owen to help her "investigate" the cause of the spread of evil and will also be helping Leandra during her Quest)
  • Danryl Altec (アルテック, Danryl Arutekku) a soldier wich has been adopted and looking for adventure)
  • NecroLeandra (ネクロさく, NekuroRindora) a clone that appears in Dream battle 3 along with NecroSakura, she is having an eye on her forehead that is in connection to Necro)
  • NecroSakura (ネクロさくら, NekuroSakura) a clone that appears in Dream battle 3 along with NecroLeandra, she is heaving an eye on her forehead that is in connection to Necro)

Bonus Character

  • Kratos (クラトス, Kuratosu) only available VS battle, Circle of legends and Weapon master mode)

Game Modes

- The Player will witness Leandra's Quest to destroy her Omega Soul (and to unlock various creation equipment)

- A group of survivors leaded by Helen Flanders and Leandra Scott fighting for their survival and to destroy Chaos Nightmare

  • VS Battle

- Fight against a friend or take it on against the CPU or watch a CPU against CPU match

  • Circle of Legends

- A mode that can be played with you're created character to fight against powerful opponents, every opponent will be stronger then the previous one

  • Weapon Master Mode

- Fight and earn various weapon equipment for weapon creation to make you're own unique weapon

- Create your own character and play with it in various modes

  • Weapon Creation

- A New mode that allows you to create you're own weapons

  • Online

- Battle online against other players around the world

  • Replay

- Upload or watch other replays from other players

  • Museum

- Watch various video's you have earned

  • Options

- Change various options for the game

Edges, Guards and Impacts

Story Mode Episodes

Opening Sequence

A black screen will be shown with sounds of clashing swords then footage of Leandra against Cervantes will be seen they battle it out aboard of a ship, then Leandra will be seen in her sleep as she gets a nightmare she will see her moments when she became Leandra Ω and how Luke became the new Nightmare then the screen fades black again as a face with two red eyes will appear on the screen and it will say The Omega has awakened and is about to Rise

Leandra will scare as she wakes up from her nightmare and she will say another nightmare as the screen turns black again as the first episode begins:

  • Episode 1 - Beginning

The story begins: Leandra  is at her home with her son Luke and she wants to know if he is a jedi, like his father before him. Sow the first battle awaits:

  • Battle1
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Luke Scott (weapon: Dual Swords) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 2 - He is Back

After the battle is over Luke is already away to meet up with his friends Hanako Ariga and Hitoschi Ariga to do some training, sow Leandra decides to also visit her friends and she set off to go to them while under her way she makes a stop in Ostrheinsburg where she will meet her next battle opponent.

  • Battle2
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Nightmare {Weapon: Soul Edge) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Epsode 3 - Echos from the Past

This first encounter with Nightmare will end with Leandra seeing images from her past when she became Leandra and nightmare saying that they will meet soon as he vanishes. leaving  Leandra behind alone then another battle awaits.

  • Battle 3
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Kinata (Weapon: Ninja Sword x2) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 4 - Meeting

Kinata takes Leandra  to her home and takes care of her wounds she got against nightmare soon Leandra is back on her feet and leaves to head for the next place where she will meet her friends Xie Tian and his wife Helen they are the teachers of her daughter Alexandra. as Leandra wants to know what her daughter has learned from them a battle between helen and Alexandra begins.

  • Battle 4
  • Playable character: Alexandra
  • Opponent: Helen (Weapons: Chinese Swords) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 5 - Omega Awakens

When the battle is over Leandra wants to see what her daughter Alexandra has learned from Xie Tian but another evil opponent interrupts the friendly match and Leandra will make her first transformation to Leandra(neutral form) where she has to face Nightmare for a second match

  • Battle 5
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Nightmare (Weapons: Soul Edge *Necro* vs Soul Edge) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 6 - Dream Catcher

When the battle is over Leandra Ω  changes back into Leandra again and nightmare vanishes again and her friends and daughter are looking how she is doing after te battle and she will say this battle against nightmare is far from over, after that they will enter the house of Xie Tian and Helen and will talk about Alexandra's lessons and that Leandra feels that her Omega Soul is feeling strange when she becomes Leandra Ω later she will fall into sleep and will have a dream battle from her past.

  • Battle 6
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Cervantes (Weapon: Dual Swords) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 7 - Statues and Skills

After the dream battle Leandra will wake up and leaves the house of Xie Tian and Helen and ends up in a forrest with a temple in front of her when Leandra examinates the statues one of them comes to life and will fight Leandra

  • Battle 7
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Wolf-Creature Statue (Weapon: Claws and Fangs) (2 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 8 - Try Out

When the Wolf-Creature Statue is beaten Leandra will capture it in an old Sword she found on her way and she can use it also in battle (this is the point where 'Leandra will have two fighting styles and the player can choose wich one to use before entering a fight)' with her new ally in her possession she continues her travel and soon will meet up with Zane and will ask Leandra to fight him. 

  • Battle 8
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Zane (Weapon Ring Blade) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 9 - A Message

Zane fought against Leandra and leaves again to return soon and then a light shines into Leandra's face and a strange person steps out wich will say: I have a message for you but first you have to beat my body guard to hear what i have to tell you

  • Battle 9
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Eliana (Weapon Rapier) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 10 - The Final Nightmare Part 1

When Yuner gave the message to Leandra Nightmare will appear again to challenge Leandra to a final battle against him and Leandra accept, But her Dual Swords are reacting again to nightmare and transforms Leandra into Leandra Ω again and the first round begin 

  • Battle 10
  • Playable character: Leandra Ω (neutral)
  • Opponent: Nightmare (Weapons: Soul Edge *Necro* vs Soul Edge) (3 out of 5 battles)


  • The Final Nightmare Part 2

When the first round is over nightmare begins to talk about the past and the moments when he had almost got her son what will make Leandra more angry and she will transform again into Dark Omega and another battle begins

  • Battle 11
  • Playable character: Leandra Ω (Dark Omega)
  • Opponent: Nightmare (Weapons: Soul Edge *Necro* vs Soul Edge) (4 out of 5 battles)


  • The Final Nightmare Part 3

After the fight Dark Omega will raise her Soul Edge *Necro* to destroy nightmare but he attacks again and charges his Soul Edge to deliver a devastating attack to Dark Omega when Soul Edge *Necro* will light up and will transform her into the final form: Omega Necro the last battle begins

  • Battle 12
  • Playable character: Omega Necro
  • Opponent: Nightmare (Weapons: Soul Edge *Necro* vs Soul Edge) (5 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 11 - Hanako and Hitoschi

When the final fight is over Leandra will change back into normal again and will be Unconscious then two other ally's appear Hanako and Hitoschi chlidren of Sakura and friends to Luke they will take Leandra to their home to take care of her and later another dream battle follows

  • Battle 13
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Siegfried (Weapon Soul Calibur) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 12 - Double Battle

When Leandra will be healthy again Hanako and Hitoschi wants to fight Leandra to see or the rumors are true their mother Sakura told them that she is that good but since it will be a two on two battle Sakura invites herself to fight by Leandra's side and sow a double match begin

  • Battle 14 (Tag-Battle)
  • Playable characters: Leandra/Sakura
  • Opponents: Hanako/Hitoschi (Weapons: Dual Swords/Kreuzegrift and Sword and Shield vs Zweihander and Sword and Shield) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 13 - Owen and the Jingu Staff

When Leandra had her Tag-Battle she will be on her way again to head on, then on a big land she will meet Owen he has a new weapon called: The Jingu Staff and wants to battle Leandra in a one round battle

  • Battle 15
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Owen (Weapon Jingu Staff) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 14 - Distant Memories

Leandra will have another flashback from her past and she will see how her daughter was stolen from her by Nightmare and gaines memoryloss during her escape from Nightmare, After the flashback  Leandra will visit Kinata again and she challenges the ninja to a duel.

  • Battle 16
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Kinata (Weapon: Ninja Sword x2) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 15 - Xie Tian's Challenge

Leandra will meet up with Xie Tan again and now he is alone he wants to know or her Omega Soul will come out when she is in danger sow he challenges Leandra to a battle to see what will happen

  • Battle 17
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Xie Tian (Weapon: None (trained fists) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 16 - Schwarzwind Soldier

A soldier holds Leandra and asks her where she is looking for or what she wants cause if she wants to pass she has to beat him the soldier is young but looks strong since he wields Dual Swords like Leandra this may be an interesting battle.

  • Battle 18
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Danryl Altec (Weapon: Dual Swords) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 17 - Ambush

While Leandra continues her Quest a group of Malfested Soldiers ambushed Leandra into a trap with all this evil in her neighbor she starts to transform in her Malfested-Side but this takes time as the soldiers take her out and they want to kill her, Then Alexandra shows up to protect her Mother from being killed by the soldiers, now that Leandra is out Alexandra has to take on the soldiers on her own.

  • Battle 19
  • Playable character: Alexandra
  • Opponents: 5 Malfested Soldiers (Weapons: Sword and Shield vs Various) (5 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 18 - Luke and Alexandra

The battle is over and Leandra's transformation reverted again Alexandra takes care of her mother when Luke shows up he pushes her away and tells to Alexandra that she has to stay away from his mother but she tells Luke that he is her little brother but he refuses to believe her and wants to battle her.

  • Battle 20
  • Playable character: Alexandra
  • Opponent: Luke (Weapons: Sword and Shield vs Dual Swords) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 19 (Part 1) - The Axe Trap

Leandra Children Alexandra and Luke are still making out for each other a she will be trapped again by another evil Astaroth with his giant Axe has captured Alexandra and Luke and its up to Leandra to free her children from him but Astaroth has a few surprises in store.

  • Battle 21
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent Astaroth (Weapon: Axe) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 20 (Part 2) - The Unleashed Necro-Wolf

As the battle is almost over Astaroth unleashes a heavy attack on Leandra what will have a great inpact on her body she decides to form Soul Edge *Necro* but as soon as she formed her Omega Blade Astaroth kick Leandra away from it soon she will use her Wolf Creature but Soul Edge *Necro* will transform itself to energy and brings it over to her Wolf-Creature what transforms Leandra into Necro-Wolf in this new form she has to battle again against Astaroth.

  • Battle 22
  • Playable character: Necro-Wolf
  • Opponent: Astaroth (Weapons: Sword/Necro-Wolf-Creature vs Giant Axe) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 21 - Give it All to Wake Up
At night when Leandra is sleeping her Dual Swords are lightning up and brings her again


to another dream battle this time Leandra will have to face 2 Clones, These clones are made from evil around the place and Leandra has to defeat them to wake up again 
  • Battle 23
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponents: NecroSakura and NecroLeandra (Weapons: Sword and Shield and


    Dual Swords) (3 out of 5 battles *each fight*)

  • Episode 22 - Out of Control

Sakura and Hitoschi are visiting Leandra while she is training but then something goes wrong Soul Edge *Necro* was created from out of nothing and transforms her all from the sudden into Dark Omega and starts to attack Sakura and Hitoschi as Dark Omega says: Give my what i need!!!!!!, But they do not understand what she means but that they have to fight an out of control Dark Omega

  • Battle 24
  • Playable characters: Sakura/Hitoschi
  • Opponent: Leandra Ω (Dark Omega) (Weapon: Soul Edge *Necro*) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 23 - The Powers of Soul Edge *Necro*

Leandra asks herself what could cause the problem that she became the Dark Omega and attacked innocent friends and why was Soul Edge *Necro* created without evil around her?? all of these questions had to have an answer, Sow Leandra  decides to find out what is wrong with her sow called Curse

  • No Battles (another sequence will be seen)

  • Episode 24 - Danryl's Test

Danryl Altec acrossed paths with Leandra again but he has hides himself in a bush as Danryl jumps out of the bush he grabs her holster with her Dual Swords in it, as Leandra will say Give my holster back Danryl. But he will say Ofcourse after another battle we will have as he puts Leandra's Swords away in a corner of the field he draws his own swords and Leandra will have to use her second style cause Danryl sees this as a test or he can be beaten by Leandra and her wolf-Creature 

  • Battle 25
  • Playable character: Leandra (second style *not changeable*)
  • Opponent: Danryl Altec (Weapon: Dual Swords) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 25 - Siegfried

Leandra moves on as she meet Siegfried again after awhile not to have seen him he asks Leandra or she had seen Hilde but Leandra tells him he didn't but siegfried didn't battled for a time against Leandra and challenges her to a friendly dual to see or Leandra can beat siegfried

  • Battle 26
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Siegfried (Weapon: Requim) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 26 - Dark Omega's Fury

Leandra will meet up with Luke as they are moving on Luke is attacked by a Malfested Soldier as more of them gathering around both humans, One of them will say You can't defeat all of us in once cause we are with more then you know as Luke looks behind him he sees Leandra surrounded by black/grey energy Luke knows that his mnother is about to become the Dark Omega so he leaves them over to her.fury

  • Battle 27
  • Playable character: Leandra Ω (Dark Omega)
  • Opponents: 10 Malfested Soldiers (Weapons Various) (10 out of 10 battles)

  • Episode 27 - The Clue

Leandra Ω (Dark Omega) changes back into Leandra and Luke will stay by his mothers side for now, as they move on they met  with Zane again he tells the two that he had seen a light somewhere near a castle and that the light came from a staff liking object but he doesn't know what it did, Leandra decides to go alone further as she leaves Luke with Zane, Sometime later she meets someone she already met before earlyer Xie Tian's son Owen as he is in battle with a Creature

  • Battle 28   
  • Playable character: Owen (Jingu Staff)
  • Opponent: Forrest Creature (Weapon: None) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 28 - Almost Within Reach

Leandra meets with Owen, who tells her that he is on his way to find Yuner, who is traveling all over the world to purify malfested. Although Owen is only searching for Yuner to make sure that she is safe, he allows Leandra to join him in hopes of having Yuner cure Leandra They are attacked by malfested soldiers at the start of this journey.

  • Battle 29
  • Playable characters: Leandra/Owen
  • Opponents: 3 Malfested Soldiers (Weapons: Spear and Short Sword & Shield and Axe) (1 battle each)

  • Episode 29 - What Stands Between Us

Leandra and Owen reach Yuner, but find the Edge Mistress standing over the defeated Eliana. Leandra and Owen must fight Edge Mistress in order to secure Yuner's safety.

  • Battle 30
  • Playable characters: Leandra/Owen
  • Opponents: Edge Mistress (Weapon: Longsword) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 30 - The Malfested Ninja

Leandra meets Kinata again but since some times has passed she is acting weird and she looks different then she was normally and she is not having her weapons: her ninja swords, Leandra asks her what happened to her but in all sudden Kinata attacks Leandra as she jumps away Kinata try's to attack Owen but he also can defend himself, as Leandra and Owen wanted to face the Malfested Kinata another invidual appears: Yuner  (she is out of reach sow that she couldn't be seen)

  • Battle 31
  • Playable characters: Leandra/Owen
  • Opponent: Malfested Kinata (Weapon: Fists) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 31 - The Cure

Yuner is unable to cure Leandra, but Helen releases an image projection, telling everyone that Xie Tian has mutated into a mindlessly aggressive creature. When the four arrive, Helen is wounded from not wanting to kill her husband. Leandra assumes the form of Dark Omega and fights Xie Tian. If he is defeated, Yuner can revert him to his human form.

  • Battle 32
  • Playable character: Leandra Ω (Dark Omega)
  • Opponent: Xie Tian (Weapon: Claws) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 32 - Beginning of the End (Part 1)

However Yuner cured Xie Tian she wasn't able to help Leandra curing her of the curse she wears, Sow she had a plan to get inside the Eye of Soul Edge *Necro* cause she had found out that it was the Sword that caused all the problems and not her rage and anger (however they where the reason why the sword was formed), The Leandra drawed her Dual Swords and created the Soul Edge *Necro* and she stabbed the sword into the ground and looked the straight into the eye of the sword and the eye sucked Leandra's Soul from her body into the eye where she landed on a platform somewhere inside a big space when she stands up she looks around and she sees Soul Edge *Necro* standing in front of her then the eye will light up and Omega Necro will appear in front of her: Sow you want to be cured from the curse that you Created.....? Omega Necro will speak as the battle sequence begins

  • Battle 33
  • Playable character: Leandra
  • Opponent: Omega Necro (weapon Soul Edge *Necro) (3 out of 5 battles)


  • Episode 33 - Beginning of the End (Part 2)

When the first battle is over a short sequence will be seen where Omega Necro destroyed Leandra's upper clothing and destroyed also her Face-Mask where the Burn Mark on  Leandra's face will be shown as the second fight begins with an injured Leandra,

  • Battle 34
  • Playable character: Leandra (wounded)
  • Opponent: Omega Necro (Weapon: Soul Edge *Necro*) (1 out of 5 battles)


After this one round another sequence will be seen: as Omega Necro attacks Leandra and she will be smashed into a wall, Then her Wolf-Creature will show up from nothing to safe her and starts to light up as Leandra will be transformed into Necro-Wolf then the third fight begins

  • Battle 35
  • Playable character: Necro-Wolf
  • Opponent: Omega Necro (Weapon: Soul Edge Necro) (3 out of 5 battles)


  • Episode 34 - Beginning of the End (Part 3)

After this battle a new sequence starts with: Necro-Wolf makes heavy damage on Omega Necro and destroy's its armor on some spots, but the strong Omega Necro isn't starting to give up and starts to charge its Soul Edge *Necro* to unleash a devastating attack on Necro-Wolf as the attack takes place it misses Necro-Wolf by a hair and the last and final battle begins

  • Battle 36
  • Playable character: Necro-Wolf
  • Opponent: Omega Necro (damaged) (Weapon: Soul Edge *Necro*) (3 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 35 - Not over Yet

Its over, Its finally over i have destroyed Omega Necro and with that my Omega Soul  Leandra will say in a new sequence that will be seen as she sees that Omega Necro is nothing more then a energyball that vanishes and also red energy comes out of Leandra's body that will merge itself with the energyball in the air, As Necro-Wolf wants to step away suddenly Soul Edge *Necro* falls out of the energyball and its filled with energy cause the Eye of the sword of glowing and starts to speak: You have done the impossible to defeat youreself and destroyed you're Omega Soul, But you haven't destroyed me......!!!! as Soul Edge *Necro* starts to fly up and begins to take form while doing this it fires strong energy waves to Leandra (who is still Necro-Wolf) and destroys her Necro-Sword with that also her Necro-Wolf form as she transforms back into herself, Now powerless without her Necro-Powers she assmumes her Dual Swords again as a new Creature is formed named: Necro-Edge (the one who was in control over Dark Omega and Omega Necro Leandra's forms she couldn't control herself) a new battle starts with as reward her freedom and beeing cured as Leandra will say to herself: This is it, this is the final battle and to cure myself from this Evil Curse

  • Battle 37
  • Playable character: Leandra (Dual Swords)
  • Opponent: Necro-Edge (Weapon: Soul Edge *Necro* final form) (5 out of 5 battles)

  • Episode 36 - The will to Survive

The battle with Necro-Edge is a hard one for Leandra cause the Creature will hit Leandra everywhere she can hit her even on her Burn-Mark what will make Leandra to fall and she will drop her Dual Swords to reach for her Burn Mark cause it still hurts after the Omega Necro battle, Then Necro-Edge will destroy Leandra's Dual Swords to leave her powerless and without a weapon as the creature destroyed her swords it will step to Leandra to finish her off, Then it will be hit by a blue light what will smash Necro-Edge away from Leandra as she will be surrounded by blue light and a voice starts to speak: Take Soul Calibur the Spirit Sword that will end this for good and will destroy the evil that cursed you as Leandra lands on the ground her wounded body will be recovered and a Blue Shining Armor will appear along with Soul Calibur in her hands, Necro-Edge will be up again and the LAST AND FINAL FIGHT BEGINS

  • Battle 38
  • Playable character Leandra (in soul calibur armor and with soul calibur sword and shield)
  • Opponent: Necro-Edge (Weapon Soul Edge *Necro* final form) (5 out of 5 battles)

  • Ending Sequence

Soul Calibur's powers are stronger then the powers of Soul Edge *Necro* as Necro-Edge runs towards Leandra and Leandra runs towards Necro-Edge as she will loose her shield she grabs the Soul Calibur blade with 2 hands and clashes with Soul Edge *Necro* as the two Swords hit each other a big energy clash will begin as Necro-Edge will say: You will never defeat me cause you created me when youre son was in danger and you became an Omega thats when you created me Leandra and now you think you can destroy me just like that.......NEVER!!!!!!!

as Leandra will say: I needed help to safe my son not to become an evil Malfested Freak and becoming youre host

As the clash continues outside the Leandra's friends will get around Leandra's body and are saying different things

Alexandra: Mother never give up

Luke: Mom destroy this evil and return to us

Kinata: Come on hero (heard in a flashback)

also others will appear

Helen: You where always a strong person

Xie Tian (cured by Yuner): You have a strong soul wich can never be evil

Danyl Altec: Leandra Scott youre are a powerfull warrior who i fought with honor

Zane: You are a true mother to my

at last owen and Sakura and her children will appear

Owen: Be strong

Sakura: You thought my allot of skills back then, Now i give you my strength to win this

Hanako: I will be there when you come out alive

Hitoschi: Now Leandra come back to us again

all those spoken words of her friends makes a huge energyball that they send straight to Leandra's Soul Calibur sword as she will say: My friends are there to help my now you will feel the power of REAL FRIENDSHIP WHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! as Leandra screams it out the huge energy wave destroys Necro-Edge along with Soul Edge *Necro* while its says: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

As soon the smoke clears up Leandra is left alone and she looks around beeing weak and out of energy she says: Its over.......Its Finally........over, and my.......... Swords............they...........are..........destroyed...., After that Leandra will faint and falls down on the ground as she sees a light coming just before closing her eyes

Then a white light will appears and brings back Leandra to her own world, As she wakes up and seeing her friends around her all of them, She stands up and Luke and Alexandra jumps into Leandra's arms as they hugging her

as Xie Tian will say: and is it over, Are you Cured Leandra?

as Leandra says: yes Xie Tian i have been cured

as the screen turns black with the dialogue:

She Has Been Cured with The Help Of Friendship

Create a-Soul

Also in Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega creation mode is also back where the player can create his own character by chosing a Fighting Style from the character selection screen so that the creation of your own character can begin.

Here are some of the fighting styles (Souls) that can be chosen

-- There are more fighting styles available in the game then the ones shown above here.

The Character selection screen will be the same as it was in Soulcalibur V only with different music and another system voice will be heard

Also clothing and more stuff can be found in the when playing the Story mode serval equipment can be unlocked same goes for Circle of Legands.

In the Weapon Master Mode: weapon parts can be earned and unlocked for the Weapon Creation Mode to make you're own weapon wich can be combined with the fighting style of you're choice (depending what style the player will chose) the weapons will be formed for that fighting style (Soul) 

The fighting styles (Souls) of Sakura, Alexandra and Hitoschi have Sword and Shield weapons but the moves and skills are different from each other, Chosing the Soul of Sakura will give the player other weapons. same goes for when the player choses the Soul of Leandra or the Soul of Luke,  they have the same weapons (Dual Swords) but Leandra has double pistol swords that gives the player a bit of more firepower.


Voice Cast

The voices in the game:

- Main

  • Jessica Straus: Leandra Scott, Leandra Ω, Necro-Wolf, NecroLeandra
  • Steve Downes: Xie Tian
  • Kristin Potter: Helen
  • Roger Graig Smith: Siegfried
  • Cindy Robinson: Omega Necro, Necro-Edge
  • Steven Blum: Owen
  • Kaiji Tang: Luke Scott, Alpha Luke, Hitoschi Ariga
  • Claudia Lenz: Yuner
  • Kyle Herbert: Danryl Altec
  • Patrick Seitz: Cervantes
  • Ali Hillis: Alexandra, Kinata, Hanako Ariga
  • Michael Mconnohie: Astaroth
  • Charles Klausemeyer: Nightmare
  • Terrence C. Carson: Kratos
  • Stephanie Sheh: Sakura, NecroSakura
  • Michelle Ruff: System Voice
  • Richard Epcar: Zane

- Create a-Soul voices

- Males

  • Grispin Freeman (young)
  • Liam O'Brian (adult)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch (knight)
  • Lex Lang (assassin)
  • Kirk Thornton (reliable leader)
  • Lance Henriksen (veteran warrior)

- Females

  • Carrie Savage (young)
  • Laura Bailey (adult)
  • Michelle Rodriquez (knight)
  • Jennifer Hale (assassin)
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (reliable leader)
  • Barbera Goodson (veteran warrior)



Soul Calibur V - Rise of Omega Trailer

Soul Calibur V - Rise of Omega Trailer

Game trailer

SoulCalibur - Rise of Omega Opening

SoulCalibur - Rise of Omega Opening

The opening sequence

Soul Calibur - Rise of Omega (final battle trailer)-0

Soul Calibur - Rise of Omega (final battle trailer)-0

Final battle trailer

Soul Calibur Rise of Omega - Necro Trailer

Soul Calibur Rise of Omega - Necro Trailer

Its not over yet

In-game screens


Posters & Artwork

Character Renders

Game Achievements

(these achievements can be earned)

Story Mode

- Battleist 50G (complete the first 5 episodes)

- Getting Closer 50G (complete 15 episodes)

- Soul Of Necro 30G (defeated nightmare as omega necro in episode 10)

- Soul Of Darkness 20G (defeated nightmare as dark omega in episode 10)

- Soul Of Power 20G (defeated nightmare as omega neutral in episode 10)

- Its A Start 15G (cleared episode 1)

- Message Received 15G (cleared episode 9)

- Brave Young Lad 15G (cleared episode 13)

- Ninja Shadows 15G (cleared episode 3)

- Daydreamer 15G (cleared episode 6)

- Going All Out 50G (cleared episode 10)

- Forrest Fight 15G (cleared episode 27)

- School Of Skills 15G (cleared episode 4)

- Tag Master 15G (cleared episode 12)

- Lost Control 15G (cleared episode 22)

- Soul Unleashed 15G (cleared episode 5)

- A New Test 15G (cleared episode 24)

- A Wolf Tamer 15G (cleared episode 7)

- I Prefer Swords 15G (cleared episode 15)

- A Friendly Duel 15G (cleared episode 25)

- The Axed Evil 15G (cleared episode 19)

- I Really Really Hate Clones 15G (cleared episode 21)

- Necro-Wolf 15G (cleared episode 20)

- The Dark Revenge 15G (cleared episode 26)

- A Real Nightmare 15G (cleared episode 2)

- Teamwork 15G (cleared episode 29)

- Test Of Trust 15G (cleared episode 8)

- I Hate The Malfested 15G (cleared episode 17)

- Saving a Friend 15G (cleared episode 30)

- Dual Sword Wielder 15G (cleared episode 16)

- Soldier Attack 15G (cleared episode 28)

- No Chance 15G (cleared episode 31)

- Loyal Friends 15G (cleared episode 11)

- Remembered 15G (cleared episode 14)

- Brotherhood 15G (cleared episode 18)

- Questions 15G (cleared episode 23)

- Souls From The Eye 15G (cleared episode 32)

- Help from out of Nowhere 15G (cleared episode 33)

- Battle of the Necro's 15G (cleared episode 34)

- Necro-Edge Awakened 30G (cleared episode 35)

- Destiny Forefilled 100G (cleared episode 36)

Other Achievements

- Zane The Ringmaster 40G (defeat Zane 10 times in circle of legends)

- Leandra's Pride 40G (defeat leandra 10 times in circle of legends)

- Kinata's Footsteps 40G (defeat kinata 10 times in circle of legends)

- Yuner's Successor 40G (defeat yuner 10 times in circle of legends)

- Helen's Respect 40G (defeat helen 10 times in circle of legends)

- Alexandra's Trust 40G (defeat Alexandra 10 times in circle of legends)

- Owen's Rage 40G (defeat owen 10 times in circle of legends)

- Luke's Friend 40G (defeat luke 10 times in circle of legends)

- Xie Tian's Student 40G (defeat Xie Tian 10 times in circle of legends)

- Danryl's Blades 40G (defeat Danryl Altec 10 times in circle of legends)

- Omega's Servant 40G (defeat Leandra Omega (neutral/Dark) 10 times in circle of legends)

- Necro's Eye 40G (defeat Omega Necro 10 times in circle of legends)

- Legendary Skilled Master 100G (completed Circle of Legends)

- Don't Like Females 20G (defeat 100 female characters)

- Don't Like Males 20G (defeat 100 male characters)

- Bring It On 10G (win 5 online matches)

- Get On With It 15G (win 20 online matches)

- Astaroth's Axe 40G (deafeat Astaroth 15 times online)

- Online Legend 25G (win 70 online matches)

- Online: I Am Legendary 40G (win 150 online matches)

- Ultimate Finisher 35G (win 25 matches with Critical Finish)

- Don't Make Me Mad 30G (win 20 matches with Critical Edge)

- Is That All? 20G (win 10 matches with Brave Edge)

- Training Makes You Stronger and More Skilled 10G (entered training mode 50 times)

- Try Harder 25G (beat 10 Weapon Master Mode stages)

- Excellent Weapon Skills 25G (beat 20 Weapon Master Mode stages)

- Weapon Master 50G (completed Weapon Master Mode)

- Perfect Move Aim 95G (defeat all warriors in circle of legends with a Critical Finish or Brave Edge)

- Equally matched 30G (battled 30 times online against the same style)

- My main Style is ........ 35G (50 times used only one style in online matches)

- That Ain't Me..... 5G (creation: make a character using the same costume as one of the regulair characters and fight against it)

- Im Am An Artist 10G (creation: make a character using all equipment slots and tumbnail parts)

- Colorfull Character 25G (creation/online: make a colorfull character and use it online)

- Hear This 5G (changed BGM in options)

Downloadable Content

DLC's that's will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360

- Calibur Compatibility Pack 1

  • SC Weapon Pack 1
  • - Soul Calibur final form (from SCIV)
  • - Soul Edge final form (from SCIV)
  • - Weapon parts for Weapon Creation
  • SC Equipment Pack 1
  • - Character clothing from Soul Blade
  • - Character clothing from Soulcalibur III

- Calibur Compatibility Pack 2

  • SC Fighting styles
  • - Soul of Zasalamel (Scythe)
  • - Soul of Talim (Arm daggers)
  • - Soul of Amy (Rapier)
  • - Soul of Shura (twin katana's *complete new style*)
  • SC Equipment Pack 2
  • - Character clothing from SCIV
  • - Spawn costume from SCII
  • - Link costume from SCII (with hylian shield and master sword - only available if using the souls of Sakura and Alexandra)

- Calibur Compatibility Pack 3

  • SC Equipment Pack 3
  • - Algol costume from SCIV
  • - Kilik costume from SCV
  • SC Weapon Pack 2
  • - Weapon parts for Weapon Creation Mode
  • - Legendary Dual Swords (only in use with Leandra)
  • Extra story mode (work in progress)

- Calibur Compatibility Pack 4

  • BGM Pack 1
  • - Unwavering Resolve (from Soulcalibur II)
  • - Gathering ~ Fatal Gravity (from Soulcalibur)
  • SC Equipment Pack 4
  • - Character clothing from Soulcalibur IV
  • - Zasalamel's costume from Soulcalibur IV

- Calibur Compatibility Pack 5

- Calibur Compatibility Pack 6

  • New Game Mode The Future War
  • SC Weapon Pack 4
  • - New weapon effects for Weapon Creation Mode
  • SC Equipment Pack 5
  • - Future War costumes (works only for Leandra, Helen, Luke, Xie Tian, Alexandra, Owen and Hanako)


  • This game contains 16 New Characters and 5 Regulair Characters from previous SC games plus the add-on styles and one (for each console one) special character brings it in total to 26 characters that will be available in the game
  • The Critical Finish has been added again in the game
  • However that Hilde was named in an episode she isn't appearing in the game
  • Creation Mode is bigger than the previous games
  • The system voice of Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega will be done by Michelle Ruff (she did the voice of Leandra in Soulcalibur IV)
  • For the first time you can create you're own unique weapons in Weapon Creation
  • Weapon Master Mode is bigger than it was in Soulcalibur II
  • Contains stages from Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur IV, and Soulcalibur V
  • Jessica Straus will reprise her role as the voice of Leandra again after Soulcalibur V some other voices have been replaced by new actors
  • This game will contain 35 episodes in the Story Mode where the player encounter opponents who where fought before in earlyer episodes
  • Four fighting styles (Souls) from Soulcalibur IV are available as DLC to be used in Character Creation
  • Some weapons and costumes in DLC are only usable for certain characters
  • A new add-on called The Future War has been added to the game mode section, its a new story with new battles in an Alternative Timeline.
  • The Sequel of Rise of Omega is called Soulcalibur:Rise of Omega - Back in Time and will follow Leandra Scott in her new quest to solve some unanswered questions


User ratings for Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega:

Review:by JaseyJasee

I liked the storyline, I found it to be very interesting and it kept me hooked! The amount of features included in the game was good, and I enjoyed the DLC story mode The Future War. The graphics where also good. The DLC released was also good and I enjoyed the return of some fighting styles from Soulcalibur IV. I think those fighting styles where needed as I didn't like the fact that there wasn't many character from previous Soul series games. In all though the game was great and also contained really nice artwork. I rate this game 8/10.