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SoulCalibur: Twisted Fate
Placeholder Cover Art
Developer(s) Project Soul
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Released JP January 24, 2018
NA March 1, 2018
EU March 1, 2018
Genre(s) Fighting
Soulcalibur V

SoulCalibur: Twisted Fate is the seventh game in the Soul series of fighting games. Chronologically, it takes place one year after the supposed destruction of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge at the hands of Patroklos and Pyrrha.


It has been a year since the destruction of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. During this time, the world has enjoyed a brief period of respite from the swords. However, neither of them were truly destroyed; rather, they were expelled from the plane of Earth, forced into Astral Chaos. Also, the sudden violent energy given off from such an event has caused two events gone largely unknown: First, a small rift between Astral Chaos and Earth was opened, growing over time, leading to disappearances and the sudden appearances of abhorrent beasts and people once thought to be deceased. Second, the energy given off by the blades caused a multitude of events on Earth itself, being dubbed a “Second Evil Seed.” A new wave of malfested has been on the rise, while the holy energy given off by Soul Calibur has given rise to minor miracles across the land. The sudden new events has given rise to chaos across the land, as well as leading to the birth of several new factions: The Church, a tyrannical and prejudiced group bent on the destruction of the malfested and the sealing of the rift; the Resistance, a ragtag band of malfested, human supporters, and beings from Astral Chaos seeking to survive and fend off the Church; The Brotherhood, beings from Astral Chaos seeking to unite the two worlds; and finally, The Gifted, tyrants from Astral Chaos looking to take over the world and merge it into their own. However, a bigger threat emerges with the return of the two swords, and the rumored return of Algol and even Night Terror...


The game retains the typical 3D fighting mechanics, borrowing heavily from it’s predecessors. The Critical Gauge and Critical Edge mechanics return from SoulCalibur V, largely unaltered. The Brave Edge mechanic has been removed in favor of bringing back the Soul Charge mechanic from earlier games, which now serves multiple purposes: holding down the Soul Charge button allows the player to slowly charge the character’s Critical Gauge, while pressing it allows for a power up that (depending on bonuses added to weapons) allows for unblockable attacks, increases attack, defense, speed, recharges health, or any combination of these. With the Critical Gauge, only Critical Edges require usage of it, meaning Guard Impacts can be used freely and no longer consume from it.Another feature brought back is weapon effects; however, these effects are not innate (With certain exceptions) and are added on in a new game mode, while only being able to be used in “Extra Modes” (Weapons with innate effects can still be used in regular modes, they simply don’t have the effects). The Weapon Gauge from Soul Edge returns; however, the meter being depleted no longer destroys the enemies’ weapon and instead leaves them open while the meter recharges.



  • Story- Play through the expansive story mode. The player now has the option of using multiple characters in certain situations, with character losses affecting the outcome of the story (In some cases, losing a battle with a character will remove them from play through the rest of the story). Multiple paths can be chosen depending on player choice, similarly to the Tales of Souls mode
  • Arcade- Play through 7 stages before fighting Nightmare, Night Terror, or one of the faction leaders.
  • Team Battle- Lead a team of up to seven characters, fighting through a team of AI characters.
  • Versus- Fight a one on one battle against the AI or another human player.
  • Training- Hone your skills in Practice, or learn the game’s mechanics with Tutorial.


  • Arcade- Play through 7 stages with added weapon effects.
  • Team Battle- Lead a team of up to 7 characters with added weapon effects.
  • Versus- Fight a one on one battle with added weapon effects.
  • Mission- Play through a series of missions with various conditions for victory and defeat, or added effects in a battle. Weapon effects for the player are always in effect.
  • Training- Hone your skills or learn the game‘s mechanics with added weapon effects.


  • Character Creation- The character creation system returns, with added tweaks: Layered equipment returns, as well as new options for character appearances: Characters can create skeletons, malfested creatures, or Astral beings with corresponding parts and voices.
  • Weapon Creation- Players can create weapons by mixing and matching parts and adding effects to new or existing weapons.


A new game mode that involves claiming areas for a chosen faction by fighting battles, sometimes with added conditions for victory or defeat, or added effects such as tremors or bombs. Winning land for your faction can lead to rewards such as new equipment for character creation, new weapon effects, concept art, and more.


Returning Characters

  • Siegfried Schauffen- The former protagonist of the series, Siegfried continues to lead his band of mercenaries, being hired by The Church to do their bidding. He finds himself forced to choose between genocide or being hunted by the powerful group. He wields his zweihander Requiem, and his SoulCalibur V, IV, and III appearances can be unlocked.
  • Patroklos Alexander- The protagonist of SoulCalibur V, Patroklos attempts to settle down and live a peaceful life with his sister, but this life is interrupted by the sudden chaos. Wanting to lead a peaceful life, he joins The Church in hopes of driving out otherwordly forces. He wields an iai sword in battle.
  • Pyrrha Alexandra- The sister of Patroklos, she attempts to ignore the chaos infesting the world, but upon her brother leaving and hearing of his decision to join The Church, she considers the matter wrong to ignore, and takes up arms in an attempt to stop her brother from wrongfully harming others. She wields a blessed sword and shield found in a sacred shrine.
  • Sophitia Alexandra- The mother of Pyrrha and Patroklos, Sophitia was lost to Astral Chaos, direly wounded. She went into a comatose state, healed by an old wanderer of the realm. She woke on Earth, remembering only her name, her fighting skills, and a familiar feeling she gets upon holding the lost Omega Sword and Elk Shield. She fights using her classic weapons.
  • Ivy- A veteran of the series, Ivy learns of the resurgence of Soul Edge and seeks out to put an end to the cursed sword and her fate. Wields the Valentine blade in battle, her SoulCalibur IV appearance can be unlocked.
  • Xiba- Returning from SoulCalibur V, Xiba is affected by the explosion of energy given off by the two swords. He is forced to embark on a quest to amend himself, only having a short amount of time before he turns into an Astral being. Fights using a rod.
  • Leixia- Returning from the previous game, Leixia seeks to accompany Xiba on his quest to cure himself. Fights using a Chinese blade.
  • Mitsurugi- A veteran of the series, Mitsurugi learns of the new beings entering the realm, and seeks to fight his way through the new challengers in hopes of getting to Algol. Fights with a katana.
  • Nightmare- While Nightmare was destroyed and Graf Dumas was killed, Inferno’s energy was revitalized while in Astral Chaos, allowing itself to once again reinhabit the signature azure armor and consume the souls it had lost. Fights using Soul Edge in it’s zweihander form.
  • Cervantes- Having been reborn a year ago, Cervantes continued his quest of plundering the seven seas- however, the new threats abound threatened his progress, forcing him to combat such foes. He fights using a longsword and pistol sword.
  • Zasalamel- Returning for the first time since SoulCalibur IV, Zasalamel has been reborn into a new body. Realizing the devestation being brought about and the cataclysmic effects it could have, he raises an army in secret to bring about peace. Fights using a death scythe.
  • Revenant- Zasalamel’s loyal servant, the skeletal entity has begun to regain it’s free will, waiting to separate from it’s master. Fights using a pair of crescent blades.
  • Natsu- Returning from SoulCalibur V, Natsu struggles to keep the demon sealed inside of her under control and desperately seeks an answer for her troubles. Fights using a pair of kodachi.
  • Maxi- Maxi has gained knowledge of the cult behind Astaroth’s creation and seeks out to destroy it along with a new companion, refusing anything the right to stand in his way. Fights with nunchaku.

New Characters

  • Roland- A young recruit of the Church, Roland first believes that he fights for a just and able cause, but upon seeing the massacre of several innocent creatures, believes otherwise and considers rebellion. Fights with a broadsword known as Durandal.
  • Anderson- The cold and ruthless leader of the Church. He has a hatred for the malfested and Astral Chaos, seeking Soul Calibur as means of eradicacting them. Wields a mace and shield in battle.
  • Nero- The young son of Anderson, Nero is a prodigy Templar. Taught to hate otherwordly beings, he seeks out Soul Calibur to appease his uncaring father. Fights using a longsword and divine, magic-like techniques.
  • Angelo- The one eyed, rough and tumble leader of the Resistance. A caring and passionate malfested man, he leads his forces against the Church in the name of freedom. Fights with a machete-like blade, using commando and physical tactics to take the enemy down.
  • Ena- A young malfested girl, she fights in order to bring peace around the land. However, she’s uncertain as to whether or not she wants to fight alongside the Resistance or the Brotherhood. Fights using a long, thin cross shaped blade.
  • Fang- A young malfested man, he wanders the streets in hopes of being able to live in a small, isolated area away from chaos. However, he is found and hunted by the Church. Fights using a dagger and bombs.
  • Vorpos- A bizarre creature from Astral Chaos, it’s theorized to be a man transformed by the realm’s strange energy. Fights using it’s massive brute strength.
  • Karas- A vicious, unforgiving man warped from Astral Chaos. He leads the Gifted, seeking to merge the two realms into one. Fights using a bladed whip and supernatural powers.
  • Yami- The son of Li Long and Chie, he desperately wants to help others, even if it means abandoning the Fu-ma Clan. Fights with a ninjato and magic abilities.
  • Bangoo- The son of Rock. Formed the Brotherhood in the hopes of uniting everyone and end the chaos spreading. Fights with a giant axe.
  • Taru- Bangoo’s friend and second in command, he wants to help others, but is jealous of Bangoo‘s status. Fights with a tomahawk and dagger.
  • Nomu- Bangoo’s friend, he wants to stop Taru from possibly harming the Brotherhood by taking over. Fights with a maquahuitl.
  • Kai- A mysterious man of frightening power, he wants to use his abilities to end the chaos himself. Fights with bladed gauntlets and grieves.

Bonus Characters

  • Talim- Returning as a bonus character, she uses a similar appearance to her SoulCalibur III design. Fights with elbow blades.
  • Cassandra- Returning as a bonus character, she sports a new design. Fights with a sword and shield.
  • Hwang- Returning as a bonus character, he uses a design similar to his SoulCalibur appearance. Fights with a Chinese sword.
  • Necrid- While not explicitly in the game, he can be recreated in Character Creation and his fighting style can be used by created characters.
  • Algol- An antagonist in story, he can be played in regular modes.
  • Night Terror- The final boss of the story. Can only be used in training, mission, team battle and arcade.

Character Creation Unique Disciplines

  • Kunai
  • Katana and Shuriken
  • Staff
  • Nunchaku
  • Katana
  • Sword and Shield
  • Chinese Sword
  • Lance
  • Chinese Blade
  • Katar
  • Scythe
  • Great Sword
  • Great Axe
  • Dual Axes
  • Sickle
  • Dual Batons
  • Chinese Blade
  • Dual Chinese Sword
  • Rapier
  • Glaive
  • Dual Daggers
  • Mimic


  • Each character has their own version of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, including unique disciplines.
  • Some characters have unlockable outfits from past games.
  • Some characters are based off designs for cut characters.
  • No DLC or updates have currently been released, but reports have been made that they are on the way.
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