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Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny
Developer(s) The members of This wiki
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live
Released TBA 2015 (US)
TBA 2015 (Japan)
TBA 2015 (Europe)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL
Input methods Gamepad

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Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny (ソウルキャリバー:デスティニーズドーン, Sourukyaribā: Desutinīzudōn) is a game part of the Soul series.


After Patroklos defeated Elysium who tricked him into her false lies to kill his sister Pyrrha, he was able to defeat her and after Elysium was defeated she was able to speak the words I... Do not understand and started to vanish, As Patroklos was making his way down to be re-united with Pyrrha he said Good bye Mother

Elysium who was defeated by Patroklos got ressurrected by the new Soul Edge after it appeared in front of the stairs in the Utopia of the Blessed, Now Elysium was knowned as Maleficent Elysium a new evil was born and was about to introduce herself to the world to make the planet free from people who where against Soul Edge.

Meanwhile on another location a time portal opened itself and two strangers fell out the humans named Riley Lind and Mustafa Ahmed as they where suprised where they landed in Riley's sword Soul Calibur failed to be drawn as Riley had to find a way to make his Soul Calibur gone active again his friend Mustafa had to help him make it happen.

As the two make their way to solve the problem with Soul Calibur they will meet up some other people as some will join them on their mission each with their own goals, but together they have to stop the incoming Evil named Maleficent Elysium and to safe the world from this evil

Helped by Mustafa along with the help of Afton and Griti, Riley Lind has to stop Maleficent Elysium and getting his Soul Calibur back in action again to save the world.


  • Leandra Scott (Leandra Ω *her dark-side*)  (リーンドラー・スコット, Rindora Sukotto) is a veteran warrior that fights with her Dual Swords, she has also two children named Alexandra and Luke (together with Mitsurugi) during her adventures Leandra got herself a Malfested side, this side shows a whole other side of the normally good spirited fighter...   (SoulGauger)
  • Demon Sanya (aka Alexander) is a wandering demon in human world. Sometime he already mastered Soul Edge and learned his power. Then Sanya try to destroy it, but soon cursed sword was resurrected. Now Demon searching for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur for destroy them. "Such power shall not belong to humans. It must be destroyed!". (Demon Sanya)
  • Lexa is a demonic mercenary. She searching for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, to become much powerful and overcome Demon Sanya. Lexa also try to impress her beloved Demon. (Demon Sanya)
  • Riley Lind (ライリーリンド, Rairīrindo; Greek: Ρίλεϊ Λίντ, Linda Riley) is a Futuristic Character wielding an Iai Blade. He is the New Wielder of the Spirit Sword, Soul Calibur. After a fierce battle in Astral Chaos, He and Mustafa woke up in a forest only to find out they were no longer in their present time and are trying to go back home. (Xlr8rify)
  • Mustafa Ahmed (ムスタファ·アーメド, Musutafa āmedo, Arabic: مصطفى أحمد, Mustafa Ahmed) is a Futuristic Character and a strong ally of Riley. After a fierce battle in Astral Chaos He and Riley woke up in a forest only to find out they were no longer in their present time and are trying to go back home. (Xlr8rify)
  • Afton, making her first appearence in the game as the young and unexperienced newbie. In her search of Astral Chaos and the origin to her inhuman abilities she ends up in a conflict more serious than she had expected. (DeniseOberg)
  • Maleficent Elysium (悪事を働くエリュシオン,Akujiwohataraku eryushion) is one of the main villains in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny, she is the ressurrected version of Elysium but now she is not the spirit of Soul Calibur but the new spirit and will of Soul Edge
  • Eleonore Aries is a girl who has lived of depression as a child. She is looking for her true parents as well as a worthy journey. She is on a quest not only for her mother, but her true self and the meaning of the world and life. (ExcaliburAlice)
  • Griti is a little girl that wants nothing more than an adventure of a lifetime. As the adventure becomes more and more intense, she realises that her adventure is not only for fun, but she could be saving her village as well. (ExcaliburAlice)
  • Janice Barnes (Winter Soldier) (ジャニス·バーンズ(冬の兵士), Janisu· bānzu (fuyu no heishi) is a war verteran with her team she battled in many wars to save a serval lands and country's, during one of the battles she and her team had they got captured by an unkown group (its said it was led by Nightmare. Most members of her group where tortured to death, but Janice and a few escaped from the prisoncells, While escaping Janice fell into a deep ravine and got missed in action, Janice was later found again by Nightmare's soldiers and brought her to his hideout, a few mechanics brought Janice back to life but changed her completely, with no memory's from her past she became the hunter knowned as *The Winter Soldier*

Non Playable/Canon

  • Patroklos Alexander ((パトロクロス・アレクサンドル, Patorokurosu Arekusandoru; Greek: Πάτροκλος Αλέξανδρος0, makes a one time appereance in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny in a battle against Maleficent Elysium
  • Humanic Cyborgs They came from the same time as Riley Lind and they are hunting for him to get his Soul Calibur, In the Story Mode the player will cross paths the Humanic Cyborgs in a 3 round battle (they can also be unlocked as playable characters)
  • Nitsu: Sister of Natsu she is searching for her little sister after she vanished for unknown reasons
  • The Blue Samurai: This warrior likes a good battle, the player will fight the blue samurai in the Path of Destiny mode
  • The Skeletons: The Gold, Silver and Bronze Skeletons are minoins of Maleficent Elysium and where created by Soul Edge each color (when defeated) will give the player Experience Points to level up in the Story Mode , In the Path of Destiny the skeletons will give the player creation equipment stuff (such as clothings and weapons).
  • Night Raven: This Vicious creature was the first to be created by Maleficent Elysium and her Soul Edge, she ordered Night Raven to hunt down Afton to steal her precious compass and to take care of her
  • Isabella *Ivy* Valentine (イザベラ・バレンタイン - アイヴィー, Izabera Barentain - Aibī) Makes her comeback in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny, she will give the player sometimes some hints of how to beat a certain opponent in the Story Mode, Ivy can also be fought in Path of Destiny
  • Talim (タリム, Tarimu) Once again returns into the SC world, in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny she sometimes joins the Main Team to assist in some battles (Tag Battle) she is an adult now and more skilled then before also Talim has a new fighting style

Game Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • Path of Destiny
  • Xbox Live/Playstation Network
  • Creation
    • Create a-Soul
    • Create a-Style
    • Create a-Voice
    • Create a-Weapon
  • Extra Modes
  • Museum
  • Options


  • Battle Objectives: battle objectives are little missions that must be done on a fight or one round (this can be use a special move or using the Critical Edge or Critical Finish of the character)
  • Critical Edge
  • Critical Finish
  • Critical Spirit: The Critical Spirit move is a combination of Critical Edge and the Critical Finish combined into one devestating move, when the player uses this move (2 gauge bars required) its a One-Hit knock out and victory in the fight for the user
  • Guard Impact
  • Just Guard
  • Brave Edge
  • Special Moves: in Soulcalibur: Dawn of Destiny the main characters (group characters and Maleficent Elysium) can use devestating special moves on their opponents to finish a fight

Story Mode Episodes

The opening cutscene begins where Soulcalibur V ended with Patroklos and a defeated Elysium. As she starts to vanish Patroklos will say the lines of, " Good bye Mother..."

As he walks away, Elysium watches how Patroklos returns to Pyrrha. After that, she will see a red fog coming down to her and it starts to light up, taking form as a sword.

Elysium with all her last strength watches what it becomes and starts to crawl toward it. When reaching the point, the fog vanishes and a new Soul Edge will appear and Elysium who is almost vanished after her defeat stretches out her hand, as it touches the new Soul Edge as she will say, " 'I can feel its power...".

Then, the eye of Soul Edge will glow up sucking Elysium in it, and afterwards glowing once again shooting out red bundle of electricity from its eye as it takes form it landing next to Soul Edge.

As soon as the light fades, a ressurected Elysium stands next to Soul Edge as she grabs the sword and says, 

" The time has come to make an end to all those are against us, as the new will of Soul Edge i am now known as Maleficent Elysium!"

While she says it the camera zooms in on her red glowing eyes and the screen turns black.

Episode 1 - Resurrection of the Defeated

While the new Elysium *Maleficent Elysium * is about to make her way down to Earth, she ends up in a dream battle as her new self against Patroklos.

" The time has come to end your life Patroklos right here, right now!" Maleficent Elysium will say.

A while later, the battle starts.

  • Battle 1
  • Playable character: Maleficent Elysium (weapon: Soul Edge)
  • Opponent Patroklos (Weapon: Soul Calibur) (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Stage: Utopia of the Blessed (dream world)
  • Battle Objective: Defeat Patroklos in one round by using the Maleficent Maelstrom Move.

After the battle she comes to her senses and that it was about time to set things right as she says in thoughts

Its time, now I shall make a warrior that can fulfill my wishes

Episode 2 - False Identity

While Maleficent Elysium continues heading down to Earth, a hole in a different course of the sky opens and two humans fall out of it. When they wake up, they look around as Riley hears a strange noise coming from a bush nearby. As he aproaches the bush, a woman covered in a blackish-greyish aura turns herself around and screams, "STAY AWAY FROM ME."

As the aura vanishes, the two end up finding a Dark and Evil creature. It will say, " I need your Souls". Riley then attempts to pull out his sword, Soul Calibur, but fails. It is now up to Mustafa to deal with this horrible creature.

  • Battle 2
  • Playable character: Mustafa Ahmed (weapon: Rod)
  • Opponent: Dark Omega (Weapon: Soul Edge *Necro*) (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Stage: Unknown Forest
  • Battle Objective: Use Mustafa's Critical Edge of Finish in one round on Dark Omega

After the battle when Dark Omega is defeated it will fall down and a light will surround Dark Omega, as Mustafa and Riley are coming close they see who it is 

I know you......, you are that lady named Leandra Scott you are a legend i heard Mustafa says

As Leandra came to her senses she says

Thank you for defeating this curse again.........., but i have to go now Leandra will say and will walk off towards a new direction.

Riley and Mustafa are staying behind and watches Leandra takes off and hoping they can meet her again....

  • Cutscene

Still in around in the Utopia of the Blessed Maleficent Elysium is about to make her own warrior as she readies Soul Edge and stabs it into the ground.

After spoken a few words the sword starts to glow in the middle of its eye, awhile later it spits out a cocoon and it cracks open as Maleficent Elysium sees a red eye glowing up inside the fog of the cocoon

"Yes! It worked, my warrior is ready..."

As a red light ball shoots out and lands in front of Maleficent Elysium and starts to talk.

Afterwards, Maleficent Elysium gave her new warrior named, Night Raven, a Mission to find a special compass and she soon took off towards earth followed by her master, Maleficent Elysium.

Episode 3 - Sins Of The Father

Demon Sanya takes away the some detritus of the broken Soul Edge from Denevér Castle. But over time the detritus become alive. They are fused and take the form of Soul Edge. "It cannot be!" He doesn't know that soul of Soul Calibur war corrupted by Soul Edge, and a new evil form was appears. For safety Demon hid the cursed blade in a bandage, and goes off to start his new quest - to find out what happened with Soul Calibur and why Soul Edge was resurrected so fast. "Maybe this power is still useful." At night, while traveling through the Unknown Forest, Demon got a strange feeling that someone had followed him.

Demon Sanya Vs Ivy 1

Ivy fights against Demon Sanya

Demon Sanya: - Show yourself!

Ivy peeked out from behind a tree.

Ivy: - Hmm... A demon? You're another Soul Edge keeper. You have something that I need.

Demon Sanya: - And you...? Hmm... I know you. Your blood is the same as your father's. He had owned Soul Edge for a very long time a while back ....Cervantes de Leon.


After the battle Demon Sanya lowered his sword.

Ivy: - I've lost... although I am curious, why didn't you just simply kill me at the spot?

Demon Sanya: - I don't need to kill you. You are not copy of your father. This is good for you, but if you obtain this sword, you will be none more than another lost soul of a pirate whom hunts the souls of others. Think about it. Farewell countess.

Ivy watches him. Though she's not alone...

Episode 4 - Arrival

Somewhere in nearby a village, a huge comet smashes into the ground as smoke comes of the ground Maleficent Elysium shows herself to the world.

" This world is mine for the taken, No one shall come between me and my goal" she will say.

A pair of villagers are came to see what caused the commotion near their village and they notice Maleficent Elysium standing inside the fog.

" A DEMON.............A DEMON...............!!!!" one villager screams.

Soon, many more of the villagers have arrived with weapons to deal with Maleficent Elysium.

" So, you want to be the first to feel the wrath of Soul Edge" Maleficent Elysium will say as she swings her sword and prepares for a fight.

  • Battle 4
  • Playable character: Maleficent Elysium (weapon: Soul Edge)
  • Opponent: Villagers (weapon: various) (5 out of 5 battles)
  • Stage: The Village (outside)
  • Battle Objective: Defeat 2 villagers with Soul Edges flame wave

After the battle Maleficent Elysium will walk upon the defeated villagers as one will say

WH..........WHA...........WHAT ARE YOU...........!!!!

Maleficent Elysium will say nothing as she looks to the villagers and put her Soul Edge into the ground as it lights up and it will drain all the souls of the defeated villagers, after picking up Soul Edge, Maleficent Elysium will say

" These souls are just the beginning.... and the rest of the worthless humans will soon follow, as we speak my minion is searching for the compass and also that treasure will soon be in my possession......" she laughs and vanishes.

Nearby, a little girl hid behind a piece of wood watching the entire fight. She gasps at the destroyed village and the tons of dead bodies. 

" The village is destroyed! Our crops, our building, our factories, and... our.. people-" she will say in sorrow. She then puts on a large courageoues smile and says

" I will fight for my village and my life no matter what it takes. I will put in all effort and knowledge to try save this village." She then picks up an old rusty weapon.

" This shall do," she mutters to herself and takes off for a journey.

Episode 5 - Darkspawn

Lexa hides behind a large boulder. She watches the demon. Then, she waited until Ivy left the battlefield, and only after that had she come into the circle of the moonlight.

Lexa: - So... Alexander had not gotten rid of Soul Edge. Very interesting. How and why does Soul Edge still live? Maybe Alexander succumbed to the power of the Soul Edge? Too many questions... In any case, I'll have to find out myself. And by the way... maybe Soul Calibur still lives as well and not lost its power...

Lexa opened the portal, and moving to the Free Imperial City. The city was engulfed in fire. A mysterious girl stood, surrounded by dead bodies.

Lexa: - You're not a demon. What kind of creature are you?

Night Raven: - I am the product of Soul Edge!

Lexa: - Product of Soul Edge? So this sword can create such monsters. Who created you? Answer me!

Night Raven: - It's... a new... Elysium...

Wounded Night Raven lost consciousness.

Lexa: - New Elysium? She was the Spirit of Soul Calibur... What does it mean?

Episode 6 - The hunt.

The scene shows Night Raven as she slowly regain her consciousness. Demon Lexa is nowhere to be seen. Night Raven rises and regains her strenght rather quickly.

" My hunt must continue. My mistress is awaiting my return”

-new scene-
As Ivy returned to her studies in a dark room only lit by a simple candle she finds a note by all the papers on a desk. She reads it and silently says:

"That little girl. She doesnt know what she is getting herself into... poor lady underestimates the power of the astral chaos. I wonder how she is expecting to find soul calibur... hmmm. Of course! Her compass. The little sneaky girl took it. "

-The scene changes again- Now showing Afton running for her life in a deep forest. She looks at her compass.

"Its close...”.
Afton keeps running. 
Behind her Night Raven is chases her. 
Suddenly coming to a dead end, Afton turns around to meet her huntress. She stares blindly without saying a word as Night Raven slowly walks closer.

- Give me... Your compass!

- How has it come to your knowledge...

- My mistress wants it and I am sent to bring it. So either you hand it over or this will ger bloody. 

- Your mistress? Who is she and why are my belongings a bother to her?
- What my mistress asked me is none of your busness, just give me what I need.....
- Oh well then, I fear no blood. I fear loosing so I'm not going to.
- A little insect like you cannot stop me........

  • Battle 6
  • Playable character: Afton (Weapon: Gryning and Skymning)
  • Opponent: Night Raven (Weapon: Raven's Pride) (3 out of 5 battles)
  • Stage: Unkown Forest
  • Battle Objective: Defeat Night Raven with unlocked character.

Afton drops her compass and Night Raven quickly picks it up.

Night Raven:Your Compass belongs to my Mistress now....

Afton stares at it and so does Night Raven as the compass starts to glow in a blue light.

Afton: ... I found it... *smiles*

Night Raven: Soul Calibur. *turns around*
 There stands Riley Lind holding Soul Calibur

Episode 7 - Winter Soldier Part 1 (Encounter)

While the team is coming more together as one , somewhere else Maleficent Elysium appears again on a deserted graveyard as soon as she is there she falls on her knee's and says

I need energy, and Soul Edge needs more souls then the couple it has earlyer

When Maleficent Elysium wants to stand up a long sharp sword was thrown and misses her by a hair as it lands into a wall hehind her

Maleficent Elysium will turn around as she sees a strange looking figure standing in the shadows as it points its arm to Maleficent Elysium's Soul Edge

You...........,!!!!! Soul Edge........mine...........

Then the figure attacks Maleficent Elysium and grabs the long sharp sword from the wall, Maleficent Elysium grabs her blade and asks

My Soul Edge does not belong to an infant like you............, who ever you are now Die

The figure attacks Maleficent Elysium and hits her hard as it will say...........

Now............  Mission............ Eliminate.......  the figure will say

as the next battle starts

  • Battle 7
  • Playable character: Maleficent Elysium (Weapon Soul Edge)
  • Opponent; The Unknown Stranger (Weapon Swords) ( 3 out of 5 battles)
  • Stage: The Deserted Graveyard
  • Battle Objective: Defeat the stranger with one quick attack

After the fight the stranger still stand and Maleficent Elysium stands against it

Now you lost............, sow your soul belongs to me now Maleficent Elysium will say

But the stranger attacks her again and grabs her by the neck with one hand as it will speak

Listen................ you little insect i am Winter Soldier, and you will fall to me as i will take your life and your Soul Edge do you understand me.....!!!!

But all the sudden Maleficent Elysium vanishes and leaves The Winter Soldier behind, Maleficent Elysium will say


The Winter Soldier will look up and she fists her metallic hand............  The hunt has begun...........

as it walks away from the graveyard

Episode 8 - ?


Path of Destiny

Path of Destiny is a mode where the player complete diffrent tasks: missions. Each mission are battles where diffrent circumstances makes the battle harder to win. The mode can be played in two ways; player vs CPU or player vs player. The This was previously used in Soul Calibur II but there it was not possible to play player vs player. There are several types of missions in Path of Destiny some of them litsed below:

  • The Bomb: The player is catched in a arena with no possiblity of outrings. No hits will cause any damage, instead a bomb is set to the player and each time you hit the opponent the bomb passes over to the opponent. When the opponent hits you the bomb is passed back to the player and whoever has it when the time runs out will loose.
  • Battle with Walls: Like with The Bomb this mission is set in a stage without ringout possibilites. The only way to take damage of the opponent is by beating him up againts the wall. The opponent however can damage the player like in standard battles, but only when playing Player vs CPU. When playing player vs player this is changed so that both opponents can only take damage if knocked against the wall.
  • Heartstopper: The players health is decreased during time, your goal is to beat the opponent under these circumstances.
  • Ring Out: One of the very simple tasks, the only way to win is through a ring out. Either that or by time run out.



  • New miechanics: Battle Objective and Special Moves and Critical Spirit are introduced in this game
  • Critical Finish and Critical Edge can be used again

Soundtrack Dawn of Destiny

Here are the songs that can be heard in the game, all songs can be found on this
SCDOD OST Cover (front)

Soundtrack (front) cover

  • 1- New Rise of Evil (resurrection of the defeated)
  • 2- The Raging Curse (Night Raven's Theme)
  • 3-
  • 4-
  • 5-
  • 6-
  • 7- Nocturne of the Damned (Maleficent Elysium Theme)
  • 8
  • 9-
  • 10-
  • 11- Dark and Cold Winter (Winter Soldier's Theme)
  • 12- Dawn of Destiny (end title)

Additional Songs

  • 13-
  • 14- Where the truth Lies (Leandra's Theme SCIV)
  • 15-
  • 16- So Sad (Leandra's Theme SCV)
  • 17-
  • 18-
  • 19-
  • 20-


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