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Soulcalibur: Vessel
Developer(s) Project Soul


Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, X-Box One
Released TBA
Genre(s) Fighting
Soulcalibur: Undead

Soulcalibur: Vessel is a game within the continuity of the Medio Spatia fanon universe and is the sequel to the game Soulcalibur: Undead. Like its predecessor, the game's story takes place in a parallel universe where neither Soul Edge nor Soul Calibur existed. It follows the chain of events due to the consequences of the undead outbreak from the previous game, and also focus more on exploring the multiverse. Soul Calibur: Vessel features many returning characters from the previous game, as well as introducing some newcomers to the roster.

It is the second installment in the Medio Spatia fanon universe games.




Returning Characters

Noir Voirre (ノワール ・ボワール Nowāru Bowāru), a Loremant with cryokinetic abilities and a member of the Grå Skugga. After the events of the first game, Noir was informed of a conspiracy within the Grå Skugga by Duuza's final words, indicating that the purpose of the league to "protect and train all Loremant" is just a front for something that is far darker and more sinister. He has made it his objective to make clear of this conspiracy. He fights with a Zweihander as well as his ability to control the "cold breeze from hell". Though a major character in the first game, Noir takes more of a side-yet-crucial role in Soulcalibur: Vessel.

Shizuku (しずくShizuku), a Fu-ma ninja who is the best friend and companion of Saki Kizashi. After Saki's disappearance in the aftermath of the final battle with Duuza, Shizuku has been following the only person who was with her before she vanished: Noir, in hopes of discovering Saki's whereabouts, to no avail as Noir treated her like nothing more than a nuisance. Even so, Shizuku keeps herself close to the cold man, acting as his self-proclaimed bodyguard, as he is the only clue she has in discovering her best friend's fate. In the process, she discovers the hidden world of the Loremants and the conspiracy of the Grå Skugga Noir is trying to uncover. She fights with dual kodachi. Shizuku acts as Noir's companion in the main story, replacing Phareus from and mimicking her role to Saki in the first game.

Nawaki Kizashi (兆し・縄樹, Kizashi Nawaki), one of the descendants of the ancient Kizashi clan and the younger brother of Saki Kizashi. Before she disappeared, Nawaki was entrusted by his sister to keep the mystical dagger Teishutsu no Tanken safe after her battle with Duuza to prevent the possible resurrection of the ancient demon from ever happening. Since then, Nawaki has been experimenting with the dagger in hopes of bringing her sister back. One of the said experiments resulting in an unforeseen side effect to Nawaki as demonic energy now resides within him and constantly takes over his mind, changing him into a ruthless, vicious beast. With little clue he has, Nawaki sets on a journey to the distant Findian kingdom in hopes of using Findian magic to remove the demonic energy. He fights with a lance, utilizing his acrobatic movements to maximize his combat prowess with it. Nawaki acts as the main character and narrator in the main story.

Lilith Sinclair (リリス・シンクレア Ririsu Shinkurea), the sole heir of the wealthy Sinclair house. The events with Duuza and the Findian-Alvarian war that she unintentionally got herself into thanks to traveling with Nawaki and Olonrae results in her not being able to confront Greggory Szymon and retrieve all of the Sinclair stolen wealth. Refusing to see her father drown further to insanity, Lilith joins the newly formed Rose Pirate under the captainship of her enemy-turned-best friend Ria Szymon, appointed by the captain herself as the crew's quartermaster. By traveling the seas, Lilith hopes in finding enough treasures to replace her family's stolen wealth and eventually, confronting Greggory Szymon himself and give him a piece of her mind. Though with Nawaki now also stowing away on the Rose Pirate's ship on his travel to the Findian Kingdom, she couldn't shake off the feeling of unease and that her life from now on may not be as smooth as she expects it to be. Now an experienced and competent fighter more than she ever was, her graceful fighting style with her sword and shield allows her to overcome any obstacles in her way. Lilith acts as Nawaki's travel companion throughout the story alongside Ria.

Orfeo (オルフェオ Orufeo), the ruthless former king of the Findians who initiated the Findian-Alvarean war. Having lost the decisive final duel with his son Olonrae in front of his people, Orfeo remained exempt from execution but in exchange was banished forever from the Findian kingdom and given to the Alvareans as a peace offering from the new king, Olonrae. He managed to escape with the help of several rogue Findians who are still loyal to him. Still gravely wounded from the war, Orfeo plotted on taking back his rightful throne and stage a coup against his own son. With several loyal rogue Findians at his back, his first step in regaining the throne is to find a huge source of power, bigger than what Duuza gave to him when he pledged himself to the demon lord. To this end, Orfeo set his eye on the cursed sword that previously wreaked havoc in the war killing Findians and Alvareans alike, it's whereabouts currently unknown after the swordswoman who wielded it vanished. He fights with his signature long sword and pistol sword, as well as employing his signature Findian magic to create a unique, unpredictable fighting style.

Jilynore Tazzala (ジリノア・タサラ Jirinoa Tasara), the Alvarean Queen of The Hive.

Olonrae (オレオレ Oreore)

Layla (レイラ Raira)

Greggory Szymon (グレゴリー・シモン Guregorī Shimon)

Adrianna "Ria" Szymon (アドリアーナ・シモン Adoriāna Shimon)

Lafayette (ラファイエットRafaietto)

Agatha Moray (アガサ・モレイ Agasa Morei)


Rosela Moray (とっぱつせ・モレイ, Rosura Morei)

Phareus (ファレウス Fareusu)

Youzui (ヤウズイ Yauzui)

Omoi Suikazan  (西瓜山・思い Suikazan Omoi)

Raquelle (ラクウェル Rakerru)

Agbayani  (アグバヤニ Agubayani)

Saki Kizashi (兆し・サキ Kizashi Saki)

Docvizzo  (ドクヴィソ Dokuvu~iso)

Khasaanda (カサン Kasanda)

more TBA

New Characters

Ikaruga Shiroi (白い・斑鳩 Shiroi Ikaruga)

Sayomi (サヨミ, Sayomi) and Hitomi ('ひとみ, Hitomi), an unstable loremant member of the Grå Skugga who has the ability to manipulate air. Sayomi and Hitomi are two personalities existing in the same body, but only Sayomi has access to her loremant powers whereas Hitomi is seemingly nothing more than a normal human. The two personalities are also complete opposites of one another. Sayomi is sadistic and is notable for having an unsatisfiable bloodlust, taking joy in inflicting pain towards people, whereas Hitomi is timid and harmless, barely even able to protect herself in battle. As such, Sayomi is the more dominant personality of the two and constantly takes over their body. Noir described them as a "wild card" and only E is able to control Sayomi. Sayomi fights with dual curved blades that in unison with the agility boosted by her air manipulation powers, will make sure her victims feel a slow and painful death.

Hakkim ' '(ハキム, Hakkukimu)a loremant member of the Grå Skugga who lives in solitary away from the other members of the league. Not many members of the Grå Skugga are aware of Hakkim's existence and fewer have communicated with him directly. Hakkim has the power to manipulate time in a finite area, allowing him to slow down, speed up, or stop time completely in said area. Such tremendous power is not without a cost, however, as Hakkim is one of the few loremants that have mutated to the point of barely looking human. His whole body is now composed of a black, featureless shroud, which renders him blind and mute. Hakkim is tirelessly loyal to E, as he was the one who saved him from a life on living hell. Alongside his time manipulation powers, Hakkim fights with a giant scythe as well as having prowess in the mystic arts.

Aharon  (アハロン, Aharon), an Alvarean drone who is the personal bodyguard and consort to Queen Jilynore. Aharon was the main commander of the Alvarean army back in the Findian-Alvarean war and bore witness to the deaths of many Alvarean soldier drones. As such, he bears a feeling of despise to all Findians even though the new Findian king is working very diligently in fixing the relationship between the two races and offering them a peace treaty. Though he sees all Findians as savages and would never even think of making a treaty with one, his loyalty to his queen is enough to blind him to those ill feelings. As an Alvarean, Aharon has the ability to fly on produce toxic substances via his body fluids. His weapon of choice is an oddly shaped double-edged "stinger" that he wields with skill.

Elerayne (エレレイン, Ererein), a Findian soldier who is the childhood friend and personally-appointed bodyguard of the new Findian King, Olonrae. Elerayne is skeptical about Olonrae's effort to fix the relationship between the Findians and the Alvareans, seeing as the two races will never reconcile as both have lost many to each other in the war. Even so, she would doubtlessly follow Olonrae to the edge of the world as a guard and a companion for his sake and the sake of all Findians alike. Elerayne is a master practitioner of Findian mystic arts. Her main weapon of choice is a giant cleaver-sword, a broadsword, a spear, and a pair of combat gloves, all of which she can summon out of thin air and effortlessly wield in unison with Findian magic.

Nenat  (ナネット, Nanetto),

Rhys Floyd  (リス・ロイド, Risu Froido), a scoundrel mercenary for hire. Rhys is a loremant with the ability to generate and manipulate electricity (or "lightning" as he put it), which he uses constantly in his field of work. Nobody knows who he was before his mercenary life began, only that he is good at his job and is willing to fulfill any of his client's requests for the right price. Rhys was hired by an unknown individual to keep track of Lilith Sinclair for reasons currently unknown, only that he is supposed to keep an eye on her from the shadows and wait for further instructions. He fights with a unique brawler fighting style utilizing a Warhammer and a shield in unison with the magnetic properties of his powers.

Masaru Heihachirō (勝・ 平八郎, Heihachirō Masaru), 

more TBA




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