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Soulcalibur Astral Swords

Soulcalibur Astral Swords PS3

Soulcalibur Astral Swords Xbox

Soulcalibur Astral Swords Wii U

Playstation 3 Case (Top) Xbox 360 Case (Middle) and Wii U case (Bottom).
Developer(s) Project Soul
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U
Released August 5th 2014 (Japan)
August 7th 2014 (US)
August 7th 2014 (Europe)
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur V
Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light
Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega - Back in Time (Chronologically)

Soulcalibur Astral Swords (ソウルキャリバーアストラルソード, Sourukyaribāasutorarusōdo) is the first game in the fan Astral series of videos games, as well as the first game in the fan Astral Swords trilogy. The game takes place immediately after the events of Soulcalibur V. It is story based much like Soulcalibur V. It will follow the story of Kisandra's return (since Soulcalibur IV) and Kilina's journey looking for Klymene. It is a part of the same continuity as the Soul Series.


The story takes place immediately after the events of Soulcalibur V. It's the year 1607 A.D and Kilina just watched her niece disappear into Astral Chaos. The game goes to different points in time throughout the timeline. The main focus of the game is finding Klymene and the return of Kisandra who's searching for Kilina and Klymene. But will a time altering crisis change all the events forever?


Returning Charcters

Kisandra Cassaventes (Kisandraカサヴェテス, Kisandra kasavu~etesu) Returning since Soulcalibur IV. She has a whole new costume. She was trapped in Utopia of the Blessed after her "death" at the end of Soulcalibur IV. She was released from there after Patroklos defeated Elysium 17 years later. She is now 36. Becomes an enemy of Sophitia as she believes she is Elysium

Kilina Cassaventes (ホテルキリナカサヴェテス, Hoterukirinakasavu~etesu) Is on a journey to find and rescue her niece Klymene and find out what happened to Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. Has no idea her sister, Kisandra is alive. She no longer desires Soul Edge to heal her pain, she just wants her niece back. She has a whole new costume.

Pyrrha Alexandra (ピュラ・アレクサンドル, Pyura Arekusandoru) is the daughter of Sophitia and Rothion, Patroklos' older sister and also Cassandra's niece. She wields her mothers 2P sword and shield in battle. She appears roughly as she does in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords but now has a malfested arm.

Tira (ティラ, Tira), the loyal servant to Soul Edge, an assassin with dual personalities who fights with a Ring Blade using acrobatic attacks. She appears to not have aged as her official profile mentions "unknown" in her official biography. Seeks revenge on Patroklos for ruining her plans with Pyrrha. Is also searching for Soul Edge. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur V.

Siegfried Schtauffen (ジークフリート・シュタウフェン Jīkufurīto Shutaufen) the former protagonist of the series. He once wielded Soul Calibur against Nightmare in an attempt to atone for his sins when he was the host of Soul Edge. After 17 years, Siegfried has reformed the Schwarzwind into a band of mercenaries. He wields a zweihander sword. He becomes a friend of Kisandra and Abelia. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords.

Maxi (マキシ, Makishi, also written as 真喜志), a seafaring pirate who uses nunchaku. He carries a shard of Soul Edge within his body, affecting his aging process as his appearance has not changed over the 17 year gap. He is no longer travelling with Xianghua and Kilik. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Taki (タキ, also written as 多喜) Returning since Soulcalibur IV. She has a whole new costume. She finally returned from her journey looking for Toki, she found nothing and is now looking for her student Natsu to see how she has improved.

Neve (ネヴェ, Nevu~e) (AKA Setsuka) Returning since Soulcalibur IV. She has a whole new costume. She is on a journey to find Patroklos. She is angry that he ignored her advice about seeking revenge.

Heishiro Mitsurugi (御剣 平四郎, Mitsurugi Heishirō) is a veteran who has been with the Soul series since the first game. He wields a katana. Heard Setsuka has returned and is now searching for her to seek revenge. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Voldo (ヴォルド, Vorudo), a blind and mute man, who serves the merchant Vercci by protecting his beloved Money Pit. Wields matching tri-bladed katars, which he has employed throughout the series since the first installment. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (イザベラ・バレンタイン - アイヴィー, Izabera Barentain - Aivī) returns in the game looking roughly the same as before, since she stopped aging at 32. She wields a snake sword, a device of her own invention. She helps Kilina occasionally and becomes her friend. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. She is unlocked after completing episode 8.

Cervantes de Leon (セルバンテス・デ・レオン, Serubantesu de Reon), an immortal sea pirate rejuvenated from his undead state. Uses a broadsword and a gun-sword as weapons. Is searching for Soul Edge. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Raphael Sorel (ラファエル・ソレル, Rafaeru Soreru) is a French nobleman fencer who uses a sword-rapier to great effect. He is on a journey to find his lost daughter, Amy. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Viola (ヴィ オラ, Viora), an elegant young woman. Distraught after the death of Z.W.E.I and seeks revenge. She suffers from amnesia and does not remember her past. She uses a floating magic orb as her weapon. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Amy. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur V.

Sophitia Alexandra (ソフィーティア・アレクサンドル, Sofītia Arekusandoru; Greek: Σοφιτία Αλεξάνδρα) Returning since Soulcalibur IV. She has a brand new costume. She wields her usual sword & shield. She is searching for her children. Becomes an enemy of Kisandra after being accused of being Elysium. She is unlocked after defeating her in episode 12.

Natsu (凪津 or ナツ) is a disciple of Soul series veteran Taki. Natsu contains the demon Arahabaki within her. She wields two kodachi like her master before her. She appears in her 2p outfit from Soulcalibur V but has her 1P hairstyle.

Yan Leixia (燕蕾夏,イェン・ レイシャ, Yen Reisha) is a fifteen year old girl wielding a Chinese sword. She is the daughter of the former Soul Calibur wielder, Xianghua. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur V.

Xiba (シバ, Shiba), a young adventurer who loves eating and his weapon of choice is a staff. He is the spiritual successor of Kilik. He is passed on the Kali-Yuga after him. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Astaroth (アスタロス, Asutarosu) is the younger version of the original Astaroth, a golem created by the Greek sorcerer and leader of the Fygul Cestemus cult, Kunpaetku. He wields a giant axe. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Aeon Calcos (アイオーン・カルコス, Aiōn Karukosu), a man who was cursed into a reptilian form also known as Lizardman. This time around he has feathery wings and wields dual axes. He appears in his 2p from Soulcalibur V.

Yoshimitsu (吉光) the Second, a roguish character who hides behind a mask like his predecessor did. As is tradition, he killed the previous Yoshimitsu and inherited his title. He wields dual katana and a sashimono in a unique way, as his predecessor. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Edge Master (エッジマスター Ejjimasutaa), an old man with an mysterious past. He has mastered all the weapons in the world and he rescued and trained Maxi. He fights using the styles of all the other characters in the game. He plays an important role in the story. He gives Kilina a amulet that lets her travel through time, he also helps Kisandra look for Klymene. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V. He is unlocked after completing the game.

Nightmare (ナイトメア, Naitomea), is the living incarnation of Soul Edge. He no longer wields Soul Edge as it is missing, he wields Chrome Blade instead. He is searching for Soul Edge which should be an easy task as he is the living incarnation of it. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Abelia Schillfelt (アベリア・シルフェルト Aberia Shiruferuto?), is a character in the chronicles of the sword mode in Soulcalibur III. She is now 37 and is helping Kisandra look for Kilina and Klymene. She appears in a new costume similar to the one she had in Soulcalibur III. She is unlocked after completing the game.

Klymene Cassaventes is the daughter of Kisandra and niece to Kilina. She went to Astral Chaos to find Soul Calibur. She doesn't know her Mother is alive. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur V.

Inferno (インフェルノ Inferuno) is the living will of Soul Edge. He appears in episode 13 as a boss. He is resurrected after Soul Edge reforms. He appears similar to his appearance in Soul Blade. He is unlocked after defeating him a second time.

New Characters

Brünnhilde Von Krone (ブリュンヒルデ·フォン·クローネ, Buryunhirude· fon· kurōne) Daughter of Hilde. Only 16 years old. She is the successor of her mother and fights using her style. She wields her mothers short sword and spear in battle. She is looking for her mother who hasn't returned from battle.

Non Playable Characters

Returning Characters
Elysium (エリュシオン, Eryushion, Greek: Ἠλύσιον) is a character in the Soul series and the will of Soul Calibur. She rescued Kisandra from death 17 years ago but would not let her leave Utopia of the Blessed she appears in Episode 1 as a boss and in a few images throughout the game.

Kilik (キリク, Kiriku) is a man who was the student of Edge Master. He has learnt every male style. He appears in episode 10 as a boss. He wields his rod while fighting. He appears roughly as he does in Soulcalibur V except he no longer wears a helmet.

Algol (アルゴル Arugoru) is a character who has the power of Astral Chaos. He appears as a boss in episode 14 trying to prove how powerful he is. He appears as he does in Soulcalibur V.

Hildegard von Krone (ヒルデガルド・フォン・クローネ Hirudegarudo fon Kurōne) is the Princess of the kingdom of Wolfkrone and mother to Brünnhilde. She appears as a boss in episode 17 appearing as she did in Soulcalibur IV. She is the younger version of Hilde from 1590 A.D.

Kilina Ω (Ωが構成されています, Ō ga kōsei sa rete imasu) is a character from Soulcalibur IV and the malfested version of Kilina. She appears as a boss in episode 18. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur IV. She is also the young version of Kilina from the year 1590 A.D.

Night Terror (ナイトテラー Naito Terā) is the final boss of the game. He wields Soul Edge but also has the powers of Soul Calibur and Kilina's amulet. He is formed when Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and Kilina's amulet form together to become one. He appears as he did in Soulcalibur III. A more powerful version of Night Terror is formed at the end of the game and serves as the final boss. He is called Night Terror Ultimate.

New Characters
Leandra Scott (リーンドラー・スコット, Rindora Sukotto) is a character created by SoulGauger. She appears in episode 15 as a boss. She is referred to as a "Legend" as she is a very powerful, strong willed woman. Kisandra fights her to test her skill.

Unknown Woman (post credit scene only) A silhouette of an unknown woman appears at the end of the game after the credits role. She seems to be a tall woman and appears to have giant wings and possibly horns or a crown on her head. She seems to be evil and has an interest in Kilina. The scene is a hint to the sequel of this game, Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light. The scene will only be played if the player watches the credits, if the credits are skipped the clip will not play. The scene is unlocked in the gallery after watching it for the first time.

Extra Playable Characters

Young Kisandra is a character from Soulcalibur IV. She is the younger version of Kisandra from 1590 A.D. She is playable in episode 1 and episode 24 only and is not playable in any other mode. She appears in some images throughout the story. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur IV.

Young Kilina is a character from Soulcalibur IV. She is the younger version of Kilina from 1590 A.D. She is playable in episode 24 only and is not playable in any other mode. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur IV.

α Kisandra (αサンドラ, A sandora) is a character from Soulcalibur IV. She is the younger version of Kisandra from 1590 A.D. She is playable in episode 19 only and is not available to play as in any other mode. She appears as she does in Soulcalibur IV. Her style is available to use in Create-A-Soul.

Game Mechanics

Some mechanics return from Soulcalibur V and some from Soulcalibur IV. The Critical Finish has been slightly altered to where you can only execute one on the final round of the battle after breaking the opponents shield. It doesn't require any Soul Gauge. Also, Guard Impacts perform the same as they do in Soulcalibur IV being able to execute one without any Soul Gauge and also being able to perform Just Impacts and Parries.

Game Modes

  • Offline Play
    • Arcade
    • Quick Battle
    • VS Battle
      • CPU vs. CPU
    • Training
  • Online Play (PlayStation Network/Xbox Live/Nintendo Network)
  • Story: Astral Swords
  • Create-A-Soul
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      • Endings - View the individual Arcade endings.
      • Cutscenes - View the cutscenes from Astral Swords story including the games intro and ending.
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  • Options - Change the settings of this game and change the music.

Story Episodes


Kilina is standing in shock after witnessing her niece Klymene warp into Astral Chaos. Kilina runs away distraught knowing she has let her sister down. The camera then pans to the sky and a bright light flashes causing an opening in the sky. A blue aura is then seen coming down from the opening, when the aura reaches the ground it is revealed to be Kisandra, Kilina's sister. Kisandra stands there and then suddenly collapses. The screen turns black and the first episode begins.

Episode 1 - The Rescuer?

A collapsed Kisandra is dreaming about being rescued by Elysium and entering Utopia of the Blessed for the first time. She mistakes Elysium as an enemy and attacks her. The first battle starts:

Episode 2 - Lost memories Cutscene only.

Kisandra awakens, stands up and grabs her head in pain. Images begin to flash on screen, showing what happened to Kisandra after supposedly dying at the end of Soulcalibur IV. The images reveal that she did not die but was transported to Utopia of the Blessed by Elysium. Upon arriving she panicked and attacked Elysium. The images then stop, Kisandra has lost her memory and that's all she can remember, and her own name. Not knowing where she is or where to go she wonders around. She then hears a man shout her name.

Episode 3 - An Old Face.

Kisandra turns around and standing behind her is Siegfried. "Kisandra? I heard you where dead?" Kisandra stands confused "I... I was dead? I... I was up there..." she points to the sky "Up there? What's wrong with you Kisandra? Don't you remember me? Years ago we..." Siegfried steps towards her "ST...STOP!" Kisandra shouts. She grabs her head in pain and more images flash on the screen, it shows Kisandra fighting Siegfried 17 years ago. "Wait, I remember you! We fought, you must be an enemy... Stay away from me Siegfried!" Kisandra raises her sword & shield "What are you doing?" "SHUT UP!" Kisandra launches herself at Siegfried and the battle starts:

  • Battle 2 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Siegfried

Episode 4 - Remembering Part 1. Cutscene only.

"Wow, you sure aren't dead are you" Siegfried says weakened. "Now tell me Siegfried, what happened to me? Who are you?" Kisandra shouts. Siegfried stands up "Seventeen years ago you was on a journey looking for the spirit sword Soul Calibur to rescue your sister..." Kisandra stands shocked "What did you just say? I have a sister?" "Yes, her name is Kilina. She was searching for the cursed sword Soul Edge. You wanted to save her and thus went looking for Soul Calibur. You found me, I was the wielder, you defeated me, took the sword, found your sister who was malfested, and died trying to save her... But apparently you didn't die". Kisandra looks down and a tear falls from her eye "I'm sorry we fought... But I must find my sister. Siegfried do you know where she is?" "The last I heard she was searching for Soul Edge again, but now the sword is gone along with Soul Calibur. So no, I don't know where she is. Sorry". Kisandra turns away from Siegfried "Well I guess I have to go searching for her" She turns around and smiles at Siegfried "Thank you". Siegfried nods and Kisandra runs off.

Episode 5 - Searching for Klymene.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!" Kilina shouts to herself! "I failed you sis, I'm so sorry! I will find you and find the bastards that made those swords disappear". Kilina is enraged, storming around. "But how am I supposed to reach Klymene now? She's in Astral Chaos". "I know a way" Kilina turns around and standing before her is Ivy. "Who are you? Tell me how to save my niece... NOW!" Kilina screams "You don't get nothing with that attitude" "Urgh, I don't have time for this! JUST TELL ME!" Kilina launches towards Ivy and the battle begins:

  • Battle 3 (2 out of 3 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
  • Opponent: Ivy

The battle ends. "Now, are you going to tell me?" Ivy looks up at Kilina "fine, but next time don't attack people for information. There's a man named Edge Master, he knows everything there is to know about Astral Chaos find him and you'll find your niece". "Thanks, I'm sorry for attacking you... What's your name?" "Ivy". "Okay, thank you Ivy". Kilina leaves to look for Edge Master.

Episode 6 - Kisandra?

Kilina heard rumors of a man named Kilik who was a student of Edge Master. With an hopeful mind she's certain that if she finds Kilik, she will find Edge Master. Kilina is walking through the forest with her head down thinking to herself "Sis, I really need you right now. I miss you so much, I wish you where still here with me... If you where alive, none of this would have happened". Kilina looks up and sees a figure in the far distance "Who is that?" as she gets closer the figure becomes more and more clearer "Kisandra?" believing its her sister Kilina begins to run towards her "KISANDRA?". Out of nowhere Tira jumps in front of her "and just where do you think you're going? I've heard you're looking for Soul Edge. You better not stand in my way! THAT SWORD IS MINE! MY PLANS HAVE ALREADY BEEN RUINED BY THAT ANNOYING BOY PATROKLOS!" Tira attacks Kilina.

"Urgh! I will get you for this!" an angry Tira jumps up and leaves. "Kisa... Damn it! That bitch made me lose my sister!" Kilina runs out of the forest to where she thought she saw her sister. "What's this?" on the floor is a shard of Soul Edge. Kilina bends down to pick it up. She touches the fragment slightly and it immediately reacts with her body "Urgh. Ahh" Kilina is in pain. The fragment launches into the air, right into Kilina...

Episode 7 - Remembering Part 2.

Kisandra is lost, she been wondering around for days looking for Kilina. "I can't believe I have a sister, Kilina". Kisandra grabs her head in pain and falls to the floor. Images flash on screen. She is remembering living with Kilina in the kingdom of Grandall, she also remembers Abelia. Kisandra stands up "Abelia! Maybe she knows where my sister is!" So Kisandra heads off to find Abelia. "At last, I found you!" Abelia looks over at Kisandra confused "Who are... Kisandra Cassaventes?! It's you!" "Yes, oh Abelia thank god you remember m..." Abelia strikes Kisandra. The battle begins:

  • Battle 5 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Abelia
    • Weapon:
  • Opponent: Kisandra

The battle ends. "Wha... Abelia don't you remember me?" "Yes I remember you! You betrayed this kingdom, you betrayed me, I was your friend!" Abelia shouts angrily. "Wha... Urgh" Kisandra holds her head in pain and images flash on screen. She remembers trying to flee from Grandall after betraying them and fighting Abelia. "Kisandra? What's wrong!" "I'm so sorry... I've lost my memory, I've been gone for 17 years.. I was apparently dead" "You where dead?" Abelia looks confused. "I'm sorry I betrayed you but please I need your help to find Kilina!" Abelia stands silence... "I will help you. Honestly I miss you and Kilina, after you betrayed the kingdom I was forced to battle you by my master. I regretted it so much, I was distraught that you left... But now I'm free!" "Thank you Abelia!". Kisandra and Abelia set off to look for Kilina.

Episode 8 - The left Eye

Kilina wakes up in a strange place. Regaining consciousness she looks around and tries to take in her surroundings "Urgh, where... Where am I?" there are many books around, it looks like she is in a library. Ivy walks over to Kilina's side "Oh, you're finally awake. You've been out for days." "For days? No, I saw Kisandra! What happened to me?" Kilina asks worried "Your sister? That will just be the medicine talking your sister is dead" "But I swear she was there I... I saw her... She was standing there, I ran towards her and the next thing I know I'm here!" "I found you out cold on the floor, your left eye was glowing, it appears a shard of Soul Edge has imbedded its self with your body" Ivy states. "Soul... Soul Edge is in me? Is that why my eye no longer aches?" "Yes, now seems that you're awake I want to see how much strength you have!" Ivy draws her blade, the battle begins:

  • Battle 6 (2 out of 3 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Ivy
  • Opponent: Kilina

Kilina falls to the floor weakened. "Hmm... You're still not strong enough to leave yet, you must stay here" Kilina stands up "NOO! I can do this, I have to find Klymene, I will fight you again if I must!" "Fine, lets go". The battle begins:

  • Battle 7 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
  • Opponent: Ivy

"I knew I could do this! Thank you for healing me Ivy, but I have to find my niece now, and the swords!" Kilina is about to run off "Wait! Be careful, having Soul Edge in your body can be dangerous! Don't pursue the swords, if you come into contact will Soul Edge you could die!" Kilina looks at Ivy "that's a risk I'm willing to take" Kilina turns away from Ivy "before you leave Kilina I must tell you, I heard that Kilik is somewhere in central Spain. Go there to find him and you'll be a step closer to finding Edge Master and your niece" "Thank you" Kilina leaves.

Episode 9 - A step Closer Part 1.

After searching for days Kilina finally got to central Spain. She's deep in the forest after hearing that Kilik has been sighted in a secret cave there. "This damn cave has to be around here somewhere!". Kilina carries on forward but takes a wrong turn, she ends up on a beach "damn it! this is right!" Kilina sits in the sand by the sea gazing out at the ocean something catches her eye "What's that? A ship?" Kilina hears thunder and jumps up, a storm is rolling in past the ship. It begins to porn down with rain, the sky turns grey and lighting fills the skys. Kilina looks over at the ship "I wonder?..." she jumps into the sea and swims towards the ship. Upon getting to the ship she climbs on board a bullet flies past Kilina's face just missing her "What the?..." standing in front of her is Cervantes "What are you doing on my ship, leave now!" Cervantes shoots another bullet at Kilina, angered at Cervantes shooting her Kilina attacks him. The battle begins:

Cervantes lays on the floor out cold. "Next time, don't mess with someone you don't know. This ship was a waste of time" Kilina is about to leave, as she turns around she falls to the floor grabbing her head in pain "Urgh, wha?..." her left eye glows red, she turns around quickly and sees another shard of Soul Edge on the ground. She runs over to the fragment and picks it up "I know Ivy told me to stay away from Soul Edge, but if collecting these shards help me restore you at all and locate Edge Master... Then I will collect you" Kilina leaves with the fragment in hand.

Episode 10 - A step Closer Part 2.

Off the ship and back in the forest Kilina is still searching for the cave. Feeling more powerful and confident she carries on forward. Her eye begins to glow again, Kilina follows the glow and comes across the Penitentiary of Destiny the cave she has been searching for. "Yes this must be it! Thank you Soul Edge!" Kilina enters the cave. "Hello, Kilik are you here?" Kilina gets no response, she continues on through the cave and discovers a raft "okay, I have to see where this leads" she jumps onto the raft and out of nowhere Kilik jumps out. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" Kilik shouts "I'm Kilina. Are you Kilik? I've been searching for you I need to find Astral Chaos and Edge Master" "I'm sorry but I can't let you past, Astral Chaos is a dangerous place! It infinite and Edge Master tries to keep it from forming with our world which has just recently happened. It cannot happen again" Kilik raises her rod at Kilina "leave at once!" he shouts "I'm sorry Kilik, but I cant do that" the battle begins:

  • Battle 9 (3 out of 5)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
  • Opponent: Kilik

Kilina and Kilik are both tired and weak "Kil... Kilik please, tell me how to get to Astral Chaos!" "I can't do that." Kilina is angry and distraught and launches herself at Kilik "Tell me, NOW!" she strikes Kilik "I can't te..." Kilina strikes him again "of course you can tell me! NOW TELL ME!" "I'm sorry I can't..." Kilik lays on the floor out cold "NO! Damn it you stupid bastard! I need to save my niece don't you understand?" Kilina falls to the floor bawling "I've failed you sis! I'm so sorry!" Kilina eye begins to glow, the entire cave starts shaking "Wha... What's happening" Kilina eye reacts with the statue Kilik built and the shard of Soul Edge she's carrying flies towards it. The statue shakes and begins to crack, through the cracks shine a dark blue light, the statue cracks more and more and then shatters. Behind it is the gate to Astral Chaos...

Episode 11 - Astral Chaos Part 1. Cutscene only.

Kilina stands in shock as she looks at the portal to Astral Chaos "So this is Astral Chaos" she begins to walk towards the portal slowly "okay Kilina you can do this... It's time to save Klymene" Kilina enters the portal and is transported to Astral Chaos. The screen goes black.

"Abelia how long has it been now? It feels like we've been searching for Kilina for months" Kisandra asks worried "Its only been a week, we're close to finding her now I can feel it! I heard she was looking for the Penitentiary of Destiny in central Spain if we find that place we'll be closer to finding Kilina!". "I hope so.." Kisandra sounds worried about her sister, she looks down to the floor... "So don't you remember anything else yet?" asks Abelia "No... I wish I did, maybe something from my past would help" "How about your daughter?" "What did you just say?" Kisandra looks angry "your daughter..." "I HAVE A DAUGHTER? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THIS YOU KNOW IVE LOST MY MEMORY!" Kisandra is furious! "I.. I'm sorry I thought..." "Never mind, we'll look for her first I'm sure she will know where Kilina is! What's her name?" "her name is Klymene. "Klymene... Well lets go!" Kisandra is eager to leave! "I don't think we should go looking for her right now, we're so close to finding Kilina why go a different way now?" Kisandra stops to think. "You go to Spain and try and find the cave, I'll head elsewhere and try to find as much information as I can on my daughter!" Abelia runs up to Kisandra and hugs her "be careful. I'm not losing you again" Kisandra smiles and leaves.

Episode 12 - Kilina.

In Spain Abelia comes across the Penitentiary of Destiny in ruins. "What happened here?" she walks through the rubble and feels a strange power, she looks around and sees that pieces of the rubble are floating and a purple glow is in the air covering the room. "Oh no, what the hell happened here? Is this... Astral Chaos?" Abelia panics "No! How is this happening I must warn Kisandra!". Abelia leaves to find Kisandra.

Kisandra is in the southwestern region of the Roman Empire hoping to find answers about her daughter. "Why can't I remember anything, I have to. Finding my daughter and Kilina is vital!". Kisandra wonders around searching until a familiar face catches her eye, its Elysium. "Is that?..." Kisandra runs towards her "You!" "Me?" Kisandra falls to the floor holding her head in pain, she remembers more. A flashback is shown "Please Elysium you have to let me go! I have a family a daughter! Please I beg of you!" "You cannot leave this place its impossible" states Elysium "Well why did you bring me here? To stay here for all eternity?" "I saved your life you should be thankful!" "I'm getting out of here even if it kills me!" Elysium becomes angry "YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE!" Elysium brings pillars down from the sky and surrounds Kisandra in them. "You shall rot there forever!". The flashback ends. Kisandra stands up "You're the one who trapped me in Utopia of the Blessed years ago! You wouldn't let me leave!" Kisandra strikes Elysium and the battle begins:

Sophitia is laying on the floor unconscious. "That'll... Wait, that sword & shield I don't remember her having that" Kisandra grabs her head in pain and remembers more. An image is shown. "I am Elysium, I am the living incarnation of the spirit sword Soul Calibur". The image disappears. "Soul Calibur, but that's not... Oh no, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to harm you! Please wake up" Kisandra leans over Sophitia's side. "I hurt an innocent person.." Kisandra stands up and behind her is Abelia. "Kisandra, you'll never guess where Kilina is!" "You found her?" Kisandra asks excitedly "Kisandra she's... In Astral Chaos."

Episode 13 - Astral Chaos Part 2.

"Astral Chaos? What is that?" asks Kisandra. "Astral Chaos is an alternate dimension and the final resting place of souls which have been devoured by Soul Edge. The core of Astral Chaos, the "Star of Chaos", is surrounded by multiple souls which have blended together." "So, are you telling me Kilina's soul has been devoured" Kisandra looks worried, Abelia puts her head down "Maybe, but when I was in Spain I managed to find the Penitentiary of Destiny and inside it looked like Astral Chaos was coming into our world. There may be a portal there that leads to Astral Chaos" "Well then, I'm going there to find my sister!" Kisandra walks away. "No! You cant its too dangerous! I cant lose you again! Astral Chaos is infinite, you could get trapped in there it will be impossible to find Kilina now!" "NO! I have lost everything, if this is my chance of finding my sister I'm taking it! She will know where Klymene is! And I need you to stay here Abelia to continue looking for Klymene. I know a man named Siegfried he may help you" Abelia gives Kisandra a sad look. "Everything will be fine Abelia don't worry" Kisandra turns around and leaves.

Kisandra arrives at Spain and finds the cave, the entrance of the cave is beaming with light, Astral Chaos has expanded further into the real world. "Okay Kisandra you can do this, its time to see your sister" Kisandra walks into the cave and is transported to Astral Chaos. The screen goes black.

"Okay, Kilina you're here. Now all you have to do is find Edge Master wherever he'll be in this place..." Kilina is floating around in Astral Chaos hoping to find Edge Master and her Niece. Kilina's eye begins to glow once again, Astral Chaos starts shaking, rifts appear throughout the entire Astral plain, the shard of Soul Edge in Kilina is reacting with the Astral world. All the shards off Soul Edge appear and build up together forming Inferno. The battle begins:

  • Battle 11 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
  • Opponent: Inferno

Kilina manages to strike Inferno one last time, thinking she's won she stands there weak. But it is not over. Inferno stands back up an attempts to kill Kilina only he is stopped by Edge Master. The battle begins:

  • Battle 12 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Edge Master
  • Opponent: Inferno

Episode 14 - Edge Master

Inferno flies up into the air, his body twist, and a loud roar is heard. Inferno blows up and from him falls Soul Edge which falls from Astral Chaos into the real world. Edge Master stands there watching Soul Edge disappear. "How... How did you do that?" Kilina asks "I am Edge Master, I know all there is to know about fighting. I have mastered everything". Kilina stands in shock "Do... Do you know where my niece is?" "Yes, she is somewhere here, among the Astral Chaos. But your fate upon finding her is inevitable" Kilina looks scared. "Why? What happens to me? Isn't there anything I can do to save her? To stop all this from happening?" "There is one thing..." Edge Master pulls out a strange looking amulet "This amulet has the power to travel thorough time. It will tell you when certain events will happen in the time period you are in" Kilina grins "Seriously? I can travel through time? With this, I will be able to save my sister! This will stop any of this from happening!" "Yes, but choose wisely as you can only choose one date to travel to then you can only come back to this time no further! Astral Chaos itself spreads across every time period from here you can go anywhere but it is extremely dangerous and many souls get lost!" Kilina looks at the amulet and her surroundings "I'm ready to save my sister Edge Master! And I know just what time period I should go too!" "Well then I wish you good luck" Kilina grabs the amulet, a white flash is then seen engulfing her. She disappears. The screen goes black.

Kisandra is in Astral Chaos. "Wow!" she says as she's looking around "Kilina I hope you're here, I just want to end this madness" Kisandra floats around Astral Chaos hoping to find some clue of Kilina or even Klymene. "This is impossible, I have been floating around for hours... Oh Kilina will I ever find you?" Kisandra is losing hope, thinking that entering Astral Chaos was a mistake. "Wait a second" Kisandra glances over and in the distance sees a giant circular platform "That place... Where have I seen it?" Kisandra floats closer and closer to the platform until she lands on it. Its the Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy. Upon landing on it she groans and grabs her head "urgh... I... I have been somewhere similar..." Images flash on screen. They show the battle her and Kilina Ω had 17 years ago on a very familiar stage the Tower of Remembrance - Degradation. The images stop. "I remember now! I fought Kilina somewhere like this years ago! Except she was..." "Malfested" a deep mans voice says. "Who.. Who are you? Stay out of my way!" "I am the mighty Algol. Be crushed small human!" Algol attacks Kisandra and the battle begins:

  • Battle 13 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Algol

Episode 15 - An unknown Face.

"You... Are a strong soul" Algol lays defeated on the ground. Sweating and out of breath Kisandra stands there "Uh... That was a challenge.. Now, I have to find Kilina and my daughter!" "Your daughter is here" Kisandra turns around and standing there is Edge Master "What? You have my daughter?! Please give her back to me!" "No, I don.." "DONT LIE TO ME!!" Kisandra launches towards Edge Master! "What are you doing?" Edge Master shouts "Where is my daughter, give her back to me I know you have her!" Kisandra attacks him again "I don't have her!" Kisandra is angry "YES YOU DO!" She strikes Edge Master again. The battle starts:

  • Battle 14 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Edge Master

Kisandra manages to defeat Edge Master "You may be skilled young warrior, but you are still no match" Edge Master stands up and strikes Kisandra, she flies across the platform and over the edge. "Ahhh, urgh" Kisandra grabs onto the side of the platform and Edge Master walks over to her "A determined soul... Your soul is very powerful." Edge Master stretches out his hand and helps Kisandra up "Thanks" Kisandra says "But please, you said my daughter is here. Tell me where she is I beg you!" Kisandra cries "Your daughter, Klymene is here... In Astral Chaos... She could be anywhere, Astral Chaos spreads across every time plain its infinite." Kisandra falls to her knees "No, please I have to find her! Don't you know this place well?" Edge Master thinks for a moment "I can become one with the Astral Chaos, but this requires heavy meditation and ultimate concentration.. I must not be disturbed" "Please, anything that will help me find my daughter!" "Okay, follow me" Edge Master leads Kisandra to the Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil. "What is this place? Kisandra asks "this is the spiral of good and evil, created by Algol whom you just defeated" Kisandra cant stop gazing at everything. "Before I start meditating I need you to test your skills, if I can find her you need to have great skill to get to her" Edge Master says a magical chant and in front of Kisandra's eyes a unknown person appears. Leandra Scott a powerful woman, a legend. The battle begins:

Episode 16 - Klymene.

"You have proved yourself worthy" Leandra disappears. "Who was she?" Kisandra asks Edge Master "She was a powerful soul, she has battled many, and with her strong will managed to come out of the darkest depths" Kisandra stands confused, not quite knowing who she battled "Oh?.. Well, did I prove myself" "You did, I shall now meditate do not disturb me. Disturbance could destroy Astral Chaos and the mortal realm." Edge Master sits and meditates.

Back on Earth Abelia is in a struggle against Tira. Astral Chaos has engulfed half of the Earth, and the malfested are killing anyone who stands in there way off finding Soul Edge. The battle begins:

  • Battle 16 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Abelia
    • Weapon:
  • Opponent: Tira

"Urgh, you irritate me!" Tira states. "I can't let you stand in my way of helping my friend!" Abelia attacks Tira but she manages to dodge her. "Gotta be faster than that if you want to hit me!" Tira swivels her ring blade around and jumps away. Abelia looks and watches her leave "Damn, Kisandra I hope you're okay" Abelia looks up at the sky filled with Astral Chaos. While she's looking up she spots something heading down "What the?" a person is slowly descending from the sky and lands right in front of Abelia. "Who are you state your name?" Abelia asks "I.. I'm Kly..." a huge explosion is heard and both women jump! More of the Astral Chaos is engulfing Earth. "Oh no!" Screams can be heard and the screen turns black.

Episode 17 - 1590 A.D

Kilina arrives in the past, 17 years ago. It's the year 1590 A.D, Kilina is in Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room. "Yes, I did it! I cant believe I did it! Now lets see" Kilina looks at the amulet "It appears I haven't been malfested yet... All I have to do is find Nightmare! If I find him I can stop my past self from getting Soul Edge and I will save the future!" Kilina goes looking for Nightmare and to put an end to her hellish future. Before she leaves someone stands in her way... Hilde. "Oh damn not you" Kilina says to herself "You again! This time I will defeat you" Hilde shouts "No Hilde please I need to find..." "SILENCE!" Hilde strikes Kilina, the battle begins:

Hilde stands, but is weak "I cant let you pursue Soul Edge please give up" "I'm not pursuing Soul Edge Hilde you have to listen to m..." Hilde strikes Kilina, she flies across the room and hits the floor going unconscious. Hilde leaves. The screen goes black.

Kilina wakes up and looks at her amulet "No! Time is almost up! I have to find Nightmare now! I know just where he'll be" Kilina stands up and runs to Tower of Remembrance - Encounter. Upon arriving she sees Nightmare "Yes, at last! Time to put an end to this" with no hesitation Kilina runs at Nightmare. The battle begins:

"Yes I did... It" Kilina collapses from being too weak. A powerful wind blows and Kilina's body flies across the platform over the edge. She lands on a ledge below the stage.

Episode 18 - Kilina Ω

Kilina wakes up and immediately checks her amulet "DAMN IT! YOU BASTARD NIGHTMARE!! IM TOO LATE!!" Kilina screams "Wait... I... I haven't fought against Kisandra yet! If I find myself I'll be able to stop this! I only have 10 minutes before I reach Kisandra I must leave now!" Kilina jumps up and runs. Kilina reaches the top of the tower and encounters herself.. Her brutal self. "Oh my god..." Kilina stands in shock as she sees how deadly she was malfested "How could I have been so stupid to do this to myself?" Kilina Ω looks over at Kilina she screams and launches towards her. "Ah, you're strong" Kilina says. Kilina Ω wont stop attacking, Kilina continuously dodges her attacks. "No, Kisandra is about to arrive I have to do this quick!" Kilina impacts Kilina Ω's attack and the battle begins:

  • Battle 19 (3 our of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
  • Opponent: Kilina Ω

Kilina has weakened Kilina Ω, she strikes her one last time and Kilina Ω goes flying across the stage, Soul Edge flies out of her hand and her body lands on the floor "Yes I did it". The screen turns black.

Episode 19 - α Kisandra.

Suddenly Kisandra appears. "Kilina you're okay sis!... Wait..." Kisandra turns around and sees the previous Kilina Ω laying on the floor "What have you done? You're not my sister who are!" Kisandra raises her sword and shield "Wait Kisandra I am your sister I'm from the future" "The future? Don't lie to me! Tell me who you are!" Kisandra is angry "I am telling you.. I AM YOUR SISTER!" Kisandra is enraged "Urgh, that's it!" Kisandra attacks Kilina the battle begins:

  • Battle 20 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: α Kisandra
  • Opponent: Kilina

Kisandra defeats Kilina and her amulet flies and hits the ground smashing into pieces! "NO! What have you done! Kisandra you fool!" The world begins to shake, the tower starts crumbling. The screen goes black and screams can be heard.

Episode 20 - Astral Chaos Part 3. Cutscene Only

Back in the present time. "What is that? Edge Master the world is shaking!" Kisandra asks panicked, Edge Master is too far in a trance and doesn't wake up. "What am I supposed to do now?" Suddenly Edge Master awakens "URGGGGGH" startled Kisandra jumps back "Wha... What's wrong?!" "Space and time, its ruined the amulet was destroyed, Kilina is..." "What? you know my sister? Where is she?!" Kisandra screams "She went back in time to save you but something has went wrong, the amulet has been destroyed the world is doomed! Space and time as we know it is going to collapse in on itself!" Edge Master shouts! "What are you saying? We're all going to die?" "No, we're all getting erased from time! That amulet was a core part of Astral Chaos, the controller of space and time itself with that destroyed our fate is inevitable!" "No, there has to be a way to stop this!" Kisandra states "But there isn't!" "No, there is" Kisandra runs off. Edge Master look down "It's too late" he sits on the ground as the entire room is sucked into a vortex, along with himself. The screen goes black.

Down on Earth things are just as bad. "You're Klymene? Kisandra's daughter?" asks Abelia "YES! My Mother died years ago!" "Your mothers not dead! she alive! we have to find her before the earth is destroyed!" Abelia grabs Klymene and the pair run. "She's alive? But how?" "No time to explain just run faster! Wait, what's that" "This?" Klymene pulls out Soul Calibur "I jumped into Astral Chaos a few weeks ago to search for this! I found it, that's why I managed to escape from Astral Chaos!" "Your Mother has went there looking for you! We have to find her NOW!" Abelia grabs Klymene's arm and attempts to run. "You don't have to look no further" Kisandra is standing there "MOTHER!" Klymene runs towards Kisandra with tears flowing from her face "Klymene my daughter! I have missed you so!" the pair hug each other tightly "Listen, Klymene darling where is Soul Calibur I need it!" Klymene pulls out Soul Calibur from behind her "Here!" Klymene hands Soul Calibur over to her mother "Kisandra, you're not doing what I think you're going to do are you?" Abelia asks "I'm sorry, I must!" "No, you could get trapped again!" "Abelia, we don't have time for this, Astral Chaos has been completely absorbed into nothingness unless I do this we're all going to be erased from time!" Kisandra explains "But Kisan..." a loud bang is heard the vortex has reached Earth! "No, its here run!" the trio run "Ahh" Abelia trips "Abelia NO! Hold on!" the vortex is too strong, sucking everything in destroying everything. "I... I cant keep hold!" "DONT LET GO ABELIA!!!" Kisandra screams "I'm sorry Kisandra" the vortex is too powerful and Abelia is sucked into it "NOOOOO!" Kisandra screams and cries "Mother please come on! I cant lose you again!" Klymene runs and grabs Kisandra. The screen goes black.

"I think we'll be safe here for a little while" Kisandra says "Now darling, I need your help"

Episode 21 - The Inevitable! Cutscene Only.

"What mother? What do you need?" Kisandra pulls out Soul Edge and hands Klymene Soul Calibur "We must combine these two together" "But why?" asks Klymene "I cant explain right now but we must!" Klymene looks scared "Okay mother..." Klymene raises Soul Calibur in the air, Kisandra grabs Soul Edge... She strikes the sword right through Soul Calibur! "Mother?!" Klymene screams, the world begins to shake more. Blue and red electric light emits from the swords and a portal opens between the rift "Klymene you stay here, I'm going to sort this out!" Kisandra is about to go through the portal "Mother wait!... I love you" Kisandra smiles "I love you too" Kisandra jumps through the portal. The screen shimmers red and blue then turns black.

Kisandra jumps out the other side of the portal, she time traveled 17 years into the past. She looks around and see half of the time period has already been erased. "Okay, I have to find Kilina!" Kisandra runs off. "Kilina has to be around here somewhere!" Kisandra continues on forward, she manages to climb the remains of the Tower of Remembrance and reaches the top... The Tower of Remembrance - Degradation. Up there is Kilina, the past Kilina, and the past version of herself! "Kilina!" "Kisandra you're alive!" Kilina runs towards her sister the pair hug "I have missed you so sis!" Kilina says "You too Kilina! Now, where is that amulet!" Kilina turns around and show Kisandra that shattered remains of the amulet "What are we supposed to do sis? The world is disappearing!" asks Kilina "I.. I.. Wait... Younger me do you still have Soul Calibur?" the younger Kisandra nods "and younger Kilina do you still have Soul Edge?" "It's over there" Kisandra runs over to it and picks it up she grabs Soul Calibur off her younger self too. "Right Kilina get the shards of the amulet" Kilina gets the shards and brings them over too Kisandra. "Okay, I call upon you Soul Calibur, I call upon you Soul Edge" the two swords start emitting electric "restore this amulet! Restore the world!" the world begins to shake, the two swords fly up into the air, the pieces of the amulet begin floating and emit a bright green light "Kisandra what's going on?" asks Kilina. "I don't know I think... I think the amulet is being restored" the two swords and the amulet spin around together and merge together... "What?!" Kisandra shouts. The sky fills with lightening, the vortex begins to swallow up the sky. "NO! Why is this happening!" Kisandra screams! "Quick, follow me!" Kisandra shouts and Kilina and the younger version of the sisters follow. The screen goes black.

The four girls jump through and end up back in the present "Klymene!" Kilina shouts "Oh Kilina I'm so sorry I left to go into Astral Chaos!". "Klymene, we're in trouble the past in completely gone now I don't know..." Kisandra is interrupted by the Earth shaking! "Sis... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Kilina points to the sky.

Episode 22 - Night Terror

Kilina points to the sky, a giant creature is flying down it lands right in front of everyone! "WHAT IS THAT?" Kisandra screams? "MOM!" Klymene screams! the creature grabs Kisandra and throws her at the wall she goes unconscious. "Hey buddy, no one hurts my sister!" Kilina attempts to fight the creature. The battle begins:

The creature is too powerful, Kilina barley scratched it! The creature hits Kilina and she flies against the wall, immediately going unconscious. "No, no, no!" Klymene runs to her mothers side "Mom please wake up, you have to wake up please!" Kisandra begins to open her eyes "Thank god, Mom!" Kisandra gets up "Urgh, Kilina! What happened to her!" Kisandra asks "The creature!" Klymene says "That's it! I hate violence, but this is too much!" Kisandra attempts to fight the creature. The battle begins:

  • Battle 22 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Night Terror

"Urgh, I cant do it!" Kisandra falls to the ground, the earth begins to shake more the vortex begins to get closer. The creature attacks the younger version of the sisters and they fly against the wall. "No, no!" Klymene screams "Klymene, you.. You have to do this... You're our... Last Hope" Kisandra's eyes close.. "But.. I can't! I'm not as strong as you or Kilina... I can't!" the creature attacks Klymene and she blocks its attack "I guess I have to do this... I am everyone's Last Hope.."

Episode 23 - Last Hope

Klymene grabs her sword and shield and fearfully attacks the creature. "I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS! FOR YOU MOTHER! FOR YOU KILINA! FOR THE WORLD!!" The battle begins:

  • Battle 23 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
  • Opponent: Night Terror

Klymene delivers a powerful blow to the creature which sends it down "Yes, I can do this!" Something sparks in Klymene "I feel a spark, it's just a spark, but its enough to keep me going!" Klymene filled with confidence runs towards the creature screaming "I WILL KILL YOU!!!" Klymene strikes the creature right where the amulet is, she pushes the sword deeper into the creature. A loud roar emits from the creature, the walls around the platform begin to break the world shakes more than ever, the vortex is even closer. The creature with one last roar explodes into nothingness. The amulet floats down from its body and into Klymene's hands. Exhausted Klymene collapses. Klymene wakes up to her mother panicking "Klymene, Klymene wake up!" Kisandra shouts "Ugh.. Is... Is it over" Klymene asks "No its not, get up! quick!" Klymene jumps up "What's happening?" she asks "The vortex is still here we need to leave right now!" Kisandra says! "Kilina quick use the amulet and take us back 17 years ago, there's only one way this can be fixed!" Kilina grabs the amulet and turns it back, they all go back in time 17 years ago.

Episode 24 - The Final Hope

"Now Kisandra tell me, why did we have to come here!" Kilina asks "Because... The only way to fix everything is..." Kisandra is interrupted by a loud roar "What? How is that here again?" Kilina asks shocked. Night Terror jumps down from the sky. "That's it, this is ending NOW!" Kilina, Kisandra, Klymene, and the two younger version of the sisters attempt to defeat Night Terror once and for all. The final battle begins:

  • Battle 24 (5 out of 1 round)
  • Playable Character: Young Kisandra, Young Kilina, Klymene, Kilina, and Kisandra (1 round each)
  • Opponent: Night Terror Ultimate

"That's it!" says young Kisandra "Its time!" says young Kilina "For you!" says Klymene "To finally!" says Kilina "Die you bastard!" says Kisandra. All five women strike Night Terror one last time, their swords begin to emit electric light, Night Terror roars and finally. He explodes, all the women fly backwards all that is left of Night Terror is Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. All the women stand up and cheer! "We did it!" shouts Klymene she runs to hug her mother. Kisandra's face is said "What's the matter Mom, we did it!" Kisandra looks away and a tear is seen falling from her eye "Look up at the sky, its not over yet... There's only one way for this to truly be over..." "And what's that sis?" Kisandra looks down "I have..... To die." The screen goes black.

Episode 25 - A New Light Ending

"What the hell do you mean you have to die?!" Kilina asks angered "But Mom, you can't I've just only met you and... I can't lose you again!" Klymene cries "Sis, you cant do this! There has to be another way!" Kilina begins to cry. Kisandra looks down "If there was any other way I would take it! I love you both... But this has still not ended, space and time has not went back to normal! Because I'm not supposed to be here right now, I'm not supposed to be apart of your time!" Kisandra cries harder "I'm so sorry" Kisandra grabs Soul Edge "Mom please no!". Young Kisandra steps in "She's right, well I'm right! We have to die.. If we're not supposed to be in your time then we're messing with space and time.. We have to do this... Klymene, my daughter its great to see that you grow into an amazing young women" Klymene hugs younger Kisandra. "Klymene my daughter, I never got to see you grow up but I always felt you there with me while I was in Utopia of the Blessed and I will always be in your heart" Kisandra grabs her daughter and hugs her, crying her eyes out. "Kilina, sis... I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me.. But I always heard you calling for me.. I love you sis!" Kilina grabs her sister and hugs her, bawling. "I can't believe I'm losing you again" Kilina says. The two Kisandra's say their last goodbyes to their family. They take up their swords and stab themselves together. Klymene and Kilina scream "Nooo Mom!" Kilina grabs Klymene close and covers her eyes. Red and blue electric energy spiral out of the swords into the sky swirling around together. The sky returns to normal and the world begins to rebuild its self. Kilina and Klymene walk into the electric energy and return to their own time. The screen goes black.

"Huh, where are we?" Kilina awakens confused? Her and Klymene where transported to Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil in Astral Chaos. "What are we doing here?" Kilina asks. Standing before her and Klymene is Edge Master "You restored space and time everything is fixed and back to normal. No one will remember any of this happening. It's as if nothing ever happened." "Well that's great for everyone else! But I'm left without a Mother still! After everything we've been through, all the things me and Kilina did to keep my Mother is gone!" Klymene begins to cry again "Your Mother is a savior." Edge Master states "Yeah, that no one will even remember" Kilina says angrily. "Your sister Kilina, your Mother Klymene, was a brave women, she had a pure soul... A pure strong soul that survives a lot and will always find her" Kilina looks interested "Wha... What are you saying?" "I'm saying that, Kisandra is still..." Edge Master is interrupted "Right here!" Kisandra says. "MOM!" "SIS!" Klymene and Kilina run over to her and hug her "But how?" asks Kilina "Like I said, she has a pure, powerful soul, and a family who loves her dearly." says Edge Master. "Now, go home and enjoy the rest of your lives together!" Kisandra looks sad "What about Abelia? Is she alive?" Kisandra asks "Yes. But she wont remember anything" Edge Master says "Oh..." Kilina looks confused "Abelia? I thought we..." "It's a long story" Kisandra says "Well, you have all the time in the world to tell it Kisandra" Edge Master smiles "Now go, the two swords will stay here with me... Oh and Kilina.. I found this" Edge Master hands Kilina her old sword and shield to her Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield "Wow. Thank you!" The trio leave Astral Chaos and Edge Master seals Soul Edge and Soul Calibur away.

Back on Earth the trio are heading home. "Wow, its so good to be home" Kisandra states. She opens the door and standing there is Abelia. "ABELIA?!" "Kisandra!" the pair hug "But, Edge Master said..!" "I know, but I guess he didn't want me to forget" Kisandra smiles and hugs Abelia once again. "Hi Kilina" Kilina looks at Abelia... "I'VE MISSED YOU!" Kilina runs over to her and hugs her! Klymene looks confused "Will someone please explain who she is?" Klymene asks Kisandra and Kilina laugh "Well we do have all the time in the world!" Music starts to play and we see the four of them sitting around the fireplace supposedly telling Klymene everything there is to know about Abelia and their lives. The screen fades to black and the text dialogue says:

The family was restored proving that the strongest power comes from the soul. And with a bit of love and faith, you can achieve anything. A new light shines upon the family

The credits then roll.


A post credit scene is played. A silhouette of a woman with huge wings is seen, she appears to be in Astral Chaos. She is heard laughing and then says "Enjoy the peace while you can Kilina.. Because I'm right here!" the woman lets out an evil laugh and the screen fades to black.



  • Kilina appears on the Playstation 3 cover art associated with Soul Edge.
  • Kisandra appears on the Xbox 360 cover art associated with Soul Calibur.
  • Klymene appears on the Wii U cover art associated with Soul Embrace.
  • Oddly Kilina wears her 2P in story mode expect for the intro.
    • Also, her 2P outfit was used for promotional material like posters and trailers.
    • Kilina's 2P outfit is the same as her 2P outfit from Soulcalibur V except it is in her usual 1P colours and she has her hair down. It also has some slight modifications.
  • Leandra Scott is a character created by SoulGauger she has a cameo appearance in episode 15 as a boss fight.
  • All DLC from Soulcalibur V can be transferred to this game.
  • There are 27 characters to play as plus three extra characters who appear in the story.
    • The three extra characters are only playable in the story and in no other mode.
    • There are six none playable returning characters who are bosses in the game plus one new character who also appears as a boss, equaling 37 characters in the game all together.
  • All the characters/styles that are not playable in the game or playable in one mode only can be modded into the game.
  • This game uses the same engine as the one used in Soulcalibur V.
  • The sequel to this game is called Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light.


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Critical reception of Soulcalibur Astral Swords has been generally positive. The game has been rated and reviewed by members
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SoulGauger's review of this game was positive. He praised the episodes and the character roster, he was pleased to see new characters and older characters from the classic Soulcalibur games. He praised the art and the teaser poster. He says about this game "This first installment in the Astral series is a good one as the episodes are well created as well as the character roster. I like the new characters and even the older one are to be seen here. The art of Astral Swords *the teaser* is well made, so are the covers. As I said before the episodes where well thought through from the start till the end!".

Pyrrha Omega's review of this game was positive. Omega praised the story mode and enjoyed Tira's plot for revenge on Patroklos (which is focused on more in her Arcade mode). Omega also praised the fact that the game is on an Nintendo console. The only criticism Omega had was the fact that Just Guards where removed. Omega's final score was 8/10.

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