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Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light

A New Light PS3

A New Light Xbox360

A New Light Wii U

Developer(s) Project Soul
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U
Released JP September 7th, 2015
NA September 10, 2015
EU September 10, 2015
Genre(s) Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Ratings CERO: D
ESRB: T (Teen)
PEGI: 16
Media Blu-ray Disc, DVD-DL
Input methods Gamepad
Soulcalibur Astral Swords
Soulcalibur: Rise of Omega - Back in Time (Chronologically)
Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny
Soulcalibur:The Spirit Lineage (Chronologically)

Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light (ソウルキャリバーアストラルソード - ニューライト, Sourukyaribāasutorarusōdo - nyūraito) is the sequel to Soulcalibur Astral Swords, second game in the fan Astral series of fighting game and second game in the Astral Swords Trilogy. It takes place immediately after the post credit scene from the previous game.


The game begins immediately after the events of Soulcalibur Astral Swords and continues three years later. The majority of the game takes place in September 1610. After a shard of Soul Edge embedded itself into Kilina her wound ceased to ache, but the effect of Soul Edge and the essence she collected with each shard she picked up started to change her, and now a new evil is after Kilina. A new character known as "The Winter Soldier" is after Kilina so that she can fulfill her true destiny with Soul Edge.

Kilina must try to keep her sanity, fight an internal battle with Soul Edge, otherwise her family will have no choice but to fight against her. Kisandra, Klymene, & Abelia team up with Leandra Scott to try and defeat "The Winter Soldier" - who Leandra has faced before - and stop her from collecting Kilina. But the warriors will be shocked when they find out who the person ordering "The Winter Soldier" about is... The true evil of Astral Chaos...

Will Kilina be able to keep her sanity? Or will Soul Edge take over her body and make her defect to Astral Chaos to work with the true evil and fulfill her evil destiny?


Playable Characters

Returning Characters
Klymene Cassaventes (Klymeneカサヴェテス, Klymene kasavu~etesu) is now 20 years old. She had a major appearance change having whole new attire, clothing colours, and has also had a hair cut. Her voice is pitched differently. Her aunt Kilina is going insane and Klymene must work with her Mother and friends to help overcome the evil trying to take Kilina. Klymene must be brave, she has to save her aunt, especially after all that Kilina has done for her. Entitled "She who must be brave".

Kisandra Cassaventes (Kisandraカサヴェテス, Kisandra kasavu~etesu) is the Mother to Klymene and older sister to Kilina. She is now 39 years old. She has new attire and has a new colour scheme of red. Coming back from the "dead" Kisandra was happy to be home, but now her family is in peril. Kilina is going insane, and "The Winter Soldier" wants her. Kisandra fights alongside her daughter and friends to save Kilina, defeat "The Winter Soldier" and the evil residing in Astral Chaos. Kisandra will do anything to keep her family safe, she has been gone for 17 years and she refuses to let anyone harm her family. She will not let harm come to her sister! Entitled "She who protects her family".

Kilina Cassaventes (キリナカサヴェテス, Kirinakasavu~etesu) is the younger sister to Kisandra and the aunt of Klymene. She is now 36, coming up to her 37th Birthday. Her body is beginning to stop aging due to the effects of Soul Edge inside her and she has not physically changed much. She has new attire and has a new colour scheme of dark magenta. She now has pink-red eyes due to Soul Edge. Kilina is beginning to go insane due to Soul Edge taking over more and more of her body, losing her mind Kilina starts turning evil, becoming malfested. Getting chased by a mystery woman only known as "The Winter Soldier" she doesn't know what to do. Running from her family and friends Kilina tries to get away but as Soul Edge manipulates her body will she be able to win the internal battle with Soul Edge? Or will she be forced to defect to evil? Kilina must keep fighting to save herself! Entitled "She who must keep fighting".

Leandra Carolyn Scott (リーンドラーキャロリン·スコット, Rindora Kyarorin· Sukotto) is a character created by SoulGauger. She made a small appearance in Soulcalibur Astral Swords when Kisandra must face her to test her strength. Leandra teams up with Kisandra, Klymene, and Abelia to help them save Kilina as Kilina once helped her. Fighting to save a friend Leandra will stop at nothing... But will she be strong enough to fight the evil lurking in Astral Chaos and possibly Kilina herself? Knowing the effects of Astral Chaos, the strength of "The Winter Soldier", and what Soul Edge can do to a person Leandra prepares herself for a battle that will test every inch of her strength and will.

Abelia Schillfelt (アベリア・シルフェルト Aberia Shiruferuto?) after reuniting with her old friends Abelia stayed with them and has decided to slow down in her life and take a easy... But that isn't what she got, as the Cassaventes family is in peril. Abelia must help Kisandra & Klymene save Kilina who is falling into insanity. Teaming up with Leandra Scott they need all the help they can get as the true evil of Astral Chaos is right around the corner.

Pyrrha Alexandra (ピュラーアレクサンドラ, Pyurāarekusandora) is the daughter to Sophitia and sister to Patroklos. She returns in this installment wielding a sword & shield in battle. She has a new hairstyle similar to her 2P hair from Soulcalibur V except it now has her 1P hair clip in it instead of a crown of thorns.

Amy Sorel (エイミ, Eimi) is the adopted daughter to Raphael. She looks older but her age is still unknown. She fights using her typical rapier. She has whole new attire and a hairstyle similar to Tira from Soulcalibur V. After years of being missing Amy returned after Astral Chaos started to merge with Earth. She is now on a journey to reunite with her father Raphael.

Viola (ヴィオラ, Viora) is a young fortune teller. She predicts that Kilina will destroy the world. She is on a journey to stop her. She fights against Kisandra, but is defeated. She has an uncanny resemblance to Amy - who's thought to be her twin sister.

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (イザベラ・バレンタイン - アイヴィー, Izabera Barentain - Aivī) is a mature woman. Only 32, since she stopped aging. She tries to help Kilina and Kisandra restore a friends life. She battles Kisandra upon first meeting her. Ivy is the daughter to the dreaded pirate Cervantes.

Nightmare (ナイトメア, Naitomea) is the living incarnation of Soul Edge. He wields Soul Edge once again. He appears as a boss battle in story mode against The Winter Soldier. In the world where The Winter Soldier is from, Nightmare was her Master.




Sophitia Alexandra


Neve (Aka Setsuka)








New Characters
Janice Barnes (ジャニス·バーンズ, Janisu· bānzu) is a character created by SoulGauger. She is a new character for this game. She is known as The Winter Soldier and does not remember her real name since she had her memory erased by Nightmare. She is working alongside the Evil within Astral Chaos and her mission is to take Kilina to the core of the chaos so she can accept her true fate with Soul Edge.

Millicent (ミリセント, Mirisento) is a strange girl who originates from Astral Chaos. It is unknown how old she is although she looks to be in her early 20's or younger. She is said to wield a ring blade in battle. Her role in the story is being kept secret, all that has been revealed is that she will have a big role in the story and will be trying to protect Kilina.

Alexander (アレクサンダー, Arekusandā) Is a character created by LightningSakura. He is only 20 years old. He met Kisandra a few years ago after she heard about him when she was in Utopia of the Blessed. They bonded very closely and Kisandra became a Mother figure to him. He cares for her very much. as does Kisandra for him. No much is known about his role in the story at the moment. All that is known is that he will assist Kisandra and her family.

Astra is the main antagonist and second-to-last boss of the game.

Non-Playable Characters

Algol is a boss in story mode.

Leandra Ω is a boss in story mode.

Inferno is a boss in story mode.

Kilik is a boss in story mode.

Edge Master is a boss in story mode.

Kilina Ω is the final boss of the game and can be considered the main antagonist.

Kaarina is the Mother to Kisandra and Kilina. She appears in flashback cutscenes during story mode.

Michael is a character created by LightningSakura and serves as a Guardian Angel and sword to Alexander. He appears briefly in a cutscene during story mode.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics of this game are the same as the ones in Astral Swords. There is one new mechanic called Quick Dodge. Quick Dodge is similar to quick step but it must be timed. If you press "22" or "88" to dodge a move at the exact moment it's supposed to hit your character will slightly move the body part that was going to be hit and will automatically get an attack.

Game Modes

  • Offline Play
    • Arcade
    • Quick Battle
    • VS Battle
      • CPU vs. CPU
      • Player vs. Player
      • Player vs. CPU
      • CPU vs. Player
    • Training
  • Online Play (PlayStation Network/Xbox Live/Nintendo Network)
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Story Episodes


It's dark, there are rocks floating everywhere, it's Astral Chaos. A silhouette of a woman with huge wings is seen, she walks out into a blue/purple light. She has pale white skin, giant bat-like purple wings, and she is wearing a black crown. She laughs to herself and says "enjoy the peace while you can Kilina, because I'm right here. Queen Astra of Astral Chaos is coming for you!" She lets out a loud evil laugh. "But how will I get you... Hmm, Millicent get here!" Millicent, a young girl appears out of the shadows, she bows down "yes Mother?" "I need you to go and find the one called "The Winter Soldier" she is the one who can collect Kilina for me", Millicent looks down "But why? Who is Kilina?" Astra looks at her "Don't question my demands! Just do it!" Astra screams. "Yes Mother." Millicent saddened, walks away.

"Mwhahahahahaha, soon Kilina you will be mine!" Astra laughs more and the camera fades to black.

Episode 1 - The Winter Soldier

Millicent travels through Astral Chaos and goes to the main Pathway. She lands and begins to do a spell to summon the Winter Soldier. Millicent picks up a rock that is floating and throws it to the ground, it smashes causing a magical hole to Earth. Millicent continues her spell, a bright purple light comes from the hole and the Winter Soldier appears.

"I am the Winter Soldier! Who are you?" Millicent looks at her "I am Millicent, daughter to the queen of Astral Chaos, and she requires you for a mission" The Winter Soldier looks away insulted "HA! If she want's my services she will have to prove her strength!" Millicent looks displeased "No, you will face me here and now!" Millicent draws her weapon and the pair fight.

  • Battle 1 (2 out of 4 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
  • Opponent: The Winter Soldier
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Winters Revenge

Millicent strikes the Winter Soldier down "yes I win!", the Winter Soldier gets down on one knee "I am at your service" Millicent smiles and teleports herself and the Winter Soldier to Astra.

Episode 2 - Darkened Dreams - Cutscene Only

It has been three years since Kilina, Kisandra, and Klymene fought against Night Terror and saved the world from destruction. For three years the family have lived in peace, but now a new Evil lurks around the corner... And Kilina's subconscious is suffering.

Kilina Ω is standing in Astral Chaos, her friends and family lay on the floor, defeated. Kilina Ω walks over to her sister, Kisandra, who is bleeding on the floor "Finally, after all these years, I can finally collect your Soul... Dear sister!" Kilina Ω strikes at Kisandra.

Kilina awakens from her Nightmare, screaming. Kisandra runs in to her room.
"Kilina! Kilina what's the matter?" Kisandra asks.
"I... I was evil again... Everyone was dead, I... I was about to kill you... I...." Kilina breaks down into tears.
"Shh sis, it was only a dream... Come, I'll lay with you until you sleep again" Kisandra grabs Kilina's hand and lays down with her.

Episode 3 - Training for War

The next day after Kilina's Nightmare. "So, did you sleep well sis?" Kisandra asks standing at Kilina's bedrooom door. "I.... Where's Klymene?" Kilina asks. "Out..Outside. Why? Did you dream of her?" Kisandra looks worried. Kilina hurries past Kisandra "No. She needs more training, I feel something bad is going to happen".
Kisandra grabs Kilina's shoulder and stops her "Kilina... You're acting strange". Kilina looks away "Let me do this." Kilina moves Kisandra's hand of her and hurries outside.

"Hey Klymene" Kilina shouts "You need more training"
"Training? Come on Aunt, I'm not a Teenager anymore"
"Well then, lets put your skills to the test" Kilina pulls out her sword and shield and challenges her Niece.

Kilina knocks Klymene to the floor "See, you need more training." Kilina stops for a second, an image on screen shows the Nightmare she had of Kisandra laying on the ground. Kilina stares at Klymene with evil in her eyes. "Ahh" Kilina falls to the ground holding her head "Aunt!" Klymene shouts.

Episode 4 - She's Breaking - Cutscene Only

In Astral Chaos Astra is watching the incident in the garden with Kilina and Klymene
"Aunt! Aunt, what's the matter?" Klymene shouts.
"Mwhahahaha, yes it's all coming together. She's breaking." Astra laughs. Millicent, standing in the shadows walks out into the purple light "Mother" she gets down on one knee and bows to her Mother "What is it Millicent?! Why are you disturbing me?!"
"Mother, why are you after Kilina? It's been three years since you started your conquest for her... And you haven't told me anything"
"All in good time my dear, for now you don't need to know anything" Astra states sternly,
"But Mother I can help collect her! The Winter Soldier hasn't done anything, she hasn't even attempted anything yet!" Millicent shouts.

"You fool! Do not speak to your Master like that! It is not time yet! You still have a lot to learn" Astra shouts at Millicent
"Master? You're supposed to be my Mother! I'll take Kilina myself" Millicent attempts to storm out, Astra shoots a beam at her that makes her freeze in her tracks
"You are not going anywhere, Daughter" Astra clicks her fingers together and sends Millicent to her chambers. The Winter Soldier walks in to Millicent's throne room.
"Mistress, I overheard you and your daughter. Do you want me to dispose of her?"
"No, I need you to show me your skills once again. Kilina is almost ready to be taken. She is more powerful than she even knows, you must be prepared"
"Hmm, well... I know just who I should battle to test my Ultimate skill... Leandra Scott".

Episode 5 - Leandra Scott

Leandra is sleeping at her home, she tosses and turns as if she's dreaming... Leandra jumps up in a cold sweat, letting out a small scream.
"Ugh, that same Nightmare again" Leandra huffs to herself "Oh Kilina, I hope you're okay!" Leandra says to herself. Images of Kilina passing out in front of Klymene flashes on screen. Suddenly Leandra's room starts shaking
"Wha...What the hell" a giant vortex opens in front of her
"No! Not again" Leandra screams as she's sucked into the vortex.

Leandra wakes up in a cold, dark room. Standing in front of her is The Winter Soldier. Leandra looks up and sees her, she jumps backwards and readies her weapon.
"YOU! Where you the one who brought me here? Just what do you want?!" The Winter Soldier looks at Leandra and lets out a laugh "I don't have to answer you" she snarls "Now, battle me!"
Leandra lets out an angry smile "Fine!"

  • Battle 3 (2 out of 4 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Leandra
  • Opponent: The Winter Soldier
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Winter's Revenge

Leandra strikes The Winter Soldier down "Damn it!". Leandra stands over her with her Pistolsword pointed to her head "Now tell me, what do you want?!".

Episode 6 - The Return of a Legend

A loud scream is heard, Kisandra runs into Kilina's room. "Kilina, Kilina I'm here you're safe!" Kisandra comforts her sister. "At least you've finally woke up, you fell pretty hard". Kilina is sweating, shaking. "Ki.... Are you okay?" Kisandra asks concerned. Kilina looks at her
"I... I had another Nightmare... It... It was Leandra Scott". Kisandra looks at her, shocked "Leandra?! What happened?"
"She.. She was battling someone called The Winter Soldier... I, It's a bit fuzzy.. I can't remember what happened... But it felt like I was there... It.. It was surreal!". Kisandra looks at Kilina worried "It was only a dr..." Kisandra is interrupted.
"No, it wasn't a dream" Leandra says from the doorway.

Kisandra jumps up from Kilina's bed "Leandra?! What... How? How are you here? You're not from this world?" Leandra walks over to Kilina's bedside "Believe me, I don't want to be here... The Winter Soldier brought me here to battle. Kilina, have you been having Nightmares?" Kilina looks at Leandra
"Ye.. Yes. They're so surreal and horrible, I just dreamt about you... You battled.."
Leandra interrupts her "The Winter Soldier.. That was no Nightmare, it was reality... I've been having strange dreams too, about you. You where in the garden with Klymene and..." Kilina interrupts her "And I grab my head and faint" Kilina says. Leandra looks at her shocked "Ye...Yes! Kilina, you're not safe! You need to leave now!" Leandra shouts.
"Wha... Why?" Kilina asks. "Because Th..." Leandra doesn't continue, she just stops. Leandra falls forward onto the ground, with blood coming from her back. Standing behind her is Millicent. "NO!" Kilina screams, she jumps up out of bed and attacks her

Episode 7 - Damned to Death Part 1

Kilina defeats Millicent "Now tell me who you are?! Tell me what you did to Leandra?!" Kilina shouts. Millicent looks at Kilina from the ground, she has a cut on her face. "Answer me! Or I'll slay you right here!" Millicent looks at her and smiles "No you wont" Kilina launches towards Millicent, but she shimmers away. "Damn it" Kilina screams.
"Leandra!" Kilina turns around and goes to Leandra's body on the floor "No, no, no!". Leandra is bleeding heavily, she's dying. "Kisandra we have to do something!" Kilina begs. Kilina pauses for a moment looking at her sister, images flash on screen of Kilina's encounter with Ivy a few years ago "Ivy! Go see Ivy Valentine! She can help, quickly!". Kisandra gets up and runs out to find Ivy.

Kisandra is traveling through the forest "Ugh, I need to hurry and find her!" Kisandra is scurrying, not looking where she is going. She bumps into a woman "Ah I'm so sorry!" Kisandra says. The woman looks up at her, it's Viola. "Kisandra Cassaventes... Your Sister is Kilina" Viola stares into her floating orb "Kilina.... She will destroy this world... She needs to be killed"
Kisandra looks at the woman shocked. "Wha... No, I will not let you near my sister! Stay back!" Kisandra draws her weapon.

  • Battle 5 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Viola

Episode 8 - Daughter of Darkness

Millicent returns to her Mother's castle. "You fool!" Astra screams. "What did I tell you about going to battle her! You will never be strong enough. Stop acting like an idiot! How dare you go against my words!" Astra is furious.
"Mother I'm.. I'm sorry!" Astra looks at her with hatred in her eyes "Sorry?! You think sorry will fix this?" Millicent huffs "Fix what? I did nothing wrong! Look, she injured me, doesn't that anger you?! That she injured your own daughter?" Astra looks at her "Daughter? You where never my Daughter!". Millicent stares at her Mother.. She runs out the room.

"Mistress" The Winter Soldier comes into Astra's throne room. "Ugh you, you failed to defeat Leandra how could I trust you to capture Kilina". The Winter Soldier smiles, she digs into her pockets and pulls out an Amulet. Astra looks at her shocked "The Amulet! How did you get that?!" The Winter Soldier stands up smiling "Leandra, she had it on her. When we fought I managed to steal it from her." Astra smiles "Excellent work, now hand it over! she demands.
The Winter Soldier waits a moment "First, may I offer you some advice?... Millicent, you need to keep her on our side Mistress" Astra looks at her "I know, but her battling Kilina like that, could have brought memories back. And I cannot let that happen!" "I understand Mistress".
"Now, the Amulet" Astra demands. The Winter Soldier throws it over to her. "Yes... Yes! Hmmm, now to really test your skill" Astra conjures up some magic from the Amulet, and a strong opponent appears.

  • Battle 6 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: The Winter Soldier
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Winter's Revenge
  • Opponent: Nightmare

Episode 9 - Damned to Death Part 2

"Hello? Hello!" Kisandra shouts "Is anyone here?" Kisandra walks around looking for Ivy. Out of nowhere Ivy appears "Looking for me?" Ivy asks. "Are, are you Ivy? Look, you've got to help me! A friend of mine is injured, she's going to die!" Kisandra begs.
"Well, where is she? I need to know what I'm treating" Kisandra looks shocked "What... But, she's dying how could I possibly bring her..." Ivy interrupts her "Well I can't help you." Kisandra looks away "I will always protect my family and friends, no matter what" Kisandra pulls out her weapons.

  • Battle 7 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Ivy

Kisandra defeats Ivy "Now, please help me. I promised Kilina I would get help from you!" Ivy looks up at Kisandra "Kilina? Wait, you're Kisandra.. Kilina's sister? Why didn't you say so? I will help you, but we must act fast" Kisandra's face lights up "Thank you, thank you!" she stretches her arm out and helps Ivy up. "Well lets go" Kisandra says happily! As the pair are about to leave someone flies through the window, the pair ready their weapons. "My Father, he was here! You took him!"

  • Battle 8 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Ivy
  • Opponent: Amy

Amy lay on the floor "Who was that?" Kisandra asks "A simpleton" Ivy replies "Now lets go" the pair head out.

Episode 10 - Damned to Death Part 3

"No! They found her! They cannot revive Leandra!" Astra watches Kisandra and Ivy return home. "Kilina needs to break... Leandra needs to die!".

Back on Earth, Ivy and Kisandra are with Leandra. Kilina is crying "Hurry, hurry! She's almost dead please hurry!" Kilina is bawling "No, I won't let this happen Leandra! Ivy hurry!".
Ivy looks at Kilina "Calm down!" she shouts "I can do this". Ivy chants some words, and starts mixing a small potion bottle. "That should do it!" Ivy grabs the potion and pours it on Leandra's wound. A glow appears around Leandra's wound. Ivy's face drops "Wha... What is it?" Kilina asks! "It's not working! Whoever hit Leandra must have been really powerful, they put some kind of spell on the blade she was hit with." Kilina cry's harder "Wha... She's going to die? No! NO!".

Kisandra grabs Kilina "No, there has to be another way. Kilina we'll find a way!" Kilina stops "The Amulet! The Amulet, that will work" Kisandra looks shocked "Kilina no, The Amulet is dangerous you know what it can do!" Kilina cry's more "But we have to try Kisandra, please!"

Back in Astral Chaos, Astra is still watching. "Ooh, this Amulet?" Astra casts a spell on the Amulet... Leandra awakens.

"Le.. Leandra!" Kilina screams in joy. Leandra jumps up and pushes Kilina away, Kilina flies against the wall. Leandra launches towards Kisandra.

  • Battle 9 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
  • Opponent: Leandra

Kisandra defeats Leandra. Leandra falls to the ground again, and dies... Kisandra runs towards Kilina "Kilina wake up please!". Klymene was standing at the doorway the whole time "The Amulet.. I promise I will find it for you Kilina" Klymene whispers to herself, and leaves.

Episode 11 - The Search

"Okay the Amulet... I remember Kilina saying she left it with Leandra, Leandra wanted it in her world to save ours... So, how do I get to her world then?" Klymene travels through the forest and gets to Ivy's Library. "Ivy has got to have a book about passing worlds!" Klymene hears a noise, she stops searching for the book "Who's there?" she shouts. She gets no response, she turns around and bumps into a young man.
"Huh, who are you?! Stay away!" Klymene draws her weapon.

  • Battle 10 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Alexander
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Michael and Aeneas Shield

Klymene strikes the young man down. "Who, who are you?". The man slowly stands up "Ugh, I... I mean no harm. My name is Alexander". Klymene looks at him and raises her sword towards him "Alexander.. What are you doing here?" Alex looks at her and smiles "I'm looking for a map. I need to find an item of great importance". Klymene smiles a little "Well, I'm looking for a way to cross worlds. I'm also looking for an item.. Something called The Amulet" Klymene states.
Alex seems interested. "How about this, if I help you find this item you're after, will you help me cross worlds?" Klymene asks "Sure, but what I'm searching for could take a while" Alex states. "Together, we'll achieve our goals faster! What's this item you're searching for anyway?" Alex looks around "My Shield, it's very powerful. This is just something I forged. It has no power. I need my shield back!".
Klymene giggles "You don't need a magic Shield to be strong in battle! It's all about skill, lets have round two and I'll prove it too you!"

  • Battle 11 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Alexander
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Michael and Aeneas Shield

Episode 12 - Soul Edge

Klymene stretches out her hand towards Alexander and helps him up "Thank you, miss"
Klymene giggles "Don't be so formal, my name is Klymene!"
"Okay, Klymene then" Alex smiles.
"So.. Should continue searching here for that book?" Alex asks. Klymene nods and the pair continue to search.

Back in Astral Chaos, Astra is watching the pair search
"Ugh, no! If they find that book my plans could be ruined! I need to break Kilina more! She needs to turn, I need to get Soul Edge close to her!" Astra stomps around thinking "Hmm, I know Soul Edge is in Astral Chaos somewhere... I must find it!" Astra shouts her daughter, Millicent in.
"Millicent, my child I am so very sorry for my words before! I need your help now, though!" Millicent smiles "You.. You need my help?" Astra looks at her "Yes, I need you to find Soul Edge. Go, search my kingdom of Astral Chaos, and bring Soul Edge to me!" Millicent jumps happily and runs out.

Millicent is floating around Astral Chaos, she hears a giant roar in the distance "No! Is that... Night Terror?" Millicent flees to a round platform and hides.
"Who dare trespass on King Algol's land!" Algol floats down onto his platform "You! You're the daughter of the true evil! I will kill you!" Algol attacks.

Episode 13 - One Step Closer - Cutscene Only

Klymene and Alexander are still looking for the book.
"Ugh, there isn't anything here what are we supposed to do?!" Alex thinks for a moment "Well.. How do you know Leandra doesn't have it on her?" Klymene stops..
"You're right! She could, I mean I saw her freak out back at the house... Maybe she has it on her!" Klymene smiles. Alex keeps searching for a moment and finds a mysterious book "Kl.. Klymene, is this the Amulet?" Alex shows Klymene the book he found, the front picture is the Amulet. Klymene snatches the book from him
"Yes, that's the Amulet! What does this book say?".

Out of nowhere Astra appears "No! You cannot have that book!" Astra shoots a bolt towards Klymene and Alex and knocks them both out. She grabs the book and fills the room with purple smoke. When the smoke clears Astra is gone along with the book, and the two bodies.

In Astral Chaos Klymene awakens, she is chained to the wall with Alex next to her. Klymene struggles to get free "Ugh, Alex! Alex wake up!" she shouts. Alex begins to open his eyes "Hu..Huh? Where are we?" he asks
Klymene looks around "I don't know, I think that woman, demon thing grabbed us?!"
"Ah damn it, she took my sword.. I would have been able to smash right through these chains! We have to escape! I need to find my weapons!"

In Astra's throne room, Astra is standing looking very pleased with herself "Yes! This is perfect! The niece of Kilina captured. This could be enough to break her. Now all I need is to get Kilina to search for her" Astra lets out an evil laugh.

Episode 14 - Searching for a Cure

Kisandra is with Kilina "Kilina how could you suggest the Amulet? You know the dangers it has! Anyway, isn't it in Leandra's world? How would we even get there?" Kisandra panics
"Kisandra please, we have to do something she can't be dead she just can't!" Kilina begs. Kisandra stops and looks at Kilina, her eyes filled with tears "Fine.. We will search for a way. We will ask Ivy, surely she knows how to cross through worlds" a knock is then heard on the door. It's Abelia.

"Abelia? What are you doing here?" Kisandra asks shocked. Abelia burst in past her and runs to Klymene's bedroom "Klymene?! Klymene are you here?" Abelia shouts. Kisandra looks startled
"What? She's gone? I thought she was here?" Kisandra panics. "Oh no! I saw Klymene at Ivy's Library, she was with a boy. I didn't catch his name but she's searching for the Amulet! The next minute the room is filled with purple smoke and she was gone?!" Kisandra runs and grabs her sword and shield
"Kilina I'm sorry but I need to find my daughter" Kilina breaks down "No.. It's my fault, she went after the Amulet because of me! I'm such a failure I'm sorry!" Kisandra looks down "Kilina.. Please be strong, I need to go" Kisandra runs out and Abelia follows suit. Right outside Tira is standing
"Searching for the Amulet? I WILL FIND IT FIRST!" Tira attacks.

  • Battle 13 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Abelia
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Eternal Rest
  • Opponent: Tira

Episode 15 - Soul Edge's Return

Millicent returns to Astra's castle, she walks into her Mothers throne room "Mother I have something for you" Millicent reveals Soul Edge from behind her back
"Yes! Thank you daughter! I knew you could do it!" Astra takes the evil sword and places in on a mantle "Soon Kilina, you will learn the truth!". Astra walks over to the middle of her throne rooms and does a spell, the spell acts like a live video feed and Astra is watching Kisandra.
"Damn it! I should have known it would be Kisandra who goes looking for Klymene! Hmm... Millicent! I need you to go and kidnap Leandra Scott, but do not get caught by Kilina!" Millicent nods and runs off.

Millicent teleports to Earth and begins to head towards Kilina's home. As she is on her way she overhears Kisandra and Abelia talking...

"Kisandra... What's wrong?" Abelia asks, Kisandra looks over at her saddened "It's Kilina... She's been acting so strange lately... It's like she is breaking down... I'm worried Soul Edge is going to malfest her again"
"Kisandra, don't worry! Soul Edge is in Astral Chaos.. Unless the portal to Astral Chaos opens again Kilina is safe". Out of nowhere Millicent jumps out "Your sister won't be safe for long" Millicent attacks Kisandra, however Abelia jumps in the way and blocks the attack "Don't worry, I'll protect you!"

  • Battle 14 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Abelia
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Eternal Rest
  • Opponent: Millicent
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Steel on Steel

"Ugh, I won't go down that easy!" Millicent jumps up and knocks Abelia out, she then attacks Kisandra.

  • Battle 15 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Brave One
  • Opponent: Millicent
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Steele on Steele

Episode 16 - Leandra's Soul

Millicent flies across the battlefield, harshly landing on the ground
"Who are you? What are you after?" Kisandra demands the girl answers her "I am Millicent! Daughter to the Queen of Astral Chaos! I am here to take those who you love away from you!" Millicent threatens
"No! I will not let you!" Kisandra shouts, Millicent smiles "We already have your daughter!". Millicent kicks Kisandra in the shin, jumps up, and runs away!

"Ugh, if they would have captured me... Mother would have been so angry!" Millicent says to herself as she continues onwards towards Kilina's home. After a few more minutes of walking Millicent arrives, she walks round to the back of the house and spots Leandra's body through the window. Millicent grabs the window and quietly slides it up to open it, she climbs inside and begins to walk towards Leandra.. With her eyes focused on Leandra Millicent doesn't notice Ivy standing in the corner of the room
"You! I know you, Millicent! Begone from here!" Ivy shouts and attacks Millicent.

  • Battle 16 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Steele on Steele
  • Opponent: Ivy
    • Weapon: Snake Sword - Valentine

Millicent beats Ivy, Ivy lays knocked out. Millicent runs over to Leandra and picks her body up
"No!" Standing in the doorway is Kilina. "I won't let you take her" Kilina runs towards Millicent but is too late, Millicent disappears in a cloud of purple smoke. Kilina falls to her knees, with her head down. With no noise she slowly raises her head, she opens her eyes which have now turned a pink/red colour.
"No more fun and games" Kilina mutters to herself.

Episode 17 - Journey to Chaos

Kisandra runs over to Abelia's unconscious body "Abelia wake up, wake up!" Abelia slowly starts to open her eyes "Ugh, where.. .What... Where is that little brat gone?!" Abelia shouts
"She got away, but I now know where Klymene is... Astral Chaos" Abelia looks at Kisandra, shocked. "As.. Astral Chaos? Kisandra, you can't really be considering going there? Opening a portal there is dangerous you know what happened last time!" Kisandra looks down "Abelia I know... But she's my daughter I can't lose her!".
Out of the shadows Kilina emerges
"You're not going" Kilina says "I am" Kisandra looks over at her shocked "Wha? Kilina no! Wait, what... What happened to your eyes?" Kisandra runs towards Kilina worried, Kilina puts her head down "Nothing! I am doing this, this is all my fault Kisandra! Now... Please forgive me" Kisandra stumbles backwards as Kilina pulls out a potion, she throws it towards Kisandra and Abelia and they both disappear "I have to do this alone".

In Astral Chaos Astra is watching Kilina "Yes! Yes! She's breaking, her eyes are turning... Soon, her whole body will become malfested... And Kilina will realize her true destiny! Winter Soldier!" The Winter Soldier enters Astra's throne room "Yes Mistress"
"Go, collect Kilina. She is just about breaking, you will lose the battle against her, but as she knocks you down say "Klymene" and the rest will fall into place" The Winter Soldier nods and disappears.

She reappears in front of Kilina and attacks immediately.

  • Battle 17 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield
  • Opponent: The Winter Soldier
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Winters Revenge

Episode 18 - Klymene - Cutscene Only

The Winter Soldier lays on the floor, Kilina walks towards her with her sword raised "I will not play games anymore!" Kilina is about to strike The Winter Soldier "Klymene" The Winter Soldier shouts
"What did you just say?" Kilina asks "Klymene" The Winter Soldier repeats. Kilina raises her sword to The Winter Soldiers throat "Where is Klymene?!" Kilina shouts. "Look girly" The Winter Soldier pushes the sword out the way and stands up "Just follow me".

Back in Astral Chaos Millicent returns with Leandra's body "Here Mother, I have what you want!" Astra smiles "Great daughter, now take her to the dungeon then give her this.. It will bring her back to life" Millicent nods and heads for the dungeon. When she arrives she chains Leandra up and feeds her the potion.
"What is that? What are you feeding her?" Klymene asks "You will see..." Millicent states. Leandra's body glows and she screams, she takes a deep breath and is breathing again, she is alive. "Leandra! You're alive" Klymene shouts. Leandra looks around, confused. "Please, you have to let us go!" Klymene begs Millicent
Millicent walks over to Klymene "I can't.. Your Aunt is expecting to see you..." Millicent walks out.

"Don't worry" Leandra says "I'm not called "The Legend" for nothing" Leandra manages to break her chains and free herself. She grabs her weapon from the ground and shoots bullets towards Alex and Klymene, their chains break too. Back in the throne room Astra hears the commotion, she rushes to the dungeon "But how?" She asks shocked. Sneaking up behind her Klymene attacks, however Astra teleports away "Foolish girl, did you really think you could hit me" Astra shouts. Klymene, Alex, and Leandra flee to the throne room
"There is no escaping Astral Chaos!" Astra says. Klymene spots The Amulet in the corner of her eye, she runs towards it and grabs it "Nooo!" Astra screams. Klymene pushes a button on The Amulet and her, Alex, and Leandra disappear.

Episode 19 - Homeland

"Where... Where are we?" Klymene asks, Leandra looks around "We.. We have returned to my world!" Klymene stumbles backwards, shocked. "Wait! Where's Alex gone?!"...

In Klymene's world Alex wakes up outside the Cassaventes residence, he stands up and opens the front door. He walks to the back room and notices Ivy knocked out, he gets some water and throws it over Ivy to wake her up.
"Ugh..." Ivy stirs as her eyes begin to open "What happened here? Who are you?" she asks. Nervous, Alex stumbles "I.. I... My name is Alex".
"Ugh..." Ivy grabs her head "I sense someone is at my Library. Are you coming along?" Alex nods and the pair set off to Ivys Library. When they arrive a man is at the entrance.
"I've heard their are books filled with magical information inside! I will not let you stop me retrieving it!" the Man attacks.

  • Battle 18 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Ivy
    • Weapon: Snake Sword - Valentine
  • Opponent: Yun-seong

"Hm, what an imbecile" Ivy states as she steps over Yun-seongs unconscious body. Alex stares amazed, while also taking a peak at the mans body
"Are you coming? Or are you just going to keep looking at him in awe?" Ivy asks. Embarrassed, Alex blushes and steps over him. "It's okay Alex, people will still accept you" Ivy states as she lets out a slight smile. Alex blushes and rushes on ahead inside.

Episode 20 - Reunited

Alex and Ivy make their way up the steps, at the top are giant doors to Ivy's library. She opens them and inside are Kisandra and Abelia, trapped in a pink, magical bubble. Ivy says a spell and the bubble burst. Kisandra and Abelia fall to the ground
"Thanks Ivy" Kisandra states, she looks behind Ivy's soldier and notices Alex "Alex? Is that you?!" Kisandra smiles and runs over to him, the pair hug.
"I can't believe it's you! Wow, you have grown! Your hair has gotten longer too!" Alex blushes and tussles his hair. "What are you doing here anyway?" Kisandra asks. "I was in this Library not so long ago looking for a book to help me.. My shield, Raphael has been stolen" Kisandra looks confused "What? But how? I thought you said no one can steal it?"
"I thought that too... But someone found a way... I.." Ivy interrupts "Did you say Raphael? As in the Guardian Angles Michael and Raphael?"

Shocked Alex nods. "I have many books about Guardian Angles, I will most probably be able to find Raphael. Do you have your sword on you?" Alex nods and passes Ivy his sword. Ivy gathers some potions and lays Alex's sword on the ground, she pours the potion over the sword. A few flashes appear and Michael emerges.

"Alex, it is good to see you. However I must make this quick. Raphael is in Astral Chaos, the Queen Astra has him. You must go now, his power is draining.. Alex save him!" Michael disappears.
"So... I have to go to Astral Chaos... But.. I awoken without Klymene... Where is she?" Kisandra looks at Alex shocked "Did you say Klymene? She is my daughter! Where is she?" before Alex has time to reply a woman named Taki burst through the window. "You are looking for The Amulet! That device is dangerous I cannot let you find it!" Taki attacks.

  • Battle 19 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Brave One
  • Opponent: Taki

Episode 21 - The Darkside of One

"Uh.. She was difficult... So Alex, where is my daughter?" Kisandra asks "Well, we where captured and locked in Astral Chaos. We where rescued by a woman named Leandra... We where then attacked but Klymene found The Amulet and then all of a sudden I woke up here"
"Klymene found the Amulet? It could have taken her anywhere! That Amulet can travel through time and space.. She could be anywhere! Kisandra begins to panic "Don't worry Kisandra, we will find her, the Amulet, and Kilina. I promise!" Abelia reassures Kisandra.

In Leandra's world things are looking grim for the duo.
"Le... Leandra who is that?" Klymene points, scared from the malfested creature. "She is a pain.. She is my darkside... Leandra Ω"

  • Battle 20 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Leandra
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Shining Moon Dual Swords
  • Opponent: Leandra Ω

"Quickly, we must leave now she won't stay down for long!" Leandra and Klymene flee!
"Leandra, how are we going to leave here? How did you get to my world in the first place?" Klymene asks. "A vortex randomly opened in my home! Wait, it's a possible that it is still open! Come on we must hurry!" the pair continue running as the sky turns grey and rain pours down. From the grey sky Nightmare falls down and lands in front of the two women.

  • Battle 21 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Leandra
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Shining Moon Dual Swords
  • Opponent: Nightmare

Episode 22 - Her rightful Place

"Come on Klymene, my home is just ahead!" Leandra and Klymene are near Leandra's home, the closer they get the more they begin to see that the portal is still active.
"Yes, it's still open!" Klymene exclaims. The pair run to Leandra's home and into her bedroom, where the portal is. Klymene hesitates to jump into the portal "Come on Klymene, it's safe I promise. Be brave!" Leandra grabs Klymene and jumps into the vortex.

Back in Astral Chaos Astra is impatiently waiting for The Winter Soldier to return. Astra is angry, The Winter Soldier is taking too long, and Millicent has failed her. "Mother I..." Astra turns around and snarls
"You! You have failed me once again, you couldn't even keep the prisoners is suit! I should have known you would never be good enough to work for me, I don't know why I raised you!" Millicent falls down to the ground "Mother I'm sorry!" Astra looks at her with anger on her face "Stop calling me Mother! I am not your Mother!" Millicent runs out crying.

The Winter Soldier appears in Astra's throne room. "Mistress, I have her". Astra smiles as Kilina reveals herself from the shadows.
"Kilina... I have been waiting for this day for a very long time" Astra states. "I am not interested in what you want. I just want to know where my niece is!" Kilina says angrily. "Oh Klymene? She was here... However, your "friend" Leandra Scott kidnapped her" Astra teases Kilina.
"Leandra is dead, don't play games with me! Where is my niece??!" Kilina, getting more angry falls to the floor holding her head "Ugh... Soul Edge..... It's here" Kilina states. In the corner of her eye Kilina spots the Amulet. Without hesitation she runs towards it. "NO!" Astra screams, as Kilina grabs the Amulet an Old foe appears.

  • Battle 22 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield
  • Opponent: Inferno
    • Weapon: Soul Edge

Episode 23 - Entering the Chaos

"Excellent work Kilina.. I knew you could do it" Astra smiles. Kilina falls to the ground grabbing her head in pain once again "Ugh.. No... Soul Edge... It's here...!" Kilina is in pain. "Yes Kilina, Soul Edge is here.. And he is waiting for you".

Back on Earth Kisandra, Alex, and Abelia are heading to the Penitentiary of Destiny in Spain. "Kisandra are you sure you wan't to do this? Opening Kilik's statue again could result in Astral Chaos merging with our world once again.." Abelia says, worried. "I am sure.. Abelia, I will do anything to save my family" Kisandra is determined to do whatever it takes.
"Everything will be fine" Alex states "Ivy gave me this book before we left, it has a spell to open Kilik's statue safely" Kisandra and Abelia nod and the trio continue onwards. They reach Kilik's Temple and hop on the raft to the statue.
Traveling on the raft Alex here's a strange noise, a wooden-like create floats down from above. "I am Yoshimitsu the second" the creature states. Yoshimitsu emits a green light that knocks Abelia and Kisandra out, Alex is protected by his sword however. "I guess it's up to me" Alex attacks.

  • Battle 23 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Alexander
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Michael and Aeneas Shield
  • Opponent: Yoshimitsu
    • Weapon: Double Katana and Sashimono - Yoshimitsu & Fu-Ma Blade

"Hm! Yoshimitsu will return!" Yoshimitsu flies off into the air. As soon as he leaves Kisandra and Abelia awaken. "Ugh.. What happened?" Kisandra asks "Nothing it's fine.. Look we are here!" Alex says.
The trio hop off the raft and get to Kilik's statue. "No, not you again. You cannot cause such destruction again!" Kilik jumps down from above and attacks!

  • Battle 24 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Brave One
  • Opponent: Kilik

Kisandra defeats Kilik. She walks over to the statue, opens the spell book and begins to read. Kilik's statue begins to break and purple light can been seen through the cracks. Kisandra is interrupted however. "Mother!"

Episode 24 - In the Chaos - Cutscene Only

Kisandra stops reading the spell and turns around "Kly... Klymene!" Kisandra runs towards her and hugs her "How did you find us?" Kisandra asks "I remember you telling me how you entered Astral Chaos, so I knew it would be this place" Klymene says
"Oh Klymene I'm just glad you're safe!" Kisandra hugs her again "and Leandra, you're alive!" Kisandra hugs Leandra. Klymene runs over to Alex and hugs him too "Alex you're safe!" Klymene exclaims, Alex smiles "As are you! I am glad". Abelia looks over at everyone smiling, however the happiness is short lived as the world starts shaking and Kiliks statue begins to crack.

In Astral Chaos Astra is watching the scene, Kilina is knocked out in the corner. "Those idiots! Astral Chaos is once again merging with Earth! Well... I guess this may be enough to break Kilina!". Astra awakens Kilina "Kilina, your family is arriving as promised" Astra lets out an evil smile. Kilina jumps up and looks at Astra's screen of her family.

On Earth everywhere is still shaking.
"No! Astral Chaos is merging again!" Abelia states "It must be because you never finished the spell" Everyone panics. Kilik's statue breaks to pieces and Astral Chaos burst out, everyone is sucked through into the Chaos. Everyone appears floating around Astral Chaos. In the distance is Astra's castle.
"Come on, over there in the distance is where me and Alex where captured. That's where your shield will be Alex!" Klymene states. As everyone is heading to Astra's castle a loud roar is heard in the distance. "That sounds like Night Terror, we must hurry" Kisandra says. Everyone rushes towards the castle.

Episode 25 - Michael and Raphael

Kisandra, Klymene, Abelia, Leandra, and Alex all arrive at Astra's castle. They land on a huge platform, and stand in front of huge metal doors. Inside Astra grabs Kilina "Look, your family is here" Kilina looks onwards in a dazed, weakened state. The heroes enter the castle and Alex's sword begins to glow
"What's going on?" Klymene asks "I think.. I think Michael is showing me where Raphael is!" Alex's sword floats up into the air and begins to lead Alex to Raphael. Alex follows suit, his sword leads him to another dungeon, where Edge Master is protecting his shield. "That sword is as powerful as that shield! I must have it, who knows what could happen if the True Evil gets a hold of these!" Edge Master attacks. Alex blocks the attack and worries that he will be killed in this battle, as he knows how powerful Edge Master is. However, Klymene's voice plays in his head "You don't need a magic Shield to be strong in battle! It's all about skill!". Alex repels Edge Masters attack and the pair battle.

  • Battle 25 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Alexander
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Michael and Aeneas Shield
  • Opponent: Edge Master

Alex strikes Edge Master down "Wow, Klymene was right!" Alex walks over to his shield, his sword floats over to it and his shield rises, they spin around together in the air before landing in Alex's hands. "Thank you for saving me" Raphael says to Alex. Pleased that he has found Raphael Alex hurries back to the others.

"Hey, where did you run off too?" Asks Kisandra worried "I found my shield! Thanks to Klymene's words I managed to believe in myself and defeat Edge Master" Alex states happily! Klymene looks over at him and smiles "I told you Alex!" she says. "Well come on, we have to find whoever kidnapped you now! And I bet Kilina is here too!" Abelia says. In the darkness a voice is heard "Of course I am here".

Episode 26 - Winters Ending

Kilina is standing in the shadows, Kisandra runs over to her "Kilina you're okay!" Kisandra attempts to hug her but Kilina does not react. "Kilina?" Kisandra looks at Kilina worried, she sees that Kilina's arm is beginning to show signs of malfestation. "No, no, no! Kilina looks we're all here we're all safe!" Kisandra tries to reassure Kilina everything is okay. "Look, Leandra is alive, Klymene is here!" Leandra walks over to Kilina "Le..Leandra... You're alive?" Leandra smiles "Yes, I am!" "and.. And Klymene?" Klymene walks over to Kilina "I'm right here Aunt!" Kilina smiles, the malfestation on her arm begins to disappear.

"NO!" A loud shout is heard from above. "My plan cannot fail now!" Astra flies down and with a click of her fingers everyone is transported to the throne room. Millicent is tied down and The Winter Soldier is standing alongside Astra's throne. "What do you want from me you creature!" Kilina shouts at Astra. Astra smiles "I am Queen Astra! And Kilina, you are the true evil, the true power to Astral Chaos! I need you to join me and take over the entire universe! Every single world, every single time period will belong to us! I have been trying to break you to become malfested.. However that proved to be difficult!"
"I would never join you!" Kilina shouts "Oh but I almost had you didn't I?" Astra says through a smirk. "Winter Soldier! Kill Kilina's friends and family" Astra orders "With pleasure!". The Winter Soldier attacks. "No Janice! Your fight is with me, leave these people alone!" Leandra shouts. "Hm, I will get to them after you!".

  • Battle 26 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Leandra
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Shining Moon Dual Swords
  • Opponent: The Winter Soldier
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Winter's Revenge

Leandra weakens Janice but does not defeat her "I wont go down that easily!" she shouts. She attempts to attack Leandra again but is blocked by Kilina "I will not let harm come to my family again!" Kilina states. The pair battle.

  • Battle 27 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Kilina
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Digamma Sword and Nemea Shield
  • Opponent: The Winter Soldier
    • Weapon: Pistolsword and Longsword - Winter's Revenge

Kilina defeats The Winter Soldier and her body flies across the room. "Enough!" Astra shouts! "You resistant fool! You have been a pain to break! I knew I should have just done this in the first place, Kilina you won't be able to resist malfestation any longer. Not after I show you this!"...

Episode 27 - Truth of the Past - Cutscene Only

Astra walks over to Millicent and unties her mouth "You see Kilina, I was hoping I didn't haven't to do this.. I thought you would have broke easier" Astra says "But you see her here" Astra strokes Millicents hair "She is.." Millicent interrupts Astra
"Mother why are you doing this? I've always been loyal to you! Please let me go!" Millicent begs. Astra snarls and slaps Millicent "For the last time I am not your Mother!"
"What do you think you are doing? You misguided this poor girl into being evil just to do your dirty work!" Kilina shouts at Astra. Astra lets out an evil laugh "Oh Kilina, you can't be more wrong. She came from the true evil of Astral Chaos. Millicent came from you!". Kilina stumbles back shocked
"You're lying!" Kilina shouts, Astra smiles "Am I?" Astra walks over to her screen and waves her hand in the air, on the screen events from the past are played "Watch this then Kilina".

The screen goes black and on screen text appears "Many Years Ago"
Astra is in her throne room holding the seed of Astral Chaos in her hand. "Astral Chaos is dying.. I need to plant this seed into a human in order for Astral Chaos to not destroy itself.. But who? I need a pure specimen" Astra flicks her wrist in the air and looks through different humans, she comes across a baby named Kaarina. "Hmmm, Kaarina means pure. She will do perfectly!" Astra smiles and disappears.
Astra appears in Kaarina's room and abducts her. She implants the seed of Astral Chaos in her and erasers the babies memory just in case. She returns Kaarina before her parents notice she is gone. Astra returns home and laughs "with that seed inside her she will give birth to a child of pure evil in the future! Then we can merge the realms together and take over the entire universe!" Astra laughs.

Years later Kaarina is pregnant with her first child, Kisandra. She gives birth to Kisandra months later, Astra was pleased she had waited for this day for years! Astra visit's the newly born baby Kisandra "What?! She is not the seed? How could this happen?? The seed, it didn't activate? Kaarina needs to get pregnant again!" Astra storms away and waits once again. Eventually Kaarina became pregnant with her second child Kilina. The seed activates and implants itself into Kilina, the unborn baby now carries the whole evil of Astral Chaos inside her. Kaarina gives birth to Kilina soon after but with the birth of Kilina Kaarina's memories are restored. She remembers being abducted, she remembers the seed. Torn inside, Kaarina had no idea which child had the seed inside them, and thus abandoned both children on the streets, with a heavy heart. Astra discovered that Kaarina left the children and was angered, she feared the children would die and so she took them and brought them to the kingdom of Grandall. She left the children at the doors of Grandall Castle and then went to kill Kaarina and her husband in revenge for abandoning Kilina.

Back in the present
"You killed our parents?" Kisandra shouts angrily "You bastard!" Kilina shouts, Astra laughs "Ah yes.. Seeing Kaarina scream when she saw me. It was great!" "You are truly evil!" Kilina shouts. "Oh no I'm not Kilina, you have the seed inside you! And my tale is still not finished.. It's time to find out about your daughter" Astra smiles and looks over at Millicent.

Episode 28 - The Daughter of True Evil

A black screen appears on screen again, white text appears and says "Thirty Seven Years Ago".
The King of Grandall steps outside of the castle, he see's the two babies and takes them in. He looks at Kilina and instantly knows exactly what is inside her, he knows she is the true evil, the seed to Astral Chaos. Being a selfish, power mad king he gets the most intelligent people around to do experiments on Kilina. Experiments to remove the seed and use the power for himself. For years Kilina was experimented on, being a baby she had no idea what was going on. Years past and as Kilina and Kisandra got older the researches had to start taking precaution while doing their experiments. They managed to get a hold of some magic, magic powerful enough to put Kilina and Kisandra in a deep sleep, this was Kisandra wouldn't catch them experimenting, and Kilina would never know what was going on.

When Kilina reached the age of sixteen the researches where mildly successful. They managed to obtain a very small amount of the seed from Kilina's body, although small the researches told the King about their breakthrough and he ordered them to create a living being from the fragment. A being that would be very powerful and contain the power of Astral Chaos, this being would be able to help the kingdom in battle and take over the world. However there was one problem, they needed a host and some DNA to create new life. The researches got some DNA from Kilina and used her as the host, the other DNA came from the seed itself. The researches implanted the mutated fragment inside Kilina and she became pregnant. However, Kilina did not know she was pregnant. The researchers put a magical spell on Kilina so that her stomach would not grow, and thus she would not look pregnant. Kilina was only pregnant for about a month as the seed grew at a rapid rate. When the baby was due to be born the King personally used magic to put Kilina in a deep sleep, he done this in an attempt the get the baby out. The king got a scalpel and was about to cut Kilina's stomach open to get the baby out. Just as he presses the scalpel at her stomach a giant purple light appears out of nowhere, Astra appears. "You fools! Do not mess with what you do not understand!" Astra uses a safety spell and gets the baby out herself "Kilina can not be injured, she needs to be alive and safe!" Astra shouts. "Did you really think a tiny bit of seed would be powerful enough to take over the world? You idiots! The baby will come with me, and if you dare harm Kilina again I will destroy your kingdom!" Astra disappears with the baby in hand. In Astral Chaos Astra holds the baby closely "Your powers could be useful however. You will serve me, my dear... My dear Millicent."

Back in the present day.
"It's true... Millicent is my daughter" Kilina falls down crying. Astra laughs "Yes, yes she is! And now, to finally break you.. I will kill her!" Kilina screams "No!". Klymene sees that Astra is about to attack Millicent, she runs towards her and blocks Astra's attack "You will not kill her! I won't let you break my aunt!" Klymene attacks Astra.

  • Battle 28 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Klymene
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Aeneas
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Astral Chaos

Episode 29 - Astra's Ending

"Hm you little brat!" Astra uses her magic and blast Klymene across the room. "How'd you like that Kilina? I'm hurting your family!" Kilina continues to sit on the floor crying.. She is breaking. Kisandra stands up and launches towards Astra "I will not let you harm my daughter or family anymore!!" Astra blocks Kisandra's attack, Abelia stands up and also attacks.

  • Battle 29 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Abelia (Round 1), Kisandra (Round 2+)
    • Weapon: Abelia - Sword and Shield - Eternal Rest. Kisandra - Sword and Shield - Brave One
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Astral Chaos

Astra shakes off Kisandra and Abelia's attacks and makes them fly across the room. "Stop it!" Millicent shouts. Kilina's arm starts to malfest slowly. Alex goes over to Kilina "I don't know you very well, but I can tell you are strong please don't give up.. I will help you, I will defeat Astra!". Leandra walks towards Alex "I will help too, Kilina is my good friend I won't let her be harmed!" the pair ready their weapons and attack.

  • Battle 30 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Leandra (Round 1), Alexander (Round 2 +)
    • Weapon: Leaandra - Pistolsword and Longsword - Shining Moon Dual Swords. Alexander - Sword and Shield - Michael and Raphael
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Astral Chaos

Astra once again is victorious and makes Alex and Leandra fly across the battlefield, they land right by Kisandra. Astra laughs "You are all fools! You see Kilina? Your family and friends are useless I will kill them all! No one can defeat me!" Kilina's hair begins to go darker and her arm is almost fully transformed.
"You're wrong.. I can defeat you!" Millicent somehow managed to untie herself and stands before Astra. Astra laughs "You really think you can defeat me? Killing you will be easy, this will be the final straw for Kilina!".

  • Battle 31 (3 out of 5 rounds)
  • Playable Character: Millicent
    • Weapon: Ring Blade - Steele on Steele
  • Opponent: Astra
    • Weapon: Astral Chaos

"Goodbye, Mother" Millicent strikes Astra with her ring blade and she goes flying across the stage. Astra lays against the wall "Are you really going to kill your own Mother?" Astra asks, Millicent snarls "You are not my Mother!" Millicent goes to strike Astra but Astra uses magic and disappears, she reappears behind Millicent and strikes a sword right through her back. Millicent falls silent and falls to the ground. "No!" Kilina shouts. Kilina stands up now with a malfested arm and dark hair. "NO! You have destroyed everything and everyone I love!! It's time for you to die!" Kilina runs towards Astra and strikes her, Kilina's blade goes right through Astra. Astra simply laughs "You see Kilina, you can't kill me! And now, you have finally broke!"

Episode 30 - A Dark Destiny - Ending

Kilina falls to the ground, still holding onto her sword... "No.. I know just what to do!" Kilina jumps up and runs to the other side of the room, she grabs Soul Edge. "What are you doing? You're just helping yourself malfest!" Astra says laughing. "No, I'm killing you!" Kilina runs over to the Amulet and activates it's power, a vortex opens within the Amulet and Kilina point it towards Astra. Astra laughs loudly "You ignorant fool! This is just what I wanted! You'll see, you have enacted my plan!" Astra laughs as she is sucked into The Amulet. The vortex closes and Kilina holds Soul Edge and The Amulet tightly.

After Astra is sucked into the vortex everyone comes back to life, including Millicent. Millicent stands up and a light glow surrounds her, her outfit begins to transform and her hair colour changes, Millicent transforms into her true human form. Kisandra and everyone run over to Millicent after witnessing her transformation.
"You.. You really are Kilina's daughter! And my niece" Kisandra says as she hugs Millicent. Millicent walks over to Kilina who is still standing there holding Soul Edge and The Amulet "Moth... Mother?" Kilina ignores Millicent for a moment. "I won't let anything harm my family.. The Amulet needs to be destroyed!" Kilina says, she throws the Amulet to the ground and pierces Soul Edge right through it. The Amulet shatters into pieces and bright lights and sparks fly from Soul Edge and the Amulet. Many gruesome screams are heard, the Amulet's power and Soul Edges start merging together, flying around in the air. The stream of power emitting from them flies towards Kilina, the power enters Kilina's body through he scarred eye. Kilina lets out a scream as red streams of power emit all around her, Kilina's body changes, her skin becomes more grey, her eyes malfest, the transformation is complete. The power of the Amulet escaped into Kilina, she is now the most powerful, evil thing in the entire universe. Kilina is the true evil of Astral Chaos.

Kisandra runs up to Millicent and pulls her away. The shattered Amulet restores itself but lays on the ground with no more power. "We have to leave now!" Leandra shouts, Kisandra cries "I can't shes my sister!" the entire castle begins to shake. Klymene also cries "Mom she's right! We have to go, Kilina is insane there's nothing we can do right now!!" Kisandra breaks down and falls to the floor, Alex goes over to her "Kisandra we will figure something out! But Klymene is right, Kilina is going to kill everyone! We need to go!" Kisandra snaps "Go where?" she shouts "Astral Chaos was merging with our world when we arrived everywhere is probably destroyed by now!" Kisandra cries more. Kilina Ω begins to walk towards Kisandra, she lets out a scream and with a wave of her sword she makes everyone go flying across the stage and get knocked out, except for Kisandra. "Your Soul is so pure sister! I am evil, I am the seed of Astral Chaos. I must consume your Soul!" Kilina Ω attacks Kisandra, Kisandra doesn't fight back and flies across the room.
"Oh what's the matter? Won't you fight me?" Kilina Ω goes to attack Kisandra again but this time Kisandra blocks her attack, Kilina Ω looks shocked at Kisandra. "I'm sorry. I cannot let you harm anyone else!"

  • Battle 32 (3 out of 5 rounds - Final)
  • Playable Character: Kisandra
    • Weapon: Sword and Shield - Brave One
  • Opponent: Kilina Ω
    • Weapon: Power of Chaos (Soul Edge, Astral Chaos, and The Amulet)

Kisandra strikes her sword into Kilina Ω "I'm sorry sis" Kilina Ω screams and flies into the center of the Throne room. Everyone else wakes up. Kisandra falls down and cries, Klymene and Alex run towards her and hug her, also crying. Abelia begins to cry at the scene also, and even Leandra lets out a tear. Millicent walks over to Kilina's body. "I never got to know the real you.. But someday I will" Millicent says. Millicent walks over the the Amulet and picks it up "Wait a second" she notices how the jewel on the Amulet is now blue "The Amulet still has power! It was overcome with Dark magic but that's inside Kilina, with dark magic also come light magic! The Amulet is now filled with light magic! Kisandra, you are the opposite of what is inside Kilina, you are pure and good just like your Mother. You can wield this power and stop the merge!" Millicent states.
"Can I.. Can I bring Kilina back" Kisandra asks, Millicent looks down "I don't think so". Kisandra puts her head down and cries harder "Okay" Kisandra mumbles. She stands up and grabs The Amulet of Millicent "Let's go home" she holds the Amulet in the air and a bright blue light beams out of it. The light fills the entire castle and Soul Calibur comes down and lands in Kisandra's hand. "Goodbye, sister" Kisandra says one last time as she as her friends are transported back home. Kilina Ω's body lays in the center of the Throne room, alone.


Kisandra, Klymene, Alex, Abelia, Leandra, and Millicent appear outside Kilik's statue. Kisandra uses the Amulet and places a spell on the statue for it to never be opened again. She then uses the Amulet to return back home with everyone. Outside her home everyone mourns the death of Kilina. Everyone cries as Klymene and Alex hold onto Kisandra. After mourning, everyone begins to part ways.

Leandra walks to Kisandra "I promise we will find some way to bring Kilina back to us, I promise you that.. I must return home however, I have some problems to deal with.. Including The Winter Soldier" Kisandra nods and the pair hug, Kisandra uses the Amulet to send Leandra home. Alex walks towards Klymene "So.. What next?" Alex asks "We will find a way to get my aunt back! I know we will!" Alex smiles and admires Klymene's confidence "I know you will" Alex kisses Klymene on the forehead. "Here" Klymene says, Alex looks towards her as she take out her bow "You have it, it will be a reminder of me!" Alex smiles and attaches the bow to his chest. "Thank you" he says, "I need to deal with a few things, I promise I will be back and I will help you get your Aunt back!" Alex hugs Klymene and walks towards Kisandra.
"I'm leaving now Kisandra.. Listen, I will be back we will get Kilina back I promise" Kisandra cries a little more and hugs Alex. Alex then walks off into the distance.

Millicent begins to walk away, "where are you going?" asks Kisandra "I don't belong here... I'm a bad person, I helped Astra break and destroy my own Mother!" Millicent says crying.
"No, Astra tricked you. You're good, and you do belong here. Look, you have physically changed... You look just like Kilina" Kisandra smiles, Millicent runs towards her and hugs her.. Finally part of a family. Abelia walks towards Kisandra and the others "the kingdom I came from was one of the causes for Kilina's destruction, I will go there and have my revenge for Kilina! Don't you worry her death won't be in vein, and we will retrieve her Soul I promise!" Abelia says her goodbyes and leaves.

Kisandra, Klymene, and Millicent remain, and they swear the will get Kilina back no matter what. The screen fades to black and the text reads:

Sometimes, the one's you love succumb to darkness.. But the bonds of family are stronger than any other bond, love will always find away. For now however, A Dark Destiny awaits


The credits then role.


To be announced.


  • The character select screen has 30 slots two of which are random and Custom characters respectively.
  • You can now select your weapon on the character select screen like in the classic Soulcalibur games (pre Soulcalibur IV).
  • This game uses the Soulcalibur V engine like it's predecessor Soulcalibur Astral Swords.
  • In the Beta, Kilina had short hair (resembling her hair from Soulcalibur III) but this was changed as it made her look younger than what her actual age is.
  • The last story episode of Soulcalibur Astral Swords is called "A New Light", the name of this game.
    • The episode was called this as the sequel was already planned and it was a hint to this game.
    • The last story episode of this game is called "A Dark Destiny" the name of the planned sequel and final game in the trilogy.
  • Kilina and Kisandra's Mother appeared in a flashback.
    • Although it was previously stated that both the Mother and Father would appear and both their names would be revealed.
    • The Mothers name was revealed to be Kaarina.
  • It was previously stated that we would find out more backstory on both the sisters but more so Kilina, however we only got backstory on Kilina and Kisandra was mentioned.
  • Alexanders 1P Costume is slightly different in story mode as it is missing the bow. This is because he doesn't get the bow until the end of the game. Therefore his story mode model is a whole different model than his actual 1P costume.
  • The original story concept for the game was very different than that of the final product. Originally there was going to be a twenty-eight year old Klymene from the future who travels to the current time period using the Amulet. She came back in time due to the events of the previous game and a certain event that would have happened in this game, which causes a time altering crisis to happen in the future filling the world will malfested people and the Astral Realm being fully merged with Earth. Klymene comes back to find the root causes of the destruction and kill them... Kilina.
    • This concept was scrapped in early development but a promotional poster for the future Klymene was made.
    • This would have made Klymene the main Protagonist of this game and Kilina would have been the Antagonist.
  • In the Beta, Klymene had an entirely different appearance. This version of Klymene appears on one promotional poster also.
  • The post credit scene in Soulcalibur Astral Swords shows the silhouette of Astra. However that scene originally didn't exist as the story for this game was not final. The scene was patched in after the announcement of A New Light and after the developers settled on a story.
    • The scene was added to connect the two games together.
  • The characters Leandra Scott and The Winter Soldier are characters created by SoulGauger.
  • The character Alexander is created by LightningSakura.
  • The game contains 30 episodes plus the epilogue. This is five episodes (six if you include the epilogue) more than Soulcalibur Astral Swords.
  • A New Light's cutscenes are scripted and use the ingame graphics. Therefore all unplayable boss characters can be modded to be playable.
    • Although Kaarina and Michael appear in cutscenes too they do not appear as boss fights and therefore can not be modded to be made playable.





User Review Score
SoulGauger 8/10
LightningSakura 8/10
Pyrrha Omega 9/10

Critical reception of Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A New Light has been generally positive. The game has been rated and reviewed by members
of this Wiki.

User SoulGauger's review of this game was positive. He praised the games storyline and characters as well as the new quick dodge ability and the artwork. He says about the game "This is a sequel to the first one, normally they say nothing beats the first one but now it is better then the first one because the chapters are well created, and the inclusion of my charters is also a great thing. The quick dodge ability was really good thinking, as I am a creator myself. I can see this fan game has a great section of art too which have been well made. Great job Jase!".

User LightningSakura's review of the game was generally positive. She praised the storyline,content, and characters, noting how interesting she thought the Character Astra was. She also praised the re-inclusion of the Critical Finish from Soulcalibur IV. She criticized the inclusion of the Character "The Winter Soldier" however saying "To me, the inclusion of such a character as The Winter doesn't really make sense and neither does her concept. But, overall the game is well made and the re-inclusion of Critical Finishes is a plus."

User Pyrrha Omega's review of the game was generally positive. Omega praised the storyline and the mechanics of the game, and also praised the fact that the game was released on an Nintendo console like it's predecessor. However, Omega criticized the game for the removal of Just Guards but ended on a positive note saying "Overall, it looks like it was a lot of work to do. I personally think it's a nice game."

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