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The Organization are a group of Alchemists who broke off from Fygul Cestemus along with recruited warriors and young fighters. They are responsible for the creation of Kieran and starting the Phoenix Initiative, along with creating the Red Vengeance. The Phoenix Initiative is a plan that will allow members of The Organization to come back to life after being killed. The Red Vengeance, which they are still in progress of creating, will be a blade crafted from shards of Soul Edge. They have 7 main Members along with a small mercenary force.


Thomas- The Eldest living member of the cult and considered the highest ranking Leader. He originally started convincing members of Fygul Cestemus to join his ranks. He believes he is very intelligent and has a high ego.

Alejandra- The second leader of the cult. It was her idea originally to create Kieran, as a counter measure to Astaroth. She sent Cecil to go find out about Fygul Cestemus' plans to create the Golem. She is an alchemist and sorceress and the people call her "The Seamstress."

William- He trains everyone in the ranks to fight, and he trained Kieran to fight as well. He was kidnapped from his family by Fygul Cestemus when he was 3 years old, but he does not remember this. Thomas came to him to leave Fygul Cestemus when he was 18. He helped Alejandra "create" Kieran, along with Thomas.

Maria- She was practically raised in The Organization. She was told her mother died valiantly protecting her, and that's what she grew up believing. She took it upon herself to design Kieran's clothes as a little girl. While Kieran was asleep, William taught her how to fight with sword and shield. She supposedly died fighting Ashlotte.

Caius- He leads the mercenaries, has a hot temper and a thing for Selene. He was the first attempt at creating a "doll" and it did not go as planned. However, he willingly helps the Organization achieve its goals.

Cecil and Selene- These strange twins are of an unknown origin. The Village they lived in claimed they were Vampires, and the Twins never denied the title... Even stranger, is that Selene floats a few inches off of the ground and often sits in mid-air. They know a plethora of magic and are responsible for spying, along with collecting and handling Soul Edge shards.


Soldiers/Warriors- Recruited members used for fighting and defending The Organization.


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