Circle of Legends is a Soulcalibur fanon collaboration that revolves around SoulGauger's fanon universe. The story focuses on Leandra Carolyn Scott along with her Friends and Allies.

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The Stories

Omega (complete)

This is a story about Leandra becoming Leandra Ω.

Chapter I - Rescue

Chapter II - Nightmare

Chapter III - Awakening of the Dark Omega

Chapter IV - An Unwelcome Sacrifice

Chapter V - Returning (final chapter)

Azure Chaos (complete)

This is a story about Hanako becoming Evil by Soul Edge.

Chapter 1 - Awakening of Evil

Chapter 2 - Blood of the Cat

Chapter 3 - Perfection

Chapter 4 - A Sinister Plan

Chapter 5 - The End?? (final chapter)

Journey (complete)

This story is about Luke trying to save Hanako and bringing another Friend back home.

Chapter I - Hanako/Chaos

Chapter II - Felicia's Connection

Chapter III - Follow the Path Part 1

Chapter IV - Follow the Path Part 2

Chapter V - Return of Evil Part 1

Chapter VI - Return of Evil Part 2

Chapter VII - Unwelcome Suprise

Chapter VIII - Memory's of Hanako

Chapter XI - Shindra's Revenge

Chapter X - Elysium (final chapter)

Future (complete)

This is a story about Shindra who is searching for her parents and becoming normal.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 (final chapter)

The Soul Sword (complete)

This is a story about the discovery of the Soul Sword.

Chapter 1 - Discovery

Chapter 2 - Two Edges

Chapter 3 - Awakening Part 1

Chapter 4 - Awakening Part 2

Chapter 5 - Hanako's Attack

Chapter 6 - S.O.U.L Part 1

Chapter 7 - S.O.U.L Part 2

Chapter 8 - The Omega Soul

Chapter 9 - The Key Part 1

Chapter 10 - The Key Part 2

Chapter 11 - Seres

Chapter 12 - Only One Half

Chapter 13 - The Restoration Part 1

Chapter 14 - The Restoration Part 2

Chapter 15 - The Restoration Part 3 (final chapter)

Soul Calibur: Rise of Omega

- Soul Calibur: Rise of Omega

SoulCalibur - Rise of Omega Opening-2

SoulCalibur - Rise of Omega Opening-2

  • Opening Sequence


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Official name for the universe

Although the page is currently named "Comrades of the Legend," it will not necessarily be the finalized name. DeimosCatZane suggested "Circle of Legends." Any other users can either pick one of these two names, or come up with another suggestion. (When you post a response, don't forget to add a colon (:) in front.) ~Hyper Zergling 19:45, August 27, 2012 (UTC)

I like the Name Deimos thought of. Circle of Legends. It has a nice ring to it. All petals fall (talk) 00:46, August 28, 2012 (UTC)
Well the name is set maby we can focus is tro finish of both story's (incomplete), Future story i will finish of soon as for the Soul Sword one Sakura and Deimos (who will write chaps 10 and 11??)

SoulGauger (talk)

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