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Soulcalibur: Kinouishi (ソウルキャリバー:奇能異士 Sourukyaribaa: Kinouishi) is a universe that is very similar to the Soul series and Tekken canon with some minor differences, such as the existence of additional characters. It is a side story that revolves around the Kazemaru family, a bloodline of demon-hunting samurai who investigate supernatural occurrences, including Soul Edge and the Devil Gene.



The name "Kinouishi" is a Japanese transliteration of the Chinese term Qí Néng Yì Shì (奇能异士), referring to a hero with great martial arts abilities. The protagonist, Seiji Kazemaru, is of Japanese origin, but his fighting styles lean towards Chinese. The name represents a Japanese interpretation of a Chinese concept. His descendants, whose stories are told in this universe, are also heroic martial artists.

Story and Canon

The canon of the Soul series is largely unchanged, but the story focuses on the Kinouishi protagonist, Seiji Kazemaru, as he gathers information on the Soul Swords and explores the world beyond his borders. Future stories center around his descendants, who carry on his legacy by investigating and hunting supernatural threats to humanity.

The Kinouishi universe dictates that Soulcalibur shares a universe and canon with its sister series, Tekken, due to heavily impied ties between their backstories.  For example, this universe's canon explicitly considers the Manji Clan of both games to be one and the same, the three known Yoshimitsus to be of the same line of succession, and hints at a possible connection between Malfestation and the Devil Gene. Therefore, the events of Death By Degrees and Urban Reign are also canon. God Eater, another Bandai Namco property, fits into the canon as well, with a descendant of the Kazemaru clan as the protagonist of the first game's events. The events of the God Eater anime series do not occur in this universe. In contrast, the various God Eater manga side stories are accepted.

It can be assumed that other original Bandai Namco titles take place in this universe (such as Genpei Tōma Den, Time Crisis, and others), though they have little to no impact on the story of the Kazemaru clan, and are simply part of the world's history. A notable exception is the Tales series, as they are not set on our Earth. However, this universe is hinted to have a connection of sorts to the worlds of the Tales series.

Races of the Universe

Like the main Soulcalibur universe, this universe contains many races living on earth, such as humans, the beast-like Outcasts who possess four sets of ears (two human, two rabbit-like), and the Hidden Village people who are known in some cultures as "elves". Lost Souls from Astral Chaos are also known to have visited the mortal plane, where they are known to the common people "angels" (if appearing benevolent) or "demons" (if appearing malevolent).

In the Kinouishi universe, humans, Outcasts, and elves can interbreed fertile offspring among each other. If the blood of one race dilutes, the features of that race will dilute as well. Human and elf offspring works similarly if not identical to the half-elves from the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, though their ears may still appear as pointy as their full-blooded elf counterparts. Human and Outcast children may or may not inherit the bestial features of their Outcast parent.

Angels and demons have been known to breed with mortals, though this is rare. The resulting children usually appear mortal, but some features of their celestial parent or ancestor may manifest, usually in the form of glowing eyes or either a calming or furious aura.

It is rumored that there exists a second Hidden Village full of elves with grey or blue skin, white hair, and red or purple eyes, commonly known as dark elves. However the existence of this village is only shrouded in myth.

It is also rumored that deep in the mountains of Europe, that there exist orcs, large green-skinned beings with sharp teeth, who are said to be descended from elves cursed by the gods, not unlike Outcasts who are descended from cursed humans. Their existence is also unconfirmed.

Story Arcs

Note: Sections in italics should only be recognized as semi-canon or broad strokes canon at best.

Soulcalibur III

The year is 1590. Lord Nobuhiro Takazaki of Sawasaki has died of disease, leaving his son, Hirosuke, to lead the House of Takazaki. Hideyoshi Toyotomi has united most of Japan under his banner. Wanting to fulfill his father's dreams of conquest, Hirosuke sent his childhood friend and most trusted samurai, Seiji Kazemaru, to the west to find information on Soul Edge. Seiji, having traveled East Asian mainland two years prior, was the only one with experience outside of Japanese borders, and experience with the supernatural, having slain a powerful oni upon his return home. His knowledge of foreign martial arts such as Chinese swordsmanship and Siamese boxing would surely give him an advantage.

Seiji enlisted the help of Tong Lingmei, the daughter of his Chinese sword master, and one of his closest friends. Wanting to prove herself to her father, she agreed to join Seiji on his quest. The two set out east to find the sword.

Soulcalibur IV

Seiji and Lingmei reached the lands where east meets west, and encountered a wandering monk named Ji Gang. The monk warned them that the sword was evil. However, they challenged him, believing that he was simply standing in their way. He defeated them, but decided to enlist their help, even training them for a brief time. The two set out on a new mission: to find out more of the sword Soul Calibur, and ensure the destruction of Soul Edge. Ji Gang gave Seiji a fragment of Soul Edge to help on his quest, while giving Lingmei a pair of armored gauntlets as a gift.

Meanwhile, in Western Europe, the vampire Reynold Ashland has resurfaced to find Soul Calibur to cure his vampirism.

Seiji and Lingmei reached Ostrheinsburg and fought against the Malfested in Algol's dimension. They even fought a malfested Reynold Ashland and defeated him in a long, hard battle. However, despite their valiance and impressive performance, Seiji came out wounded.

After Algol was defeated, Lingmei took Seiji to a local healer. After he healed, she returned to China, thanking her friend for the experience.

Lingmei returned to China to start her own martial arts school. Seiji returned to Japan and became the Takazaki clan's most decorated general, and after the first invasion of Korea, was made a shinobi for his skill in gathering information. He was also given the responsibility of a demon hunter, repelling supernatural threats to the clan, including the likes of Soul Edge and the Malfested.

Soulcalibur V

The year is 1607. Having fought on the losing side in the Battle of Sekigahara, Lord Hirosuke Takazaki died of his battle wounds shortly after swearing loyalty to the Tokugawa Shogunate, leaving only his young son, Hirotsugu, to succeed him. Being only a child, he was largely under the guidance of advisors, some of whom were corrupt.

Rumors of the return of Soul Edge arose. Hirotsugu sent Seiji Kazemaru to the west once again to neutralize the threat. Seiji immediately agreed. However, he also had a secret goal: seeking death to atone for the atrocities that he committed in the Korean Invasions, and to end the misery of losing his best friend and former lord.

Seiji purchased a fragment of Soul Edge from a mysterious merchant, knowing that it would help him. However, the fragment inflicted his beloved wife Rinko with an incurable disease, even further motivating revenge against Soul Edge.

On his journey west, Seiji would meet two new traveling companions: Ryuki Arakachi, a Ryukyuan noble and a friend of Tong Lingmei's family, and Shu Jiaohu, a young thief from Western China and the daughter of a Ming general. These two would help Seiji on his quest, though they had their own reasons to join as well. Ryuki wanted to prove himself, much like Lingmei before him, and Jiaohu secretly had a plan to steal at least one of the Soul Swords for herself to become a master thief.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

400 years passed since General Seiji Kazemaru left his mark on the world as Sawasaki's most renowned adventurer, demon hunter, and overall hero.

Gaku Kazemaru, an American martial artist of Korean-Japanese heritage, and a direct descendant of Seiji, continued his family's legacy when the Devil Gene made itself known during the third King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Two years later, amidst the chaos of the world war caused by Jin Kazama and his Tekken Force, Gaku intends to seek the truth behind the Devil Gene by joining the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament along with his old friend Mirai Satomi, a kenpo expert and amateur wrestler with firearm skills. The two travel to Japan, spending some time training with Gaku's uncle and grandfather in their ancestral martial arts, while refining Gaku's demon sealing techniques learned from his father. Using their new skills learned from the Kazemaru family, the two enter the tournament.

While there, Gaku meets a high-spirited capoeirista named Vera Vidal, and the two become close. Little does he know, Mirai has also developed feelings for him not long after their reunion.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

When a young man claiming to be Heihachi Mishima starts a tag-team-based King of Iron Fist Tournament, Mirai Satomi decides to enter to test her new wrestling skills. Needing a tag partner, she convinces Gaku Kazemaru, her old friend and the man of her affection, to join her. Wanting a chance to try out this new tag system, investigate why this younger man is claiming to be Heihachi Mishima, and having budding feelings for Mirai, Gaku jumps on the chance to join her.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

The 6th King of Iron Fist Tournament has ended. Jin Kazama has defeated Azazel, and Heihachi Mishima has retaken his Zaibatsu. Gaku Kazemaru has begun to reconnect to his famil's roots as demon slayers, while also having started a relationship with his friend Mirai Satomi. However, due to wanting to finish her studies, Mirai declines the upcoming 7th tournament and returns to America, wishing him well. While in the tournament scene, Gaku discover the group of fellow demon hunters known as the Archers of Sirius, led by the Italian mage Claudio Serafino. Believing that he can learn from them, Gaku tries to find a way to get involved with them. His first solution is to prove himself by besting Claudio in the tournament.

God Eater Resurrection

Civilization has been destroyed by the Aragami. Shinobu Kazemaru, the grandson of Gaku Kazemaru, travels to Tokyo and joins Fenrir's Far East Branch as the first New-Type God Eater. During this time, he would become one of the most renowned God Eaters, and form a relationship with fellow New-Type Alisa Illinichina Amiella.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst

After the success of the Fenrir Branch's Alpha Team, MIya Reyes, a young woman from the Philippines, becomes a God Eater to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Shinobu Kazemaru.

Kazemaru Clan

The stories of the Kinouishi universe center around the Kazemaru clan, a family of samurai dating back to the Heian period. However, they would not gain much prominence until the exploits of Seiji Kazemaru, due to his adventures across the world finding Soul Edge, and his status as a war hero of Sawasaki.

The Kazemaru family, though virtually unheard of outside of Sawasaki and other territories once owned by the Takazaki clan, would constantly play a part in major historical events. Starting with Seiji, they would have close ties to the supernatural occurrences and events of the world, though members of the family, including Seiji himself, seldom had their own supernatural abilities, instead relying on their own skills or natural talents. However some, again including Seiji in his later life, would make use of advanced ninpo techniques to seal demons.

Starting with Seibei Kazemaru, the father of Seiji Kazemaru, the family would stay in service of the Takazaki family of daimyo until the Meiji Restoration, in which the last known members of the Takazaki bloodline would allegedly perish.

The clan has spread to multiple nations across the country, partly due to Seiji's own adventures, two of his children leaving Japan for good, and his descendants dispersing across the world after Japan opened its borders. A handful of them still continue to hunt demons in the modern day in other countries, including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, China, and various parts of Southeast Asia.

Due to unknown means, the bloodline, though originating in this universe, would find its way traversing other universes, usually by way of dimensional travel, willing or otherwise.

Takazaki Clan

The Takazaki clan are the family of daimyo whom the Kazemaru clan served starting from the Sengoku era until the Meiji era. They claim descent from the Seiwa Genji bloodline, and have controlled Sawasaki since their founding.

Starting with Seibei Kazemaru joining Nobuhiro Takazaki in the mid-16th century, the Takazaki family and the Kazemaru family have a traditional close friendship despite their de jure relationship as lord and vassal, respectively. This was most evident between Hirosuke Takazaki and Seiji Kazemaru, as the two trusted each other above all. At times, Seiji was known to host Lord Hirosuke in his own house, and the two would address each other as old friends rather than as master and retainer, just as they did during their childhood.

By the 1870s, the Takazaki clan's name was forgotten by history after anti-Imperialist protestors burned down Lord Tadahiro Takazaki's mansion. Lord Tadahiro was said to have gone into hiding, only entrusting his whereabouts to Kazuyori Kazemaru, who would eventually unite Sawasaki's scattered villages. However, the name "Takazaki" is remembered fondly by Sawasaki's people.

Fictional Places

One difference between the Kinouishi universe and others is the existence of fictional cities and even lands.

Sawasaki, Japan

One of the more notable places exclusive to this universe is Sawasaki (沢崎 Sawasaki), a territory on the northern shore of the Seto Inland Sea, located in present-day Hiroshima Prefecture. The territory of Sawasaki was ruled by the Takazaki clan throughout the Sengoku and Edo periods. After the Korean invasions, many Korean potters and artisans would find their home here. Sawasaki is also the location of Sawasaki Castle (沢崎城 Sawasaki-jō), the home of the Takazaki clan lords. Sawasaki Castle was built in or before the 8th century, with some gates bearing resemblance to contemporary Korean fortresses.

In the late 1800s, Sawasaki would also become home to Shoeimura (小英村 lit. "Little England Village"), a small district for Western foreigners. The district was primarily populated by the English, though the occasional Russian, Prussian, or American would find themselves here as well. By the early 1900s, this district would gain a significant number of people of mixed Japanese-English ancestry. Shoeimura would house an English language school which was often frequented by Japanese who lived around the district. After 1945, Shoeimura would become more and more American, with an American military base nearby.

Sawajima, Japan

Sawajima (沢島 Sawajima) is an island in the Seto Inland Sea, off the coast of Sawasaki. This island is home to a Buddhist temple commissioned by Seiji Kazemaru in 1596, and the thick forests hide a ninja clan in service to the Takazaki clan.

Nishinakajima, Japan

Nishinakajima (西中島 Nishinakajima) is a small island off the coast of Sawasaki. Prisoners who have committed severe crimes against the people of Sawasaki are often exiled here.

Myths and Legends

The Soulcalibur universe acknowledges the existence of beings such as the Greek Pantheon and other mythical creatures. In the Kinouishi canon, the Greek Pantheon alongside many other gods, such as Shinto Dieties and others, are implied to exist as well.

The Earth of Kinouishi has also had contact with extraterrestrials, in cases both related and unrelated to the Soul Swords.

Canon and Other Universes

The Kinouishi universe, while largely limited to the two main Namco fighting games and the like, also has connections to other universes.

Due to the presence of Angol Fear, and her status as a bonus character rather than a guest character, Kinouishi also accepts the events of Sgt. Frog in its canon, despite its overly comedic nature.

An Earth-like planet called Strangereal is said to exist in the same universe as Kinouishi's Earth. Its people are identical to Earth humans, and are said to be a warlike race with a love for aerial combat. However no magic or supernatural entities are known to exist on Strangereal.

The appearances of guest characters may be considered broad strokes canon. Other worlds such as a version of the Star Wars Legends galaxy and a version of Hyrule do exist in the same universe, and Hell may exist as it is depicted in the Spawn series, but they ultimately have little to no impact on the stories of the main characters. However, with the reveal of Akuma in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution and the implications of his impact on the main story, Kinouishi may fully accept elements of Street Fighter into its canon as well, if not outright fully accepting the franchise.

Seiji Kazemaru has appeared in other games from completely different companies. These crossovers may be considered canon, though their lack of impact on the main story is usually handwaved in some way. For example, as in the ending of Warriors Orochi 3, Seiji's memories of the Orochi dimension fade away as with everyone else in the game.

Connected Universes

The Kinouishi universe has connections to other universes that contain their own versions of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Alternate versions of the Kinouishi characters as of 1590 exist in all of these universes as well. However, their lives often play out differently due to the circumstances of the alternate worlds' history.

Weapon Master

This universe is based on the Weapon Master mode from Soulcalibur II. Here, regions on a single continent are named after stars. This universe tells of the hero Seiji who travels the word in search of Soul Edge, only to find himself faced against the evil knight Veral, who resembles Siegfried (and later Nightmare, and even later Inferno) of the main universe. Though Seiji in this universe is a master of many weapons, he favors the dao and the katana. His signature costume bears a striking resemblance to that of Yun-seong from the main universe.

Chronicles of the Sword

This universe is based on the Chronicles of the Sword mode from Soulcalibur III. This universe contains a war between the Grandall Empire, the Kingdom of Dalkia, and the Halteese Republic. The events of this war were shaped by a man named Seiji, a former thief who became a cadet of the Grandall army. In this universe, Seiji is an expert in the use of small blades and explosives.

Branch Universes

Though the Kinouishi universe follows a linear timeline, there are multiple offshoots that diverge between 1584 and 1590, which diverge when Soul Edge or Soul Calibur fall in the hands of someone different than in the main history. These universes are represented by non-canon arcade endings, and diverge from said endings. At least one alternate universe exists for every possible ending from every game.

The same could be possible from the events of 1994 to 2018, where the non-canon Tekken endings result in alternate universes that branch from the main.

The majority of these universes tend to either fade into obscurity, usually with their supernatural elements waning to the point that the universe becomes mundane, or end prematurely.

Few of these universes continue into their own epic tales in their own right.


Debuting in Soulcalibur III

Seiji Kazemaru (風丸 征次 Kazemaru Seiji) - The protagonist of the Kinouishi Gaiden series. A samurai with a knowledge of various types of East Asian martial arts due to his previous travels, he is often called the "Dragon of Sawasaki" (澤島の龍 Sawasaki no Ryū), eventually becoming a general in the Takazaki clan army. After Soul Edge resurfaces in 1590, his lord and childhood friend Hirosuke Takazaki commands him to investigate and keep it out of the hands of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Favors the use of a Chinese sword and Shaolin techniques in combat, and is the first of his family to start their tradition of investigating the supernatural and hunting evil spirits. In Soulcalibur V, he has become a ninja who combines the use of kodachi with Chinese kenpo techniques.

Tong Lingmei (同昤媄 Tóng Língmei トン・リンメイ Ton Rinmei) - The first deuteragonist of the Kinouishi Gaiden series. The daughter of the Chinese sword master who trained Seiji in the ways of Chinese martial arts. Travels with her old friend to see the world and leave her father's shadow.

Debuting in Soulcalibur IV

Ji Gang (姞刚 Jí Gāng) - A Chinese warrior monk who hopes to guide people away from the evils of Soul Edge, and believes that Krita Yuga is the only way to destroy it.

Reynold Ashland - A 300-year-old vampire who is one of the original Black Plague orphans who founded the Bird of Passage. He returns in the Tekken series as an alternate costume for Dragunov.

Tsubaki (椿 Tsubaki) - A kunoichi of the Fu-Ma clan who is secretly following Seiji to make sure that he stays on his mission.

Guest Characters

Giren Noa - A Mirialan bounty hunter from another galaxy who uses a vibrosword.

Debuting in Soulcalibur V

Ryuki Arakachi (新垣 龍騎 Aragaki Ryūki アラカチ・リュウキ Arakachi Ryuki) - A Ryukyuan warrior who has trained with Tong Lingmei and her husband. Becomes Seiji's traveling companion.

Shu Jiaohu (蜀娇虎 Shǔ Jiāohǔ シュウ・ジアオフー Shū Jiaofū) - A thief from Western China who hopes to steal Soul Edge, the ultimate treasure. She travels with Seiji and Ryuki after the former defeats her in a duel.

Somchai (สมชาย Somchaay ソムチャイ Somuchai) - A Siamese cavalryman and a veteran of the Burmese-Siamese wars. He is very familiar with Japanese samurai, as he fought alongside many of them during the wars. After losing an eye in combat, he wears the tsuba of his Japanese friend's sword as an eyepatch in his memory.

Shin Seiji - An alternate version of Seiji who uses a nunchaku.

Guest Characters

Hirotaka Yamashita (山下 裕鷹 Yamashita Hirotaka) - A member of the Japanese Assassin Brotherhood who is sent west to keep the Soul Swords out of the hands of the Templars.

Debuting in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Gaku Kazemaru (風丸 学 Kazemaru Gaku) - An American-born descendant of Seiji Kazemaru, Gaku has trained in various martial arts styles such as Kazemaru-ryu Kenpo (the style created by his family), Karate, and Taekwondo. Though his primary style and fighting form is that of taekwondo, it still has many nuances of Kazemaru-ryu Kenpo. He has continued his family's legacy as paranormal investigators and demon hunters behind the scenes of the King of Iron Fist Tournaments, before finally entering the 6th.

Mirai Satomi ( 里見 未来 Satomi Mirai) - An American-born Irish-Japanese hapa woman and a close friend of Gaku Kazemaru. A budding anthropologist and martial artist, firearms expert, and amateur pro wrestler, Mirai has studied among Native American cultures, and is familiar with their legends, particularly those of the Apache-related tribes in Arizona. It is implied that she has feelings for Gaku, though he is largely unaware of them until Tekken 7.

Vera Vidal (ヴェラ・ヴィダル Vera Vidaru) - A Brazilian capoeirista who forms a brief romance with Gaku.

Kento Hirata (平田 健斗 Hirata Kento) - A bonus character who is actually an escaped clone of Seiji Kazemaru.

Debuting in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Coming soon

Debuting in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

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Debuting in God Eater Resurrection

Shinobu Kazemaru (風丸 忍 Kazemaru Shinobu) - A grandson of Gaku Kazemaru and Mirai Satomi, who travels to Tokyo to join the Fenrir Far East Branch. As the Far East Branch's first New-Type God Eater, Shinobu is designated "Alpha-1". Having picked up his grandfather's sarcastic and easygoing attitude, Shinobu often wisecracks during combat, though he still takes fighting the Aragami much more seriously than he implies, leaving many to believe that the sarcasm is a coping mechanism. In Kinouishi's canon, he exists in place of Yuu Kannagi/Ryo Kagami/Shinji Kagura/Lenka Utsugi.

Sachiko Perry (さちこ・ペリー Sachiko Perii) - A New-Type God Eater of mixed British and Japanese descent, who joins the Far East branch. One of Shinobu's first friends who joined Fenrir at the same time as him, eventually starting a relationship with him. In Kinouishi's canon, she exists in place of Aki Tamashiro.

Debuting in God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Miya Nida Reyes (ミヤ・ニダ・レイエズ Miya Nida Reiezu) - A God Eater from the Philippines who joins the Blood Unit after hearing the stories of Shinobu Kazemaru and Sachiko Perry, viewing them as her personal heroes. In Kinouishi's canon, Miya exists in place of Hiro Kamui/Reika Kagura. She also lacks any blood relation with Shinobu, contrasting with Shinji and Reika Kagura's status as siblings.


The events of Kinouishi's universe happen as follows. All story events of the Soulcalibur and Tekken games, and any other existing franchises listed, are assumed to have happened as they did in their original canon, unless stated otherwise.

Events of official material (i.e. games, events pertaining to official canon) are bolded.

Events in italics refer to events of ambiguous canonicity, including but not limited to crossovers. These events typically fall outside of Kinouishi's scope as a Bandai Namco-based Fanverse, but they may or may not have happened regardless.

3rd Century

  • Yuan Zhong (圓忠 Yuán Zhōng) joins the Cao Wei army and fights on the losing side of the Battle of Red Cliffs.
  • Yuan Zhong joins a Wei envoy to Japan to meet with Queen Himiko. He stays in Japan for good.

5th Century

  • En Shin (圓伸, Korean: 원신 Won Shin), a warrior and a direct descendant of Yuan Zhong, fights alongside the military of Baekje and Gaya against the forces of the Goguryeo and Silla kingdoms. It is recorded that two generations of his descendants were born and raised in Gaya, and that his grandson, En Kou (圓弥, Korean: 원굉 Won Goeng), who was of mixed Gaya and Japanese heritage, would be the one to return their family to Japan. His brother-in-arms Yang Yujin (楊維晉, Korean: 양유진), a man rumored to be of a mystical bloodline, would accompany him and settle in Japan, taking the name Yanagi no Susumu (楊之晋). The two would become adventurers.

10th Century

  • Kazemaru no Atsushi (風丸の淳 Kazemaru no Atsushi), a direct descendant of both En Kou and Yanagi no Susumu, becomes one of the first samurai in Japan.

12th Century

  • The Takazaki clan is founded somewhere in midwestern Japan, claiming descent from the Yamato Genji bloodline descended from Emperor Seiwa. They become friendly with the Kazemaru clan.

13th Century

  • The Mongols attempt to invade Japan. Kazemaru no Hirokazu (風丸の祐一 Kazemaru no Hirokazu), a direct descendant of Kazemaru no Atsushi, fights against them. He wears the helmet of a Mongol officer as a trophy for the rest of his battles.

14th Century

  • Reynold Ashland is born.
  • The Bird of Passage is founded by a group of orphan survivors of the Black Plague, including Reynold Ashland.
  • Reynold Ashland is bitten by a vampire at age 27. He leaves the organization and becomes a soldier. He is eventually knighted for his exceptional service.
  • Reynold Ashland becomes a wandering mercenary, offering his services all over England and Scotland.

16th Century

  • Issei Kazemaru (風丸 一征 Kazemaru Issei), a jizamurai from Chugoku and a descendant of Kazemaru no Yuichi, becomes a daimyo.


  • Seibei Kazemaru (風丸 征兵衛 Kazemaru Seibei), heir to the Kazemaru clan, is born.
  • The Kazemaru clan's small territory is overtaken by the rival Yasuda clan. Issei manages to escape with his son.


  • Issei is assassinated. Seibei is raised by a vassal samurai of the former clan.


  • Seibei resorts to piracy, wanting to retake his former position by birthright.


  • Seibei spends a couple of years serving the Saito clan.


  • Seibei has a brief stint serving the Takeda clan.
  • Seibei participates in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima. He is injured and left for dead, causing him to desert.


  • Seibei, once again a ronin, is defeated by men under Nobuhiro Takazaki (高崎 信宏 Takazaki Nobuhiro), the daimyo of a small domain called Sawasaki, and joins him. Seibei initially plans to gain the trust of Lord Nobuhiro and eventually turn against him, but eventually begins to truly respect him as a person, and even learns about their clans' histories together. He stays a vassal samurai out of this respect. The two would remain friends for the rest of their lives.


  • Hirosuke Takazaki (高崎 宏助 Takazaki Hirosuke) is born.


  • Seiji Kazemaru is born.


  • Tong Lingmei is born.


  • Seibei introduces Seiji to his old pirate friend Lei Gong, now going by the name Raikyo in Japanese. Raikyo teaches Seiji in the ways of Shaolin Fist and Chinese weapon styles. Seiji favors the single-edged blades.


  • Somchai is born.


  • The events of Soul Edge occur.
  • A student of Master Tong Wufan attempts to search for Soul Edge. Though he gets close to obtaining the sword, he is killed by a rival warrior.


  • Seibei Kazemaru dies in a battle that otherwise wipes out the Yasuda clan, who took his father's territory. Lord Yasuda is killed by Seibei's 18-year-old son, Seiji Kazemaru, who takes the man's helmet as a trophy after his own is damaged beyond repair. The last son of the Yasuda clan, Yoshiaki Yasuda, joins under the Takazaki clan's banner.
  • General Fujita of the Yasuda army swears loyalty to the Takazaki clan after Lord Yasuda is killed.
  • Ryuki Arakachi is born.


  • Yoshiaki Yasuda, now having gained the trust of the Takazaki clan, attempts to assassinate Lord Takazaki to avenge his own clan. Hirosuke Takazaki and Seiji Kazemaru catch him in the act, and he is then sold to a Portuguese merchant as a slave.
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi subjugates Takazaki clan.
  • Seiji Kazemaru leaves Japan for two years to travel across East Asia through Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia, and China.  
  • While in Korea, Seiji is mistaken for a Japanese pirate, and gets in fights with some martial artists from the Seong Dojang.
  • In Fujian Province, Seiji meets Master Tong Wufan and his daughter, Tong Lingmei, and learns Chinese combat styles from them for one year. While in China, he is known under the name Feng Zheng (風征).
  • The events of Soulcalibur occur. During this time, Seiji does not search for Soul Edge, but takes mercenary jobs in Fujian fighting Malfested.
  • Yoshiaki Yasuda, now a slave, arrives in Portugal. He is traded among multiple masters, though his whearabouts become unknown, and his name is forgotten by history.


  • Seiji leaves Master Tong but promises to return. Now armed with new skills and a new Chinese sword in addition to his Wo Dao, he then travels across the rest of Eastern China.


  • Seiji travels across Southeast Asia. It is said that he briefly worked as a mercenary for the king of Ayutthaya.
  • Shu Jiaohu is born.
  • Seiji Kazemaru returns to Japan towards the end of the year, only to find that Nobuhiro Takazaki has died of illness. Hirosuke is named the successor.


  • An oni called Dojishinsai (怒地震災) attacks Sawasaki. Seiji steps up to defeat it, becoming a local hero of Sawasaki. After Dojishinsai is weakend, he is sealed by the ninja Tsubaki.
  • Lord Nobuhiro Takazaki arranges for Seiji to marry General Fujita's daughter, Rinko Fujita (藤田 凛子 Fujita Rinko). Though the two are initially opposed to it, they eventually grow to love each other.


  • The events of Soulcalibur II occur.
  • Hirosuke Takazaki commants Seiji Kazemaru to travel west and gather information on Soul Edge to keep it out of the hands of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, due to both his experience with the supernatural and with traveling the world.
  • Seiji meets Tong Lingmei once again, and the two travel west to find information on the sword.
  • The events of Soulcalibur III occur.
  • Ji Gang defeats Seiji and Lingmei, warns them of Soul Edge's evil nature, and trains them.
  • Lost Cathedral is destroyed.
  • Reynold Ashland resurfaces to find the Soul Swords.
  • Algol is awakened.
  • The events of Soulcalibur IV occur.
  • Seiji and Lingmei make their way to Ostrheinsburg Castle.
  • Tower of Lost Souls is destroyed. Seiji appears to be in a coma.
  • Lingmei returns to China.
  • Angol Fear leaves Earth, deciding that while its people are too weak to control Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, they are at relative peace. She summons her cousin to give Earth its proper judgment, only for her to fall asleep for 500 years.


  • Seiji visits Lingmei one more time before returning to Japan, to find that she has started her own martial arts school.
  • While traveling home, Seiji is transported by Orochi to his amalgamation universe, where he fights alongside warriors from various historical periods and even dimensions against Orochi and Da Ji. He is said to have encountered the warrior Sophitia Alexandra.
  • The events of the Warriors Orochi series occur.
  • Seiji returns home to his native time and realm, wiped of all memories of Orochi's world.
  • Seiji's eldest son Ryota Kazemaru (風丸 燎太 Kazemaru Ryōta) is born.
  • Seiji is declared a hero of Sawasaki and of the Takazaki army, and his family is given the duty to intercept and eliminate supernatural threats to the clan.


  • Takazaki clan is summoned to Korea to participate in the war. Seiji Kazemaru is made a field commander.
  • Seiji fights Hong Yunseong.  Both survive.
  • Seiji and Rinko's twin children Aoi (風丸 葵 Kazemaru Aoi) and Kyuzo (風丸 久蔵 Kazemaru Kyūzō) Kazemaru are born while their father is in Korea.


  • Seiji is promoted for his excellent performance in Korea, becoming part of a secret ninja corps in the Takazaki clan.
  • Tong Lingmei is married to Wu Chun (武春 Wǔ Chūn), her childhood friend and a student of her father.
  • Hirotsugu Takazaki, son of Hirosuke Takazaki, is born.


  • Takazaki clan is once again summoned to Korea to participate in the invasion. Commander Kazemaru resumes his position from the previous invasion.
  • The Korean invasions end. Seiji Kazemaru stays in Korea for a year to help with a relief effort, including teaching children from damaged villages and homes how to defend themselves using the fighting techniques he learned from Raikyo-sensei and Master Tong.


  • Seiji returns to Japan. Despite everything he has done to give back, he is still haunted by the atrocities that he was forced to commit in Toyotomi's name.

17th Century


  • The Takazaki clan fights in Sekigahara on the side of Mitsunari ishida. Despite fighting for the losing side, they swear loyalty to the Tokugawa Shogunate shortly after.
  • Hirosuke Takazaki dies of battle wounds.
  • Hirotsugu Takazaki, then known as Takechiyo, is named successor to the clan, and a tōzama daimyo. However, as he is too young, he was largely under the guidance of advisors.
  • From this point onwards, Seiji Kazemaru is said to have started frequenting geisha houses, drinking, and amassing concubines. This is both due to the atrocities he was forced to commit in Korea, and the loss of his lifelong best friend.


  • Soul Edge and Malfested resurface.
  • A mysterious merchant sells Seiji a fragment of Soul Edge, which unknowingly inflicts his wife with an incurable disease, killing her. It eventually kills most of his concubines.
  • The events of Soulcalibur V occur.
  • Seiji is sent to once again counter the threat beyond the Takazaki clan's borders.  He secretly also seeks death on his mission to make up for the atrocities he committed in Korea, and to ease the pain of having lost loved ones.
  • Seiji meets Ryuki Arakachi, and the two travel together.
  • Seiji and Ryuki meet Shu Jiaohu, a thief who wants Soul Edge for herself.  She agrees to travel with them.
  • Trio encounters two Astaroth, one of whom breaks Seiji's kodachi, and the other of whom apparently kills Ryuki.  Seiji uses Ryuki's nunchaku in his memory.
  • Seiji and Jiaohu join Schwarzwind forces in the final siege on Ostrheinsburg.
  • After finishing his quest, Seiji stayed in Europe for a year, helping various groups of warriors fight Malfested remnants. This, after rekindling his adventurer's spirit, teaches him to accept everything that happened to him in the past seven years.


  • Aoi is married to Nobutora Kagami (鏡 信虎 Kagami Nobutora), another samurai who serves the Takazaki clan. At her insistence, the Kagami family also takes up demon hunting and paranormal investigation.


  • Juzo Kagami (鏡 什蔵 Kagami Jūzō), son of Nobutora Kagami and Aoi Kazemaru, is born.


  • Nobutora Kagami is outed as a Christian. To escape persecution, he and Aoi leave Japan and settle down in Ayutthaya's Ban Yipun district alongside other Japanese, including Christians and ronin. Juzo grows up knowing Ban Yipun as his home, getting swordsmanship lessons from the many ronin in the area, as well as learning Siamese combat techniques. Nobutora joins the Siamese military under the command of Nagamasa Yamada.
  • The Siege of Osaka occurs. The Takazaki clan, including Seiji and his two sons, participates on behalf of the Shogun.


  • Siege of Osaka ends. Seiji Kazemaru is recorded to have died from his wounds weeks after the battle. His son Ryota's memoirs claim that Seiji was among the men who killed the legendary warrior Yukimura Sanada.
  • Kyuzo leaves Japan to explore the world like his father before him. He spends a year in Ayutthaya with his sister and brother-in-law.


  • King Prasat Thong destroys the Japanese enclave. Nobutora Kagami and Aoi Kazemaru make a final stand. Their son Juzo, now 17, successfully fights off some of Prasat Thong's troops using his own mixed knowledge of both Japanese and Siamese fighting methods. However he is ordered to retreat. His mother gives him a dagger with the Kazemaru family seal on it. Her final words to him are that if he were to return to Japan, to show the dagger to the Takazaki clan.
  • Juzo escapes to the Khmer Kingdom. He would spend two years here, learning the Khmer fighting arts of Bokator, Pradal Serey, and the arts which would be known as Kbach kun boran Khmer. He would combine these styles with his preexisting Siamese combat styles.


  • Juzo would wander the Khmer Kingdom of Cambodia as something of a traveling hero. Though his intentions were always for the greater good, he was known to use strongarm tactics to get his way, and occasionally was not above using such tactics for personal gain.


  • Juzo attempts to return to Japan, but is unable to with the sakoku policies in place. Instead, he remains in Cambodia, working as a mercenary during the clashes between the Khmer and the Vietnamese.


  • After many adventures, Juzo would spend the rest of the 1630s in Vietnam. Any records of him after that are unknown, but from this point onwards he would be known as Kính Thập Tàng, the Vietnamese pronunciation of his name.

19th Century


  • The Takazaki clan are rallied into the Boshin War on the side of the Imperialists. After Lord Tadahiro Takazaki (高崎 忠宏 Takazaki Tadahiro) joins the Shimazu and Mori clans in their uprising, the Kazemaru family stand by them and rally them.
  • Twin brothers Kazuyori (風丸 和頼 Kazemaru Kazuyori) and Kazushige (風丸 和繁 Kazemaru Kazushige) Kazemaru, the descendants of Ryota Kazemaru, have a falling out over political differences. Kazuyori supports the reign of the Emperor along with the rest of the Kazemaru family, while Kazushige supports the old ways of the Shogunate.
  • The Meiji era begins. Kazuyori Kazemaru officially joins the Imperial army as an officer. Kazushige continues to cling to the days of the Shogunate, and becomes a rebellious hitman who targets Imperialists.
  • Shoeimura district in Sawasaki is founded for foreigners settling in the area, primarily the English.

Early 1870s

  • The Takazaki clan fights alongside the Imperialists in the Meiji Restoration wars.
  • Lord Tadahiro's mansion is burned to the ground by anti-Imperialist traitors led by Kazushige. Kazuyori fights his brother in a fit of loyalty to his lord. Kazuyori is victorious, but spares his brother. Tadahiro casts Kazushige out as a ronin.
  • Tadahiro goes into hiding, trusting only Kazuyori with his whereabouts. As they are no longer lord and vassal under the new laws, Tadahiro's final words to Kazuyori address him as "a friend and a brother".


  • Kazushige Kazemaru accepts the new Imperial rule, but believes that Japan no longer needs swordsmen like him. However, he clings to his ways as a swordsman and travels to America, where he becomes a treasure hunter and a mercenary, using guns and swords in unison. Before leaving, he goes back to his brother to make final amends. Kazuyori forgives his brother. Some rumors claim that Kazushige settled down among Native Americans. Some claim that he married an Irish woman and the two lived an isolated life in the mountains. Some claim he became a treasure hunter. Some claim he took the false identity of a Chinese man and spent the rest of his life as the local protector of a California Chinatown. Some claim a mix of any of the above. His true whereabouts are unknown.

20th Century


  • Hirokazu Kazemaru, great-grandson of Kazushige Kazemaru, is born.


  • Hirokazu Kazemaru joins the Imperial Japanese military.


  • Kazuyoshi Kazemaru, son of Hirokazu Kazemaru, is born.


  • Yuki Kazemaru, eldest son of Kazuyoshi Kazemaru, is born.
  • Park Seongmin is born.


  • Park Seongmin moves to Japan for work.


  • Yuki Kazemaru leaves Japan with his girlfriend, Park Seongmin, to start a new life away from his family's old traditions, and in response to his father disapproving of his relationship to a Korean woman.


  • Yuki Kazemaru marries Park Seongmin.




  • Mirai Satomi is born.


  • Vera Vidal is born.

21st Century


  • Yuki Kazemaru and his father, Kazuyoshi Kazemaru, make amends.



  • Gaku Kazemaru learns of his family legacy as paranormal investigators and demon hunters from his grandfather, Kazuyoshi Kazemaru.


  • The events of Tekken 3 occur. Paul Phoenix initially wins the tournament, only for Jin Kazama, and later Heihachi Mishima, to steal the victory.
  • Mirai Satomi investigates Ogre behind the scenes of the 3rd King of Iron Fist Tournament. Finally accepting his legacy, Gaku agrees to join her.


  • The events of Tekken 4 occur. Heihachi Mishima wins the tournament.
  • The events of Tekken 5 occur. Jin Kazama wins the tournament using his Devil form.
  • The events of Tekken: Devil Within occur.
  • The events of Death by Degrees occur.
  • Events similar to Tekken: Blood Vengeance occur.
  • The events of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion occur.
    • Gaku Kazemaru's home town is attacked by the Mishima Zaibatsu, injuring his parents. His grandfather Kazuyoshi trains him intensely.
    • Mirai Satomi's father, a skilled martial artist himself, attempts to fight the Tekken Force. Though he puts up a fight, he is injured with an inch of his life.
  • Gaku, Mirai, and Vera enter the 6th King of Iron Fist Tournament, the former two aiming for the bounty on Jin Kazama's head. None of them make it to the finals.
  • Gaku and Mirai go to Egypt to investigate Azazel.
  • Gaku and Mirai begin a relationship.


  • Heihachi Mishima retakes the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Gaku Kazemaru goes to Japan after giving Mirai information on Azazel, then enters the 7th King of Iron Fist Tournament.
  • Gaku tracks down Claudio Serafino, and vows to find out more about the Sirius Marksmen.
  • The events of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution occur.


  • Combining his old family martial art, his taekwondo training, and other styles, Gaku Kazemaru creates the martial art Kazemaru-Ka Chōsei Shin-Taikenpō (風丸家重生真跆拳法 Kazemaru Family's Rebirth True Fist and Foot Method), or Chōsei-Shinken (重生真拳 Rebirth True Fist) for short. The style emphasizes conditioning of the limbs, and contains both empty hand and weapons training, the latter of which has a heavy emphasis on swords. He establishes a dojo called Chōseikan (重生館).


  • Shinobu Kazemaru, grandson of Gaku Kazemaru, is born.
  • Sachiko Perry is born.


  • Miya Nida Reyes is born.


  • The Aragami first appear. Much of civilization is destroyed.
  • Shinobu begins training in Chosei-Shinken under his parents and his grandfather.


  • Shinobu Kazemaru, now 17, joins the Fenrir Far East Branch to combat the Aragami, becoming their first New Type God Eater. His Chosei-Shinken training quickly advances him through the ranks.
  • Sachiko Perry joins the Fenrir Far East Branch. She is assigned as Shinobu's partner, which eventually evolves into a relationship.
  • The events of God Eater Resurrection occur.


  • Sachiko is marked MIA after a mission, and presumed dead. Shinobu becomes depressed as a result.


  • Miya Reyes joins the Fenrir Far East Branch in Japan, after hearing the stories of Shinobu Kazemaru and Sachiko Perry.
  • The events of God Eater 2 Rage Burst occur.


  • Earth is restored, and efforts are started to return it to its former glory. Shinobu and Miya settle down together in Tokyo.


  • The idea for the main characters of Kinouishi to have descendants in the King of Iron Fist tournament is inspired by the character customization in Tekken 6 onwards, and the ability to drastically change official characters' appearances to the point where they look like different characters altogether.
  • The approximate dates for the events of Tekken are based on the name of Lei Wulong's theme in Tekken 2, "The Place, 1997 ", which implies that Tekken 2 is set in 1997.
  • The Kinouishi canon exists in the same universe as another galaxy, though it exists far, far away.
  • Seiji's descendant in God Eater was given the gender-neutral name "Shinobu" because while the author has the concept of his descendant being God Eater's protagonist, he has not played the game yet, and has yet to decide on a gender for the character.
    • As of July 20, 2016, he has confirmed that Shinobu is male. However, the FanVerse will also accept the events of God Eater 2 Rage Burst, in which the protagonist will be female.
  • Though the God Eater series is canon, the events of the God Eater anime are not, due to the author's dislike of the anime series, and his apathy towards the character Lenka Utsugi.
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