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What lies in his soul is Resolution. Gustava was a schoolmate of Raphael's in school and was his best friend. Raphael taught him how to use the Rapier. He was very sad when he found out the news that his friend had mysteriously disappeared. He went on a quest to find him. First he visited the Romanian Valley(Raphael's main arena in SC3) and enters the castle there, only to find a little girl in a purple dress(Amy). He questions her about Raphael, but she does not respond. She appeared like she had a bad illness. Gustava assumed one thing from this, the new Raphael is nothing like the one he was friends with years ago. He first adventured through Asia but he was nowhere to be found there. He went back to the castle in the valley, where Raph was waiting. Raphael says "A soul to sacrifice for Soul Edge? Or an old friend?" Gustava replies "An old friend, and what the heck is Soul Edge dude?" Raphael does not respond, and makes the first move. He slashes his arm, and Gustava barely escapes. His story continues in Soul Calibur 4.......................

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