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Aiko Sutcliff - サトクリフ・アイコ - is a character from the Soul Series.

What lies in her soul is Disturbance.

Background history

Aiko was born in a remote area of ​​England, daughter of a Scottish battlemage demonologist and a Russian witch. She lived in a demonic village, which changed location frequently for obvious reasons. Soon she learned to fight and defend herself with her father; at age 12, a major problem with demons occurred and her father was allegedly murdered by her mother in mental control. At 13, she left home and began to travel aimlessly, going to Greece. She met Sophitia and Cassandra, worked in the bakery for money and two years later left for Germany. She found the person who had her mother kill her father, some problems occurred but Aiko managed to escape; A year later, she found her mother again in mental control. She stole a family ring from her and ended up banishing and sealing her in hell.

Shortly afterwards, she had heard of a sword supposedly with powers. Imagine just how much money you could get if you sold it!

Aiko asked for an armor and a sword for her, and went after the sword.

On her way, she found a boy. Blonde, blue-eyed and considerably smaller than she was, but with a sword twice his height. She decided to ask what had happened, and he seemed not to be well. He was quiet, but Aiko hesitated.

Terrible. Idea.

She came out with a broken rib and a cut under her chest, but nothing much.

She decided to go after the sword.

She could not get it, so she decided to leave it for maybe next time.

Two years later, she finally found the boy again and tried to apologize. They had a brief conversation, discovered the boy's name; Aiko already ended up putting a nickname on him and in the end he turned his back and left, irritated.

A few more years later, they are reunited but he is now with Soul Edge.

Both fight, Aiko almost dies being pierced by the mutant arm and runs away. SCII has no part in her story.

Months later, she meets Siegfried. They end up apologizing, but he says he wants her to leave. She just nods, even though she's not feeling well, and leaves.

After Nightmare's death, Aiko decides AGAIN to go after Siegfried. After much bothering and with Hilde's help, they reconcile. Aiko and Siegfried spend about a year and a half to two years traveling in Europe, seeking peace, since Nightmare was dead. However, Soul Edge still had Malfested around, which did not leave them alone for a time.

After the trip, both return to Germany. Siegfried is reunited with Schwarzind and his mother, who is ill. Aiko helps Siegfried to take care of his mother together with Salia.

Later, she joins Schwarzind, and a few months later she marries the man and ends up having a child.


Up to 24, Aiko was a stubborn and really annoying girl. Having left a little early from home, she ended up not learning how to be polite, also not knowing when to stop something. She was also very, VERY clingy. No matter the level of intimacy, she would get very attached to the person. She joked and gave nicknames to everyone. Often teased others and things would not end up well for her.

After 24, she joined Schwarzind and became a more serious person. Jokes and taunts remained frequent, but only with other members and friends. No one knows she is half a demon, as it is easy to hide.


  • "Come on! Do I look like I'm scared of you?"
  • "I fear no sword, be it soul-eating or not!" - When fighting Nightmare.
  • (chuckles) "Do you want me to teach ye how to fight?" - When taunting.
  • "Awww. Such a waste." - When a opponent is defeated.
  • "Do you really think I'm going to let you do that?" - When taunting.
  • "What ye going to do now, cry?" - When a opponent is defeated.
  • "Is that the best you can do?" - When a opponent is defeated.
  • "Too slow!" - When performing a grapple break.
  • "Goodbye." - When a opponent is defeated.
  • "Now, what should I do with you?" - When a opponent is defeated
  • "How does it feel to be defeated?" (laughs) - When a opponent is defeated.
  • "Come on, princess. Let me show you that I can kick your ass." - To Siegfried, Soul Calibur III
  • "I thought trying to kill me once was enough, but seems like it wasn't." - To Nightmare
  • (laughs) "Ye still didn't learn, eh?" - To Siegfried, Soul Calibur V
  • "Didn't mean to!" - To Siegfried, SCV
  • (Hysterical Laughter) - When performing a Ring Out on Siegfried
  • "...What are you?!" - To Voldo
  • "Ew!" - When Voldo performs a grapple on her.
  • "Don't you dare get an inch closer to me!" - When Voldo approaches her in a fight
  • "So we meet again, huh?" - To Ivy



Blood Hunter by Varien

Varien - Blood Hunter

Varien - Blood Hunter


  • About her name being Japanese, despise the fact she's British, is because before her parents became leaders of the village she lived in, a Japanese demoness named Aiko was the leader. When she left, Elizabeth named her daughter after the ex-leader.
  • She seems to be heavily disgusted by Voldo. She is, by both his appearance and moves.
  • She has sharp canines, which makes her (try to) maintain a serious face all the time.
  • She is friends with Ivy. They share studies and tips about magic. Since Aiko's mother was a witch, they both share similar skills.
  • Aiko, even though she is half a demon, her way of gaining money was exorcizing people and banishing other demons to hell.
  • She oftens call Siegfried "princess" and makes fun of his height, irritating him.
  • Even though in the SCV her and Siegfried are married, she still hasn't shown her demonic side and will never show it to him. She is seemingly scared of whatever could happen if he discovered.
  • She was supposedly killed by Nightmare in the events of Soul Calibur II, when she got in a fight with him and he pierced her lungs with his mutant arm.
  • She has the power to summon spiders, and her demon form reminds of a spider. The spiders she summons are tarantulas.
  • After 17 years, Aiko still thinks Sophitia was murdered by Tira.
  • She is, for some reason, really good at kulning.