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Soulcalibur IV

Blade is in alignment with himself. His goal is to be sure that war and fighting continues to keep himself alive. He does this by becomes a nemesis to both Siegfried and Nightmare. As they fight he gets stronger and stronger. He then becomes immortal and does not require war or fighting to keep himself alive. He then encounters Nightmare who tries to attack Blade only to be blasted back by his new powers. Nightmare then tells Blade that he is a coward for using this such power. Blade angered by this stabbs Nightmare in the arm. Nightmare then slashes Blade across the chest ridding him of his immortality and causing his powers to slowly drain. Blade then realises that the Sorceror had said that only two blades would ridd him of his powers if he gained any. Blade then uses the last of his powers to make Nightmare vanish. Blade then yells in anger that his powers are gone.


NOTE: If you don't like blood or gore or hearing Siegfried getting killed stop reading!)

Blade grabbs Siegfried by the neck and ripps out his spine and burns his body in an acid pit. Blade then goes to a near lifeless Nightmare and then tells him that he was powerful yet to easy to defeat and then stabbs him in the head. He then uses a type of magic to destroy the Soulcalibur and Soul Edge and starts to yell in victory. The text-only epilogue reveals this: The angered knight finally destroys the two swords and regains his power.

Critical Finish

Blade says "Now I'm norished! It's time to end this!". Blade then grabbs his opponent and unleashes an unknown type of red sphere that burns the opponent and then causes their body to dissolve. Blade then makes the red sphere vanish.


  • You die now!
  • I'm ready now weakling.
  • I will have your head.
  • Noooooooooooo!
  • That was rather satisfying.
  • You will not win next time!
  • I'm hungry. How about some war!
  • Hit me!
  • You are rather weak.
  • I felt that.
  • I remeber you Nightmare!
  • Your head will be mine Siegfried!
  • With you, your blade dies'.
  • I will have my revenge.

Personality and Traits

Blade has a rather dark personality like Nightmare's. He needs war and fighting as he was made by the sorceror to continue war. If he never continued war his body would slowly deteriorate and he would eventually die. If there were to be a big war and lots of fighting his body would turn into a more powerful form called the Power Form. This form allows him to be immune to damge unless it is done by the Soul Calibur or Soul Edge which would turn him into his normal form. In Blade's normal form he still has super-human traits however he can be killed by any weopon or torture. Blade mostly never willingly agrees with deals and if he did he would eventually kill them. He has small respec for Nightmare as he believes that he is the most worthy opponent he has faced and was nearly killed by Nightmare once.

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