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Ignaryu Kitsune (Ignatius Fox in English) is a fan created character by Ignaios (please do not edit this unless i do!), present in the Soul Calibur series. Kitsune's first appearance is in Soul Calibur IV.

What lies in his soul is Intelligence.

Birthplace Osaka, Japan
Birthdate September 16, 1572
Age 21 (Soul Calibur IV)
Height 5'8
Blood type AB
Weapon Katana
Weapon name

Kokuenra (At the Start)

Oniyukiyasu (In the End)

Fighting style Swift Fox Style

Shunsuke Kitsumoto, father (deceased)

Elizabeth Jones, mother

Nagatsuki clan

Appears in Soulcalibur IV

First game Soulcalibur IV


Ignaryu is a half Japanese-half English man. His hair is of a yellowish-hazelnut tone. His eyes are just like his mother's: dark brown-ish. Although his father was Japanese, Kitsune does not show to seem Japanese.

About his armor, Kitsune likes to wear heavy pauldrons, leaving his body uncovered, or sometimes using breastplates. He sometimes uses eye patches on one of his eyes, although he is not blind. Another variable he uses is using a full helm instead of his patches.

Ignaryu also uses light pants, using either a leather belt or a tasset, and usually using plate boots.


Ignaryu Kitsune Kitsumoto was the son of a poor Japanese swordsman, Shunsuke Kitsumoto, and a rich English noble, Elizabeth Jones, who was the daughter of the English ambassador in Japan. Elizabeth, who was expected to marry a rich man in London, ran away from her home at the age of fifteen to live in Osaka with Shunsuke, her secret boyfriend.

Although life was hard for them, they managed to sustain their lives thanks to Shunsuke's job in a fishing port, although he actually was a skilled samurai in the clan who ruled Osaka, the Nagatsuki clan.

One day, Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant. Both lovers were happy because they would finally form a family. The baby was born, and they decided to name him a mix of an English and Japanese name: Ignaryu.

As the baby turned into a child, he learned to keep the house clean and to fish. He and his mother did not know anything about the daily risks of his father and how he kept Osaka safe.

The child was now eight years old, and the father decided that it was time for him to know the truth. Shunsuke told Ignaryu that he was part of a clan of samurais who defended the village from intruders, and that he got payed very well for that, and that hopefully, Japan had no wars with other countries. The father also asked the boy not to tell his mother, as it would be very dangerous for her. The boy promised not to tell his mother, and became an initiate in the clan, where he learnt about samurai traditions and how to use katanas.

When the boy reached eleven, he became his father's cadet. Ignaryu now handled the katana better than his father, and quickly became a well-known samurai in the clan. People called him Kitsune instead of Kitsumoto due to the fact that he was as intelligent and fast as a fox. However, he would soon have to use those skills in real battle.

One day, a civil war exploded in Japan. Chaos reigned and the disturb reached Osaka. The clan decided to take all villagers to safety and then step into the battlefield. Shunsuke and Kitsune did very well, however, the opposing clan was a fusion between the three most powerful clans in feudal Japan: the Murasaki-Kunaguri-Ryokosawa clan. The opposing samurais looked very weird. Evil auras were spreading out of their bodies, they seemed possessed, and much more powerful. The Nagatsuki clan did not know the reason behind the attack, perhaps the clans wanted to take over Japan. However, that would be very doubtful, since the four clans had had a very good relationship. There had to be something causing all this struggle.

Kitsune and Shunsuke began to fight, but the other samurais were enormously numbered and powerful. Kitsune knew they had to retreat, or they would get slaughtered. Shunsuke denied to do that, because it was against their honor, and getting even deeper in the battlefield, he disappeared from sight. The other samurais in the clan did as well, leaving only Kitsune and a handful of other warriors alone. Kitsune took these warriors to safety and then went back to the battlefield.

The war had ended. The Nagatsuki clan had been defeated, having all it's warriors massacred and the village destroyed. Shunsuke had also died, leaving Kitsune terribly depressed. His father's last wish was Kitsune to take his father's sword Oniyukiyasu with him, because it would be the last fragment to solve the puzzle. Ignaryu didn't understand, and sadly, did as he pleased.

He also had to tell his mother about his father's death, although he just couldn't do it. He decided that, in order to find peace within himself, he had to find the cause of the war and destroy it. He stayed with his mother for some time, telling her that his father had died while fishing in the sea, and leaving her destroyed, he left.

He regretted leaving her in that state, but he had to solve the puzzle his father had predicted and why the Murasaki-Kunaguri-Ryokosawa's samurais were acting weird. He then decided to head to Europe to look for answers.

He spent in Europe three years, until he was nineteen. He did not find any clues there. He went back to Osaka, now controlled by the three evil clans. He found out that his mother was sick due to the evilness that was covering the village, and so decided to visit her. She was very angry because of Ignaryu's departure, but she was also happy to see him healthy. Kitsune now could not stand it and told the truth to his mother. She was very surprised, but at the same time, she was happy that her husband had been so vital to Osaka. Ignaryu then told her he had to do something, and left her alone once again.

That same night, Kitsune slipped in the enemy's fortress. He quickly killed a number of samurais, and cleverly reached the bosse's room. The three clan leaders attacked Ignaryu at the same time, but he took care of all of them at the same time. He did not kill them, but he instead interrogated them. They did not say anything, so the hero kept searching for clues in the fortress. While he was running through the corridors, he saw an old man who did not seem to be corrupted. The old man told Ignaryu that the cause of this discord was a very powerful sword which gave the wielder power over other people. Thanking this old man, Ignaryu then left.

Kitsune looked everywhere for the sword, but he did not find anything at all. He was exhausted and could not solve the puzzle.

One day, as he was returning to Osaka, he met with an azure knight who said to posess the evil sword. This knight, named Nightmare told Ignaryu that he was the one who controlled the samurais and that he was looking for the evil sword's remaining fragments. Then, he ordered Kitsune to hand over the remaining fragment. Kitsune, confused, told him to beat him first. The battle was the fiercest he ever had, consisting of enormous attack throws by Nightmare, and brutal sword handling, but thanks to Ignaryu's amazing intelligence, he beat the knight. He knew he had to shatter the sword to restore the three evil clan's sanity, although he could also take it and become the three clan's leader and rule Japan. He was tempted, and for a moment, he was about to grab the sword. However, visions from his parents in his mind prevented him from taking it. He, instead shattered it into pieces. As soon as his katana took contact with the evil sword, he felt an enormous electric discharge running through his body. The sword exploded into fragments, while Kitsune was sent off flying backwards. He knew the sword was not completely destroyed, however, it must have been weakened enormously at least.

Returning back to Osaka, the environment seemed changed. Life could be heard everywhere. The samurai went back to his mother's house, and surprised, saw that his mother was not sick anymore. He hugged her and promised to stay with her this time.

Ignaryu then decided to head back to the Murasaki-Kunaguri-Ryokosawa clan fortress to see what happened. The guards in the building no longer had evil auras surrounding them. Surprisingly, the guards kneeled against Kitsune and let him in. Everyone inside the building did the same.

When Kitsune reached the top floor, he saw that the three leaders had been changed too. They were feeling confused, however, when they saw him, they instantly bowed to him. Ignaryu, surprised, asked why were they bowing. The bosses then explained that they were being controlled and that they were forced to massacre his clan. Kitsune still did not understand why Nightmare had wanted to destroy his clan. Suddenly remembering his father's last words, Ignaryu drew out his father's katana and saw that one of the evil sword's fragments had been attached to the blade. Kitsune now understood everything: His father was trying to avoid Nightmare from completing the sword, since if he completed it, he would be able to do as he pleased.

Kitsune found no use in the fragment, other than making his sword impure. He tossed the fragment into the sea and went back to the village and, after the Murasaki-Kunaguri-Ryokosawa clan left the village, he became the Nagatsuki clan leader and led Osaka to a new peaceful age.

In Soul Calibur IV

In Soul Calibur IV, Kitsune already holds Oniyukiyasu in his hands, and has already got rid of the impure fragment. However, two years after the end of evil in Osaka, Ignaryu hears from a fisherman that the evil sword has been restored and is now in hands of a mighty king in Europe. Knowing that his village is now once more in danger, Ignaryu tells his clan to look after Osaka while he is out, because a great danger might be coming. And saying good bye to his recovered mother, he sets off to Europe.

Arriving in Europe, Kitsune faces enormous challenges and dangers, having to face many new warriors, such as an incredibly strong Japanese warrior, and a very swift ninja. After, defeating all dangers, Ignaryu comes across a massive tower which is said to hold the hero king with the restored sword.

Kitsune finds new dangers inside it, and as he climbs it, he has to fight even harder. Finally reaching the top floor, Kitsune faces an even more interesting warrior: The Hero King Algol.

Algol possessed not only Soul Edge, but it's counterpart sword, Soul Calibur. With both swords in hand, Algol seemed undestructible. He repeatedly jumped over Ignaryu and performed incredible rolling kicks. Kitsune knew he would not be able to beat him, but, as always, had a plan. He got closer to the edge to the abyss, and as Algol prepared to make his rolling kick, the samurai quickly moved and left Algol facing to the abyss. He then said I am sorry, but i must keep my village safe, and to do that, i must destroy these swords!, and with no more words, Kitsune grabbed both swords and kicked the hero king in the back, sending him flying to the abyss. Then, stabbing both spirit swords in the grounds, Kitsune drew Oniyukiyasu and pierced both sword's eyes, making them explode into dust. Finally, everything was over.

We then see him returning to Osaka as all villagers kneel before him and see the following message He returned triumphant to his village, where he leaded his clan and village into eternal prosperity.


Kitsune is a very intelligent person, which let's him develop great battle strategies. However, he usually looks down on his opponents for not being smart, which leaves him vulnerable. Ignaryu is also very serious when it comes to honor. He tries to avoid death and also congratulates those who beat him.

When it comes to his clan, Ignaryu is a very dedicated leader, and develops very good strategies. He also looks after every single member, and is also very respected. He also finds an intelligent samurai more intelligent than a strong one.


-Strength is not the only path to victory!

-Leave now, before you get hurt!


-My senses tell me you will now face a terrible loss.

-Feel the wrath of the Nagatsuki clan!

-Not enough!


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