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Septyr Amour

Septyr Amour is a fan-made fictional character in the soul series of fighting games. He was the son of a french woodcutter, which Septyr always helpt.Septyr always worked very hard, and was appreciated by his parents for doing so.

In soul calibur V promotional material he is reffered to as: The demon inside

What lies in his soul is Restlessness


Name: Septyr Amour

Birthday: August 8

Birthplace: A small town just outside of Paris

Age: Beginning soulcalibur V: 17 Ending soulcalibur V: 25

Height: 1,80 m

Weight: 70 kg

Bloodtype: A+

Weapon: Dual swords

Fighting style: Natsu


       father, (abondend his son)
       mother, (Abondend her son)
       Wife, Eveline Amour
       Helpt on his search for soul calibur, Natsu
       Mentor, Ezio Auditore

Appears in: Soulcalibur V(First appearance)


1P: Septyr wears a black shirt with a chestplate on his chest and a holster on top of it, he wears long boots and has a scar on his face, he also wear a cape with the sign of an eagle on it. Between the eagles wings there is a Yin-Yang sign wich resembles his newly acquired peace with his soul. He also wears a ninja mask

2P: Septyr is now in his demon-form, His skin is gray and his hair has grown longer, he only wears pants, his fighting style is that of Astaroth.

3P:=Under Construction=

Soul Calibur V

Septyr just came back from cutting wood and was in a happy mood, but what he didn't know is that today his life would change forever...

Septyr: *Whistling*

Strange woman: what a nice tune your whistling!

Septyr:*shocked* who are you?

Strange woman: My name is Tira!

Septyr: what are you doing here?

Tira: im just enjoying the country-side, nothing bad about that, my little malfested friend...

Septyr: what do you mean, malfested?

Tira: oh, don't you know that your malfested?

Septyr: i am not!

Tira: well, your beginning to look a little pale my friend, just like a malfested...

Septyr: *transforms* Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Septyr's father: Septyr! diner is... Oh my... that's a malfested!

Septyr: yes that's Tira!

Septyr's father: go away you gray monster!*Runs away very scared*

Septyr: this is al your fault!

Tira and Septyr fight and Tira let Septyr win,Tira ran away

Septyr: Thank god, there are the guards!

  • the guards attack Septyr* what are you doing, she is getting away!

After a fight the guards lost and Septyr ran as far as he could not looking back, and he ran all the way to Italy

Septyr: *cough* where am i?

Septyr wants to refresh himself with some water from te lake he's at, but he sees a monster in the water!

Septyr: Waah! *Septyr jumps back* what was that?

He looks again and sees its himself...

Septyr:what... no! it cant be! im not malfested!

Unknown: well, you don't look very human either

Septyr: what, who's there!?

Unknown: My name is Ezio Auditore da Firenze, i am an assassin, and i can help you.

Septyr: uhm... ok, thanks, i guess.

Septyr was at the assassin headquarters and he meditated for a whole year when he finally turned back to his human form and his assassin training began, he learned how to use his malfested power in a good way, but eventually he turned back to his malfested form.

Septyr said to himself: What can i do to stop this!?


After Edge master induced a coma to Septyr, the fight with his demon-side began, it was a hard fight but eventually Septyr won, unleashing a huge beam of light from his body, wich completely shattered the right side of his face. Edge master acted fast and used ancient technology to turn him into half human, half robot, but he needed a power source so strong, that it would last forever! A shard of Soul edge...

His wife, Eveline Amour, immediately set out to find Nightmare, because when Nightmare is there, so is Soul edge... <FAST_FORWARD> As Eveline lowered her ringblade, Nightmare turned into dust, leaving Soul edge there, just laying on the ground... as Eveline walked to the sword lifting her blade into the air, the sword started to glow and float! Eveline was stunned, as the sword glowed brighter and brighter, but then she saw the opportunity to strike, as if it was a reflex, she trew

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