Illusion of Frederick from Nightmare's SC1 ending

Frederick Schtauffen (フレデリック・シュタウフェン Furederikku Shutaufen) is Siegfried's father. Nicknamed the "Gentle Knight", he was one of the heroes of the peasant revolts against the Holy Roman Empire. During the campaign he met Margaret and soon she gave him a son, whom he named Siegfried, after the famous hero. He taught him swordplay, but once he left to fight on a foreign crusade, his son formed a nefarious group called the Schwarzwind. After the defeat of his unit in battle, he was returning home exhausted, when the Schwarzwind led by Siegfried ambushed his group, in a misguided patriotic act, believing the group to which Frederick belonged was a group of deserters. With tragic irony, his own son beheaded him in the ensuing chaos, the Schwarzwind being far too strong for the battle weary soldiers to defend themselves.

In Soulcalibur IV

Frederick Schtauffen SCIV

Siegfried fighting Frederick.

In Soulcalibur IV, Frederick appears as an illusion created by Zasalamel to fight Siegfried in his first stage. He uses Siegfried's fighting style, which may actually be his own.


  • Siegfried, how many sins will you commit?
  • Let's see how well you fight.
  • Now watch!
  • Accept your fate.

Create-a-Soul Formula

Soulcalibur IV


Gender: Male

Style: Siegfried

Weapon: Gram

Alignment: None

Head: ----

Face: ----

Neck: Lord's Mantle - 4:21,30 | 2:19,12

Shoulder: Guardian's Pauldrons - 0:01,06 | 3:09,19

Undergarments: Usurper's Suit - 6:42,26 | 0:1,27

Upper Body: Magus Cloth - 0:01,04 | 9:12,07 | 0:01,28

Arm: Paladin's Gauntlets - 0:01,13 | 2:11,22 | 2:11,22 | 0:03,15

Lower Body: Usurper's Fauld - 0:01,20 | 4:08,23 | 0:49,06 | 9:01,19

Ankle: ----

Leg: Paladin's Greaves - 0:01,13 | 2:11,22 | 0:01,13 | 2:11,22

Special: ----

Physique: +0 | Muscularity: +0

Voice: Male Voice 6 | Pitch: +0

Hair: Corporate Cut

Face: Male Face 11

Hair Color: 2:02,26

Eyebrow & Facial Hair Color: 3:06,24

Eye Color: 3:06,16

Skin Color: 1:10,06

Base Equipment Color: 0:01,01

Soulcalibur III

Name: Frederick

Job: Knight

Style: Soul of Siegfried

Weapon: Gram

Hair: Gelled Back(4, 25)

Chin: Baron's Beard(4, 25)

Lower Torso: Sleeveless Shirt(28, 24)

Mid Torso: Magician's Shirt(1, 14)

Upper Torso: Cursed Gear(11, 18)

Arms: Lord's Gloves (11, 13)

Shoulders: Shoulder Armor (11, 18)

Neck: Crusade Cape (11, 27)

Waist: Evil Tasset (11, 13)

Lower Legs: Leggings (1, 8)

Feet: Evil Leg Armor (11, 13)

Face: No.13

Eyebrows: Color (4, 25)

Lips: Color (5, 16)

Eyes: Color (25, 25)

Skin: Color (5, 16)

Voice: Man

Information in Create a Soul Formula section was contributed by Ericard.


  • Husband to Margaret Schtauffen and father of Siegfried Schtauffen.
  • Frederick was originally mentioned in Siegfried's Edge Master Mode story in Soul Blade, and was intended to be a guest fighter before the concept was dropped. It is believed that Siegfried would have fought him in Edge Master Mode had they had the time to implement him.
  • In Siegfried's no input Soulcalibur III ending, he believes Frederick sent the lightning that destroyed the multiple Nightmares, which may mean Frederick has forgiven his son (If Frederick has forgiven his son, it seems Siegfried has no idea he has been forgiven by his father).
  • Frederick appears as an enemy in a stage but is made of items selectable in creation mode allowing him to be a semi-playable character.
  • Frederick can be created in Soulcalibur IV in Character Creation mode.
  • As the Project Soul homepage reveals, the beheaded Frederick was originally considered to become a sword-wielding character in Soulcalibur.[1]
  • On the Schwartzstrom relationship chart, Frederick is referred to as "Chief Gules".[2]
  • Frederick's English voice actor (as Inferno) in Soulcalibur VI is Ben Diskin.


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