Free Imperial City Center
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Background music Sword of Resolution or Midnight Mystique
Home to Patroklos & Dampierre (SCV)
"If life is a battle, then a duel is the epitome of one's life"
— Narrator

The Free Imperial City is located in the territory of the Holy Roman Empire. The sound of weapons clashing break the peace and people turn their heads in fear and curiosity. Special permission from the Holy Roman Emperor himself freed the city from obligations to its lord and military influence. While the city inhabitants fear the approaching war, they still gather to watch any conflict which occurs on their streets. 

A statue of a goddess of justice can be seen in the city's center. The ring is enclosed by several fences of different heights, some of which are breakable. The king and queen can be seen watching behind a fence. Ring-outs are possible to three sides of the stage.


  • The City Center stage is used in Story Mode to represent at least three different locations. One such location is the city of Klausenburg in Transylvania (later known as Cluj-Napoca in later times), the Czech city of Prague, and the Burgundian city of Dijon in Eastern France.
  • This is also Dampierre's home stage, as proven by when facing him in the Standard route on Arcade mode you face him on this stage with his music playing. He also appears here when facing Dampierre himself in Quick Battle, not a CaS using his style.
  • According to designer Yuko Mizoguchi, this was the first stage created for Soulcalibur V
  • When facing Blackout (Ezio Auditore) in Quick Battle mode, the battle can take place here.
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