Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider
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Background music Faster Than a Howling Wind
Home to Natsu (SCV)
"The history between the Fu-Ma clan and demons adorns the walls."
— Narrator

This stage is set in an exquisitely decorated Japanese temple, belonging to the Fu-Ma clan, which leaves a single ring-out opportunity at one side of the room. Also, there is a gigantic mechanical spider in the background. As the battle progresses, the floor slowly slides towards the golden statue and gradually reduces the ring's size.

The walls are covered with art depicting the seemingly endless struggle between the Fu-Ma clan and demons. The large mechanical spider is the mechanism moving all the machinery in the arena, powered by a fire-based system. 

The Tang Villa was long dominated by the spider-demon, until a group of ninjas sacrificed their lives to seal the creature. The statues within the shrine are reminiscent of Taki's stage from Soulcalibur.


  • The large statue in the room is a depiction of the demon-possessed Toki.
  • This stage returns in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords in which the player faces Taki with a chance of unlocking her.
  • The symbol which appears on Natsu can be seen on the ceiling.

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