Fu-Ma No Sato

To make intelligence agencies called "flight capacity magazine (Shinobi)" is regent of the Asuka period that person is called a "Ninja" in general, and sent an envoy to "Sui" great power, and had to collect the information in the court refers to the person who was said to origin, but has been living with the assassination and intelligence. On the other hand, there seems to have, and living that seal the demons and monsters as a "live in seclusion" clan Demon seal is hidden tricks exceptional, without the residence and Ryogoku particular, live quietly in the Kakurezato. Taki is the origin of this clan, technology blacksmith create the power of her two, and combat technology for sealing the demon that is, the armor for its sealing part, "the two populations form the basis of clan Demon seal seal (冶部 "and") all ("have been derived from. to the family role as a brake on when the leader has crashed to the other (" "Ino all that there was an organization called the back part)" Urabe () When a man is going from being involved in the incident concerning sword Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, village clan Demon seal the lid of pretending that this class is that time has become a leader. When he became leader, when is "Organization Department captain (all Anno)" group under the direct control of yourself to, but you have been behind the scenes for the ambition of self, in the length of the four that plays of the past -that the appearance of Maki ... was also.


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