These policies apply to all users. They cover general user conduct and basic Wiki rules.

General Rules

These are the general rules of Soulcalibur Wiki. If these rules are broken, warnings and/or bans will be given out, as specified.

  1. Vandalism of any kind is prohibited.
  2. Inappropriate words, such as cuss words and other profanity, may be used if said by certain characters (for example, Ivy says "Bastard!"). They may also be used (to a degree) in fanon articles. However, they will not be tolerated on userpages or any other space, especially if one where to use them as an insult towards another user.
    • This Wiki is catered to Adolescents+ (the general age rating of the Soul series).
  3. Words that are deemed to be homophobic, racist, sexist or anything else are prohibited. If a User is found using said words directly (or indirectly) to another User they will be issued one warning before being blocked. The User who said the offending words must also issue an apology and accept responsibility. If not, they could be blocked.
    • We want all users to feel comfortable here. Users must be accepting of all gender, sexuality, religion, race etc.
  4. Images that are pornographic, very gory, offensive etc are prohibited. If a User is found to upload said images they will be given one warning, before being blocked.
  5. If a page is created on a topic already covered with different spelling it is up for immediate deletion or a #REDIRECT. Also if a page is created with Vandalism it is also up for immediate deletion.
  6. Blocks will escalate in severity if multiple offenses are committed.
  7. Sock puppetry is prohibited:
    • The general rule is one editor, one account.
    • Do not use multiple accounts to mislead, deceive, or disrupt; to create the illusion of greater support for a position; to stir up controversy; or to circumvent a block.
    • Do not ask friends or family to create accounts to support you.
    • Exemptions to this rule may be granted so long as only one registered account is used to access and edit the wiki at any one time, and as long as it is clearly stated on the account userpages that the accounts are linked. Please contact an administrator for further conditions regarding this rule.
    • Violation of this policy will result in a block (possibly permanent) against the "main" account, and permanent blocks for all inappropriate socks.
  8. Edit warring is prohibited. An edit war occurs when two or more users within a short window of time make multiple edits or reverts to a page, with the result of those edits being that the same or similar information is repeatedly removed and re-added. If an editing war takes place then an administrator has the right to lock the page, and a community vote may take place in favor of certain information being used over the other. If information on the page in genuinely the correct information, and another user continuously changes that information and enters an edit war with someone, then an Administrator has the right to give that user a warning and issue a block if the warning is ignored. Administrators may also issue a block if after a community vote, the same user undoes the edit once again. The following are exemptions to this policy:
    • Reverting one's own actions (self-reverting)
    • Reverting edits to pages in one's own user space.
    • Reverting edits to one's own fanon (note that if all warring parties are listed as authors on the fanon page, normal edit warring rules should apply, as all authors on a fanon are expected to be able to collaborate and work out issues with discussion, not reverts)
    • Reverting edits that are clearly vandalism or spam. See Wikipedia:Vandalism and Help:Spam.
    • Reverting edits that contain material that is illegal under US Law, such as child pornography and pirated software, or content that is prohibited under Wikia's Terms of Use.

This General Rules policy has taken effect since 11th June, 2016.

Userpage Policy

The following policy applies to all user pages, as well as all pages in a user's personal user space.

  1. Edits to the userpages of other users are only allowed for maintenance purposes, or to revert vandalism. It shall be at the discretion of the userpage owner and the administrators to determine whether an edit made to a userpage is in good faith.
  2. Users can add or keep "Friends Lists" on their userpages. Only the page owner may edit the list.
  3. Administrators may edit userpages for the purposes of maintenance, vandalism cleanup, enforcement of policy, or posting of special awards received. Awards posted to a user's userpage should be accompanied by a notification on their talk page, and awards posted may be removed by the page owner.

This Userpage policy has taken effect since 11th June, 2016.

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