By default, new Users of the Soulcalibur Wiki will automatically have the new Wiki Visual editor. While this is much easier to use, Source Mode is a lot more beneficial.

Users may want to use Source Mode for the following reasons:

  • Some pages can only be edited in Source Mode
  • It's easier to add certain things, like Templates
  • Many other reasons

We advise all Users to use Source Mode!

How to edit in Source mode - by Default

There are different ways to edit in Source mode. You can set your default editor to source mode or you can select Source mode from a pages drop down menu. The reason why the Template might not have been working for you might have been because you were using the visual editor (which is the default editor unless changed) and not the source editor. Templates do work in the visual editor but they're a bit harder to add to pages.

This guide is presuming that your default editor is in visual mode and you want to make your default editor Source mode.
1. Go to your preferences by hovering over your icon in the top right corner of the page and clicking "My preferences" on the drop down menu. Alternatively you can click here.
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2. Once you're in your preferences click the "Editing" tab that is across the top of the page.
3. Once in the "Editing" tab you will see "Editing experience" (pictured right). Where it says "Preferred editor" click the drop down menu and select ether "Wikia's classic rich-text editor (where available)", or simply "Source editor". Then click the save button.

If you selected "Wikia's classic rich-text editor (where available)" you will have the option to switch between an alternative visual editor and source mode. When you click the "Edit this page" button you will automatically be taken to the alternative visual editor, simply click the "source" tab and you will automatically switch to source mode.

If you selected "Source editor" then when you click the "Edit this page" button you will automatically be taken to source mode when editing and there will be no tab to switch between that and the alternative visual editor.

If you want to edit with the default Visual editor again but keep your default editor as Source mode then simply click the drop down menu on the "Edit this page" button and click "Visual editor".

How to edit in Source mode - by Drop down Menu

If your default editor is Visual mode and you do not want to change it to Source mode then simply follow these steps to use Source mode while keeping your default editor in Visual mode. Some pages require you to edit in Source mode, and sometimes you will have to switch to Source mode in order to add a Template, here's how:
1. Go to the page you want to edit in Source mode and click on the drop down arrow on the "Edit this page" button.
2. On the drop down menu simply click "Classic editor" and you will be taken to the alternative visual editor.
3. Like stated previously, when you're on the alternative visual editor simply click the "Source" tab at the top of the page and you will be taken to the Source editor. That's it, your default editor will still be Visual mode but you can easily switch to Source mode too.

Note: This is an unfinished Guide and will most probably be changed in the future.

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