This page is a Guide on how to rename a page. There are several reasons why you may want to rename a page:

  • The title has been misspelled
  • The title does not follow the community's naming conventions

Or anything else.

Step by Step

Renaming a Page


The drop down menu on the "Edit this page" button.

Guide 1-1

The page rename form.

  • Go to the page you want to rename and click on the drop down arrow on the "Edit this page" button and click "Rename".
  • You will be taken to a page that contains a small form where you rename your page.
  • Write in the new name of the page and the reason for the rename.
  • Choose whether you also want to rename the page's talk page and any subpages (usually you do).
  • Choose whether or not you wish to 'follow' the page.
  • Click the 'Rename page' button and the page will be renamed to the new title.

Moving to an existing pagename

  • If you wish to delete the existing page you will need to contact an administrator on your wikia.
  • Otherwise you must enter a different title and click the 'Rename' button.
  • You will see a green notice at the top of the page confirming the rename, and a redirect will be created from the old page to the new one.
  • If you are an administrator you have the additional option on page renames of disabling the automatic redirect, leaving no content at the original page.


Why should I rename/move a page, instead of creating a new one?
The rename page function keeps the page history of the article, before and after the rename, in one place, so that all contributors receive credit as required by the terms of the Creative Commons license used at Wikia. Cutting text out of one page and pasting it into a new one causes these acknowledgements to be lost.
How do I undo a page rename?
When a page is renamed, an undo link will appear beside it in recent changes, allowing the change to be reverted.
Is there a record of page renames?
Page renames are recorded at Special:Log/move, and will also be displayed in the page histories, and at the bottom of the 'Rename page' for that page. Revert links are available from the log, but on some wikis, this is only for admins.
My favorite skin or editor offers no rename function.
You can use Special:MovePage/target to rename the page target.
Only admins can rename pages in the "File" namespace, and nobody can rename pages in the "Category" namespace.
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