The Hero's Breastplate in Soulcalibur IV.

The Hero's Breastplate, also known as the Massive Plate in Soulcalibur III, is a golden torso-shaped cuirass available for male characters in Create-A-Soul for Soulcalibur III and Character Creation for Soulcalibur IV.

Soulcalibur III

This Upper Torso equipment is part of the Gladiator class template.

Soulcalibur IV

This Upper Body equipment raises Defense by 45 and HP by 20. It can be bought for 1,100 Gold after earning 5 Honors/Achievements.


  • This armor strongly resembles a Spartan breastplate/cuirass, which was modeled after the male torso and was usually sculpted out of bronze.
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