House of Valentine's Prague Residence
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Background music Without the Blessing of Fate
Home to Ivy (SCV)
"Man reaches out to the realm of the gods"
— Narrator

The Valentine Private Mansion that is located in Prague, Bohemia (current Czech Republic). The partially open stage has two unbreakable walls and is set in the alchemy room on the top floor, decorated with many books, documents, and equipment relating to alchemy research and information on the Holy and the Evil Swords. Notable features are paintings in the background that were also used in Soulcalibur III, a large crystal shard, possibly created by Soul Calibur, and a small cage containing two pink, blob-like one-eyed creatures known as Nauplius. 

Ivy gained the Prague residence from the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, who had an interest in the occult. Ivy's most prized treasure, a portrait of her parents and herself in her youth, adorns the hallway near the archives. Whenever Ivy stares at the portrait, she remembers happy childhood memories.


  • The two large statues holding mirrors are said to represent wisdom and art. 
  • Ouroboros symbols are seen decorating on the main door, representing eternity and the unity of polar opposites. 
  • The Nauplius was nicknamed "Hydra-chan" by the designers.


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