In this Korean name, the family name is Hwang (황/黄).

"I shall vanquish... the evils of the ages!"
— Hwang

Hwang Seong-gyeong (ファン・ソンギョン, Fan Songyon, Hanja: 黄星京, Hangul: 황성경) is a character in the Soul series. A Korean swordsman, Hwang made his first appearance in Soul Edge, and has returned for Soulcalibur and Soulcalibur III. Prior to Soulcalibur III, his name was written as Hwang Sung Kyung.

In his debut, Soul Edge Hwang was entitled A Hero in a War-Like Age.


Soul Edge

Hwang Seong-gyeong was born to parents who, while poor, had a strong sense of justice. However, this resolve was what led to their downfall. He grew up hardened and eventually enrolled himself in the Seong Dojang to learn to use the long sword. It didn't take him long to become the best student in the dojang and was eventually deemed good enough to be taught a private lesson by the master himself, Seong Han-myong. The master was happy to have such a gifted student and was even considering adopting him as his son. However, he never had a chance to do so, and his daughter, Seong Mi-na, was only friends with Hwang, with mutual lack of desire to make the relationship anything more than friendship. Facing increasing incursions from Japanese raiders, a coast guard was quickly formed and led by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, with Hwang as the first to volunteer. Rumors of Soul Edge, deemed the "Sword of Salvation", spread to Korea, and Yi Sun-sin sent him to go and find it.


On his quest to find the "Sword of Salvation," he received news of an impending Japanese invasion of his homeland. He cut his search short and returned home, dragging Seong Mi-na, who had run away to find the Soul Edge herself, home with him. He rejoined the Coast Guard as commander, but shortly thereafter, he received news from a new recruit, Kong Xiuqiang, that Mi-na had run away again. Angered and worried by this, he lost his better judgment and led his crew into a trap set by the pirates of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, and many lives were lost. Yi Sun-sin sympathized with his worry over Mi-na's well-being, but was nevertheless obliged to dismiss him from the Coast Guard. Instead, he gave him a new set of orders. He was to aid Seong Han-myong by finding Mi-na, under the guise of searching for the "Sword of Salvation." He immediately set off to the west once again, and, upon finding her, was told of the true nature of Soul Edge. Deciding that Korea would no longer rely on legends to save itself—that it could rely on its own strength—he dragged Mi-na home with one goal in mind: to rejoin the Coastal Forces in guarding against the impending Japanese invasion.

Soulcalibur III

During his second quest, Hwang learned that Soul Edge was evil, so he made a report to his superiors about the matter. Sadly that only served to tarnish his reputation. Admiral Yi Sun-sin dismissed him and forced him to return Blue Thunder, as punishment. Hwang left the garrison and stayed in his master's dojo, until one day when someone appeared in the exercise hall. He captured the stranger and upon interrogating him he found out that he was a spy from Japan, who claimed that Japan was in search of Soul Edge too. Since no one in the Coastal Defense has the knowledge of foreign lands and the experience from previous trips, Hwang was selected to carry on the new mission: find and stop the agent from Japan from finding Soul Edge, and bring the sword if possible. Yi Sun-sin handed him Blue Thunder again, and Hwang understood the meaning of this mission, to save his country. Before beginning his quest, he went to the Capital and stole the fragments gathered there, since he wouldn't leave his beloved country with anxiety in his heart. He then headed towards the West, knowing that both Yun-seong, a student of the Seong Dojo, and Seong Mi-na were in a similar quest. He hopes to join forces with them and together destroy the evil blade once and for all.

Soulcalibur IV

Although he doesn't make an appearance, Hwang is mentioned in Yun-seong's storyline. They encounter each other while Yun-seong was on his way to Ostrheinsburg. Hwang warns the young warrior that Soul Edge is evil. However, he does not stop Yun-seong from continuing his journey, stating that he will let him find out for himself. Then the two of them go their own ways.

Years later, Hwang is seen as a national hero, along with Mi-na and Yun-seong. The three now teach at the dojo, training the new generation.


Soul Edge

Hwang picks up the two Soul Edge swords and comments how evil and powerful they are as well. . .

Bad Ending: He stumbles into the Seung Dojo with the two swords. The members ask him what happened, but he hits one of them and tells him to shut up. Hwang's glowing eyes and fangs suggest that he's now possessed.

Good Ending: He throws the swords over the Adrian. He then returns to the Dojo, where he is asked about his journey. Seong Han-myeong greets him, telling him that he heard of his exploits and thanks him for saving the country. Seong Han-myeong offers to adopt him, but he declines and rejoins the coastal defense force, because he has a duty to fulfill before he goes home.


One legend spoke of the "Sword of Salvation" as being in truth an evil sword that drove souls insane. Injured during a fight with Inferno, the incarnation of the sword, Seong Mi-na came to his aid.

Seong Mi-na: You can depend on me now.

Hwang: Indeed... thank you. We need not to rely on legends anymore, for we shall protect our country ourselves.

The zealous patriots depart for the seas of unrest to protect their country and their people. Their stories will surely be retold with pride to future generations.



Theme Music


Soul Edge

  • Forgive me. This is for the greater good. (Yuruse. Taigi no tame da.)
  • I'll spare you. (Sono inochi ore ga azukarou.)
  • This victory is for my country. (Kono shori wo sokoku kara tame ni.)
  • This must be SoulEdge.(Ending)
  • What fearful swords they are! They are full of evil spirits. (Ending)
  • But contain extraordinary power. (Ending)
  • If I have the power...... I may be able to save my country.......(Ending)
  • I wonder if I can manage this power. (Ending)
  • Sh...... shut up! (Ending)
  • The evil sword that confused people's minds cannot help in saving my country! (Ending)
  • Teacher, I'm back home. (Ending)
  • ...No.... I have many things to do in protecting our country. (Ending)
  • I'm not ready for.... (Ending)
  • I have a duty to protect this country and the people I love. (Ending)
  • I will finish my duty some day, and then I will return home. (Ending)


  • I'll make my own way through history!
  • Save yourself! Go home!
  • I'll remember your defeat!
  • You idiot!
  • How do you like that?
  • You're finished!

Soulcalibur III

  • I shall vanquish... the evils of the ages.
  • Do not waste your life! Go back home!
  • I promise... you will not be forgotten. - Press "X" in winning
  • You really want to do this?
  • It's over!
  • You're mine!
  • Let's go!
  • Are we going?
  • How about...
  • This!
  • Have some of this!
  • You ready?
  • How careless!
  • Die!
  • Over!
  • No way...I lost!



  • Hwang was nicknamed "Hero in the Warlike Age" in Soul Edge and "Burning Patriot" in Soulcalibur.
  • His fighting style is similar to Mitsurugi's in Soul Edge, and he has some very minor similarities to Xianghua in Soulcalibur.
  • His appearance and attitude are somehow similar to Street Fighter character, Ryu, and Akira from the Virtua Fighter universe. Coincidentally, one of Akira's costumes resembles Hwang, but with a different color scheme
  • Gan Ning has a very similar character model to Hwang.[1]
  • Lei Wulong can be customized to look like Hwang in Tekken 6; however, the hairstyle & headband cannot be put together.
  • In Naruto Shippūden, Konohamaru Sarutobi resembles Hwang's Soul Calibur III appearance.
  • Green is Hwang's favorite color.
  • Hwang's moves, along with that of Yun-seong, & even Seong Han-myeong, are used for Lin Fong Lee's armed fighting style in Urban Reign.

Soul Edge

  • Hwang originally doubled as a replacement for Mitsurugi in Korean releases of the game, where depicting Japanese samurai is a culturally touchy subject. He appears in other localizations of Soul Edge Version 1 (the Arcade version of Soul Blade) as a secret character. He is unlocked for Player 1 by holding the Start Button (during the entire code) with Mitsurugi highlighted and pressing Up, Down, highlighting Taki and pressing Up, Up, Down, Down, highlighting Rock and pressing Down, Up, Down, Up. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press left to play as Hwang. For player two, at the character selection screen hold Start with Siegfried highlighted and press Up, Down. With Li Long highlighted, press Up, Up, Down, Down. With Voldo highlighted, press Down, Up, Down, Up. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Right to unlock Hwang. Release Start.
  • In Hwang's bad ending, "you" changes to "tou" in the English subtitles.
  • In Soul Blade, Mitsurugi and Hwang were very similar with the exception of a few attacks. In later games, both characters were given new attacks, but Hwang ended up keeping most of the ones that both had used in Soul Blade - this is most likely because Seong Han-myeong was also given these attacks (although he naturally matched Hwang more so than Mitsurugi) so it made more sense to keep these attacks as Hwang's. Mitsurugi fights quite differently in the Calibur games when compared to Soul Blade.
  • In the arcade version, he is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa, which is also the voice actor of Hwoarang in Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament (the original), and Tekken 4.


  • In the versions where Arthur replaced Mitsurugi, Hwang is available from the start while Xianghua is a time-release character.
  • Hwang's "A+G" throw move in is reminiscent of one of Hwoarang's from Tekken (Falcon Dive Kick)
  • His movelist for the most part is now based off Xianghua rather than Mitsurugi. However, Hwang still retains some of Mitsurugi's moves such as "A+B," additionally Hwang still has his unique attacks from Soul Blade such as "3AAB" and "66KKK."

Soulcalibur II

  • Yun-seong's alternate costume might be a reference to Hwang.
  • Along with Li Long, Hwang can be seen briefly in the opening of Weaponmaster mode.
  • Although Hwang is not playable, the character “Assassin” uses a variant of his moveset from Soulcalibur mixed with moves from Yun-seong.
  • Additionally, Xianghua and Yun-seong can wield his weapons, Blue Storm and Blue Thunder, respectively.

Soulcalibur III

  • In Tales of Soul mode, using Kilik or Yun-seong, Hwang appears as "Unknown Soul" in the Grand Labyrinth: Darkness. In the latter case, Talim (who is following Yun-seong) will admit that it looked like their mysterious assailant was trying to test Yun-seong, rather than cause any harm.
  • While fighting against Hwang in Xianghua's extra stage, Hwang's Blue Storm may break the player's weapon easily while the player is guarding his attacks.
  • The player can use Hwang's style for a created character by equipping them with the Chinese Sword. This discipline is modeled on Hwang's style from Soul Edge and Soulcalibur, and also has similarities with Assassin in Soulcalibur II, who's style was based on Hwang.
  • Most of his parts are character creation. The only unique difference, is that the scarf is skinnier, the pants are baggier by the thighs down to the knees, and he also wears bandages on his arms under his gauntlets.
  • Hwang's Voice over is the same one used for "Young Man 2" albeit with some added lines, which match Hwang's lines in previous games, and a few standard lines moved around. However, Hwang's "death cry" in Japanese version of "Young Man 2" voice is different and has no echo unlike the other fighters.
  • Hwang does not have a stage of his own, but he can be found on Tales of Souls in the following stages as a "Prepare to Defend Yourself" challenge: Ling Sheng-Su Temple Ruin, Indian Port and Silk Road Ruin.
  • The CAS face used for Hwang bears a striking resemblance to Jin Kazama from the Tekken series.
  • Hwang uses some of Baek Doo San's kicking moves.
  • Hwang (while choosing only Sophitia) appears on Lotus Garden "alongside" Arthur (while choosing only Rock) or Miser (while choosing only Cervantes) as an extra stage during "Prepare to Defend Yourself" challenge at certain conditions on Tales of Souls from Soulcalibur III.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

  • Hwang appears in the dialogue of The Gauntlet mode, speaking with Seong Han-myeong. He also appears as one of the development team's created characters that the player can fight against in Quick Match mode, using Yun-seong's fighting style and his nickname is "Soul Successor".

Soulcalibur V

  • Hwang is the second character officially confirmed to not return in Soulcalibur V, the first being Shura. Although a petition [2] was made in an attempt to amend this.
  • Hwang appears in Quick Battle mode using the Devil Jin moveset with an evil voice. This may mean that he has in fact turned evil, though no Quick Battle characters are considered canon.


  • His group of travelers may have been slain by Maxi's pirates, who Hwang fought against.
  • Found Seong Mi-na twice, and returned home with her. Mi-na has a Destined Battle with Hwang in Soulcalibur, which they actually share once she becomes playable.
  • Seong Han-myeong attempted to adopt him, and later wanted him to marry Seong Mi-na.
  • Warrior that Yun-seong idolized from his childhood. They encounter each other before Soulcalibur IV.
  • Defeated by Maxi in Soulcalibur. He has a Destined Battle with him in the same game if Mi-na has not yet been unlocked.

Soulcalibur Manga Comic

  • In Volume 2 (Act.9), Hwang appears in Headquarters of Seoul Empire. Hwang's failure describes that his ship and his companion lose to a group of pirates named Kyam and Maxi.
  • In Volume 3 (Act.19), After Hwang was defeated by Maxi, he explains the cause of Hwang's Pirate ship sunk by being crushed, beneath a rock, under the sea. And Hwang questions to Maxi why they threw a bunch of logs towards Hwang, and Maxi answered that they would spare them a life by giving them wood to float over the sea. Maxi and Kyam didn't plan to attack their ship as they sail toward the tail of Hwang's pirate ship. Maxi and Kyam were only fishing and their duty is to export the items that they work with, and a passenger who needed to travel.

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