Metropolitan of the Holy Roman Empire, Vienna. This city under the rule of the Habsburgs mosquito, has been developed as Europe's largest city, had been enjoying unprecedented prosperity by the person known by the moniker of "Emperor of the mask."

Such an occasion, a disturbing rumor that rises from the far west. "Throne of the Ottoman Empire seems to have been usurped." "I seems ready to proceed with the army and the new Sultan to the West!"

Do not reach or within reach in Vienna that the rumor is, the new Sultan Barbaros move the army. Barbaros is defeated the Kingdom of Hungary at the Battle of Mohacs without the fall of the quasi - Belgrade, and wrest the island of Rhodes. Jinto Ottoman military to demonstrate the strength, such as demon, he is said to have been always standing giant of mystery.

After a few years, Ottoman army led by Emperor Barbaros, the last breakwater topped fortress Gyunsu the Holy Roman Empire, the imperial capital and besieged Vienna.


  • 1st chapter - 3th chapter -> I all those chapters, the stages fought here are time stages. In all of them you fight Barbaros warriors, including Assassins and Lizardmans.
  • 4th chapter -> The player fights Barbaros himself. After the battle, Siegfried taks Soul Calibur and deliver it to Masked Emperor. However, the Emperor (Who was a created human manipulated by Iska) betray Siegfried and the others in the team. While Ivy, Lloyd, Sophitia and Taki were far away, Mitsurugi and Astaroth were near.
  • 5th chapter -> The invasions through the gates (East, Central and West) are playable. After them, Siegfried invades the tower and challenges Masked EMperor.


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