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Iska Farkas (イスカ・ファルカス Isuka Farukasu) is one of the key characters who only appears in Soulcalibur Legends, in which he serves as the hidden true main antagonist of the game.

Seemingly a a 16 year old Hungarian refugee who serves as a court jester for the Masked Emperor and travels with Siegfried, he is in truth a being of Astral Chaos trying to manipulate the warrior into giving in to Soul Edge.[1]


Iska is a being of Astral Chaos, taking on the form "Iska Farkas" he manipulated Siegfried.[1]

According to the backstory he gave to Siegfried, Iska Farkas was born in Buda, where he lived with his sister Ilona Farkas until the usurper sultan, Barbaros, attacked the city and destroyed it. During the battle, Ilona allowed her brother to escape with his life by sacrificing herself. Iska then traveled around the world looking for shelter, but all those that took him in eventually betrayed and used him. This fact would have a profound impact on Iska, instilling in him the lust for power, to overcome betrayal.

Later he studied under the famous alchemist Paracelsus at Basel, until Iska disappeared, stealing Paracelsus's notes on the creation of false humans. He was said to have made at least one successful artificial human during this time.

Iska thinks up a crazed scheme to acquire the power he craves - for himself and his lost sister - using swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. He uses Paracelsus's notes to create a homunculus, made to look in the form of his sister. She manages to become the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and he fakes a story of being brought in by the "Masked Emperor" to become her court jester.

His scheme comes into effect, as his homunculus has Siegfried and several other companions reluctantly agree to help the Holy Roman Empire against Barbaros of the Ottoman Empire (who wields Soul Calibur) by strengthening Soul Edge, which Siegfried wields. Iska is very persuasive in keeping his comrades to uphold their agreements and constantly reminisces about missing his sister and his home, lamenting his weakness and wishing that he had new strength and power to survive the pains of his life.

After Soul Edge regains power and Siegfried kills Barbaros, claiming Soul Calibur, the "Masked Emperor" claims Soul Calibur and tries to attack Siegfried and claim Soul Edge for Iska. However, a new version of the Evil Seed comes from Soul Calibur as the two swords clash, knocking Siegfried far away. Siegfried seals Soul Edge's power after realizing that he killed his own father at the peak of the Himalayas, but keeps the sword nonetheless.

The group storms Vienna to defeat the Emperor, and after Siegfried does, he plants Soul Edge into the ground alongside Soul Calibur. Iska then claims them - restoring Soul Edge's power using Soul Calibur - and reveals his scheme to Siegfried. He then attempts to kill Siegfried, but Siegfried instead wins and Iska dies. Siegfried leaves, lamenting the fact that, with all the power he had, he could not protect his friend.

During the credits there are two graves marked Iska Farkas and Ilona Farkas.


Iska with both Soul swords

In the final battle of the game he wields both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge in the final battle against Siegfried (specifically the version of Soul Calibur from the first game, and Soul Edge Ω). He has a dagger on his belt but he has never been known to use it.


Chaos - Spiritual Realm

This stage is stated to be a dimension devoid of life, where the wielders of Soul Edge confronts the very soul of the sword. The stage is a circular stone-like arena surrounded by a space-like background, with the sword's eye at the center of the "sky".


  • Iska has Heterochromia, with one blue eye and one red eye. His belts also correspond to this trait.
    • In your last battle, Iska's wings match his eyes as does his weapons Soul Edge for his red eye, Soul Calibur for his blue.
  • In terms of storyline, Iska is the second character in the series to wield the combined powers of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and is the first to wield and use both swords at the same time as opposed to just simply fusing them into one. Algol would later perform both of these feats as well.
  • Iska shares several similarities to Edward Elric, the main protagonist of the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, namely having the same voice actors in English (Vic Mignogna) and Japanese (Romi Park), attempting to resurrect a dead family member, and the involvement of homunculi in the attempt.
  • Iska's facial features strongly resemble that of Z.W.E.I.'s.
  • Iska Acht - an offshoot of Inferno from Soulcalibur VI - carries many references to Iska Farkas, being an androgynous white-haired figure with one red eye and one blue eye. In Nightmare's interlude she references to the narrative of Soulcalibur Legends with herself in the role of Iska Farkas. Her Museum backstory further establishes that she once took on a male form while partnered with Siegfried Schtauffen after he became the wielder of Soul Edge but before he became Nightmare.