Jacker, the crew and friend of Maxi and Kyam

Jacker was Kyam's close friend in their freelance pirate crew. Jacker usually hangs around with his partner, Dosh to enter the bar near to the town when they've finished their work. While Jacker is conversing with Dosh, Kilik suddenly appears in front of him. Kilik tells Jacker that he would like to travel alongside them and so Jacker tells Kyam about Kilik's request. Kyam sympathizes with Kilik and allows him to stay until Maxi, the captain, returns.

During Kilik's stay, the ship is ambushed by Astaroth and hordes of Lizardmen. Jacker fights a group of Lizardmen alongside with Kyam. Shortly after Kyam is held as hostage, Jacker doesn't survive when Maxi returns to the ship.

Create a Soul formula SCIII


Name: Jacker

Sex: Male

Job: Pirate

Weapon: Chinese Sword

Alignment: Normal/Light

True Alignment:--

Face: No.5

Eyebrows: Color (1, 25)

Lips: Color (3, 5)

Eyes: Color (16, 27)

Skin: Color (5, 17)


Voice: Young Man 1

True Voice:--



Hair:Gelled Back(1,20)

Chin:Scar(3,7) {Scar is actually on the opposite side}

Lower Torso:--

Upper Torso:Leather Jacket(1,27)

Arms:Bandit's Braces(7,2)



Upper Legs:Tapered Pants(8,15)

Feet:Holy Boots(7,25)

Information in create a soul formula section was contributed by Ericard[1].

Soul Calibur Manga Quotes

This is a dialogue from the manga during the ambush by Astaroth:

Jacker: Damn they are too strong! We must regroup until our Captain returns!!

Kyam: Just stand together and kill those creatures to show them no mercy!


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