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Katzbalger (SCIV)
Wielder Cassandra
Weapon type Sword and Shield
Price Free
Attack 120
Defense 40
HP 45
Power 0
Impact 30
Boost 40
Gauge 0
Special 0]
Native skill Magnet
Katzbalger (SCIII)
Wielder Abelia
Weapon type Sword and Shield
Price 22,800 Gold
Special Effect #1 Some Counters will have no effect.
Special Effect #2 Recover some health from opponent after inflicting damage.
Katzbalger (SCII)
Katzbalger as it appears in SCII
General Information
Wielder Cassandra
Weapon Type Sword and Shield
For sale in Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Subchapter 4
Price 2,200 Gold

Katzbalger is one of Cassandra's weapons in Soulcalibur II and IV, as well as one of Abelia's weapons in Soulcalibur III and Sophitia's weapons in Soulcalibur VI.

Soul Calibur II

Speed increases with Soul Charge, but requires energy to wield.

Offense: 100% Defense: 70%

Note: Soul Charge drains health, but effect lasts for a few strikes.

Description: A sword with an S-shaped hand guard designed to be hung from clothes or belts. The name "Katzbalger" came from a colloquial word that means "used for fighting." As appropriate for a weapon used by those that are quick to fight, it is designed to allow quick and agile movements.

Soul Calibur IV

It, along with Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield, is available by default. It has Magnet equipped by default as a skill, which reduces knock down power for both the player and the opponent.


  • Katzbalger first appeared in Soulcalibur II, as Cassandra's weapon. The shield looks like Nemea Shield, but red in color.
  • The Katzbalger appeared in Soulcalibur III, as Cassandra's The Ancient weapon. It also appears as a weapon in the Sword and Shield discipline (for Gladiators and Sages), available after defeating Abelia in Chronicle 1 however the Sword and Shield discipline's version of the weapon is slighty different from Cassandra's version.
  • The skills of the Katzbalger in Soulcalibur III are nullifying counters and recovering health after inflicting damage.
  • Katzbalger is one of the few weapons from Cassandra that from Soul Calibur II-IV (Along with Broken Destiny that her shield is different in the installments.