Keres is an NPC in Soulcalibur III that can be fought on Yun-seong, Rock, and Sophitia's stage when certain conditions are met in Tales of Souls mode. He wears red armor, a hood which conceals his face, and appears to only growl rather than speak.

He can be made in Create-a-Character mode with the exception of his 'voice'. His weapon is the Claymore sword from the Iron Sword Discipline.

The name 'Keres' is plural, referring to the 'Agents of Death' who were under the command of Ares; the Ker.

Keres is the result of a summoning ritual performed by two surviving members of Fygul Cestemus who sought a power strong enough to take revenge on the now rebelling Astaroth. The two cult members were successful in their summoning of Keres, however the power of the spirits were too much for either priest to handle, and their minds were broken.

As of Soulcalibur III, there are two humanoid beings known as Keres in existence. 


Keres has the "Guardian Force" ability equipped. Meaning, he cannot be knocked down or even if attacked, will not be moved. The best strategy would be to block, then counter-attack. Since Keres uses a lot of throws, a good method is to use your character's crouching horizontal move. You should deal more damage to him than he does to you. If this does not work, add in evasion and defense.

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Keres

Sex: Male

Job: Barbarian

Weapon: Great Sword

Alignment: Evil/Dark

True Alignment:--







Voice: ?

True Voice:--


Head: Specter Hood (3, 26)

Lower Torso: Undershirt (1, 27)

Mid Torso: Bishop's Garb (3, 26 / 1, 27)

Upper Torso: Cursed Gear (1, 27)

Arms: Dragon Gaunlets (1, 27)

Shoulders: Unholy Shoulders (1, 27)

Neck: Magician's Cape (3, 26)

Waist: Large Tasset (1, 27)

Lower Legs: Leggings (1, 27)


Socks: ---

Feet: Unholy Leg Armor (1, 27)

Information in create a soul formula section was contributed by Ericard [1].


  • Keres' backstory is somewhat reminiscent to Kratos' Japanese profile for Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. Both were summoned by a surviving member of Fygul Cestemus who was seeking power or revenge, and both proceeded to kill the one who summoned them before walking out into the world.
  • In Greek Mythology, the Keres were the agents of the Moirae (goddesses who measured the life of mortals). They feasted upon the dead bodies after their souls left them.