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A high-ranking officer of Maletta, Kierkess was a sadistic and cold-hearted soldier, and also leader of Maletta's Elite forces, known as the "Hellgenoss Warriors". He despises Hyle, and though he helped him somewhat during his battles against Grandall, he wished for his death. Upon stopping Mooncalf's assassination attempt, he tortured her and forced her to reveal Hyle's treasonous plan, and then he killed her in cold blood. He sided with Chester and after orchestrating Hyle's death at the Cadet's hands, Kierkess sent his troops to crush the weary soldiers of Grandall. But the Cadet's ability and skill were too much, and both he and his troops were defeated.

After Maletta's fall, he escapes and reappears in Revless to aid Dalkia, just in time to confront the Cadet one more time to take his revenge for the deaths of The Hellgenoss at the hands of the Cadet and his/her allies. Unfortunately for him, he's not able to kill the Cadet.

Chronicle 10


He uses Hell's Design, weapons which are common to the Gladiator style - Grieve Edge

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Name: Kierkess

Sex: Male

Job: Gladiator

Battlestyle: Grieve Edge

Alignment: Evil/Light

True Alignment:--

Face: 07

Eyebrows: 08, 20

Lips: 03,16

Eyes: 01,27

Skin: 03,18

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Young Man 1

True Voice:--



Hair: Medium Length (08,20)

Mask: Mad Eye Patch (01,27)


Lower Torso:--

Mid Torso: Noble's Shirt (18,25)

Upper Torso:--

Arms: Protect Braces (01,27)

Shoulders: Evil Shoudlers (01,27)

Neck: Barbarian Necklace (18,25)

Waist: Lord's Tasset (01,27)

Lower Legs:--

Upper Legs: Leather Pants (18,26)

Shins: Stealth Shin Guards*


Feet: Protective Greaves (01,27)


Ultimately, it would appear that he and Roin are at odds with one an other. While Kierkess is too focused on wanting to kill the Cadet/Player, Roin states that he "will let him (Kierkess) live until we've crushed Grandall." This could also simply be Roin wanting to be rid of any "loose ends".

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