Kiku Mabisashi V

The Kiku Mabisashi in Soulcalibur V.

Kjku Mabisashi

A custom character wearing the Kiku Mabisashi in Soulcalibur IV.

The Kiku Mabisashi is a helmet with a cloth mask covering most of the wearer's face. It is available in Character Creation for Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V.

Soulcalibur IV

This Head Equipment increases Defense by 30 and HP by 10. It is unlocked at the start of the game.

Soulcalibur V

This Head Equipment is unlocked at the start of the game. Unlike in the previous game, the flame detailing on the cloth mask is missing, possibly for players to be able to decorate it with stickers.

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