"Listen! the raging of my soul!"
— Kilik

Kilik (キリク, Kiriku) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. He appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

He is nicknamed Destiny Awakened (目覚めし宿命 Mezameshi Shukumei?).


Soulcalibur VI

Ling-Sheng Su was a temple famous for its martial arts practices. The monks there took in Kilik, who was abandoned as a child, and raised him to be a proficient fighter. Although he never knew his true family, he looked up to Xianglian like a sister. Both orphans, they were rarely seen apart, and would train together constantly to the point where the bond between them was stronger than even that of siblings. They grew into proficient warriors, and their efforts were rewarded with them being chosen to inherit one of the temple’s three sacred treasures each. However, on the night before the official handover ceremony, fate began to stir…

The day the Evil Seed smothered Ling-Shang Su with evil was the day Kilik killed Xianglian with his own hands... Who knew how long had passed since then? In that time, Kilik had trained beneath a master swordsman, and met Maxi, Xianghua, and a man who could be either friend or foe. Having fought through so much and overcome great difficulties, Kilik now found himself locked in battle with Nightmare, determined to break himself from the shackles of his fate. With Xianghua’s help, he conquered the evil overlord, and fulfilled his mission to destroy Soul Edge. The scar on Kilik's cheek inflicted by Xianglian served as a permanent reminder of all that had happened. However, for the first time in a long time his heart was as clear as the blue skies over Osthreinsburg.

Physical Appearance

Kilik is a fair-skinned young man with a slim but well built physique, medium-length brown hair and brown eyes, possessing a distinct V-shaped scar on his left cheek. When he uses Soul Charge, he becomes possessed. This causes his hair to grow much longer, glowing marks to appear on his body, and his eye color to glow red.


Kilik is a simple-minded man, mostly focused on his training and sometimes oblivious whenever his companions are talking to him. But he is constantly haunted by the memories of the Ling-Sheng-Su massacre, which included Xianglian's death at his own hands. It is only when he was consulted by Sophitia that he was able to let go of his past and move on.


Kilik's outfit is a callback to Soulcalibur, with the Dvapara-Yuga worn around his chest, and the addition of a half cloak on his left side. His Color 1 is his iconic red suit with grey metal accessories.

His Color 2 has his outfit yellow.

His Color 3 is a callback to Soulcalibur IV, coloring his outfit blue and his metal accessories golden brown.

Hiis Color 4 refers to his Malfestation, with his hair white, his outfit and metal accessories black, and the Dvapara-Yuga purple.

Weapon & Style

The staff used by this fighting style has a long reach, but can capably respond to enemy attacks at any distance. Additionally, the vast number of defensive moves available make practitioners tough to take down. While the soul charge is activated, offensive strength rises, but at the cost of the user's life being slowly drained. [2]


Kali-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga are two of the three sacred treasures of Ling-Sheng Su.

Kilik was the chosen successor of Kali-Yuga, but everything changed with the Evil Seed. The rod’s divine ability to absorb any power turned out to be a fatal flaw; it absorbed massive amounts of dark energy from the Evil Seed, which threatened to corrupt the artifact—and Kilik with it. To this day, Kali-Yuga still holds within it the fearsome potential to become a second Soul Edge. The only thing keeping the evil power within Kali-Yuga and Kilik himself in check its the mirror, Dvapara-Yuga. Its ability to ward to ward off and cleanse evil saved kilik and Kali-Yuga and prevented a true calamity.

Dvapara-Yuga was given to Kilik by a young woman named Xianglian, whom he’d trained with for most of his life. Xianglian was like a sister to Kilik, but in a cruel twist of fate, he was forced to kill her with his own hands.

To Kilik, Dvapara-Yuga is a symbol of Ling-Sheng Su’s martial arts history; Kali-Yuga, of Xianglian. With both of them in hand, he has decided to stand and confront his fate.

Ling-Sheng Su Secret Arts of the Rod

Many different fighting styles have originated in China, but the country’s rod techniques hold a special place among them. In fact, some hold that the rod was humanity’s first true weapon, and the way of the rod predated even hand-to-hand martial arts.

Among the many rod styles surviving in China today, the techniques of Ling-Sheng Su are said to be among the most refined and powerful. The rod is a large and difficult weapon to master; however, the freedom of movement, effectiveness at any range, and offensive and defensive capabilities make it an appealing choice over other long weapons, such as the spear.

Ever since the tragedy brought by the Evil Seed befell Ling-Sheng Su, Kilik has kept the Kali-Yuga firmly by his side. As the final successor to Ling-Sheng Su’s techniques, he has devoted himself to his training, and is currently studying esoteric techniques under the legendary warrior, Edge Master.

Critical Edge

Ling-Sheng Su Phoenix Loop: A middle attack that arcs downward and does a lot of damage on a hit. The user can use it with a launcher as a part of a combo or after baiting out an attack with a control technique as a counter. Its main use is to increase the damage of air combos. It is a guaranteed hit after landing after a reversal edge hit, so keep in mind as a go-to move after hitting an attack with a reversal edge.

Forbidden Moonset: Only available in Soul Charge. Grabs his opponent and flies up in the air and then throws them down. Charges his rod, falls down and impales them which causes a massive explosion.



Soulcalibur VI

Master Swordman's Cave: Azure Horizon


Soulcalibur VI


  • "Let's do this!" - Character Selection
  • "Let's go!" — Character Selection
  • "Another test? I'm not afraid!"
  • "I'll show you the way of the Ling-Sheng Su!"
  • "Ling-Sheng Su Bo!" — Activation of Critical Edge
  • "I strike... Without reserve!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "You'll live." — At the end of Critical Edge 
  • "I believe in the path I've chosen!"
  • "Are you sure? You asked for it!"
  • "Xianglian... give me strength!" — When fighting Nightmare or Inferno
  • "Okay! Time for some sparring!" — When fighting Maxi or Xianghua
  • "Kali-Yuga, show me the way!"
  • "Now you know... why I train."
  • "Master, I shall not lose!"
  • "I must devote myself to my training."
  • "Listen! the raging of my soul!" — After defeating Nightmare or Inferno
  • "Yes. It's my reason for living!" — spoken when engaging a battle against Grøh
  • "Om vajra dharma Kilik." — At the end of K.O. Critical Edge
  • "All I can do... Is this!" — When becoming Possessed
  • "This brings me back." — Activating Reversal Edge against Xianghua
  • "You look so similar." - performing a Soul Reversal against Xianghua
  • "I won't go easy on you." - Activating Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "Pull back... Then strike!"
  • "I feel my spirit surging!" - spoken when reaching a Decisive Round
  • "It's not over yet!" - spoken when reaching Decisive Round against Xianghua or Maxi
  • "Ready?"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Scream!"
  • "Sweep!"
  • "Too close!"
  • "I won't lose!"
  • "Not quite." — spoken when dodging an attack in Reversal Edge
  • "I won't lose. No way." — Taunting
  • "Your hair... Never mind." — Spoken when taunting or performing a Reversal Edge on Maxi
  • "I won't hold back... Xianghua." — Spoken when using the "Light Breeze" throw against Xianghua.
  • "Now!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "This is not fair!" — Suffering a Ring Out
  • "So this is your tactic!" — Suffering a Ring Out a second time
  • "You're a worthy master!" - Spoken when lost to Edge Master (unused)
  • "Damn, I lost!" - Spoken when lost to Xianghua or Maxi
  • "All I can this!" — spoken when activating Possession Charge
  • "Forgive me... Maxi." - spoken when activating Possession Charge against Maxi
  • "Leave now... Xianghua!" - spoken when activating Possession Charge against Xianghua
  • "This is... my last choice!" — spoken when activating Possession Charge
  • "A worthy opponent! How about another round?" — After defeating Xianghua or Maxi
  • "This is tough." — spoken when lost by Time Out
  • "No! It can't be over." — spoken when lost by Time Out against Xianghua or Maxi
  • "I can sense your movements-" — spoken when Final Battle is started by an opponent.


  • "Fool!"
  • "Obliterate!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Too fast!"
  • "Dead on!"
  • "No mercy!"
  • "Eat this!"
  • "Take this!"
  • " more!"
  • "I'll crush you!"
  • "I'll ruin you!"
  • " dust!"
  • " emptiness!"
  • "Damn you!" - Suffering a Ring Out
  • "You'll pay for this!" - Suffering a Ring Out after the first one
  • "Xianglian!" - Spoken when lost to Xianghua
  • "Everything is... in vain!" - Taunt
  • "Everything... is faded!" - Taunt after winning
  • "I hate... everything!" - Taunt against Xianghua
  • "That hair... what's wrong with you?!" - Taunt against Maxi
  • "Are you...testing me?" - Taunt after winning against Grøh
  • "Stand... aside!" - Taunt against Nightmare and Inferno
  • "Stop... me!" - Spoken when using "Ying and Yang" against Maxi
  • "Hate me... Xianglian!" - Spoken when using "Ying and Yang" against Xianghua
  • "I curse... my fate!" - Spoken when using "Festival of The Damned" throw against Nightmare and Inferno
  • "Why...Xianglian?" - Spoken when using "Festival of The Damned" throw against Xianghua
  • "Stay back...Maxi!" - Spoken when using "Festival of The Damned" throw against Maxi
  • "Power...flows through me!" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge
  • "Do not stand in my way" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge
  • "Now...come at me" - Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge
  • "I'll skewer you!" - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • "Massacre" - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • "Pathetic" - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • "You can't stop me" - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • "Too slow" - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge by blocking
  • "Don't hold back" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge against Maxi
  • "I killed Xianglian!" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge against Xianghua
  • "If only I died back then" - Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge against Xianghua
  • "A trail...more like a trifle" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge against Grøh
  • "This will end with your death" - Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge against Grøh
  • "Not even close" - Spoken when evading Reversal Edge against Grøh
  • "That power...give it to me" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge against Cervantes
  • "I'm not like you" - Spoken when struck by Reversal Edge against Cervantes
  • "I'll never forgive you!" - Spoken activating Reversal Edge against Nightmare and Inferno
  • "Not good" - Spoken after a Guard Burst.
  • "Suffer my... bloodlust!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "Shouldn't be like this, Xianglian." — At the end of K.O. Critical Edge
  • "Silence, demons!" — Ending Possessed state
  • "Rrrah! Your bones are too brittle!"

Purified Possessed

  • "My fate... is mine to carve!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "Nngh!" — At the end of K.O. Critical Edge
  • "Xianglian, give me strength!"


  • Trained by Edge Master
  • Regarded Xianglian like a sister, but was forced to kill her in the Ling-Sheng Su massacre
  • Became a friend and travel companion of Xianghua and Maxi
  • Rival of Grøh, who is also a fellow malfested victim as Kilik. Kilik later became a situational ally during the last raid against Nightmare.
  • Unintentionally freed Siegfried from Nightmare's grasp
  • Defeated Inferno with the assistance of Xianghua
  • Fought the Conduit twice; once in his regular form and later in his Malfested form
  • Was attacked by Astaroth and Taki on seperate occasions as they sensed his malfestation


SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - The Agent in Black (Character announcement trailer)

SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - The Agent in Black (Character announcement trailer)


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