The Knight discipline is one of the many weapon sets available for custom characters and NPCs in Chronicles of the Sword mode in Soulcalibur III. The Lance is commonly used by Knights, as well as the Great Sword. Most NPC Knights in Soulcalibur III sport heavy armor, and many important characters within the story are Knights (see below). Some Knights in Chronicles of the Sword mode ride on horseback, wielding lances and moving significantly faster than units on foot. Horseback movement is only available to those NPC Knights. Soul of Siegfried and Soul of Raphael are available only to Knights. Overall, the Knight discipline favors using Rapiers and Zweihanders.

"An unrelenting guardian with iron resolve hidden behind heavy armor. Wields a sword of unwavering pride and conviction, perserving against all odds."

This style has the highest vitality rate out of all the other disciplines.

Battle Styles Available to Knights

Knights of Importance

Stats of Knight

  • HP: 260
    Knight Class SC-III (CotS)
  • STR: 81
  • VIT: 120
  • AGI: 91

Knight Quotes

Young Man/Girl 1: I shall offer this victory unto/to the heavens.

Young Man/Girl 2: I vowed to achieve victory/be victorious, I cannot lose!

Man/Woman: Do not underestimate the honor of a knight!

Old Man/Woman: I shall offer this victory to the heavens.


  • Knight has the second highest HP after Sword Master. It can reach a total of 696 HP at character's max level.
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