Wielder Z.W.E.I.
Weapon type Sword

Kreuzgriff is Z.W.E.I.'s primary weapon in Soulcalibur V. His weapon's name "Kreuzgriff" is German for "Cross Handle", a reference to its cross-like shape.

It was created by Z.W.E.I. himself due to a debate he had with a certain blacksmith he met during his travels. Z.W.E.I. uses the large guard as both a secondary and tertiary hilt in order to confuse his opponents with sudden changes to his attack pattern. Z.W.E.I. makes sure to tend to his weapon every day, for this is a time in which Z.W.E.I. can embrace his heart of a craftsman and feel the only 'true peace' he knows.

However, this unique weapon and fighting style is simply a cover for his true weapon... 

Kreuzgriff cannot be changed as Z.W.E.I.'s weapon, either for Z.W.E.I. or created characters. Instead, there is only the option to change E.I.N.'s color. Z.W.E.I., or characters using Z.W.E.I.'s style, will always wield Kreuzgriff as the sword.

Kreuzgriff will change colors when a different version of E.I.N. is selected.

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