Kunai (SCIII)
Wielder Greed
Weapon type Dual Kodachi
Price Free
Kunai (SCII)
General Information
Wielder Taki
Weapon Type Dual Kodachi
For sale in Chapter 1, Chapter 2
Price 600 Gold
Kunai (SE/SB)
General Information
Wielder Taki
Weapon Type Kodachi
Power 1/10
Defense 3/10
Strength 1/10
Durability 2/10
Weight 1/10
Innate Abilities None
For the specific fighting style of the same name, see BattleStyle:Kunai.

Kunai (苦無) is one of Taki's weapons in Soul Edge.

A type of bladed weapon used by the ninjas of Japan. It is said that they originated as digging tools. They can be thrown like shuriken, but they are primarily used while gripped in the hand. Those with experience can use them as if they were extensions of their own body.

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