Kunpaetku Shrine
Background music Born from Chaos
Home to Lizardman (SC)

Kunpaetku Shrine ("The Edge of Chaos") is a stage featured in Soulcalibur, notably used by Lizardman. This stage is a variation of the Palgaea Shrine stage.


When Kunpaetku was promoted to the rank of grand priest, he schemed to create a troop of grotesque creatures within the dark order who were loyal only to him.

He had also secretly built a shrine that mirrored the design of the Palgaea Shrine. however, in contrast to the hellish heat of the Palgaea Shrine, poisonous fumes filled this place instead. strange, ominous light also filled the recesses of the shrine, generated by the mysterious pools of glowing liquid that produced the poisonous gasses.

Though highly poisonous to humans, perhaps this enviroment was intended for the grotesque abominations of nature that dwell in this shrine.

Kunpaetku Shrine 1

While traveling through various regions throughout western Asia, you hear about a lizard-like beast. You suspect that a dark order practicing black magic in this area is somehow responsible for it.

You discover that this group has a hidden shrine beneath the desert, and you decide to infiltrate it.

The interior of the shrine is laid out with complex, labyrinthian passageways.

You head to the central altar of the shrine first since it appears to be lightly guarded. Unfortunately, this strategy backfires.

Suddenly, a foul-smelling gas fills the area. Overwhelmed by the poisonous gas, your strength begins to drain away.

An armed pair of the order's members appear. They have already anticipated your arrival.

Kunpaetku Shrine 2

You've been captured by members of the dark order and thrown into a prison cell inside the underground shrine. It's unlikely that they'll allow you to live for long. You plot your escape plan inside your cell.

Several days later, you manage to escape, but that is only the beginning of your problems. You find it extremely difficult to find a path out of the underground shrine to the surface.

After wandering for several hours, you arrive at a narrow footbridge that leads to the path out of the shrine. The area around the bridge is a swamp that gives off poisonous gas, but going through this area is your only hope of escape.

You quickly run across the bridge. However, halfway across, you face the unexpected. Suddenly, both ends of the bridge begin the crumble and fall away!

A group of sword-wielding lizards appear on this narrow bridge and begin to close in. Although they are numerous in number, they seem to be underlings.

You have no choice now but to fight them all and break through.

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