Kyam is Maxi's sworn brother. Being raised since childhood alongside Maxi by his father, both turned into brothers and best friends. Kyam usually took his Chinese Sword, Qing Long and assumed the leadership of Maxi's crew during Maxi's absences. Jacker, another member of the crew, met Kilik while in port. Kilik wished to travel on the ship and Kyam gave permission for the wandering martial artist to sail with them. However Astaroth's ambush in the port town ended with Kyam's death at the hands of the giant golem. Maxi then swore to avenge Kyam's death.

Kyam is a fictional character from Soulcalibur Manga comic. He only appears in book volume 2.

Create a Soul formula SCIII


Name: Kyam

Sex: Male

Job: Pirate

Weapon: Qing Long

Style: Chinese Sword

Alignment: Normal/Light

True Alignment:--

Face: No.2

Eyebrows: Color (27, 27)

Lips: Color (3, 6)

Eyes: Color (20, 3)

Skin: Color (6, 16)


Voice: Young Man 2

True Voice:--



Hair:Long Perm(27,27)

Chin:-- {Scar on his eyes can't be created}

Lower Torso:--

Upper Torso:Fur Vest(6,18)

Arms:Cloth Gaunlets (1,11)



Upper Legs:Leather Pants(1,14)

Feet:Holy Boots(4,4)

Information in create a soul formula section was contributed by Ericard [1].


  • Kyam has a scar upon his left eye. But the cause of it is unknown.
  • When Kyam was fatally injured, (From Astaroth's attack), he told Maxi to help Kilik from under the influence of the Evil Seed before it worsens.
  • Kyam always has his sword, Qing Long and his discipline was Chinese Sword under the Pirate job.
  • Kyam can also be created in character creation albeit without the scar on his eyes and in Yun Seong's style.
  • Unlike other background characters like Xianglian and Frederick, Kyam has not been referenced to in the Soul series since Soulcalibur. Instead, the games only mention that Maxi wishes to avenge his crew, not naming any of the crewmembers. It is unknown if Kyam will ever be referenced to again in any future game.



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