Labyrinth of Moonlight
Moonlight Labyrinth
Background music Labyrinth of Moonlight
Home to Kilik (SCII)

The Labyrinth of Moonlight is a stage in Soulcalibur II. It is Kilik's home stage.

Just like the legends surrounding the island of Crete in the Mediterrean Sea, many myths and folklores around the world refer to structures called Labyrinths.

Most places people refer to as labyrinths, however, are nothing more than intricate places. This ruin is the exception. With complex corridors and chambers that run though numerous levels underground, this ruin defines the word "labyrinth."

No one knows when this labyrinth was created or its purpose. The only thing that is known about this recently reawakened ruin is that it is the only structure in this area--there are no cities nor temples anywhere nearby.


The first variation of this stage is a small square, in which it is most likely that someone will get a ring out.

The second variation of this stage is a medium-sized triangle.

The third variation of this stage is a big rectangle, which is the biggest variation of this stage.

Weapon Master Variations

In Weapon Master Mode, when you are in a dungeon with the Labyrinth levels, the level uses all of the variations listed above, but the music gets different as you progress. Also, the background is all lit up on the boss level.

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