Last Rites on the Battlefield
Background music Daybreaker
Home to Hilde (SC5)
"The flames of war burn the wills of warriors."
— Narrator

Last Rites on the Battlefield is a stage in Soulcalibur V. It is similar to Tranquil Wasteland in that it expands and has no obstacles. However, the background of the stage is littered by dark, thick smoke from the flames of an ongoing war. Located on the plains of Hungary, a battle wages between the mercenaries of Schwarzwind and the malfested forces of Nightmare


  • The battlefield is located near Denevér Castle, which can be seen looming in the distance. 
  • It is possibly the same location as Tranquil Wasteland.
  • The elephant cavalry and cannons used by Dumas' forces were provided by Dampierre.
  • In the original stage concept, a golem was originally said to be imprisoned within the castle, with the large battle being waged in order to rescue the golem.
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