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In this Chinese name, the family name is Yan (燕).

"All right, I'm ready! Let's get this fight started!"
— Leixia

Yan Leixia (イェン・レイシャ, Yen Reisha; Chinese: 燕蕾夏, Pinyin: Yàn Lěixià) is a character in the Soul series who made her debut appearance in Soulcalibur V. She is the cheerful daughter of Xianghua.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, she is referred to as A Young Lady Longing for an Adventure.


Soulcalibur V

After Xianghua left Kilik and was forced to marry a Ming General, she gave birth to Leixia. Xianghua, being well experienced in life during wartime and martial arts, often told her daughter war stories. These tales sank in while Leixia was young, giving her a deep love for her mother, heroism, and swordsmanship. In fact, these stories were in an idealized vision in Leixia's mind, and she pestered her mother to teach her swordsmanship.

Leixia, being the eldest daughter of a respected general and an upperclass woman, could have had a quiet and comfortable life. She's well educated, loves reading, writes poetry, and plays the koto with some skill. Leixia believes in heroes and perhaps, deep down, she would like to become one herself.

Xianghua, knowing of the dangers of the world, sought to protect her daughter from the very lifestyle she idolized. Leixia, ever tenacious, runs away from home, bent on creating her own future.


Leixia is a cute teenage girl. Her facial features resemble her mother, Xianghua, and her hairstyle is based on a traditional Chinese hairstyle worn by young women. She is wearing an elegant outfit inspired by the blue lotus flower which shares the aesthetic of Xianghua's costumes from the previous games. She has Kilik's pendant, the Dvapara-Yuga fragment, attached to her collar.


Leixia, like her mother, is very bubbly and optimistic. She is very bright but quite naive; according to Maxi, she tends to trust people too easily, which can get them into tense situations. This is probably due to her young age and hasn't quite matured just yet.

Based on her back story, it is clear that she was a tad spoiled growing up, and this trait caught on as she got older.


Fighting Style

Leixia's moveset is an improvised version of Xianghua's fighting style. Leixia does not retain Xianghua's Silent Xia Sheng (SXS) stance from Soulcalibur IV. Leixia has good rushdown capabilities and a decent array of pokes. Overall, in terms of speed, she is slightly slower than her mother, but has slightly longer range. Leixia continues her mother's tradition with a repertoire of quick attacks, feint attacks for confusing the opponent, and hit-away techniques. She also has a great mix-up game, albeit not as strong as her mother. A common weakness for Leixia is her lack of strength. To compensate, she has a high attack rate that allows her to string together combos for decent damage output. Another weakness for Leixia is that many attacks or mix-ups that are read by the opponent (either by quick-stepping or Just Guarding) leave her wide open, allowing her to be punished easily.

With her combination of strengths and weaknesses and depending on the user, she is overall considered by the Soulcalibur community to be a low to mid-tier character.

Critical Edge

River of Stars

Leixia launches her opponent into the air, and slashes him/her three times while jumping and whirling in a circular motion. After landing, she strikes a pose, surrounded by lotus petals and shimmering light.

Weapon Arts

Muu Ling: This is her unblockable attack.

Winged Rhythm: That's Leixia's Brave Edge attack.

River of Stars: This is her Critical Edge but now capable of hitting enemies even when they're lying idly on the ground.

Thunder Vortex: Basically it's her Quake Step perfomed twice in a row, but now it causes a Guard Burst and gets the enemy wherever he is. It successfully launches on enemies in mid-air as well. The first wave hits the enemy twice or bursts his guard, and the second wave, which is in fact inevitable, delivers three hits and sends him high in the air.

Crimson Dive: It's a rapid combination of Vengeful Lian Hua and Great Wall.

Twin Spinblade: That's another combination of Twin Rhythm, Spinning Lian Hua and Xianghua's attack called Lower Great Wall. At the end of the Weapon Art Leixia always says "Goodbye!"


Theme Music

Soulcalibur V


Soul Calibur V - Where Springs Not Fail (Leixia's Theme)

Leixia's theme from Soulcalibur V

  • "Where Springs Not Fail"


  • Alright, I'm ready! Let's get this fight started!
  • Let's find out who's stronger. It'll be great fun! - Spoken when engaging Natsu in battle.
  • We can talk afterward! Come on, let's fight!
  • Lord Maxi, go easy on me! — Spoken when engaging Maxi in battle.
  • As when mother fought... — Spoken upon performing a Critical Edge.
  • Justice will prevail! — Spoken after a successful Critical Edge.
  • Brace yourself!
  • One more!
  • Punishment!
  • Hate you!
  • I'm on fire!
  • Ummm...
  • Huhuhu... Sorry!
  • Too easy!
  • Go through!
  • Charge!
  • Yay!
  • You'll pay! — spoken when one round away from losing.
  • 'Scuse me!
  • And spin!
  • Just kidding!
  • Charge!
  • This is... the end!
  • Turn and...!
  • Strike!
  • Mother... - Spoken when KO'd by moves that leave her in a standing state, like Ivy's "Embrace of Guilt"
  • Hold up!
  • Attack!
  • Thanks!
  • No!
  • It hurts...
  • No no!
  • I'm okay!! — Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuud Markab
  • Goodbye!
  • What's going on!? — Spoken when struck by a tremor.
  • And... go!
  • Guaranteed hit!
  • Oh my gosh!
  • OW!! — Spoken during Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge.
  • Why?! — Spoken during a "Guard Burst".
  • How rude! — spoken when the opponent breaks her throw
  • You're mean!— spoken when the opponent breaks her throw
  • Oh, please.
  • All right!
  • Scuse... me! — spoken while fighting Natsu
  • Perfect!
  • I won't lose!
  • Super! — spoken after performing "Ben Xing."
  • Might of one!
  • I'm too good!
  • Wow! So cool! — taunt
  • Wow! I won! — spoken when taunting a knocked out opponent.
  • Heads up!
  • 'Scuse... me! — spoken when throwing Natsu or Maxi
  • Lord Maxi... spoken when throwing Maxi
  • I'm sorry! — spoken when throwing Maxi
  • You... idiot! — spoken when throwing Xiba
  • What?! — spoken during first Ring Out
  • I'm done with this! — spoken during second (and afterward) Ring Out
  • Mother... I'm sorry... — spoken after losing a Time Out
  • I thought you'd go easy on me... — spoken after losing a Time Out to Maxi
  • Meanie! — spoken after being knocked out by Maxi
  • I thought I was pretty good... — spoken after being Timed Out by Natsu or Xiba
  • No!!!! - spoken when defeated by Natsu or Xiba
  • Lord Maxi, you let me win, huh? — spoken after being victorious over Maxi
  • Had enough yet? I guess that's the end of that! — spoken after defeating Xiba
  • You meet all sorts of interesting people outside the palace!
  • Look out world... cause here comes Leixia!
  • Aww... No fair! You got me all dirty!
  • Since heaven dispensed the talent let it be well employed!
  • Success, I've taken the general! Hahaha! — spoken when won against Natsu
  • Xiba, you just ate! You're such a piggy! — spoken when engaging Xiba in battle
  • You have the looks, let's see what you can do! — spoken when engaging α Patroklos in story mode
  • So I think we should stay here for a bit. You know, see the world and stuff. — spoken in story mode to Xiba
  • Xiba, seriously, how many times do I have to tell you. I have the Dvapara-Yuga, yours is the Kali-Yuga. - spoken in story mode to Xiba
  • Well, I guess you'll do. But as they say, nothing in life is free. - spoken in story mode to α Patroklos
  • No, you idiot! - spoken in story mode to Xiba
  • I mean, show us you are a man worthy of your sword. - spoken in story mode to α Patroklos
  • If you're ready... Let's get started! - spoken in story mode to α Patroklos
  • Looking good! - spoken in Story Mode
  • Well, that's that... Now to get out of here, and quick! - Unknown/Unused.


Leixia means 'Budding Summer' in Chinese.


Series' Appearances


Soulcalibur V


  • Leixia is the second character in the series to debut at the age of 15. The first being Talim when she debuted in Soulcalibur II.
  • Leixia's English voice actress, Lauren Landa, is known for voicing Litchi Faye-Ling from the Blazblue series and Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series.
  • Leixia bears a slightly resemblance to Athena Asamiya from KOF: Maximum Impact 2.[1]
  • Leixia shares some moves with Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken series.
  • Leixia appears to live in a palace due to one of her quotes.
    • Although the two are equal in personality for being childish and joyful, if you take a good hearing at them, Leixia seems to be more arrogant and more unexperienced than Xianghua, as shown by her backstory and win-quote, "You meet all sorts of interesting people outside the palace".
  • Leixia addresses Maxi as "Lord Maxi," showing that she has a high respect for him.
    • Leixia appears to gain crushes on older men easily. She has a crush on Maxi, though he clearly sees her as the child she is. She also speculates to herself that Yoshimitsu is attractive under his mask.
  • Before the release of her profile, many players assumed that Leixia was Kilik's daughter. The identity of Xianghua's husband was met with mostly negative reactions from the community... as well as unsupported theorizing that Xianghua's husband is not Leixia's biological father.
  • At this point, Leixia is the only new character whose entire immediate family is alive and well and is able to keep in touch with them.
  • Leixia was designed by Mari Shimazaki, the designer of Bayonetta. [2] Mari Shimazaki also designed the secondary costumes for Ivy and Tira. Interestingly, Leixia's design was ready before Project Soul decided on her name. Originally the primary Leixia's costume was based on Xianghua's outfit from Soulcalibur IV, but was replaced by the costume created by Mari Shimazaki.
  • While Leixia's outfit is mostly flower-themed, the tassels hanging from her chest feature stylized butterflies.
  • Leixia's 2P costume resembles Xianghua's 1P costume from Soulcalibur II.
    • Leixia's 2P costume was originally designed for Xianghua. 
    • She uses her mother's previous quotes, "Justice will prevail!" and "Just kidding!"
  • There is a typo in Leixia's moveset: Tzao Qauke should actually be written Tzao Quake.
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