In this Chinese name, the family name is Yan (燕).

Yan Leixin (イェン・レイシン, Yen Reishin; Chinese: 燕蕾信, Pinyin: Yān Lěixìn) is the younger brother of Leixia. Not much is known about him as he is only briefly mentioned in Leixia's profile. Leixin gave Leixia a mysterious pendant for her 15th birthday.

Leixin is very smart, being able to attend university at only 13. However, his fighting skills are poor and he is always beaten by Leixia. The blue stone he gave Leixia for her birthday was likely given after being 'muscled up'. 


Leixin's given name (蕾信) is composed of the Hanzi characters for "bud/budding" (蕾) and "confidence/trust" (信).


  • Though said that Leixin gifted his sister Dvapara-yuga at her 15th birthday, another note claims Leixia most recently muscled him into giving up the blue stone he posessed, hinting farther that she is probably the bully in the relationship.


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