Libra of Soul is the second story mode in Soulcalibur VI. In this game mode, players will be able to create their own custom fighter from scratch before roaming the world in a quest to stop a new evil mastermind at work to gather Soul Edge shards. Along the way, players will come up against both characters from across the main storyline, and warriors created by the community, fighting in a variety of rule-specific showdowns which shape their own path.[1]


The ray of light from the Evil Seed pierced the sky, its glow reaching as far as India.

And here we find another person whose fate was entwined with the two swords...

Upon awakening from a heinous nightmare, Zasalamel explains that you need to harness power from astral fissures in order to survive the Evil Seed. Astral fissures are rips in time and space caused by the power within the Earth and the evil within the Evil Seed. When encountered, most people will become malfested and turn into monsters in both body and mind. After you absorb and close the astral fissure, Zasalamel will give you the Spirit Scales that show your soul's balance between chaos and order.

Chapter One

Eastern Coastal Plains of India

After arriving in this area, you will be presented with a choice between a gold sword that represents strength, power, and the freedom to chose your own path and an azure sword that represents harmony, reason, and order. This choice, like many more throughout Libra of Soul, will tilt your Spirit Scales towards good or evil.

The next day, you awaken from another nightmare with Maxi hovering over you. Disoriented and half-asleep, you pick a fight with Maxi. After you fight him, he will tell you about a job he took in a nearby village where he was hired to fight off evil creatures.


At Maxi's campsite, he tells you about how the western world is starting unhinge with people becoming violent and going crazy. Maxi also tells you he captains a crew and ship before you succumb to sleep and another nightmare.

The next morning, you are greeted by a happy looking Haoran who offers to help you with your mission. He is very caring and friendly, and he offers food which can be used to buff you before battle.


While traveling with you companions through Bhubaneswar, you are confronted by Daniel and Valtro and learn they belong to a group known as The Qualifiers. They refuse to let you pass because they are guarding the astral fissure for Lord Azwel. When they find out you are seeking the astral fissure, you might fight them and send them running.

After closing the astral fissure, you are confronted by a man in black who calls you "outsider" and accuses you of having unnatural power. Before acquiring answers, they attack and then flee after being defeated.

Chapter Two


In Dhaka, a lively city of commerce and trade, your friend Haoran takes his leave to go investigate unsettling rumors he heard about his hometown, Yangguang. While wandering the market or trading house, you will overhear two women talking about The Qualifiers and how they have been hunting and killing demons. You will depart Dhaka with Maxi and his crew and set sail to Ayutthaya.


The winds on the open sea turn rough, and Maxi's ship is badly damaged when you arrive on the shores of Ayutthaya. You see a group of bandits harassing an old man and intervene to fight them off. The old man, Kongwang, is a 'middleman' who is wanted dead by many people. He asks you escort him to his tavern in exchange for fixing Maxi's ship. You discover that the city of Yangguang has become increasingly dangerous and suspect a possible astral fissure. This only fuels your worry for your friend Haoran.

At the tavern, you meet Mitsurugi, a samurai from Japan. After testing your strength, he offers to join your crew and travel to Yangguang. Later, when you are both on the ship, Mitsurugi explains that he left Japan in search of a sword named "Soul Edge". Upon inquiring about the sword, he only states that there are many rumors about the sword and is not sure what is true.


When you arrive at the village, you are halted by a man fleeing for his life from a possessed monster. The monster you recognize as your friend Haoran, who then murders the fleeing man right in front of you. He flees into the forest, and you encounter Haoyu, Haoran's brother. Haoyu explains how his brother started acting strange when he went to investigate the astral fissure, and now he is an unstoppable monster. He begs you to kill Haoran to end his suffering.

You track Haoran into the forest, and you find him where he and his brother used to train with one another. With Haoyu and your crew behind you, you fight Haoran. After winning the fight, you will be faced with a decision that has the ability to tilt your Spirit Scales towards good or evil. You can either put Haoran out of his misery or you have the option to show him mercy.

After your battle with Haoran, the town of Yangguang is in ruins. You take refuge in an abandoned inn and are awoken by the Man in Black standing over you. He tells you what you seek is in a town called "Kroraina" and to meet him at the ruined castle. Mitsurugi and Haoyu stay in Yangguang, and you go on your way to Kroraina.


You run into a group of soldiers outside of Yangguang who have been tasked with screening those traveling to and from the town. They insist that you are suspicious and demand to search you, initiating a fight with the young swordswoman, Xianghua.

The Cave of the Master Swordsman

Continuing on your journey. you run into a master swordsman in Lanzhou who invites you to visit his temple. He senses a great power within you and asks you to spar with his pupil, Kilik. After your fight, the master swordsman wishes you well on your journey before you continue on.

Yumen Pass

Through the Yumen Pass, you encounter a brutish weapon's dealer named Ruslan. He threatens to take your weapon stating that such a strong weapon should belong to a strong person, insinuating that you are too weak for the weapon. After you fight, you are presented with a choice that will tip your Spirit Scales. You can either steal a weapon from the dealer's stash, or you can show mercy on him and continue on.

You will run into two people dressed in black just outside of Kroraina. These two, known as Natalie and Dion, inform you that The Man in Black, Sir Grøh is waiting for you. It is all of their goal to get you to the astral fissure before Azwel does.


After you obsorb the power of the astral fissure, Azwel appears and states that he will fight you for the astral fissures. Azwel directs the conversation towards Grøh by taunting him about his position within the Aval Organization and by bringing up memories of Grøh's friend Curtis.

When Azwel leaves, Grøh tells you that the Aval Organization destroys "outsiders", or those who have lost their humanity. At first, he thought that you were an outsider, but his opinions of you have since changed. He wants to work in tandem to close the astral fissures and kill outsiders.

The Eastern Taklamakan Desert

On your way back to town, Daniel and a malfested Valtro stand in your way. Azwel had used Valtro as one of his "experiments," and although stronger, Valtro is losing touch with what little humanity he did hold on to.

Daniel and Valtro inform you that Grøh was also one of Azwel's experiments, and he was the first malfested to retain his sense of self. Valtro launches at Grøh, but his attack is effortlessly blocked by an unnatural force emitting from Grøh. With his eye glowing red and face holding murderous intent, Grøh strikes down Valtro, saying to take that to Azwel as a "message".

Daniel departs, and Grøh tells you he was attacked then treated by Azwel when he was a member of the Aval Organization, and he is to blame for Grøh's current state. Azwel betrayed the Aval Organization and formed The Qualifiers-a group of fanatics whom Azwel uses for his experiments. When you ask about Curtis, Grøh says that he was a friend he killed, and he says nothing more on it.

Chapter Three


In the oasis city of Kashgar, you and Grøh meet up with Natalie and Dion. The Aval Organization wants you to assist them in closing the astral fissures, and in return you absorb the fissures' power. Natalie and Dion head out on their current mission to locate and destroy a facility outside of town.

They leave, and you explore the city. An energetic young blacksmith insists that you help her in a demonstration to show off her weapons to the crowd. After you help her, you learn her name is Bolta. She not only forges weapons, but she upgrades them as well and offers to help you with yours.

You meet up with Grøh, and he is worried because there has been no word for Natalie or Dion. The two of you head towards the facility, and you hear a young woman's voice. You find Seong Mi-na attempting to get inside the facility, but she states that she has business there. After you fight her, she leaves when she is beaten.

Grøh and you follow Natalie and Dion's path inside the facility, and Grøh informs you that he senses evil ahead. He mentions that there were evil experiments held in the facility, and you start to hear Natalie and Dion. They are trapped behind a wall and warn you malfested are coming. After you fight the malfested, you release Natalie and Dion from their cell, but the floor collapses under all of your weight.

Luckily, Seong Mi-na followed you inside the facility, and she helps you all get out of the pit. She informs you that she was looking for Soul Edge, otherwise known as the "Sword of Salvation," inside the facility. Although the sword was not there, Natalie and Dion found some of Azwel's files saying that he is trying to awaken the Evil Seed.


Natatie and Dion have information on where the next astral fissure may be located. While they are making preparations to leave, you can either explore the lake or the market. You will overhead a conversation between two men at the lake. The rumor is that The Qualifies have a generous leader who can heal people.

You return to the group, and it has been discovered the next astral fissure is in Bukhara.


On the path to the next astral fissure, then Grøh senses you are being followed. You turn and fight malfested, and Grøh defends you while you are holding them off. A malfested is poised to strike Grøh, but it is killed by a female ninja who appeared out of seemingly nowhere. She answers no questions, but she tells the group that the evil has been purified and disappears.

At the fissure, there is no sign of Azwel. You are just about to absorb the fissure's power when two huge malfested walk out of the fissure. After defeating them, Grøh tells you to head to the village to look for more information on the fissures.


Later that night, you find yourself unable to sleep and take a walk in the forest. The ninja you encountered earlier finds you, and she wants to test your strength. During your battle, you learn that her name is Taki, and her primary goal is to eliminate evil. She warns you that should you become consumed by darkness, she will hunt you.


In the town of Tehran, Dion discovers the next astral fissure is in the Fygul Cestemus temple. The temple is inhabited by a mad cult who worships the evil god, Palgaea. They are a cruel and brutal cult that delights in human sacrifice. To infiltrate their temple, you must form a strategy with your group. You can target different members of the cult to obtain varying levels and quality of information. Whoever you target will make the quest easier or more difficult.


Your plan is disrupted by Valtro and Daniel. Once you battle Valtro, Daniel will try to reason will Valtro to leave. However, Valtro is so malfested and bloodthirsty, Daniel is forced to abandon him. Grøh battles Valtro and tells you to go up ahead. You run into Azwel, and he has already absorbed the astral fissure. Zasalamel interrupts Azwel's speech, and he helps you discover Azwel's plans with the fissures.

Azwel wants to use the astral fissures to create the "Ultimate Seed", which is supposedly much stronger than the Dark Seed. If he obtains the power of enough astral fissures, he can create the Ultimate Seed by fusing the power of the spirit and cursed swords together. Azwel then transfers some of the power from the astral fissure to Valtro, turning him full-on malfested, and you battle him again.

You meet up with Dion and Natalie and tell them Azwel's plans to summon the two swords and create the Ultimate Seed. You must stop him from getting to any astral fissures before you. Dion informs you that there are two nearby, one to the northwest and the other to the west. A messenger from the Aval Organization appears and delivers your current orders. Dion and Natalie are going to split up and each head to a different fissure. You will accompany one of them to help with the fissure while the other defends the other fissure until you can get to the second fissure.

When deciding what fissure to go to first, you consider the Azure Knight that haunts the lands to the northwest, killing all he meets. The road to the west is considerably safer. Whichever you chose will impact the balance of your Spirit Scales.


You stop at a village to replenish your supplies, however, all that is left of the village was a pile of bodies. Three people remain, and you assume that they are the ones behind the tragedy. You learn that the three demons are allies of the Azure Knight, and you battle each of them.


As you continue on, you find Mitsurugi on the side of the road begging for food. He is still searching for Soul Edge and heard that someone called "Knight of Mare" has the sword in his possession. Mitsuguri offers to help you again, but Dion wants him to prove his worth first.

A few days later, Dion starts to worry about Sir Grøh. Natalie sent word that everything is okay with her, but there is still no new information on Azwel.


With Mitsuguri by your side, you continue on. However, you encountered a strange aura that felt like a beserker stepping forth from an astral fissure. You come face to face with Geralt of Rivia, and he misinterprets your powers for something evil.

With the fight over, you thrust your hands into the astral fissure to claim its power. Geralt witnesses you close the fissure, and then he turns to leave. Mitsuguri hurries off after him to challenge Geralt to a rematch. You and Dion leave to go find the next fissure.


The astral fissure is guarded by two beserkers, and you are forced to take them on without Grøh this time. After defeating them, you start to head after Natalie to the other fissure.


You arrive at the meeting spot Natalie had set and learn there has still been no sign of Azwel. A single beserker emerges from the astral fissure, and you fight. After absorbing the power of the second astral fissure, you begin to realize that your nightmares had been occurring less frequently. You begin to wonder if you are freeing yourself of the Astral Chaos.


You recieve information from Aval that an astral fissure has appeared in Greece, and Azwel is heading its way. On your way to Greece, you meet back up with Grøh. You and the team plan your approach to the next fissure, and Dion and Natalie leave the room. On your way out of the room, you overhear Grøh muttering to himself. He is looking at his left arm and says, "You would not approve, Curtis."

Later that night, Dion approaches you with the plan to destroy Azwel once and for all. Grøh says in order to defeat him, he will need to push his power beyond its limits. He anticipates dying from the battle, but he is willing to risk everything to defeat Azwel. He asks you to kill him should he lose control of himself.

The next day, the road to the temple was covered with warriors. You and Grøh make a run for the temple while Natalie and Dion hold off the warriors. Your path was blocked by Daniel, so you strike him down to remove him from your path.

At the fissure, Azwel tells you that you are too late and Soul Edge and Soul Calibur appear. You begin to fight Azwel, but half way through the battle he offers for you to join him. Grøh defends you, unleashing his malfested power to fight Azwel. Grøh tackles Azwel, and they both fall off the building into a huge ravine.

Chapter Four


You search for Grøh and Azwel for hours at the bottom of the ravine, but there is no sign of either of them. Natalie insists on reporting to Aval and says that if Grøh is indeed malfested, they must not hesitate in striking him down. The Aval agent you report to warns you about an astral fissure north of town, and you head directly there.


Closer to the fissure, a beserker appeared with a loud roar. The beserker was a fallen Aval agent that is no longer human. You exterminate the beserker and close the astral fissure.

Bad news was awaiting you back in town. Azwel had survived the fall and was seen meeting with his followers. They are all heading to Ostrheinsburg Castle, where a ceremony to summon the Ultimate Seed will take place. The moon has to be full and the stars have to align for the ceremony to take place. According to Natalie, this will not be for another two months. Natalie believes that even if Grøh survived, he is likely an outsider.

Zasalamel appears and asks if you can defeat Azwel by cooperating with Aval. He tells you he believes you have gained enough strength to be able to resist the Astral Chaos, and that strength is the key to victory. Zasalamel says someone of your strength could reach into the Astral Chaos and claim on of the true swords as your own.


Following the aura of the two swords, you make your way to a grassy plain far away from town. You run into the ninja you have seen before. She believes you are tracking her, and she demands to see if your soul has submitted to evil. You fight the ninja, also known as Taki, and the fight awakened memories of a deadly battle for control of Soul Edge.

Sensing someone else linked to the swords, you make your way to distant mountains. You witnessed a woman fighting off malfested with lightening-fast blows from her flat sword. She placed her palm on the malfested head and purified the evil within him. You learn the woman's name is Sophitia, and she wishes to understand the truth behind the power inside you.

After defeating her, she tells you she doesn't understand how such power could live in someone without it consuming their mind and soul. Sophitia prays for you, and you continue on.

In a village deep within the forrest, you will find a man with the aura of the two swords. The village streets were littered with blood and corpses. After you defeat the man, also known as Cervantes, the fight will show you memories of others fighting to control Soul Edge.


You receive message that Natalie and Dion want to meet, so you set out to find them right away. Zasalamel appears behind you, and he tells you that Aval has started to gather its forces near Ostrheinsburg castle. Zasalamel readies his weapon to fight you in what he calls your final test. After your battle, he tells you that you have "promise", and then he disappears.

You then meet up with Natalie and Dion, and you prepare to summon one of the swords from the Astral Chaos to defeat Azwel. As Aval prepares to launch a full-blown attack on Ostrheinsburg Castle, you discover the ceremony will be held in the "Hall of the Chosen".

Inside the castle, during the midst of battle, you make your way to the Hall of the Chosen where you find Azwel. He has been expecting you, and he begins to explain all of his plans. Azwel needs to take the power of the spirit and cursed swords, then he will mix the energies of the heavens and the earth. He has all of those components, but he is missing one key factor.

He needs an enormous wave of energy that will come from you. Azwel has allowed you to absorb the astral fissures so you would become more powerful. All that he needs to do now is force the power of the blades to resonate with the power inside you. Chaotic energy and the power of the swords will intertwine and break forth. Only then will the Ultimate Seed come into existence.

After you fight and defeat Azwel, he will morph into his second form. Battle him again, and he is still not ready to give up. You deflect his attacks and reach into the Astral Chaos to retrieve one of the swords, defeating Azwel once and for all.

The torrent of light consumes your body, and you believe you are on the verge of death. However, you feel ready to accept your fate, no longer afraid of it. With Azwel dead, the Ultimate Seed will be no more.

You are in Ostrheinsburg Castle when you open your eyes, with Zasalamel by your side. He tells you Azwel's plans have come to nothing. He tells you to be proud. You not only saved yourself, but all of humanity as well.

You part ways with Zasalamel and meet up with Natalie and Dion, and you explain everything that happened. They confirm there is no sign of the Ultimate Seed, and they want to work together to close the remaining astral fissures or help them find Grøh.

Chapter Five


After Azwel's defeat, you manage to get mixed up in all sorts of wild adventures over the course of a long time. You reflect on everything that has happened to you, but you can never get Grøh out of your mind. You wonder what happened to him and if he is still alive. If Grøh is still alive, he has been living as a malfested for a long time. You remember your promise to him that you would kill him should he lose touch with his humanity, and you set out to find Grøh.

After investigating, you learn Grøh is known as the Black Demon. Everyone warns you to stay well away from him, but you can't abandon your promise.


Traveling by yourself, you start to miss the friends and traveling companions you made along the way. You contact the Aval Organization and learn that Grøh has been judged an outsider. However, they don't know if Grøh is the Black Demon or not. Natalie and Dion ask you to help them close the last astral fissures, and you embark to help them with their mission.

Western Taklamakan Desert

You travel to the astral fissure in the Western Taklamakan Desert, and fight the beserker guarding the fissure. You reach into the fissure and feel torn between to sources of power, an azure sword and a golden sword. Whichever your chose, the astral fissure will vanish afterwards, and you feel an enormous surge of power.


You report back to Dion, and he tells you Aval is thankful for your help. They haven't found Grøh, but they think they know the whereabouts of the Black Demon.

The Middle East

You go to the a town in the Middle East where a malfested has disguised itself in society as a merchant. You tail it until night, and then you approach. You defeat the malfested and determine it is unlikely that malfested is the Black Demon, so you follow up on your next lead.

East Asia

According to the information your received from Aval, a malfested lurks in the forest. Almost immediately attacked by a malfested beast. However, this malfested is not the Black Demon you seek, so you continue to search.


You report back to Aval organization to tell them how poorly your search is going. You learn the Black Demon uses a sword and operates only at night. Aval believes the Black Demon is malfested and is no longer in control of itself. You try to pinpoint Grøh by researching where he is from and his relationship with Sir Curtis. Grøh is originally from Scandinavia, so you decide to look for him up North.

Scandinavian Peninsula

You travel to Grøh's homeland, and you get the feeling that you are heading the right way. You hunker down and wait until night. Once the sun falls, you hear footsteps approaching. Not wanting to take any chances, you ready your weapon.

A bestial cry filled the air, and a shadowy figure jumped out of the darkness. The swordsman was dressed in an Aval uniform, and he had blood-red eyes. As you feared, the Black Knight was indeed Grøh.


You need advice, so you seek out Zasalamel at Ostrheinsburg. You need him to tell you how to defeat Grøh. Zasalamel tells you that you do not need to do anything. Grøh's power would wane in time, and when it drops completely he will die. When you tell Zasalamel about your promise to kill Grøh should he become malfested, he suggests the sword you used to kill Azwel. You may still be able to summon it, but you will have to sacrifice a good portion of your remaining life to manifest the sword. If you fail at this, you will die.

Scandinavian Peninsula

You return to the snowy field where you encountered Grøh. When you see him, you can feel his madness and bloodlust. There was nothing left of the man you once knew. After you finally defeat him, depending on which sword you summoned, Grøh will either be dead or free from being malfested. The game will either end with him promising to use his power to help others the way you helped him, or it will end looking at his tombstone. It all depends on how your soul resonates on the Spirit Scales and your choice between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

Side Missions

Capture the Thieves

-Capture the Pepper Thieves

A farmer on the west coast of India was robbed of his pepper by bandits and needs your assistance.

-Capture the Cinnamon Thieves

A plantation owner in Southern India had his cinnamon ransacked by bandits.

-Capture the Clove Thieves

A merchant in the island Southeast of the Asia Mainland is having issues with bandits after his cloves were pilfered.

None Shall Forget

There is a village near Zhen Xing Shan not far from Ling Sheng-Su Temple. Bandits are within the region harassing some children.


  • It can be considered as a spiritual successor of Weapon Master Mode, as the format is heavily borrowed from and expanded upon. Soulcalibur VI, however, was able to properly implement character creation this time around.
  • Libra of Soul marks the first time a mission mode is canon to the series storyline.



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