File:Lexa (Human Form) SC4 10.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SC4 11.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SC4 12.JPG
File:Lexa (Human Form) SC4 Details.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 01.JPG
File:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 02.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 03.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 04.JPG
File:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 05.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 06.JPGFile:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 07.JPG
File:Lexa (Human Form) SCBD 08.JPGFile:Lexa 01.pngFile:Lexa 02.png
File:Lexa 03.pngFile:Lexa 04.pngFile:Lexa 05.png
File:Lexa 06.pngFile:Lexa 07.pngFile:Lexa 08.png
File:Lexa 09.pngFile:Lexa 10.pngFile:Lexa 100.png
File:Lexa 101.pngFile:Lexa 102.pngFile:Lexa 103.PNG
File:Lexa 11.pngFile:Lexa 12.pngFile:Lexa 13.png
File:Lexa 14.pngFile:Lexa 15.pngFile:Lexa 16.png
File:Lexa 17.pngFile:Lexa 18.pngFile:Lexa 19.png
File:Lexa 20.pngFile:Lexa 21.pngFile:Lexa 22.png
File:Lexa 23.pngFile:Lexa 24.pngFile:Lexa 25.png
File:Lexa 26.pngFile:Lexa 27.pngFile:Lexa 28.png
File:Lexa 29.pngFile:Lexa 30.pngFile:Lexa 31.png
File:Lexa 32.pngFile:Lexa 33.pngFile:Lexa 34.png
File:Lexa 35.pngFile:Lexa 36.pngFile:Lexa 37.png
File:Lexa 38.pngFile:Lexa 39.pngFile:Lexa 40.png
File:Lexa 41.pngFile:Lexa 42.pngFile:Lexa 43.png
File:Lexa 44.pngFile:Lexa 45.pngFile:Lexa 46.png
File:Lexa 47.pngFile:Lexa 48.pngFile:Lexa 49.png
File:Lexa 50.pngFile:Lexa 51.pngFile:Lexa 52.png
File:Lexa 53.pngFile:Lexa 54.pngFile:Lexa 55.png
File:Lexa 56.pngFile:Lexa 57.pngFile:Lexa 58.png
File:Lexa 59.pngFile:Lexa 60.pngFile:Lexa 61.png
File:Lexa 62.pngFile:Lexa 63.pngFile:Lexa 64.png
File:Lexa 65.pngFile:Lexa 66.pngFile:Lexa 67.png
File:Lexa 68.pngFile:Lexa 69.pngFile:Lexa 70.png
File:Lexa 71.pngFile:Lexa 72.pngFile:Lexa 73.png
File:Lexa 74.pngFile:Lexa 75.pngFile:Lexa 76.png
File:Lexa 77.pngFile:Lexa 78.pngFile:Lexa 79.png
File:Lexa 80.pngFile:Lexa 81.pngFile:Lexa 82.png
File:Lexa 83.pngFile:Lexa 84.pngFile:Lexa 85.png
File:Lexa 86.pngFile:Lexa 87.pngFile:Lexa 88.png
File:Lexa 89.pngFile:Lexa 90.pngFile:Lexa 91.png
File:Lexa 92.pngFile:Lexa 93.pngFile:Lexa 94.png
File:Lexa 95.pngFile:Lexa 96.pngFile:Lexa 97.png
File:Lexa 98.pngFile:Lexa 99.pngFile:Lexa Avatar.jpg
File:Lexa Avatar 2.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 01.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 02.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 03.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 04.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 05.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 06.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 07.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 08.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 09.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 10.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 11.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 12.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 13.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 14.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 15.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 16.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 17.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 18.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 19.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 20.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 21.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 22.JPGFile:Lexa Battle 23.JPG
File:Lexa Battle 24.JPGFile:Lexa Fanart By Nanao 1.jpgFile:Lexa Fanart By Nanao 2.jpg
File:Lexa Fanart By Nanao 3.jpgFile:Lexa Fanart By Nanao 4.jpgFile:Lexa Fanart By Nanao 5.jpg
File:Lexa SC4.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 01.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 02.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 03.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 04.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 05.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 06.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 07.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 08.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 09.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 10.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 11.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 12.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 13.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 14.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 15.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 16.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 17.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 18.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 19.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 2.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 20.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 21.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 22.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 23.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 24.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 25.JPG
File:Lexa SC4 26.JPGFile:Lexa SC4 Details.JPGFile:Lexa SC5 Stats 1.JPG
File:Lexa SC5 Stats 2.JPGFile:Lexa SC6.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 01.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 02.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 03.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 04.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 05.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 06.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 07.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 08.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 09.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 10.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 11.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 12.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 13.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 14.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 15.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 16.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 17.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 18.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 19.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 20.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 21.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 22.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 23.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 24.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 25.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 26.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 27.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 28.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 29.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 30.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 31.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 32.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 33.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 34.jpg
File:Lexa SC6 35.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 36.jpgFile:Lexa SC6 Avatar.jpg
File:Lexa SCBD.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD.jpgFile:Lexa SCBD 01.JPG
File:Lexa SCBD 02.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 03.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 04.JPG
File:Lexa SCBD 05.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 06.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 07.JPG
File:Lexa SCBD 08.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 09.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 10.JPG
File:Lexa SCBD 11.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 12.JPGFile:Lexa SCBD 13.JPG
File:Lexa Vs (Edge Master)File:Lexa Vs (Voldo)File:Lexa Vs Abigor SC5 1.JPG
File:Lexa Vs Draenei Aletta 1.JPGFile:Lexa Vs Draenei Aletta 2.JPGFile:Lexa Vs Draenei Aletta 3.JPG
File:Lexa Vs Draenei Aletta 4.JPGFile:Lexa Vs Draenei Carmella.JPGFile:Lexa Vs Ezio Auditore
File:Lexa Vs Jessica SC5.jpgFile:Lexa Vs LeixiaFile:Lexa Vs Lily 1.JPG
File:Lexa Vs Lily 2.JPGFile:Lexa Vs Lily 3.JPGFile:Lexa Vs Natsu
File:Lexa WWE2K16 01.JPGFile:Lexa WWE2K16 02.JPGFile:Lexa WWE2K16 03.JPG
File:Lexa WWE2K16 04.JPGFile:Lexa WWE2K16 1.jpgFile:Lexa WWE2K16 2.jpg
File:Li-Xin 2.jpgFile:Li-Xin War.jpgFile:Li-Xin the White Tiger.jpg
File:Li-Xin vs Xun-Yu.jpgFile:Li-Xin young.jpgFile:Li1SEDRWN.jpg
File:Li6SE3D.jpgFile:Li Long (1P-A).jpgFile:Li Long (1P-A, PAL).jpg
File:Li Long (1P-B).jpgFile:Li Long (1P-B, PAL).jpgFile:Li Long (2P-A).jpg
File:Li Long (2P-A, PAL).jpgFile:Li Long (2P-B).jpgFile:Li Long (2P-B, PAL).jpg
File:Li Long (3P).jpgFile:Li Long (3P, PAL).jpgFile:Li Long Edge Master Intro.jpg
File:Li Long Edge Master Intro (PAL).jpgFile:Li Long SClll icon.pngFile:Li Long and Chie (Soul Edge Artbook).jpg
File:Li Long and Chie 3D (Soul Edge Artbook).jpgFile:Li long 1.jpgFile:Li long a.jpg
File:Li long b.jpgFile:Liana BoW.jpgFile:Liana alt.jpg
File:Liana main.jpgFile:Libra of Soul 01.jpgFile:Libra of Soul 02.jpg
File:Libra of Soul 03.jpgFile:Libra of Soul 04.jpgFile:Libra of Soul 05.jpg
File:Lightbox Poster B.jpgFile:Like old times.jpgFile:Lilah and Anna.jpg
File:Lilian fight.pngFile:Lilian profile.pngFile:Lilith-FbF.png
File:LilithVI.pngFile:Lilith HZ.jpgFile:Lilith SC.jpg
File:Lily's ThemeFile:Lily.jpgFile:LilyArmlets.jpg
File:Lily (Human).JPGFile:Lily (Human) SC5 01.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 02.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 03.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 04.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 05.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 06.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 07.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 08.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 09.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 10.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 11.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 12.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 13.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 14.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 15.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 16.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 17.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 18.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 19.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 20.png
File:Lily (Human) SC5 21.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 22.pngFile:Lily (Human) SC5 23.png
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