File:SC3 Cervantes EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Cervantes EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Cervantes EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Cervantes EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Draco.pngFile:SC3 Draco 1p.png
File:SC3 Draco 2p.pngFile:SC3 Draco 2p (1).pngFile:SC3 Ivy EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Ivy EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Ivy EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Ivy EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Kilik EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Kilik EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Kilik EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Kilik EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Lizardman EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Lizardman EC1 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Lizardman EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Lizardman EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Maria 1p.png
File:SC3 Maria 1p (1).pngFile:SC3 Maria 2p.pngFile:SC3 Maxi EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Maxi EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Maxi EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Maxi EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Mitsurugi EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Mitsurugi EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Mitsurugi EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Mitsurugi EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Mria 2p (1).pngFile:SC3 Nightmare EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Nightmare EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Nightmare EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Nightmare EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Olcadan EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Olcadan EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Olcadan EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Olcadan EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Raphael EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Raphael EC1 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Raphael EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Raphael EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Rock EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Rock EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Rock EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Rock EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Seong Mi-Na EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Seong Mi-Na EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Seong Mi-Na EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Seong Mi-Na EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Setsuka EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Setsuka EC1 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Setsuka EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Setsuka EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Siegfried EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Siegfried EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Siegfried EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Siegfried EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Sophitia EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Sophitia EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Sophitia EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Sophitia EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Taki EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Taki EC1 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Taki EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Taki EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Talim EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Talim EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Talim EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Talim EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Tira EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Tira EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Tira EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Tira EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Voldo EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Voldo EC1 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Voldo EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Voldo EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Xianghua EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Xianghua EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Xianghua EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Xianghua EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Yoshimitsu EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Yoshimitsu EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Yoshimitsu EC2 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Yoshimitsu EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Yun-Seong EC1 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Yun-Seong EC1 Front.jpg
File:SC3 Yun-Seong EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Yun-Seong EC2 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Zasalamel EC1 Back.jpg
File:SC3 Zasalamel EC1 Front.jpgFile:SC3 Zasalamel EC2 Back.jpgFile:SC3 Zasalamel EC2 Front.jpg
File:SC4-wallpaper-soul-caliber-4-1944488-1024-737.jpgFile:SC4 05 360.pngFile:SC4 Algol.jpg
File:SC4 Draco.pngFile:SC4 Draco 1p.jpgFile:SC4 Draco 2p.jpg
File:SC4 Draco 2p.pngFile:SC4 Ivy.jpgFile:SC4 Maria.png
File:SC4 Maria (1).pngFile:SC4 Maria 2p (1).pngFile:SC4 Night Dragon.jpg
File:SC4 Night Dragon.pngFile:SC4 Omake 01.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 02.jpg
File:SC4 Omake 03.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 04.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 05.jpg
File:SC4 Omake 06.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 07.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 08.jpg
File:SC4 Omake 09.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 10.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 11.jpg
File:SC4 Omake 12.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 13.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 14.jpg
File:SC4 Omake 15.jpgFile:SC4 Omake 16.jpgFile:SC4 Playcard.jpg
File:SC4 wallpaper siegfried.jpgFile:SC4danny.jpgFile:SC4linnea's ending.jpg
File:SC4linnea.jpgFile:SC4linnea close-up.jpgFile:SC4linnea defends herself.jpg
File:SC4linnea draft.pngFile:SC4linnea render.jpgFile:SC4linnea stoping the time by using her crystal.gif
File:SC4ricardo.jpgFile:SC5-Siegfried.jpgFile:SC5 Draco 1p.JPG
File:SC5 Draco 2p.JPGFile:SC5 Ivy.jpgFile:SC5 Night Dragon.JPG
File:SC5anthony.jpgFile:SC5christine's return.jpgFile:SC5courtney.jpg
File:SC5linnea alternate costume.jpgFile:SC6Adventuremap.jpgFile:SC6Castle.png
File:SC6 - 01.jpgFile:SC6 - Ivy.jpgFile:SC6 - Zasalamel.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 1.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 10.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 11.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 12.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 13.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 14.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 15.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 16.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 17.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 18.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 19.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 2.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 20.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 3.PNGFile:SC6 Amy 4.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 5.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 6.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 7.jpg
File:SC6 Amy 8.jpgFile:SC6 Amy 9.jpgFile:SC6 Amy promotinal artwork.png
File:SC6 Astaroth.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 01.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 02.jpg
File:SC6 Astaroth 03.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 04.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 05.jpg
File:SC6 Astaroth 06.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 07.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 08.jpg
File:SC6 Astaroth 09.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 10.jpgFile:SC6 Astaroth 11.jpg
File:SC6 Astaroth 12.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 01.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 02.jpg
File:SC6 Azwel 03.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 04.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 05.jpg
File:SC6 Azwel 06.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 07.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 08.jpg
File:SC6 Azwel 09.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 10.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 11.jpg
File:SC6 Azwel 12.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 13.jpgFile:SC6 Azwel 14.jpg
File:SC6 Azwel 15.jpgFile:SC6 Azwell.jpgFile:SC6 Bolta.JPG
File:SC6 Bolta 1.JPGFile:SC6 Bolta 2.JPGFile:SC6 Bolta 3.JPG
File:SC6 Bolta 4.JPGFile:SC6 Cervantes.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 01.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 02.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 03.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 04.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 05.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 06.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 07.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 08.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 09.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 10.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 11.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 12.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 13.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 14.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 15.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 16.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 17.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 18.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 19.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 20.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 21.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 22.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 23.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 24.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 25.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 26.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 27.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 28.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 29.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 30.jpgFile:SC6 Cervantes 31.jpg
File:SC6 Cervantes 32.jpgFile:SC6 CharacterIcon.pngFile:SC6 Cover.jpg
File:SC6 Curtis 1.jpgFile:SC6 Curtis 2.jpgFile:SC6 Curtis 3.jpg
File:SC6 Curtis 4.jpgFile:SC6 DLC NieR.jpgFile:SC6 DLC NieR 2.jpg
File:SC6 Daniel 1.jpgFile:SC6 Daniel 2.jpgFile:SC6 Deluxe Edition.jpg
File:SC6 Dion.jpgFile:SC6 Doki.PNGFile:SC6 Drona.jpg
File:SC6 Drona 1.JPGFile:SC6 Enrico 1.jpgFile:SC6 Enrico 2.jpg
File:SC6 Geki 1.PNGFile:SC6 Geki 2.PNGFile:SC6 Geralt.jpg
File:SC6 Geralt 01.jpgFile:SC6 Geralt 02.jpgFile:SC6 Geralt 03.jpg
File:SC6 Groh 1.jpgFile:SC6 Groh 2.jpgFile:SC6 Groh 3.jpg
File:SC6 Groh 4.jpgFile:SC6 Groh 5.jpgFile:SC6 Groh 6.jpg
File:SC6 Groh 7.jpgFile:SC6 Groh Art.jpgFile:SC6 Groh Ending.jpg
File:SC6 Haoran 1.jpgFile:SC6 Haoran 2.jpgFile:SC6 Haoran Malfested 1.jpg
File:SC6 Haoran Malfested 2.jpgFile:SC6 Inferno 01.jpgFile:SC6 Inferno 02.jpg
File:SC6 Inferno 03.jpgFile:SC6 Inferno 04.jpgFile:SC6 Inferno 05.jpg
File:SC6 Inferno 06.jpgFile:SC6 Inferno 07.jpgFile:SC6 Isurugi.PNG
File:SC6 Ivy.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 00.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 01.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 02.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 03.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 04.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 05.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 06.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 07.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 08.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 09.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 10.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 11.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 12.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 13.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 14.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 15.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 16.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 17.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 18.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 19.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 20.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 21.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 22.jpg
File:SC6 Ivy 23.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 24.jpgFile:SC6 Ivy 25.jpg
File:SC6 Kilik 1.jpgFile:SC6 Kilik 2.jpgFile:SC6 Kilik 3.jpg
File:SC6 Kilik 4.jpgFile:SC6 Kilik 5.jpgFile:SC6 Kilik 6.jpg
File:SC6 Kilik 7.jpgFile:SC6 Kilik 8.jpgFile:SC6 Kilik 9.jpg
File:SC6 Kilik Art.jpgFile:SC6 Kong Xiuqiang.jpgFile:SC6 Kong Xiuqiang 1.jpg
File:SC6 Kyam.jpgFile:SC6 Landau.jpgFile:SC6 Landau 2.JPG
File:SC6 Lingyu.jpgFile:SC6 Lingyu 1.jpgFile:SC6 Lingyu 2.jpg
File:SC6 Lyla.jpgFile:SC6 Lyla 1.jpgFile:SC6 Maki.PNG
File:SC6 Maki.pngFile:SC6 Maxi.jpgFile:SC6 Maxi Ending.jpg
File:SC6 Meimei.jpgFile:SC6 Mitsurugi and Geralt.jpgFile:SC6 Natalie.jpg
File:SC6 Natalie 2.JPGFile:SC6 Nightmare 1.jpgFile:SC6 Nightmare 10.jpg
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