Lost Cathedral - Ruin
Lost Cathedral ~ Ruin
Background music Catastrophe
Home to Abyss (SCIII) and Inferno (SCIII: Arcade Edition)

The showdown that took place in this cathedral of light and water was tainted by Zasalamel, the man who seeks death. At that time, the sun faded away, as if overcome by evil, and though it was midday, the world became shrouded in darkness. Abyss, the terrible entity created by Soul Calibur and Soul Edge destroyed the cathedral itself. The energy released by Abyss caused the power of the earth to awaken. Billowing clouds of steam began to rise from the grounds of this palace built upon the nexus of the world's spiritual energy lines. The pure light took on an evil glow and began to twist the hearts of men. The pure water swirled violently and became muddy, releasing the odor of death. This once holy place was turned into a violent land ruled by terror...