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Luca is a character from Soulcalibur III's Chronicles of the Sword mode.


Soldier under Abelia's command, and another member of the Cadet's Anti-Rebellion force against Girardot. He, after Girardot's defeat, decided to follow the Cadet into rebellion.

Friend of Tina and Yuilin and member of the Anti-Rebellion force from Abelia's unit. He was ordered to follow the main character's orders, so after Girardot's death, he followed into rebellion against Strife.

He is a Thief whose weapon options are limited to the Dagger discipline.

Create a Soul formula SCIII

Luca of CotS

Name: Luca

Sex: Male

Job: Thief

Weapon: Dagger(1)

Alignment: Good/Light

Face: 06

Eyebrows: 05,07

Lips: 02,16

Eyes: 20,25

Skin: 04,18

Underwear: 01,18

Voice: Young Man 1

All: --

Head: --

Hair: Styled Back(05,07)

Mask: --

Chin: --

Lower Torso: Chain Mail(05,01)

Mid Torso: Sleeveless Robe(10,10)

Upper Torso: Lord's Armor(36,23)

Arms: Iron Braces(36,07)

Shoulders: Shoulder Armor(02,25)

Neck: --

Waist: Thief's Belt(19,25)

Lower Legs: --

Upper Legs: Leather Pants(06,25)

Shins: --

Socks: --

Feet: Protective Greaves(36,24)