Maletta is a country formed and ruled by Demuth Beelzebus Halteese. It has one city and capital, which is named Untide. It can easily be assumed that the capital is named such simply because Demuth no longer has ties to his family for he arranged for them to be killed. In light of this he also sought to expand his territory but was brought to a halt when Maletta engaged Grandall. Grandall had only been in the same area due to the fact that Grandall and Halteese were at war and Grandall (whom had truly sought Halteese for attacking Grandall Territory for unknown reason) defended themselves and pushed back the Malettan forces.


Malettan Flag

Flag of Maletta

Maletta was formed after Demuth's older brothers arranged a small area for him to rule as his own while they did what they could do what they could to attain the throne after their father (the king of Halteese) had passed. Despite ruling his land and retaining his ways as a glutton, Demuth was undermined by Chester who in turn self-proclaimed himself the "true king" of Maletta. That is until the Cadet intervenes. Demuth and Hyle are both killed by Grandall forces and as such, with Demuth's death and Chester's defeat to shortly follow, the entire country of Maletta collapsed due to them being no heir nor any form of leadership. It can be assumed that the land of Maletta was assimilated as part of Grandall's territory.


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