The Masked Emperor (仮面の皇帝 Kamen no Koutei) is the fictional leader of the Holy Roman Empire during the events of Soulcalibur Legends. Initially thought to be male, the Emperor is revealed to be female in bodily appearance, and a homunculus created by Iska Farkas in the image of his sister Ilona Farkas to serve him.

It is the Emperor who sends Siegfried on his quest, but she eventually is revealed to be one of the game's antagonists.


At some point in his life Iska Farkas produced a homunculus in the image of his dead sister, Ilona Farkas. He managed to become part of the true Emperor's inner circle as his jester with the help of his creation. The real Emperor (actually a man) also was researching Soul Calibur and Soul Edge so he'd achieve ultimate power, but his research obsessed him so much he even became almost invalid, so Iska put the Emperor out of his misery and made his puppet to take the Emperor's place in secret.

A group sent by the Emperor to investigate the Evil Seed finds Siegfried and manages to save him from it, taking him to the imperial capital, Vienna. Meanwhile, the Ottoman army - composed of Evils and led by Sultan Barbaros - begins to break through the Empire's border defenses. Siegfried is asked to gather the fragments of Soul Edge in order to resurrect it and use it against Barbaros. He is however reluctant, and by six months later, Barbaros manages to reach Vienna. The Emperor asks Siegfried for his help again - reminding him of his father being part of the Imperial Army, and his death in its service - and he accepts.

Two months later, Siegfried re-enters Vienna and defeats Barbaros. The Masked Emperor takes Soul Calibur, claiming it truly a holy sword. However, she also demands Soul Edge, in order to fulfill her obligations as Emperor and acquire the power to defend her people. She battles Siegfried, and a new version of the Evil Seed comes from Soul Calibur as the two swords clash, knocking Siegfried far away. Siegfried seals Soul Edge's power after realizing that he killed his own father at the peak of the Himalayas, but keeps the sword nonetheless.

Imperial hall img01

Emperor fighting Siegfried

Siegfried and his allies storm Vienna to defeat the Emperor, which after Siegfried does, he plants Soul Edge into the ground alongside Soul Calibur. Iska takes Soul Calibur and uses it to resurrect Soul Edge. He reveals his plan, and the Emperor's nature as a homunculus and his puppet, and then destroys it by smashing her into pieces.

Iska's body is buried next to a grave bearing his sister's name. However, it is unknown whether the resting place is actually his sister's or that of the homunculus's remains.


  • True to royalty's fashion in the sixteenth century, the Masked Emperor speaks in the royal plural, referring to herself as we.
  • The logo's designs was re-edit from Zeon's original logo based from NBGI titled "Mobile Suit Gundam One Year War".
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